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Here's to New Beginnings

Here's to New Beginnings

This piece is a statement of purpose, of will, and of personal, political, and meta-political evolution. As we embark on 2019, the direction of The Anatomically Correct Banana will be shifting somewhat following a period of intense self-reflection, consideration, and, yes, meditation. The site will necessarily reflect my on-going personal, political, and meta-political metamorphoses, synthesizing some concepts, discarding others, incorporating still more, searching out blind-spots, and rigorously interrogating my world-view. Rest assured I am still firmly on the Right, though in many ways the traditional political labels are insufficient in the present landscape.

First, I do not “identify” as a conservative; yes, there are traditions, ideas, and through-lines that are vital to maintain and to conserve, but to opine for days long gone and to use the tactics of yesterday is a waste of time and, as Revilo P. Oliver called this inclination, “an anachronistic absurdity.” Oswald Spengler postulated that we (Western, European-American, or Faustian Civilization) are in the “winter stage.” A cursory evaluation of the world at large confirms such an observation; however disconcerting this may appear, however, it signals an opportunity for new growth. We must re-configure our default set of cultural assumptions regarding “equality,” “democracy,” and the nation-state. Remove hyper-individualism, “liberalism,” and “democracy” from their arsenal and the whole game changes.

What we are talking about here is a paradigm shift; I am not interested in re-creating political systems that might have worked in the past, but rather to harvest the relevant ideas and ideals for the present and, more importantly, the future. To simply attempt to transfer 1933 or 1789 wholesale is useless and counter-productive, though we must never forget the lessons of history nor neglect the essentials of Western civilization, that is, the foundational without which the whole structure crumbles. I do not believe that the 3,000-year chain of Western civilization is broken and we must not allow it to be broken, though it is in existential peril.

I don’t normally do this, write from the first person perspective, but I wanted to directly address you, my reading audience, and explain a few things about the site’s re-orientation. I have always, and will always, approach matters with honesty and principle, thus why I have decided on the imperativeness of this piece to at least partly explain why and how my perspective has shifted. I still believe in the inherent greatness of Western civilization, and its necessity not only as a guarantor of individual liberty but even more crucially as a reflection of its people and enabler of each respective culture’s ability to thrive and fulfill their collective destiny. Anything else is an alien imposition, as we live and breathe it today. As Polybius wrote in his Histories:

There are two things fundamental to every state in virtue of which its powers and constitution become desirable or objectionable. These are customs and laws. Of these the desirable are those which make men’s private lives holy and pure, and the public character of the state civilized and just.

My evolution has been a result of the constant search for how best to realize this ideal for each of the constituent ethnicities that comprise Western civilization, for what is best for the Italians is not necessarily what is best for the Lithuanians or the New Zealanders. Nevertheless, at present the existential threats are the same, and it is with mutual support as a comity of European and European-derived peoples that we acknowledge our racial and civilizational commonality and roots. Further, there are common threads that are universally conducive to responsible governance and to serving the best interests of the nation-state and its people:

1.     The nation must be its people. That is, a Hungary of and for Hungarians, an Estonia of and for Estonians, and an America of and for Americans. Anything else leads to fracture and strife, and is an affront to providential will.

2.     People are not slaves to the market, the market must serve the needs of the people. I feel that my analysis has frequently failed to adequately consider how great a threat neo-liberalist economics are to our survival, owing, no doubt, to a lingering libertarian bias on my part. What is clear now is that though the libertarian skepticism of the state is well-founded, it is an anachronism in the shifting present realities. The “private sector” might just be a greater threat than the public one. When I read through my own writings, I can discern this hesitance to cede power to the government knowing full well what kinds of atrocities the state has committed—and continues to commit—against others and against its own people.

3.     Liberalism is racial and civilizational suicide. This is not to say that many of the ideas of classical liberalism are without merit, nor we should be sacrificing our fundamental freedoms, but rather that we must shift away from the modern default assumptions of equality and re-evaluate what, precisely, this entails regarding human agency, notions of individualism, and of course the franchise and citizenship. The ethnic homelands of indigenous Europeans are non-negotiable—a “non-white” Briton or German or Frenchman is ridiculous and cannot be abided. For former colonies, given historical and contextual factors, it might be necessary to trend toward a Singaporean system with a certain percentage of culturally-assimilable non-whites and a demographic floor below which whites cannot fall (for a further explanation, see here).

Revolutionary epochs call for revolutionary ideas and tactics. The reality is this: we live under an occupation government fully committed to population replacement and completely beholden to globalist corporate and financial interests. In my previous piece, I wrote that, “The policies of the Left have failed terribly,”—objectively, were the stated goals the same as the intended goals, and were this a legitimate government that sought to govern in the interests of its people that would be true. I try to be charitable with people’s motives because I am not a mind-reader—I cannot know what goes on inside someone’s head. Generally I try not to attribute to malice what could otherwise be explained by ignorance or incompetence, and there is more than enough of that both in the general population and in the ruling class. However, in the face of the preponderance of evidence we have before us, there can be no other conclusion than that the true power players know exactly what is going on and are motivated by two things: malice and greed.

I was not approaching the issue from the proper angle because, in spite of a lifelong incredulity of power, it was difficult for me to fully accept that our rulers could be this corrupted. Even the communists who slaughtered their own people never went so far as to replace them. Only in the early USSR did something similar occur—though Weimar Germany, through different means, was on the same trajectory before the NSADP rose to power—but this was not so much a product of the Russians or Ukrainians exterminating themselves, but a hostile minority within their midst seizing power and using the state apparatus against its host. As commenter Wilbur Hassenfus noted in response to my previous piece, “The policies of the Left have succeeded terribly,” and he is absolutely correct. Liberalism may have “defeated” communism, but the principle actors are the same, and this time they’ve had far longer to manipulate the host population into actively despising itself and facilitating its own demise. It is a newer and more lethal animal for a new century, having learned the lessons of Weimar (don’t accelerate too quickly) and the USSR (don’t be too conspicuous, don’t under-feed but rather over-feed), and is a terrifying hybrid of the worst excesses of late-stage capitalism and velvet-gloved Eastern Bloc totalitarianism, buttressed by anarcho-tyrannical conditions (Antifa, jihadis, and melanin-enriched criminals terrorize dissidents and average citizens alike with impunity, while 419 years in prison await you for being in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong ideas and skin color) and cult-like adherence to the Establishment orthodoxy by the ruled. I knew and understood this, but I have finally fully accepted it in all of its implications: the entire system, not just part or even most of it, but all of it, has been occupied, corrupted, and turned against us.

Finally, these conditions must be understood in the context that the Jews are not the final “stop.” Yes, this is being done to us and they are the primary culprits, but more crucially, we have allowed it to happen. The Jews are doing what they always have and probably always will do, but this time we have allowed ourselves to be manipulated into handing them the reins of absolute power. There is something in the Western psyche that was sick before any Jewish take-over.

We are in a world of shit, but we are not defeated. The battle is just beginning.

To conclude, I want to thank you for your loyal readership and for making the first sixteen months of The Anatomically Correct Banana a resounding success. I am sincerely humbled and flattered that anyone would spend their precious time reading my work. I owe a debt of gratitude to all of you. If you would like to contribute in some fashion to the maintenance costs of this site, or to my new podcast The Cocktail Hour (listen here), any donations to my Patreon are greatly appreciated. Those interested may also find my writing at Republic Standard, Defend Europa, Arktos, and Counter-Currents; I have also joined The Third Rail podcast—we stream live every Saturday at 10am EST on YouTube and archived episodes can be heard here or here. I plan on experimenting with more of my own livestreams in the near future.

Come on you apesyou wanna live forever!?”

-John Q. Publius

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