Prepare your anus, you’re about to get a red pill suppository.

Our Path Forward

Our Path Forward

Many Americans, who describe their social and political views as Dissident Right or nationalist thought we won when Donald Trump was elected president in November, 2016. Most of us have been tremendously disappointed in Trump's presidency. He has failed to deliver on several of his 2016 campaign promises. For example, he failed to end DACA, end birthright citizenship, decrease illegal immigration, and bring American troops home from Afghanistan.

Trump has also signed legislation that none of his supporters asked for or supported in 2016. He signed criminal justice reform last year that granted early prison releases for thousands of criminals. Currently, President Trump is supporting red flag laws that will restrict Americans’ Second Amendment rights. Simultaneously, millions of liberals across the United States are energized into activism because of what Donald Trump represented in 2016, which was the hope of restoring a more traditional American society. This leads some of us in the Dissident Right to believe there is no solution to America's problems.

Many of us are pessimistic or “black pilled.” We must find a coherent strategy to move forward. In coming up with a coherent strategy, it's important to reflect on what exactly our goals are. We must honestly ask ourselves if we have realistic goals to help improve American society. Some people are content to make edgy memes, and talk about race and crime statistics with random people on social media.

I’m not trying to be part of a movement that creates a perfect society. I want to be a part of a movement, even if it's in a small role, that helps to create a better America. I would like a society that respects hierarchical structures, where facts matter more than feelings, and where my people have self-determination. I would also like to live in a society without subversion from the media and pop culture. How can we help contribute to this on an individual basis? I have some ideas.

There are several problems with American society. A subversive media and entertainment industry, corrupt politicians, $22 trillion national debt, political correctness, illegal immigration, and anti-white rhetoric are among the most glaring of America’s societal problems. However, as individuals, we have no control over those things. If you want to help society, it’s best to remain cognizant and focused on what you personally can do, and not obsess on things outside our control. I know that’s hard for many of us to do.

In order for our movement to be taken seriously, we must have realistic goals and expectations. No individual person is going to solve America’s problems. I’m not saying you should try to “red pill” the masses. As individuals, we can make ourselves great. We can also play a small role in helping to make our communities and our people great.

If you want to be part of change in society, it starts with you as an individual. High rates of obesity, opiate addiction, social isolation, and family breakdown are plaguing white communities across America. How do you as an individual help fix these problems? You can help by making friends, family members, and people in your community aware that these problems exist. You can casually bring up these or social issues, that you think can be discussed with your friends and family members. This will help raise awareness among your circle on the issues. If your “audience” doesn’t have right-wing beliefs, it’s important to be subtle. Try not to come off as angry or abrasive when talking about these issues. It’s very important to “test the waters” first. Try to get a grasp of what the person you’re talking to thinks about social issues, before you go more in depth while talking to them.

As a movement as a whole, it’s important to remain focused on issues affecting Americans in the present. The vast majority of Americans who are open to a message that espouses a pro-white and pro-traditional society message are also patriotic Americans. It’s to our benefit to remain cognizant of this. Some people on the Dissident Right are obsessed with World War II. I believe this is doing more harm than good.

I understand that people with right-wing beliefs don’t like that America aligned ourselves with communists in World War II to help defeat fascism. This decision ultimately gave the Soviet Union hegemony over Eastern Europe for almost fifty years. Some Americans on the Dissident Right want to debate the moral legitimacy of National Socialism. Some even go as far as to say that Nazi Germany were misunderstood humanitarians. I disagree with this tactic, and think it's a mistake. The message that American soldiers in World War II were brainwashed will be openly mocked and scorned by the vast majority of Americans.

I don’t have anything against Germans as a people. I’m of English descent, and not that different ethnically from Germans, and other Germanic people. However my perspective on nationalism is that of a White American, and an American veteran. How should we define our beliefs as nationalists in present day America, while simultaneously not embracing extremist beliefs that alienate other white Americans? I will do my best to offer us a guide.

As European Americans, we are the historical majority group of the United States. Our heritage in America starts with Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock and the English colony at Jamestown, continues through America's independence from the British Empire, European immigration to Ellis Island, and ultimately connects us to the present day as Americans of European heritage. We can talk about our European heritage, and be proud of our ancestors. At the same time, our first priority should be to help make American society better for ourselves, and for our descendants. This will help us reach a broader group of people, and get more mainstream support. This is our path forward.

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