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It’s Like You’re Dreamin’ about Gorgonzola Cheese when it’s Clearly Brie Time, Baby

It’s Like You’re Dreamin’ about Gorgonzola Cheese when it’s Clearly Brie Time, Baby

“The question is not one of ‘how much’ government, but of ‘how good’ a government.”-George Lincoln Rockwell

Like many of you, I once believed strongly that limited government was the only answer to ensure maximal individual liberty, failing to consider that, a) a limited government is not necessarily a just government; b) the government is not the only source of tyranny; c) the cultural default to at least nominal liberalism inevitably deteriorates into naked self-interest and the abdication of responsibility and duty; d) voluntarily abdicating power only leaves a power vacuum someone else will fill; and finally, e) power itself is the ultimate guarantor of rights, and the derivation or source of power is through superior force. For any power to be legitimate, however, its source must be the people it would deign to rule. In other words, the only legitimate ruler or government of a people must come from that people—anyone else, elected or otherwise, represents an occupation force, and even then, if a ruler or government would govern for any interests other than their own people, they would also be illegitimate. These decisions need not always enjoy popular support, but they must always be in the best interests of the people, whether the people realize it or not.

Power is the ultimate determinant of the dominant morality. Most people will take the path of least resistance, and thus if the power structure is predicated on an America for Americans, then acquiescence in the general public is a given. Liberalism is exactly wrong: it is in the collective that the individual finds strength purpose, and meaning. I speak of the collective not as a hive-mind, but as the natio (nation). One need not sacrifice their individuality to the group, but rather a true citizen would subordinate their self-interest to the greater good. These values are inherent in the natural aristocracy of our race, who—if enough remain—must seize the mantle of power and supplant the alien culture that has been poisoning our people with Mammonism, degeneracy, and self-hatred.

The “natural rights” of liberalism rely on negative obligations, which is to say the obligation to not interfere in the lives of others. Superficially this seems like a fine idea, particularly with respect to others’ privacy, but when you place the health and well-being of the populace above the self-gratifying impulses or destructive behavior of the one, the cancerous free radical must be dealt with or it will multiply. Freedoms all too often manifest themselves as freedom from obligation, and an emphasis on individuality for its own sake, rather than on individuals who may exercise their free will but are nevertheless bound to their people and their families (in short, their obligations), produces selfish and self-interested persons who are no more than the sum of their base instincts and their shopping history. They are not individuals at all, but rather cogs in the machine. We emphasize people over products, people over soulless corporations, and nature and well-being over profit. There is far more respect for the individual in this frame-work than in any neo-liberal conception of the “market” or the “consumer.”

When we talk about tactics, we have four separate spheres to consider: personal, local, national, and international. Unless you have George Soros or Michael Bloomberg money and influence, there’s not much you are going to be able to do past the local sphere outside of educating people, most likely in the digital space, and though you may be able to provide some material support, it is certainly not going to be at the level or organization of a Soros or a Bloomberg (and besides, Soros and Bloomberg are not revolutionaries but avatars of the system itself). Of particular concern to us in this piece is the national sphere, and constructing a platform which will not only enjoy the broad-based support of our people, but one which acknowledges their basic human dignity and puts their interests—as Americans—first and foremost. Donald Trump, for all of his short-comings, was able to achieve the presidency by tapping into this populist vein, though he of course has failed to act on what has amounted to empty rhetoric and idle musings. Beyond enacting many of the policies President Trump should have already and which readers are no doubt familiar with, what would such a platform look like? For starters:

·        Tax breaks for small businesses and family farms

·        Severe penalties for the employment of illegal aliens

·        Free trade school and certification courses such as commercial driving licenses

·        Forgiveness of student loan debt

·        Abolition of public sector unions

·        Retroactive stripping of post-1965 naturalized citizenship; only those who have at least one parent’s ancestry in this country extend to before 1924 may be citizens

·        Nationalize the banks

·        Capital gains should be taxed 33% more than labor, not half

·        Address the opioid crisis; serious jail time for those responsible for over-prescription, distribution, and for the Sackler family for addiction profiteering

·        Severe penalties to companies that outsource

·        Ending of all affirmative action programs

·        Tax remittances to foreign countries

·        End foreign aid to the Third World

·        Incentive programs for American families that have three or more children (at least until we reach stasis at replacement level)

·        More land made available for conservation or held in trust

·        Severe penalties for pollution

·        An individual must perform twenty hours of community service per week to receive welfare

·        Banning of all seditious NGOs, advocacy groups, and 501©3s (ADL, SPLC, CAIR, AIPAC, Open Society organizations, Congressional Black Caucus, etc.)

·        Elimination of foreign worker visa programs

·        Abolition of the CIA

·        Immediate cessation of property taxes and the ability of law enforcement to engage in civil asset forfeiture

·        Use the Army Corps of Engineers to build a massive southern border wall

·        Close all international army bases and end all foreign wars/involvements

·        Immigration reform or even a moratorium (allow for discretionary acceptance of white refugees from South Africa, Namibia, Rhodesia, etc.)

·        Revocation of dual citizenship

·        Outlaw usury

We will rebuild the middle class; end financial speculation, addiction and war profiteering; put the dignity and prosperity of our people above corporate interests; and regain our sovereignty from internationalist and alien interests. All alien peoples will be re-patriated to their respective homelands and will be compensated for their property and/or given a financial stipend to start new lives where they belong.

These policies are both good for our people and would enjoy popular support; their implementation and success would enhance our credibility, engender goodwill with the populace, and give us the latitude needed for decisions that may not be popular but prove to be necessary. So how do we get to a place where we are in a position to enact these policies, a position of power? I can say with confidence that I most certainly do not have all the answers, but will endeavor to answer that question, or at the very least suggest some courses of action, to the best of my ability over the next couple of pieces.

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