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Cruor Viaticus

Cruor Viaticus

“Once were wolves, now domesticated pets. Hijacked syntax, footprints on our backs. I guess in retrospect we should have covered our tracks. But we see what's underneath, the empty threat when they bare their teeth. Like priests we speak a dead language, written in sand. We need a new lexicon, devils be damned. Now M.B.A.'s twist the DNA. I guess the kids have had their say.”- Paint It Black, “Saccharine”

If you’re reading this, you understand that the illusion of democracy has faded and the hideous Gollum-like creature jealously clutching his precious gold ring slouches finally revealed. Cravenness and greed rule the day. In light of the fact that a number of Senate and House seats and governor’s mansions were stolen after the mid-term election in egregious and blatant voter fraud, in light of the fact that the objections of the people to mass immigration are drowned out in a tsunami of endless Third World invaders, and in light of the fact that dissidents are, in fact, being hunted down and prosecuted (and persecuted) for their beliefs, as I wrote for Republic Standard:

When the constitutionally-enshrined protections of our society are no longer respected, when the laws no longer apply to certain people and justice is no longer blind, when the system itself can be perverted to create a privileged class; that system has been corrupted and is fundamentally rotten.

As I wrote in my first piece of the New Year, this applies to every aspect of our society, not just the judiciary about which I originally had written that passage. Whether or not your ideological sympathies lie with National Action, the simple fact that they each face at least half-a-decade of prison time simply for membership in the group while Anjem Choudary (not to mention tens of thousands of known terrorist suspects) walks free in Britain today—Choudary at a cost to taxpayers of over two million pounds for police protection per annum—should tell you how dire the current state of affairs is.

In the last few weeks alone we’ve seen: James Fields sentenced to 419 years in prison for a crime he did not commit; the Chemnitz Seven in Germany arrested on terrorism charges simply for objecting to the Germans’ population replacement; the aforementioned National Action Six’s sentencing; the arrest of three Spanish “Neo-Nazi” writers through a coordinated effort between Spanish and Swiss police and Europol; the arrest of Yellow Vest organizer James Goddard; and a New York teenager arrested and charged with a hate crime for hanging posters on a college campus, not to mention the attempts to destroy the lives and livelihoods of Tucker Carlson (whose home was also visited by an Antifa mob), Alex McNabb, and Columbia student Julian Von Abele. A Maryland man was literally executed by police for lawfully exercising his Second Amendment rights. Oh, and don’t forget the French government considering the use of chemical agents on its own people in order to quell the Yellow Vest protests when it lets feral Moslems torch Citroens for days on end with scarcely an official peep (Jean Raspail could scarcely have better imagined it).

As of 2014, rape was up 1,472% in Sweden since 1975, when the country began opening itself up to immigration on a larger scale; that percentage is surely even higher now—one estimate holds that by 2030, one in four Swedish women and girls will have been sexually assaulted (unlike the young women on American college campuses). Young women in the 16-24 age range have already surpassed that—in 2017, 34.4% of Swedish women in this age range were subjected to sexual offenses. Sweden’s Green Party has now decided it wants the state to require Swedes with “too much space” in their homes to be made to house—in addition to already funding—their ethnic replacements. The Swedes have in fact become second-class citizens in their own nation, tabbed for replacement by a population with zero impulse control and average IQs two standard deviations below the Swedes’. This is apparently good for the economy (despite the fact that only 500 of the 160,000 “migrants” who arrived in the country in 2016 are presently employed), and at once a virtuous and enriching impulse, not to mention revenge for Sweden’s minimal colonial past. These contradictions to not matter to the ruling class—all that matters is that enough people believe them and, more importantly, that they retain tight control of the levers of power. Quoting Max Weber:

A state is a human community that (successfully) claims the monopoly of the legitimate use of physical force within a given territory. Note that “territory” is one of the characteristics of the state (my note: “open borders” are anathema to the legitimacy of the state and therefore our present system has, among many other reasons which will be discussed further below, forfeited its claim to legitimacy; the abolishment of borders or at least the permeability of borders for select peoples—read: non-white—is central to the globalist project). Specifically, at the present time, the right to use physical force is ascribed to other institutions or to individuals only to the extent to which the state permits it. The state is considered the sole source of the “right” to use violence (my note: Antifa, colored criminals, and jihadis are allowed to terrorize with the state’s tacit support).

As Ann Coulter quipped, “Would that are borders are policed as well as our speech.” The German government sentenced a man to prison for three years for selling rubber bullet-firing pistols in order to arm citizens in self-defense against rampant “migrant” crime. God forbid you try to defend yourself, or object to your replacement: German police regularly raid people’s homes for online “hate posting.” Nine people are arrested every day for “hateful comments” on social media in the United Kingdom. Suzanne Nossel recounts Europe’s free speech apocalypse:

France has enacted broad surveillance powers including warrantless wiretapping and mass metadata collection that critics call a “French Patriot Act.” The U.K. is debating a far-reaching surveillance bill, widely known by its nickname, the “Snoopers’ Charter,” that will cement the legal foundation for practices including breaking into digital devices and mass searches of internet records. Spain has prosecuted allegedly subversive puppeteers, and Germany has extracted commitments from social media companies to summarily expunge anything that smacks of hate speech…In mid-February, a respected Swedish cultural affairs journalist writing in the country’s second-largest newspaper called on Facebook to censor user comments that constitute hate speech, describing an anti-immigrant “lynch mob” in Stockholm as a manifestation that “internet hate is stepping out into the street.” There are also numerous reports of Swedish newspapers coming under pressure to suppress stories that cast a negative light on immigrants, including reports that a home for child migrants was housing men in their 20s who were allegedly responsible for acts of violence…Fueled by a potent combination of fears of terrorism and anxiety over the integration of more than a million refugees, European authorities are increasingly casting civil liberties as a luxury… Government encroachments on free speech are an attempt to tighten control and consolidate power in the face of political stress and rising dissent…Government encroachments on free speech are an attempt to tighten control and consolidate power in the face of political stress and rising dissent.[1]

The West is a massive Panopticon whose governments will use the full force of their power to crush dissidents, but this tells only part of the story. That power structure is a synergy of state and corporate power. Nossel continues:

As a matter of corporate policy, and in order to avoid being sued, prosecuted, or ejected from jurisdictions worldwide, social media sites assume an obligation to comply with local laws wherever they operate. In Germany, and increasingly elsewhere in Europe, that means going along with strict curbs on speech. Berlin, for example, enforces strict prohibitions on Holocaust denial and neo-Nazism. France has called on social media companies to excise what it considers racist and anti-Semitic propaganda. Responding to such pressure, Google, Facebook, and Twitter announced in December that they would work to delete anti-migrant sentiments voiced on their networks within 24 hours of request, imposing a level of control over ideas and viewpoints that goes far beyond what the companies’ own corporate content policies would allow.[2]

The NSA, the CIA, Google, Facebook—we have already been in Orwell’s dystopia for quite a while and it’s only going to get worse. A lot worse. There is no democratic solution to this problem because the game is rigged. Access to power is restricted and information control remains the exclusive province of the Establishment. We have no institutional power, and even more crucially, we have no financial power. Christopher Langan writes:

They want to rule forever. Therefore, they want no competition, even if that means Western civilization must disappear because the people who built it are gone…The first thing that they did in planning for the modern era was monopolize the money supply—money represents human utility in all its forms, so control of the money supply amounts to control of society. Only they, and never you, can create money; only you can run out of money, never them. You can *get* money from them, but only on their terms, by selling your soul to them and joining them as a myrmidon of hell (or simply becoming their lunch). This applies all the more strongly to academics—academic jobs are more plentiful these days, and once you’re fired from academia for PC heresy, you and your family will either starve or join the welfare line, at which point you will become “the dregs of society.” That is, not only will you be without money and therefore literally “worthless” by their materialistic standards, but nonwhite welfare recipients, emboldened by your poverty and consequent vulnerability, will treat you as the reason for all their alleged woes, robbing, raping, or killing you with the blessings of the elite. Your color already makes you a scapegoat for the depredations of the oligarchs; you’ve already been stuck with the mortal tab for the palaces in which they cavort. Once they’ve taken all your money, you’ll become cannon fodder to boot. It’s all really very simple once you learn to see it clearly.

This New Left is not really the communist iteration of eighty years ago, though it retains the real-world inevitability of the governmental kleptocracy. The principal sources of funding are the same, and the descendants of the primary movers are the same, but the later 20th- into the 21st-century twist is instead of state-run enterprises, we have enterprise-run states. The ever-shrinking middle class bears an ever-increasing share of the burden, and their tax dollars are used to subsidize mass Third World immigration to drive down labor costs and to finance deluxe football stadiums and Amazon’s second headquarters—not to mention welfare for all of the Amazon and Uber employees who are unable to even earn a living wage. In 2015, the middle class ceased being a majority in the United States for the first time. Without this inherently conservative bedrock of working-class people who own property and generally reinforce the nuclear family, the acceleration toward the neo-liberal dystopian future—which is basically the Third World punctuated by gated communities and the odd high-rise—looms ever-larger. The Left is comprised of the extremely wealthy, and the brain-washed whites and throngs of sub-90 IQ dependents and hyper-consumers that are tabbed to ultimately replace them. The Left is Marxian in the sense that their ideology received a triple-shower in “critical theory,” whereby the economic issues were more or less washed off and social, racial, and cosmic inequalities became the center of their grievances. Actual concern for labor vanished, and the modern Left has become medievalist with its notions of original sin (“privilege” and “whiteness”), and its support for feudalist or plantation economics. They, along with their Chamber of Commerce allies pretending to be the opposition, literally want to own you.

In the United States, the Democrats are happy to let the Republicans do the heavy lifting on tax cuts for corporations, and both “sides” have enabled the burden of Left-wing vote-buying to fall on the loathed white middle- and working-class. These cosmic scapegoats finance their own dispossession through onerous taxes and wealth re-distribution (while capital is taxed at just half the rate of labor) as they are harried, harassed, accosted, and abused from above and below. The globalists view our nations as carcasses to be stripped bare and then reanimated as neo-liberal zombies. If the latter event does not happen, and the body stays desiccated and dead, they can always move somewhere else and repeat the process. The Uni-Party—Tribe and traitors—has honed their craft to devastating effectiveness. Tucker Carlson offers one illustrative example:

Corporate tax cuts are also popular in Washington, and [Mitt] Romney is strongly on board with those, too. His piece throws a rare compliment to Trump for cutting the corporate rate a year ago. That’s not surprising. Romney spent the bulk of his business career at a firm called Bain Capital. Bain Capital all but invented what is now a familiar business strategy: Take over an existing company for a short period of time, cut costs by firing employees, run up the debt, extract the wealth, and move on, sometimes leaving retirees without their earned pensions. Romney became fantastically rich doing this. Meanwhile, a remarkable number of the companies are now bankrupt or extinct. This is the private equity model. Our ruling class sees nothing wrong with it. It’s how they run the country.[3]

Romney is mimicking his betters: it’s what the aliens do in They Live—they strip-mine entire planets and then move on the next to do it all over again, rootless as they are. In the meantime, they “pass” as human, but they are not. Of course David French and Ben Shapiro object to Carlson; their entire existence, in the former case, is to hold water for the neo-con wing of the Establishment, and in the latter case, to provide a nice, kosher “alternative” to the Left’s “identity politics” while simultaneously affirming Jewish identity and pro-Zionism. Judaism shape-shifts into whatever is good for the Jews, be it neo-liberalism or communism. It is what George Lincoln Rockwell described as “their anvil of capitalist exploitation and their hammer of Communist revolution and slaughter.” We are still in thrall to Bolshevism in a sense, particularly in terms of Cultural Marxism, though economically the “victors” over communism were not the victors. The victors were the globalists who had been playing both sides all along. The losers were those who went from living in a nation, to living in a country, to living in a society, to living in a market. Business, politics, advertising, fashion trends, civil wars, foreign interventionism—at this point, what difference does it make? All are inextricable. As James Mason wrote in Siege:

In truth, the West today has no culture. These consumers hang onto the language and customs of a bygone age because they can’t come up with anything so organized and intricate on their own…They might tell you that, in a democratic society, it’s a matter of free choice or personal taste. Our side will affirm there is such as the “mass taste” which will always tend toward mediocrity. But the trick, as always, about any so-called democracy is that it is one big loophole, gaping wide like an open invitation to all the sharpies and hucksters to move in and take over. That is what already took place here generations ago. And then the question of “free choice” becomes a moot one as it is all relegated to only those “choices” the taste-makers see fit to place before you. Control of mass taste and opinion is absolutely no different than control of so-called “democratic” elections: the manipulators present two of their favorite dummies for you to pick from. Either way, you lose.

I have been more than willing to exhaust every option within the confines of the system, to find electoral solutions, but it is abundantly clear that our governments no longer operate with the consent of the governed, and have not for over a century, but instead are illegitimate occupation governments that are nothing more than extensions of the globalist neo-liberal oligarchic cabal: hand-in-glove—a steel hand balled into a fist underneath the velvet glove of utopianism.

[1] https://foreignpolicy.com/2016/03/17/europes-free-speech-apocalypse-is-already-here-france-germany-spain/

[2] Ibid.

[3] https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/tucker-carlson-mitt-romney-supports-the-status-quo-but-for-everyone-else-its-infuriating

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