Prepare your anus, you’re about to get a red pill suppository.

Boko Harambe

Boko Harambe

“And so the population was gradually led into the demoralizing temptations of arcades, baths, and sumptuous banquets.  The unsuspecting Britons spoke of such novelties as ‘civilization,’ when in fact they were only a feature of their enslavement.”-Tacitus

Coming soon to a non-petro-dollar country near you: state-enforced transgenderism, massive student loan debt, legalized pedophilia, and ungodly consumerism. This is what Westernization is all about, right? Everything’s been cheapened and commodified; think of these “Visit London” commercials—Big Ben, the Beefeaters, smiling white faces—does this reflect the reality? Of course not. No one’s going to pay good money to visit Pakistan living in the skeleton of a once-great city, especially not when they’re more likely to be murdered there than they would be in New York, or more likely to have some psychopath on a scooter hurl acid in their face than they would be in Lahore. It’s a sick joke—a shit-splattered Eiffel Tower, feral Africans accosting you to buy their cheap junk in front of the Duomo, or getting raped next to the Holocaust Monument in Berlin. That last one is the richest of ironies, and we will return to it in a bit.

On what planet other than Clown World is a group multiples more likely than any other to commit almost every crime on the books given moral authority? The more degenerate, the more moral authority they are given. In plain numerical terms, in the United States, it looks something like this: using the CDC’s figures, in 2015, the homicide rates per 100,000 were:

20.9 for blacks
4.9 for Hispanics
2.6 for whites (non-Hispanic)

Compared to the national average, the homicide rate was 267% higher for blacks; blacks are over 700% more likely to commit murder than whites. In 2016, the homicide rate (per 100,000) for whites was 2.9, Hispanics 5.3, and blacks 22.8. Moslems have been responsible for a full third of mass shootings over the past half-decade in the United States, yet we are told to fear conservative Christians.

In Europe, approximately five percent of Sweden’s population consists of Moslem males, and yet they account for 77% of total rapes in that country; by one estimate, 95% of all crime in Sweden is committed by “migrants.” Rape is up 1,666% in Sweden. In one year alone, the number of sexual assaults committed by “migrants” living in Austria jumped 133% from 2015 to 2016. In 2015, again, in one year alone, crimes committed by Moslem migrants in Germany jumped 79%. In the first six months of 2016, Moslem migrants committed an average of 780 crimes a day. 56% of the Syrian migrants living in Britain have committed crimes within the last year. Over three quarters of the crime committed in Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen, is by these “migrants.” Roughly 6% of Belgium’s population is Moslem, but 35% of its prison population is. 8-10% of France’s population is Moslem, but estimates ranging from 40-70% of their prison population is. Around 4% of Spain’s population is Moslem, but 70% of its prison population is. A rapidly growing proportion of Britain’s prison population is now Moslem. Nine out of the ten most “criminally inclined” ethnic groups in Europe hail from Moslem-majority nations.

The Moslems are being used as a battering ram against the West. Their historical grievances are continuously being stoked in order for the jihad to continue, cowing Westerners in fear and making them more willing to cede greater amounts of institutional power for protection. Now that it is clear our governments are uninterested in protecting us but rather functioning often in tandem with the multi-nationals but usually subservient to the multi-nationals (and absolutely and ultimately subservient to global finance and banking interests). Terror—and I include rampant black and brown criminality here as well—is a vehicle to keep whites cowed and silenced and is responsible, along with Antifa and other similar organizations, for the “anarcho” half of anarcho-tyranny.

The Salafist and Wahabbi fanatics that self-detonate and run people over all over the West have been allowed to flourish precisely because of Western involvement in the Middle East—the UK financed Wahhabi Saudis to overthrow the king and set up shop on the peninsula and deep ties between the Saudis and several major Western governments facilitate the in-flow of bad actors. Saudi Arabia, Britain, Israel, and the United States are hand-in-glove, blowing Yemen to pieces, vilifying Iran, wrecking Iraq, and turning Syria into a warzone. It’s no secret where ISIS (or the Taliban for that matter) got much of their training, funding, and weaponry. It’s also no secret that, with their stint in ISIS complete, most of these combatants are allowed to return to their new Western domiciles with no penalty whatsoever, in many cases to commit a terrorist attack there. That’s bang for your buck!

Moslems attacking Christians creates another source of conflict and re-directs focus away from the Jews and toward the Moslems seeking to Islamize their surroundings. The Moslems keep people in fear through their terrorism and wanton attacks and when they attack Jews, the media machine goes into overdrive to reinforce their victim narrative. The Jews are willing to sacrifice some of their own (non-“elites” of course) to further their aims. Obviously the Moslems don’t plan on kow-towing to the Jews, they plan to institute the caliphate, and the Jews are content to “let them” run things to a degree while remaining the true source of power behind the scenes. Historically, the Jews have always been able to situate themselves advantageously in societies where Moslems dominate Christians, such as the Ottoman Empire and the Andalusian Caliphate. The Jews also have an escape hatch: with the wave of “anti-Semitic” attacks across France, for example, Israel created a visa system for 200,000 Jews living in France to be able to flee the country. 

One of Barack Obama’s final actions in office was to release $221 million to the Palestinian Authority, on top of the aid the United States already provides to Palestine, aid that totaled $355 million in 2015. On the other side we give Israel $3.8 billion dollars in aid annually. Keeping Palestine in ferment allows for Israel to maintain an image of a beleaguered state when in fact they are the ones de-stabilizing the entire region with our help. So not only do you get to finance huge non-contributing swathes of the population domestically in one of the greatest wealth re-distribution schemes ever instituted, but you get to finance it abroad as well—with your own destruction as an added bonus! The “migrants” of Europe certainly don’t work, but as both present economic practice and social organization are predicated on white eradication underpinned by the neo-liberal economic model, for the time being this is not perceived as a problem. Despite the much-vaunted economic benefits of mass migration, the net long-term cost per immigrant is at least $120,000, and 98% of the value immigrants add to the economy actually accrues to the immigrants themselves. The West allows itself to be the septic tank for the worst kinds of trash from all the world’s non-white countries when it isn’t busy importing an over-class of high-caste Indians, Gulf oil magnates, and Han ruling families. Besides, as Andrew Joyce writes, we are told these weren’t really our countries anyway, even the racial homelands of whites in Europe:

The claim that Blacks inhabited Britain before the English is not only utterly absurd but inherently malicious. It’s designed to discursively undermine and subvert any notion of belonging in a group occupying its own ancient territory. It’s a monumental and murderous lie.

Truth is anathema to these people. They lie more often than a cheap whore does on her back, and they’re at least as indiscriminate—unless, you know, you’re white, or otherwise present an obstacle to one world united under the rainbow flag of Goldman Sachs. There’s a reason the pro-nationalist regimes in Iran and Syria are so vilified in the Western media, and this is because not only are they aligned with a sovereign Russia, they are checks on Israeli influence and expansion in the region—plus Iran is without a Rothschild-owned central bank (the Rothschilds, remember, basically own Britain after the nation sold its soul to them in World War I). Though Saudi Arabia is aligned with Israel, there is a significant amount of back-channeling occurring to open the country up to “liberal reforms.” I am not saying I wholeheartedly support the more draconian Islamic theocracies here, but it is worth considering that most of these regimes emerged as a response to “Westernization.” They kill gays, you know, so we should invade them for “humanitarian reasons.”[1]

These theocracies function in much the same way that communism did in Eastern Europe, essentially arresting those countries in a kind of permafrost but also making them—for the time being—relatively impervious to neo-liberalism. Neither Medina-style Islam nor communism are by any means positive ideologies, especially for our people, but it is worth considering why those nations which are or have recently been governed by either remain staunchly nationalist, anti-mass migration, and resistant to the excesses of neo-liberal capitalism.

An organism that fails to excrete its waste products dies. As the nation is its people, in a very real sense it is a living organism. Severe punishments and even exile for crimes and transgressions, and execution for treason once served this function of excretion, but we are now bloated with dysgenic waste and the toxic by-products of someone else’s design—from the “elites” to their serfs, the parasitic infection of our nations has turned septic. How soon before we are nothing but the decomposing corpse of a civilization? Even in the much-vaunted Athenian model of democracy, should a sufficient number of votes be cast in favor, an individual could be ostracized—exiled—from Athens. Exile was very common in the West—and in most cultures, in fact—until recently, where the idea is considered so repellent as to be unmentionable. In fact, most Western nations can’t even bring themselves to deport criminal aliens. Exile was often for those on the receiving end a fate worse than death—to be cast out from the land of their family, friends, and ancestors, to be uprooted and made a man without a home, unmoored from the very source of their identity—this could strike a man to his core. As exiles in our own nations, the trauma goes even deeper, for there is no homeland to opine for but in memories and glimpses of the past. Many younger people in the West don’t even know what it is like to live in a real nation, and their nostalgia is for something unremembered but its absence deeply felt. It is little wonder so many feel alienated, lost, traumatized, and resentful: “Our inheritance is turned to strangers, our houses to aliens” (Lamentations 5:2). We have been betrayed, our birthright commodified and our souls stricken with the disease of modernity. Estranged from nature both within and without, as Savitri Devi wrote in The Lightning and the Sun:

Inconspicuous, slow, yet implacable persecution, both economic and cultural: the systematic suppression of all possibilities for the vanquished, without it ‘showing,’ the merciless ‘conditioning’ of children, all the more horrible that it is more impersonal, more indirect, more outwardly ‘gentle,’ the clever diffusion of soul-killing lies; violence under the cover of non-violence.

The rainbow flag has nothing at all to do with “pride”—it is a flag of conquest. Wherever it flies, that nation is under an occupation government, having been conquered and allowed only to feed from the buffet of bullshit.

We are so deeply-conditioned to believe in liberalism as a default that even many who are fairly far along the red pill process will often find the basis of their critique to be that particular ideologies have not embraced “Western pluralism.” While this is true for nations such as Iran, it doesn’t always mean it is a bad thing. There are aspects of modesty culture we would do well to return to; not draconian stonings or things of that sort, but of more normalized and traditional roles for men and women especially, and a rejection of transgender nonsense. Some of the best poetry has been written during the courtship process. Very little has been produced about bathroom blowjobs and abortions-as-contraception. The idea that “our values” are tolerance and pluralism is a patent falsehood, one perpetrated by the “Intellectual Dark Web” and other professed liberals. I don’t doubt some of them such as Ayaan Hirsi Ali are sincere, especially given her experiences, but our relative cultural tolerance is a by-product of Western civilization’s racial composition. Ali is an outlier in every way, from her intellect to her embracing of Western philosophers and ideas, though it is telling that she states the Sephardic Jew Baruch Spinoza as most influential to her way of thinking. Most of her compatriots such as Sam Harris are atheistic Jews who undermine traditional Western mores while claiming to protect them from the corrosive effects of Islam. Islam is an alien religion practiced mostly by alien peoples, and its presence within our borders is a net negative, however its presence and its practitioners’ presence—and all of the resultant harm, crime, and terrorism they are responsible for—are symptoms, not causes, made possible by one Abrahamic religion’s machinations and the other’s feckless complicity.

[1] Though I have never supported any invasion—in middle school I could’ve told you the invasion of Iraq was based on false pretenses—I’m embarrassed to admit I did fall for the “Islam bad-Gay good” line of liberalism before I had been fully red-pilled. You live and learn.

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