Prepare your anus, you’re about to get a red pill suppository.

(Space) Race to the Bottom

(Space) Race to the Bottom

This 50th anniversary of the moon landing is a good point to stop and assess our situation as a country and as a people. Whether you believe the moon landing occurred as advertised or whether there was a bit of “dog & pony” involved, the facts we can be sure of are that in 1969, American technology was able to put a man into space and get him back in one piece, and all while relying on less technology than each of us carries around in our pocket.

Many in /ourthing/ reference the fact that the Apollo 11 mission being celebrated this week was an endeavor 50 years in the past, and that our society has arguably gone backwards in that time—a moon landing today would be mired for years in deciding what the appropriate diversity breakdown of scientists should look like. To provide a clearer picture, I would offer the additional perspective of what people in 1969 would have thought considering their own society as compared to the America of 50 years earlier. People watching the Apollo 11 launch would be looking back to 1919 and considering how far their society had come. In 1919, the Model T was the most popular car for those who could afford one. The zipper and the dial telephone had just been invented and there was no NFL. Our Levantine friends were just settling in, pushing for birth control, fixing the World Series, and establishing the Federal Reserve 6 years prior, but even Prohibition had yet to make its appearance. Now in 2019, we look back 50 years and have to concede that we are no longer aiming for the stars; at this point, we’re happy if people don’t shit on the sidewalk.          

Just How Bad is It Out There?

These two 50-year comparisons outline the fact that our society is well into a state of decline, but plenty of other features of modern living highlight the fact as well.  Looking at the rows of scientists that made the NASA space programs successful, this was very simply a White man’s endeavor. One could assert that if peRs0nS 0f coL0r had been permitted, they would have been similarly successful. However, looking at every aspect of living in modern clown world, the resulting urban hellscapes speak to the utility of basing society on accommodating the less-capable among us.  As earning a middle class living becomes a higher and higher bar to clear for the average White man, the powers that be insist on bringing in the literal dregs of the entire world and spreading them far and wide to a point that no corner of the country is safe from diversity and multiculturalism. This problem is then compounded by virtue of the greater rate of fertility among non-Whites, their willingness to live in squalor to secure their foothold in the West, streamlined government assistance, and the subsequent ability to chain-migrate multiple family members who behave the exact same way.

On the other side of the equation, Whites receive no assistance in attaining higher education, no assistance in securing employment, and as the most productive members of society, are the ones footing the bill for the higher cost of everything that goes hand in hand with pretending people are interchangeable cogs. White men are steered toward homosexuality and silence, while White women are steered toward splitting their time between time-consuming careers peppered with interracial trysts and the occasional low-IQ bastard child. In short, every conceivable angle is taken to ensure our destruction.

To put a bow on all of this, and to demonstrate how much our usurious guests are not even hiding their agenda any longer, the infamous photo captured in the background of Mark Potok’s SPLC office outlines the decline of the American White population. But as will become clear in a moment, this photo is actually a window into the thoroughly shortsighted mindset that has plagued our kosher friends since the first time they bit the hand that fed them. This photo is, in the midst of the absolute state of our crumbling empire, a tiny white pill.

How Bad Will It Get Before It Gets Better?

If just realizing there was a problem was enough to fix it, we’d be back on track with a stable White society by tomorrow. Unfortunately, that is not going to be the case. At present, our semi-elected politicians discuss gun confiscation, slavery reparations (but sadly not slavery repatriations) for blacks, increased “legal” immigration from all over the Third World, and de facto amnesty for illegal immigration. Meanwhile, White Americans are doing little beyond the occasional Boogaloo-shitpost, hoping instead that society will snap out of it and things will return to “normal.”

As for what can be expected were we to rely on the mercy of our resident cosmopolitans, one need look no further than any other country where our friends have held sway to know that literally nothing is beyond the pale when their control is absolute: political reeducation, unprecedented taxation, suspension of any and all legal rights, even summary execution if the Soviet model takes hold. Long and short, it will become every bit as bad as White Americans allow it to become, and those reliefs of pigs and synagogues from centuries ago were literally warnings carved in stone; they tell us that this is not a problem that will just solve itself.

A Tiny Ray of Hope

Mark Potok’s Magical Genocide at first appears at first to be right on schedule; it demonstrates a declining White population from 1920 up through 2015 and there are no shortage of pundits referring to the “browning” of America whereby White people are scheduled to become a minority sometime shortly after 2050 and thereafter decline into oblivion. However, as alluded to earlier, this will not be as simple as it appears. It’s a very simple matter to collect data from every day prior to today and generate a prediction for what will happen tomorrow; if this approach actually worked, every Wall Street trader would be wealthy within a week. However, the way things are right now does not exactly dictate how things could or will be tomorrow.

When learning to play chess, a very basic mistake is looking at an arrangement of pieces on the board, a position as it were, and attempting to think several moves ahead based on the way the position appears right now. Once an opponent moves however, especially if it was an unexpected move, the expected chain of events deteriorates; each position spawns a new string of expectations in the beginner’s mind that then rise and fall with each new position. Before anyone counters with, “yeah but that’s chess,” bear in mind that this is a game involving only 32 pieces, each with very restrictive rules, functioning in a very confined space. Still, the number of permutations of possible game outcomes exceeds 121 million after the first three moves. Now consider how many of /ourguys/ are out there, all the things that could happen, all the factors involved, and we can say that we are far from finished, provided we stay in the game. 

As we already know, the Hebrew has a tendency to overreach; although causing Whites to disappear may leave him to hand-rub happily over a population of low-IQ dirt squirrels, the final stretch of that endeavor would be considerably harder than what has been undertaken so far. Looking at the pleasant, good-natured White people in the 1969 Apollo 11 footage, its easy to imagine them welcoming any number of foreigners, offering a job, a room, even a daughter perhaps, to a well-spoken non-White boy aiming to pull himself up by the bootstraps. Selling the same bill of goods in 2019 America will get the kind of sideways looks that the Equal Opportunity laws are designed to squelch, and for good reason: no honest person with half a brain is buying it.

There are Enough Reindeers at This Party

As opposed to Whites simply “going quietly into the night,” the more likely outcome is slightly more complicated, but considerably more white-pilling. Economist Robert Malthus (1766-1834) made a relevant observation on requirements for population sustainability when observing a reindeer population that had been relocated to an island on which they had no natural predators but an abundance of food. In short order, the reindeer population spiked, but the food soon ran out and a huge portion of the reindeer population starved. We are currently in a very similar situation. As Malthus observed:

By nature, food increases in a slow arithmetical ratio; man himself increases in a quick geometrical ratio unless want and vice stop him. The increase in numbers is necessarily limited by the means of subsistence. Population invariably increases when the means of subsistence increase, unless prevented by powerful and obvious checks.

If we view the unproductive members of our society as the reindeer in this scenario, the takeaway from Malthus’s observations apply readily to our own situation. Their population is not only increasing exponentially through live births, additional numbers are being flown in daily. With the reindeer, shifting to subsistence resources was just about food, but “brown people from everywhere” need more than just food: they need homes, plumbing, medical care, they need police to keep them from killing each other and to protect their civil rights; in short, they need us, and without enough of us, great numbers of them will die—and die terribly—as they have already demonstrated that they are wholly incapable of maintaining the architecture of civilization. Referring back to Malthus’s observations, consider the following:

According to the 2014 Federal Budget, the average Black American costs the economy over $10K per year and over $751K over a lifetime. Meanwhile, the average White American will contribute $2700 per year to the economy. This equates to a wealth transfer of $384K from White Americans to the Black community over the course of their lifetime. Bear in mind, these are 2014 numbers. This does not account for the decreasing number of working Whites, nor does it account for massive legal and illegal or undocumented immigrant influx in the last 5 years, nor the $56BN leaving our economy every year, courtesy of illegal immigrant labor.

The follow-up questions then become, what happens as the number of free-riders increase exponentially, even as the number of Whites keeping them alive continues to decrease? What happens when un-motivated Whites realize, as many have, that their quality of life may actually improve by going on the dole instead of working? With millions of unskilled immigrants per year pouring in, millions more being born, and older Boomers retiring to piss away savings in Costa Rica or Boca Raton, it is not a stretch to imagine the load eventually crushing tax-paying Whites. Not unlike the reindeer observed by Malthus, a sharp decline in survival resources, i.e., White productivity, coupled with an exponentially increasing dependent population is a recipe for the Thunder Dome.

As to where Whites eventually draw the line, though, it warrants revisiting the idea that the human decision-making process is designed to maximize outcome while minimizing risk in accordance with inherited cultural values; Whites avoid committing armed robbery for the exact same reason that Blacks readily engage in it: respective decision processes aim at achieving a goal, whether that goal is immediate gratification or long-term conflict avoidance. Applying this evolutionary mindset to the imminent hellscape, the easy answer is that Whites will continue to turn the other cheek for as long as they can reasonably expect to go on with an acceptable standard of living, without getting diversity-enriched or imprisoned as a result of their failure to act. Once it appears that a preferable outcome for comparable risk can be achieved via Siege-caliber engagement, we can then expect to see some decisive action. The decision point is reminiscent of passengers’ behavior before and after 9/11, when a fellow passenger appeared to pose a threat; before 9/11, the rule was you always comply and let the professionals handle it. Once the risk profile changed to one in which a failure to act meant a reasonable chance of flying into a building, several incidents occurred whereby unruly passengers were stomped mercilessly by otherwise mild-mannered citizens. It may take a good minute for people to overcome the propaganda and come to terms with this line in the sand, but until then it falls on the people in /ourthing/ to bring the gravity of the situation into relief as clearly as possible to those willing to see it.

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