Prepare your anus, you’re about to get a red pill suppository.

When Revolution Becomes the Status Quo

When Revolution Becomes the Status Quo

“You’re going to wish you were me
When the unsuspecting are dragged to their graves
And you’re standing on the edge holding a rose

Dead where we stand
And you concern yourself with such things
As your status and what’s in fashion.”-
Every Time I Die, “Who Invited the Russian Soldier?”

There are many convergent factors that have contributed to our civilizational ennui, factors that have, in varying degrees, been acting upon the West for at least a century. Diversity and multi-culturalism may be more recent, but they are symptoms born from the same disease. It might just be that our civilization has hit its apex and that there must be an inexorable slide into dissolution. This isn’t a given, but if that is in fact what’s happening it doesn’t make observing it in real time—and for it to happen to your own civilization no less—any less disturbing.

I fail to see how China as the dominant world power enriches global humanity in the same way the West has with its innovations and its ideas. Much of this was as a by-product to be sure, but even incidentally improving the lives of people continents away through the diffusion of ideas, technologies, and agricultural and medical advances via open markets has greatly benefitted billions of people, lifting them from abject poverty to, at worst, relative poverty—with only the poorest of the poor outside of sub-Saharan Africa really grappling with the gruesome realities of pre-industrial life. In fact, less than 10% of the global population lives in conditions of severe deprivation. You could argue this has led to a kind of cultural imperialism, and you wouldn’t be wrong. In many ways America in particular has seen a corporatized version of its culture mass-produced and commoditized, but even then, it is a reflection of corporate culture more so than genuine American culture as we live it. It is a marketing construct with an at best tenuous connection to reality.

Further, as aspects of our societies have become explicitly geared toward global uplift (or at least pretend to be about global uplift) in the last few decades, either through direct aid or indirectly through “brain-poaching” immigration, we’ve made life demonstrably worse for those areas affected. Undifferentiated immigration is a curse—the Third World loses its wheat and we do not separate that wheat from the chaff. No one benefits except for ideologues, corporations, and welfare leeches. We are at a point now where there are multi-nationals, banks, and other organizations with more power than individual nations; the war of today is centered on identity, yes, but identity through the autonomous prism of the nation-state, or hereditary nationalism. The self-styled progressives believe that we are in a post-tribal society; we have post-tribal means of transport and post-tribal technologies in this increasingly inter-connected world, but our brains are very, very far from being post-tribal. It’s a nice sentiment, this One World-ism, but in application it is lethal and utterly soulless.

In its present application, the First World nation-state is not a reflection of its people but rather a reflection of its bureaucracy and its moneyed interests. Thus the United States, for example, does not function like a traditional nation but rather as a battering ram for defense contractors, Big Oil, Big Labor, and of course Israel. The Third World is viewed as a carcass to be picked-over, its tiny warring client states eager to buttress the military-industrial complex. China, meanwhile, practices its own economic imperialism, to the point where it effectively owns countries like Uganda and Jamaica. Is it a wonder a recent poll showed 60% of Jamaicans wished their country was still ruled by Britain? This also speaks to Third World dysfunction of course, but the fact remains that the villainy of colonialism isn’t solely a Euro-Western phenomenon, nor is it strictly confined to the past. There is no respect for national sovereignty when there is money to be made, or an agenda to be executed. From Jamaica to Syria to Germany, the fight is to preserve our own nations for ourselves. At the end of the day, most people want the same thing—to be allowed to pursue their own destiny without interference. Europeans, Africans, Asians—most of us want the same thing, and that’s for our people to take power into our own hands. What we do with that power is up to us. 

Like many of you, I’ve often oscillated between hope and despair, and it’s very easy to see how, in the immediate future, things look extremely bleak. There is a very real sense that our civilization and the people who built it will die out. The entire global apparatus is in favor of obliterating all distinctions between different peoples—and between men and women—and restricting any real sense of identity beyond the superficial from group affiliation down to individual distinctions to a very rigidly-policed and -defined in-group. Sure multi-culturalism might encourage non-white groups in white nations to assert their unique cultural and ethnic identities now, but that is merely temporary as a tool for atomization. Eventually, in a grim irony, assimilation will occur, but this is a very different kind of assimilation than the nationalist ideal. This kind of assimilation looks like the Borg out of Star Trek—all unique cultures, all traces of individualism swallowed-up with a singular focus on consumption; consumption of that which stands apart, consumption as a consumer, it will all be centrally-controlled. In another irony, capitalism and communism eventually horse-shoe, with both defined by the predominance of a kleptocratic cabal of “rootless cosmopolitans.” In this glorious future they have planned, the shuffling masses, “augmented” with their devices and smartphones, with no defining characteristics from race to culture to sex, will remain attached to and controlled by the Hive Mind, or plugged in to the Matrix if you like; in this Brave New World where not having a sex change is a transgressive act, where “rebellion” is synonymous with un-thinking conformity, and where the nuclear family is a revolution unto itself, freedom is slavery.

Most “popular culture” both within and exported by the United States is not organically “popular,” with a few rare exceptions; it is, by and large, an alien imposition that glamorizes an alien inversion of morality: the anti-civilization. Not only are the means of production and dissemination such as the movie studios, radio stations, record companies, PR firms, and the like under control by a certain select group, but the financing of these ventures is as well. Through artificial manipulation, platforms such as YouTube promote or suppress whatever videos they like (and this of course extends to information), and the entire media apparatus colludes to provide the general public with pre-packaged “celebrities,” “controversies,” and “news.” In the absence of religion, celebrities and media figures now fill the deity function in the pantheon of “pop culture.” That most of these people are disgusting degenerates, and artificial in nearly every respect, including their increasingly-grotesque physical features/augmentations, is not incidental. The nearly-universal exhortation of the media-entertainment-industrial complex is consume, consume, consume. Only in an environment of hyper-materialism and nihilism would we find such sentiments as the following sample lyric from Tove Lo, from “Talking Body”: “Bodies! Our baby-making bodies we just use for fun. Bodies! Let’s use them up ’til every little piece is gone.”

The utter vapidity of popular culture and consumer culture—which are basically synonymous—leaves people with real internal value naturally feeling empty and depressed, which in turn causes them to surrender to the nihilistic excesses of consumer culture, and to seek remedy in narcotics and psycho-pharmaceuticals, or else to throw themselves into equally empty causes of “social justice.” These badly-damaged vessels, particularly the so-called “feminists,” are of little use to anyone except as shambolic consumers, misandrous shock-troops, and paper-shuffling wage-depressers.

This intersects with the importation and veneration of Third World peoples in some crucial ways: 1) They generally have high time preference and think almost exclusively in terms of instant versus delayed gratification, and thus power the hyper-consumerist engine of modernity; 2) As their “values” become increasingly represented in pop culture, pop culture feels less overtly alien as the raison d’etre of a Nicki Minaj or 6ix9ine is precisely represented in their music and performance—there is no “put on,” as opposed to the corruptible naïve blonde-in-the-big-city from Wisconsin who “sells her soul” to Hollywood or the music industry; and 3) The traditional culture unconsciously absorbs aspects of pop culture, and thus we have the normalizing effect of alien mores and behaviors as imposed from “above.”

Finally, the precise point at which all of this alienism radiates outward is with a hostile “elite” that is, in no small part, itself alien—the Jewish ethno-religion. Of course the “elite” is not exclusively Jewish, but it has become, by necessity as a survival mechanism, philo-Semitic. In order to understand the illness slowly killing Western civilization it is crucial to trace the symptoms back to the source, to the cause of the illness. To quote Revilo P. Oliver:

As against the rest of the world, the West is a political unity, since, the differences between Germany, Italy, France, Britain, and ourselves are, like the differences between Maine, Virginia, Wyoming, and California, relatively negligible—and necessarily negligible when the survival of the whole is at stake. Furthermore, the culture of the West, like every viable civilization, is a unity in the sense that its parts are organically interdependent. Although architecture, music, literature, the mimetic arts, science, economics, and religion may seem at first glance more or less unrelated, they are all constituent parts of the cultural whole, and the disease of any one will sooner or later affect all the others. 

As I have covered extensively in my “The Self-Genocidal Impulse” pieces, the illness is in large part born of a unique evolutionary quirk of the white race which has mutated into a self-destructive pathology. This pathology has been encouraged and exploited by a Jewish minority for its own gain in parasitic fashion, but which is ultimately maladaptive, for it causes the death of the host. By understanding Jewish influence and domination of each constituent part of the cultural whole it becomes clear that, be it the music industry, activism in the form of “social justice” and “feminism,” alcoholopioid-producing pharmaceutical companiespornographythe retail industrythe movie industryfinance, or the media, the negative Jewish influence is poisoning each and every part, not just one, the over-lap and mutual reinforcement of each “facet” of this imposed and alien anti-culture only serving to hasten the illness into its terminal stages.

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