Prepare your anus, you’re about to get a red pill suppository.

Queer Eye for the Straight Goy Redux

Queer Eye for the Straight Goy Redux

One of the basic tenets of economics is that, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch,” but in GloboHomo, to quote George Michael when he was arrested in a Beverly Hills park for performing oral sex on an undercover police officer, “I’ve never been able to turn down a free meal.” As Borzoi Boskovic has pointed out, homosexuals are at the vanguard of “Woke Capital” largely because of their inability to produce a nuclear family (and no, adopted non-white accessories a la Modern Family do not count), general disdain for normalcy, and their hyper-consumer habits.[1],[2],[3] Plus, their precarious place in a normal society makes their privileged position in GloboHomo worth protecting at all costs. That many are under-handed and malicious makes them excellent mid-level functionaries and Human Resources resources. They are essential for the gentrification of urban areas[4] and are vital go-betweens in the on-going corruption of the fairer sex as presumptive “gal pals.” All of this is by design.

That said, homosexuals, like blacks, have been usurped in the anti-civilizational pecking order by more exotic “identity groups,” in this case the transgendered and gender queer. Even more precariously situated in a normal society (read: totally marginalized), the transgendered have more to lose and everything to gain by policing the perverse “mores” of GloboHomo/Woke Capital. “Trans” also functions as the ultimate form of gaslighting, particularly the double-standard regarding race. Sex, like race, is immutable and (obviously) biologically-determined, but as regards race, there are several races, and various admixtures, whereas humans are sexually dimorphic. The idea that there are a plurality of “genders,” or that one can “change” their chromosomes to “become” another gender is both preposterous and biologically impossible.

Of course, as I discussed in my previous piece, none of this has to make sense or be logically coherent when you’ve successfully initiated literally hundreds of millions of people into a global shopping mall version of Jonestown. This didn’t happen overnight; it’s been the realization of over a century of subversion and conditioning. I’ll use one example here that I find particularly illustrative.

In 1929, Lucky Strike cigarettes employed Sigmund Freud’s nephew Edward Bernays to market their cigarettes to the largely-still-untapped female market. In keeping with the cultural shift of “women’s liberation,” Bernays cleverly framed women’s “choice” to publicly smoke cigarettes as an act of defiance, and a “bold” assertion of a woman’s independence. Countering “gendered stereotypes” of smoking cigarettes as a masculine activity, Bernays adeptly wove together three disparate elements of advertising-cum-propaganda into one highly-successful pitch: celebrity spokeswomen, the use of cigarettes as weight loss agents, and, as mentioned, “torches of freedom” for the newly-“liberated” woman. This pattern has been repeated basically ad infinitum to mass market women’s choices for them in the ninety years since.

In the 1920s, the extension of credit to consumers became much more prevalent (though not to the degree we would see in the second half of the twentieth century, especially the 1980s onward), intentional built-in obsolescence for vehicles and appliances (and thus the need to replace them every half-decade or so),[5] and both targeted and mass advertising helped drive consumerism on an unprecedented scale. It is little surprise that the 1920s are rightly regarded as the genesis of American consumer culture. The 1920s also represent the beginning of the institutionalization of the “Culture of Critique.” Though Sigmund Freud, Franz Boas, and others were active prior to this time period, it was in the 1920s and 1930s that Jewish pseudo-science began to co-opt academia and suffocate dissenting viewpoints.[6] Especially relevant to our present discussion, quoting Andrew Joyce:

In a sense, the Frankfurt School, or Institute for Social Research, was the tip of the iceberg. The work of Horkheimer, Adorno, et al, both drew from, and enthused, a large and growing army of Jewish academics working in the field of public opinion and mass communications. This was a body of academics and activists keen to translate theories on “prejudice and the authoritarian personality” into action—to change the opinions and thinking of the host population. They would go on to develop forms of testing and analysis to further these goals, and their students would go on to take dominant positions in the fields of the mass media and mass communications. In many cases the academics speak openly of the need for control of the media and the mass dissemination of sophisticated propaganda (all of which could be tried and perfected at the expense of their universities in the name of “prejudice research”).

The 1969 Jaffe Memo evidences Jewish designs to limit white population growth through, “compulsory abortions and sterilizations, encouraging homosexuality, and forcing women to work.” The 1972 Rockefeller Commission Report echoed a number of these proposals.

Fast forward to today. Embattled Virginia Governor Ralph “Coonman” Northam explicitly stated in an interview that late-term abortions/infanticide, where the fetus is “non-viable,” that, “Reproductive freedom leads to economic freedom for women…It brings prosperity.” It literally brings prosperity to Planned Parenthood when they sell dismembered baby parts, and it frees up childless women to work more and to consume more. Plus, all those children Western women won’t have then necessitates more of the fecund, easily-controlled, and hyper-consumer Third Worlders to be funneled into the country in order to keep the exponential growth model humming. White abortions are essential to keep the country in the black (pun intended).

Homosexuals, transgendereds, high-time-preference non-whites, Cool Wine Aunts, single moms, and AlliesTM are all atomized, and atomized people make for fantastic consumers. Both from a political and financial point of view the assault on the traditional nuclear family (one which is generally only found in European and select Northeast Asian cultures) by the Woke Establishment makes all the sense in the world. Regarding the homosexual vanguard, to quote E. Michael Jones:

The homosexual is the consumer culture’s version of the ideal citizen because he takes all of the strains of narcissism to their logical anti-essentialist conclusion. The homosexual qua homosexual can form no family and, as a result, no real community; in a culture which promotes sexual liberation as a form of control by breaking down family and community, homosexuality is the most exaggerated form of sexual individualism.[7]

The nuclear family represents in every way an obstacle to the Uni-Party’s consolidation of power, from its inherent conservatism to its multi-generational investment both from a financial perspective and in the inculcation of specific values, such as temperance, responsibility, respect for elders and tradition, future planning, obligations to the familial unit, and more, which are antithetical to modern (cult)ure.[8] The modern emphasis is on instant gratification and the ready embrace of hedonistic abandon. From video streaming services to popular music, the message is uniformly the same: consume, consume, consume. To quote Will Durant, “A nation is born stoic, and dies epicurean,” or, put another way, “GloboHomo: Come in a tight end, leave a wide receiver!”

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