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Thirty Pieces of Silver

Thirty Pieces of Silver

“Show a little soul and they’ll want more / These days a pound of flesh don’t get you far.”-Young Guns, “Die On Time”[1]

“For our ruling class, more investment banking is almost always the answer.”-Tucker Carlson

“The avalanche-like growth of loan-capital surpasses all human capacity for calculation, through eternal, endless, and effortless income from interest, and from interest on interest.-Gottfried Feder

The infinite cascade of compound interest and of capital unmoored from a tangible backing and from any state constraints has created the Frankensteinian Leviathan we know today as “neo-liberalism.” Much like their Cultural Marxist peers do with concepts like “privilege” and “gender,” modern bankers literally create money out of thin air. The diseased vampiric body of globalism feeds on the blood of nations with compound interest, and both the far Left and far Right agree that in order to kill this abomination, a stake must be driven through its heart. As Max Weber wrote: “Unreserved political idealism is found if not exclusively at least predominantly among those strata who by virtue of their propertylessness stand entirely outside of the strata who are interested in maintaining the economic order of a given society.” Is it any wonder so many disaffected Millennials seem to believe socialism is a viable option? They’ve been sold a bill of goods and they are furious. According to Pew Research, in 2014 dollars the median net worth of American families in 2007 just prior to the housing market crash was $137,955. In the span of just six years, this figure declined precipitously to $82,756. Mortgages and college tuition are the two largest debt sources for modern Americans, with the latter making it ever more difficult for young people to be in a position to have themselves further crushed by the former with property “ownership,” as property taxes effectively turn us all into sharecroppers. Censorship from private companies: yes. Private property: no. Quoting Gottfried Feder:

The people are sick with Mammonism. Mammonism derives its power from interest on loans. The way to cure Mammonism is by abolishing interest on loans…Our real wealth consists not in any material assets but in the productivity of the people…Interest-payments are the reason why the state cannot do without taxes; those receiving the largest sums of interest pay relatively little in taxes…Social-Democracy is doomed because it is based on Marxist ideology, which does not recognize the radical difference between industrial capital and loan-capital. Social-Democratic government, as a moderate application of Marxism that fails, paves the way for Communism. The contemptible bourgeois and two objections from the bourgeois perspective. Won’t abolition of interest adversely affect savings? No. Is big loan-capital really not in some way productive? Only labor is productive.

The rest is illusory and built on obscure proprietary formulas only the bankers and day traders could possibly understand, much as rabbis to the Talmud. Most people have been so conditioned by the false dilemma of socialism-capitalism in the American political system that they are wholly unfamiliar with our ideas and how beneficial they would prove for the vast majority of Americans. Outside of Tucker Carlson, there are virtually no voices advocating for responsible governance that favors regular Americans over foreigners and/or massive corporations. As has been the case for decades now, whites are harried, harassed, raped, and murdered by aliens and unassimilable blacks with virtual impunity. To exist un-molested is a privilege denied all but the most fantastically wealthy—and philo-Semitic—whites. Taxed into oblivion, addicted to opioids, reviled and scapegoated for biological inequalities that can never be rectified, whites are the proverbial whipping posts for the neo-liberal “elite” to unify their rag-tag coalition. This is our privilege.

In the ruling class’s privileging of the non-working class (the labor force participation rate in the United States is abysmal, similar to that of several Central American nations, which makes perfect sense when you consider shifting demographics), Borzoi Boskovic made a great point on a recent Third Rail: that what is portrayed as a macabre message above the entrance to Auschwitz, “Work Sets You Free,” is actually true for Westerners—in the absence of work and purpose, we wither and die. The worst thing our enemies can do to us, outside of threaten or harm our families, is to deprive us of the ability to work. Thus the sign above the former labor camp is not some attempt at black humor, it is an exhortation to its denizens that they may take steps toward repaying their debt to the Reich through supporting its war effort.

The Jewish reputation for double-dealing, manipulation, currency speculation, and usurious practices (toward Gentiles only, mind you) is well-earned. During the reign of Claudius, Jews had long been heavily involved in money-lending among the Greeks, and in a letter dated from August of 41 AD, the writer, a Greek, warns a financially embarrassed friend to “steer clear of the Jews, as everyone else does.” Recall also the New Testament story of Jesus forcing the Jewish moneychangers out of the Temple. In the 1700s, 75% of European Jews earned their living as moneylenders and from related services in loans, banking, and commerce (including the slave trade). As I wrote in “America the Judenfrei”:

Though the exact numbers are difficult to pin down at present, given many modern parallels with Weimar Germany I believe the following statistic to be illustrative: According to the June 1925 vocational census, while 29.5% of the entire population of the state of Prussia was engaged in agriculture, gardening, stock-rearing (livestock), forestry, and fishing, a paltry 1.74% of all Jews—and less than one percent of immigrant Jews—were engaged in such work. Conversely, while 17.1% of the total population worked in commerce, business, and hospitality, the percentage for Jews was 58.8%. The Board of Directors of the Berlin Stock Exchange was 100% Jewish. 60% of the banks were under Jewish control and 80% of lawyers and judges were Jews. In the Weimar period, Jewish bankers and speculators defrauded the German people of over one hundred million marks. As Beit Hatfutsot writes:

Nathan Meir Rothschild financed the wars of England while his brother, Shlomo Meir, invested in rehabilitating Austria from the effects of the very same wars by founding the Austrian national bank… In the late 19th century, the millions of Eastern European Jews who immigrated to America did not abandon their heritage of financial practices on Ellis Island. Over the years they entered many key positions in New York’s financial industry and on Wall Street. Names like Lehman Brothers, Solomon Brothers and Goldman Sachs are known worldwide, but there were many others. Since 1987 all heads of the Federal American Bank have been Jewish, as well as four out of eight Secretaries of the Treasury and three out of twelve chiefs executive of the World Bank.

A 2008 Pew Forum study found that Jews are the wealthiest ethnic-religious group in the United States. 46% of them earn more than $100,000 per year, compared to 19% of non-Jewish Americans. These statistics, together with the fact that over 100 of the 400 richest people on earth are Jewish, help fan the flames of anti-Semitism.[2]

11.6% of the world’s billionaires are Jewish, despite Jews accounting for 0.2% of the world’s population. Jews are 1.5% of the US population but represent 35% of its billionaires. As Andrew Yang tweeted, “Don’t let them distract us. Focus on the money.” By doing just that, we can reliably trace the source of our modern ills to global capital, which is overwhelmingly Jewish. Buttressed by a “culture of critique” and a poisonous media-entertainment-academia complex all also squarely in the hands of Jews, the transformation of nation to country to society to market/economic zone run by hostile alien overlords and eager to import a new serf class of alien minions/hyper-consumers comes courtesy of their financial pull whereby they can dictate the terms to other institutions, including government. Ethno-religious nepotism also allows for Jews to ensconce themselves in positions of power and influence not directly a part of global capital but financially and ideologically tethered to it. America’s chief export is Poz, and its “culture” erodes everything healthy in its consumers. Even in markets né nations with scant numbers of Jews, they retain control of the financial, media, entertainment, and academia apparatuses whilst facilitating the exposure to “our” radioactive “culture.” Always looking to open up new markets, the neo-liberal model is one of infinite growth and perpetual expansion. Returning to Feder:

By Mammonism is to be understood: on the one hand, the overwhelming international money-powers, the supragovernmental financial power enthroned above any right of self-determination of peoples, international big capital, the purely Gold International; on the other hand, a mindset that has taken hold of the broadest circle of peoples; the insatiable lust for gain, the purely worldly-oriented conception of life that has already led to a frightening decline of all moral concepts and can only lead to more. This mindset is embodied and reaches its acme in international plutocracy. The chief source of power for Mammonism is the effortless and endless income that is produced through interest.

Complete control of all financial institutions is essential, and the pressure is on the last few hold-outs. Anaconda-like, Mammon encircles the globe and slowly squeezes to death all free and independent people, all unique and diverse cultures, all dissent, all opposition—the “melting pot” becomes a tepid soup. Globalism a vision of shades of green and shades of brown, nothing more.

[1] “The image of the greedy Jewish moneylender appears in countless works of art and literature. Perhaps his most famous incarnation is in William Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice,” where he is depicted as Shylock the Jewish moneylender, bearing a telltale oversized nose. When Shylock loans 300 ducats to a Christian merchant named Antonio, he demands no interest, instead requiring that, should Antonio fail to return the sum within three months, Antonio will give him a pound of his own flesh. When Antonio fails to pay, Shylock will not settle for repayment of the debt, instead insisting on personally cutting the flesh from Antonio’s body.” Source: https://www.bh.org.il/blog-items/jews-money-anti-semitic-views/

[2] https://www.bh.org.il/blog-items/jews-money-anti-semitic-views/; Note: the source is from 2017. Since then, Jerome Powell, who is not Jewish, has been appointed head of the Federal Reserve.

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