Prepare your anus, you’re about to get a red pill suppository.

S(P)LC Punk!

S(P)LC Punk!

Stevo: Wait, time out. I just wanted to ask real quick, if I can. You believe in rebellion, freedom and love, right?

Mom: Absolutely, yes.

Dad: Rebellion, freedom, love.

Stevo: You two are divorced. So love failed. Two: Mom, you're a New Ager, clinging to every scrap of Eastern religion that may justify why the above said love failed. Three: Dad, you're a slick, corporate, preppy-ass lawyer. I don't really have to say anything else about you do I dad? Four: You move from New York City…to change nothing! More to perpetuate this cycle of greed…and triviality. Your movement of the people, by and for the people got you... nothing! You just hide behind some lost sense of drugs, sex and rock and roll. Ooooh, Kumbaya! I am the future! I am the future of this great nation which you, father, so arrogantly saved this world for.-SLC Punk!

“Our aim is to destroy [the groups on the SPLC’s Hatewatch List] completely…We’re trying to wreck the groups. We’re trying to destroy them. It’s strictly ideological.”- Jewish former Senior Fellow at the SPLC Mark Potok

Though Rabbi Steinhardt frames the NRA as this all-powerful machine that controls the politicians under its sway like gun-mad marionettes, it’s important to keep in mind that the NRA really does not have the kinds of resources at its disposal that the media machine would have people believe. Its endowment is $75 million, which is less than AIPAC’s 2014 revenue of $77 million, half of the Anti-Defamation League’s $144 million endowment, and less than one-sixth of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s $477 million endowment!

It’s never “just” about guns, though; as Natalie Lifson delighted in pointing out, it’s the intersection between “bigotry, gun violence…and racist ideas.” Washington Post writer Adam Winkler noted with great satisfaction that as America becomes less rural and less white, “The NRA Will Fall. It’s Inevitable.” Hadassah (The Women’s Zionist Organization of America) has publicly backed Congressional legislation to restrict access to firearms and further infringe on our Second Amendment rights. As far as Hadassah is concerned, here is what else you get:

For #WorldPoetryDay, here’s @HadassahMag on activist and poet Emma Lazarus: “Her immortal words on the base of the Statue of Liberty remain a potent symbol linking immigration policy and women’s rights.”

On International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, we must renew our commitment to speaking out against racism, white supremacy, and neo-Nazism. #Hadassah #Israel #Peace #IDERD

At least the ADL is explicit about its mission to “stop the defamation of the Jewish people” (presumably at any cost); the SPLC is much more discreet with its motives, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t pursuing ideological warfare. What do the SPLC’s Jewish Co-Founder and Board Emeritus member Joseph Levin, Jewish President J. Richard Cohen, Jewish Legal Director Rhonda Brownstein, Jewish Director of the Southeast Immigrant Freedom Initiative Dan Werner, Jewish Intelligence Project Director Heidi Beirich, Jewish “Teaching Tolerance” Director Maureen Costello, Jewish Deputy Legal Director (Children’s Rights) Zoe Savitsky, Jewish Director of Florida Initiatives David J. Utter, Jewish Director of Educational Advocacy Jerri Katzerman, Jewish Managing Editor Sean Price, Jewish Curriculum Design Manager Thomas Ronk, Jewish Staff Attorney for the LGBT Rights Project Samuel Wolfe, Jewish Director of the Juvenile Justice Policy Group Danielle J. Lipow, Jewish General Counsel Attorney Jim Knoepp, and Jewish Board of Directors members Bennett Grau, Jocelyn Benson, Marsha Levick, Howard Mandell, Lida Orzeck, Alan B. Howard, Pam Horowitz, Ellen Sudow, and Elden Rosenthal want?

If you haven’t already, are you starting to see how all these things—gun ownership, demographics, immigration, the highly-flexible notions and constantly expanding definitions of “racism,” “white supremacy,” and “hate”—are all interconnected? Jewish billionaire Nathan Kirsch funds Julius Malema’s anti-white Economic Freedom Fighters party in South Africa. Can you see where this road ends? All groups are “permitted” pan-national solidarity except whites. Whites are meant for erasure. Whites are about 9% of South Africa’s population; whites are also about 9% of the world’s population. What do you think a “borderless world” looks like for us, then? Not to belabor the point, but this kind of rhetoric is genocidal, and as it happens, the data from across the Western world—and anywhere whites have settled for that matter, such as in Africa—bears out this claim.

Even in those instances where we are not busy burying ourselves under an awesome wave of wretched refuse we confront a seeming paradox, for if the highest moral virtue is not just the existence of one’s people but their fruitful multiplicity, isn’t a raw increase in their number, especially as it infringes on our homelands and ability to secure a prosperous and safe future for our progeny the most immoral act? If the meek shall inherit the earth, maybe victory is in our grasp because we have been church mice while the Third World rolls over us. So is the highest moral virtue straining earth’s carrying capacity with people who don’t actually practice conservation or care about the planet? Of course not. Current welfare outlays cost the average Westerner hundreds of thousands of dollars, or the rough equivalent of what it would take to raise a child. Thus, the onerous burden of caring for our non-biological kin comes at the direct expense of the propagation of our own lines.

That said, our present situation may result in mutually-assured destruction, for without us, both in terms of knowledge and expertise, and in terms of our admittedly excessive altruism, the Third World will experience a period of famine and starvation which will literally kill billions. Any kind of “bail-out” will come at an exorbitant cost, for both Israel and its diaspora and the Chinese are not using the same playbook, so to speak. The only moral and logical alternative, then, both for the sake of Western civilization and for the sake of the Third World is to take our own side and to vigorously defend what is ours. Israel agrees to deal with China for use of its largest port, then shoots down a Russian plane. Is there a clearer indication that we are backing the wrong horse?

Perversely, the Judeo-globalists’ staunchest defenders are those whose policies they harm the most—the blue-collar evangelical MAGA folk who have placed Israel and its international terrorism up on the proverbial pedestal, all while Israel kicks theirs into rubble and ruins. Sample comment:

Boots  Guest • a day ago

I'm much happier with the Jews controlling Trump than globalists destroying the value of American labor and importing third world barbarians who treat women worse than cattle and throw gays off buildings. Of course there is no proof Jews are controlling Trump but there is tons of proof of what globalists are doing.

The MAGA folks must not be familiar with the Jewish Talmud; their so-called “Great Awakening” of MAGA-tier Twitter never—and I mean never—references the only awakening that can ever fully contextualize globalism. Obviously not all Jews are globalists and not all globalists are Jews (China is benefitting plenty from globalism), but the correlation is as strong as the heritability of IQ, which is perhaps why it is never discussed in “polite society.” By the way, if you ever wondered why abortion is so vociferously pushed/supported, allow Dr. Fred Rosner to explicate:

An unborn fetus in Jewish law is not considered a person (Heb. nefesh, lit. “soul”) until it has been born. The fetus is regarded as a part of the mother’s body and not a separate being until it begins to egress from the womb during parturition (childbirth). In fact, until forty days after conception, the fertilized egg is considered as “mere fluid.” These facts form the basis for the Jewish legal view on abortion…The famous medieval biblical commentator Solomon ben Isaac, known as Rashi, interprets “no other misfortune” to mean no fatal injury to the woman following her miscarriage. In that case, the attacker pays only financial compensation for having unintentionally caused the miscarriage, no differently than if he had accidentally injured the woman elsewhere on her body. Most other Jewish Bible commentators, including Moses Nachmanides (Ramban), Abraham Ibn Ezra, Meir Leib ben Yechiel Michael (Malbim), Baruch Malawi Epstein (Torah Temimah), Samson Raphael Hirsch, Joseph Hertz, and others, agree with Rashi’s interpretation…None of the rabbis raise the possibility of involuntary manslaughter being involved because the unborn fetus is not legally a person and, therefore, there is no question of murder involved when a fetus is aborted…since the unborn fetus is not considered a person.[1]

Another example of the much-vaunted “Judeo-Christian values” it would seem, right? According to the New York Times, “To be a Jew is to join the ACLU, to travel to the border and act as a pro bono lawyer for immigrants, to join in the Women’s March.” Whether “conservative” or post-liberalist, you serve the same master. They want you to “disavow” what they (very broadly) call “white supremacy,” the kindly inquisitors seemingly offering an “out”—except there isn’t one. You were born with the Mark of Cain if you’re white, and in the present iteration of Leftist dogma, that makes you “irredeemable”—damned for all time. Ask a Jew to disavow Zionism, though, and most will recoil in horror. “Don’t we, as the world’s most persecuted minority, deserve a homeland?”

The question of Israel is perhaps one of the most difficult to answer, for its establishment was conducted in the most egregious manner possible, and its entry into the Middle East has caused infinitely more death, destruction, and misery than ISIS ever could; in fact, Israel and its puppets in the US Deep State are single-handedly responsible for enabling these fanatics to be anything but a gaggle of ill-equipped and largely-irrelevant fringe figures, incapable of fomenting insurrection on any appreciable scale. Israel actively manipulates US domestic politics, undermines sovereign states abroad, pursues an aggressively-expansionist policy, practices ethnic cleansing on a daily basis, and as Andrew Joyce discusses, has a long history of committing atrocities and terrorist acts against other peoples and nations:

Firstly, and most obviously, I am troubled at the perpetration of Islamic murder and lawlessness in Europe. Secondly, media representations of these events refuse to disclose that they are a product of disastrous immigration and foreign policies — policies which have been demonstrably influenced by Jews. Thirdly, the simplistic and primitive drama inherent in shootings and fugitive hunts inevitably diverts mass attention from the broader and more subtle picture of how those policies are affecting Europeans. Intentionally or not, these are acts of distraction as much as acts of terrorism. Fourthly, the shootings provide opportunities for Jews to amplify their victimhood narrative, and to regurgitate tired old ‘lessons’ to Europe. These lessons are then tied in to further Jewish demands, which include the restriction of arms and free speech. Finally, I am considerably irritated by the way in which these events have been used as a means for Jews to present themselves as the perennial victims of terrorism, when they have a rich history of engaging in it themselves.

Jews are very quick to say that the Europeans have a moral duty to take the Syrian refugees (and the tens of millions of opportunists pretending to be refugees)—despite the fact that the Israeli axis is the cause of the conflict in Syria—for a variety of post-colonial, Cultural Marxist reasons, but also, perhaps most importantly for the Jewish people, because of the Holocaust, the culmination of centuries of pogroms and “anti-Semitism.” It doesn’t matter if the nations in question were neutral or occupied by the Germans, they have a moral debt that must be paid by allowing the Jews to dispossess the native Europeans (and the other European-settled nations for that matter) of their homelands forever. Curiously Israel’s official stance is that the Armenian Genocide never happened. There’s only so much room in the genocide marketplace, and the Jews want to have a monopoly.

So much for the miracles of the free market, eh Ben Shapiro? Communism becomes capitalism becomes democracy via the exact same vectors of control, that is to say the “actor” effect, ie-who is responsible for either the implementation of a particularly poisonous ideology such as communism, or else for the removal of all safeguards which produce ruthless exploitation that knows no bounds, and a deeply pathological mob rule, set loose to terrorize the law-abiding populace, a state of affairs known as anarcho-tyranny. In the communist USSR, the Jewish kleptocrats enriched themselves in government and the Jewish oligarchs became wildly wealthy through their control of the black market, a situation that did not change with the fall of communism and the rise of capitalism. In those days, as in Weimar Germany, as in Boris Yeltsin’s Russia, as in America today, everything and everyone was for sale, and the primary profiteers were the Jews. In the Jewish colony that is the United States today, all that is good and wholesome about the American Dream has become inverted by a core set of interests who despise everything we stand for and are determined to realize their covenant guaranteeing global and cosmic lordship. Whites, so long as they exist, are an impediment to realizing the fulfillment of this compact. As George Lincoln Rockwell wrote:

The Jews, using especially their money and domination of the news and entertainment media, [are] organizing the vast hordes of the earth’s colored people, mostly with the help of Marxism, against the outnumbered and weak White Man, against whom they [are] using the weapon of “democracy” in which there would be seven colored votes for every White vote.

Best to keep the legs of Lady Liberty spread wide open, then. It’s our moral duty, especially since more Germans died in the fire-bombing of Dresden than did Jews in all of the Holocaust. But wait, Dresden had a population of over six million? No, no it didn’t, but don’t mention that within earshot of anyone working for the SPLC, whose definition of Holocaust Denial includes the “minimization of its extent.” So for those doing the math, 1.5 million Armenians were never exterminated in Anatolia during World War I—five times the number of Jews who actually died during World War II—but the Germans were so effective massacring Jews under Hitler, their global population at the end of the war was greater than at its onset. This is so factually unassailable that you’ll be jailed in at least seventeen different countries for questioning it.

[1] https://www.myjewishlearning.com/article/the-fetus-in-jewish-law/

“The Holocaust” as Presented by Your Local CBS Affiliate

“The Holocaust” as Presented by Your Local CBS Affiliate

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