Prepare your anus, you’re about to get a red pill suppository.


“Some call it communism; I call it Judaism!”-Rabbi Stephen Wise

“The Americans? Why, you spit in their faces and they think it’s dew!”-Nikita Kurshchev

In my previous piece I noted that globalism is not necessarily synonymous with Judaism, but Judaism is by-and-large associated with globalism. Who was it that tried to manipulate the Japanese into the communist orbit after World War II? That would be Anna Rosenberg. Who was it that “advised” Tito? That would be Moise Pajade (and it should also be noted that 35,000 Jewish partisans took up arms during World War II in the former Yugoslavia alone on behalf of the communist cause). Who financed the Russian Revolution? That would be Olaf Aschberg and Wall Street Jews like the Kuhn Loeb Bank headed by Jacob Schiff. Who was it that colluded to produce financial panics in Rome, as Cicero cites specifically in his Pro Flacco oration, in order to engage in financial speculation? That would be the Jews. Who was it in Weimar Germany that bought businesses at extreme sub-market value using loans secured from their co-ethnics in order to dominate industry, media, and real estate? That would be—you guessed it—the Jews. Surely *noticing* such a pattern is “anti-Semitic,” and yet, to quote Revilo P. Oliver:

No man can study history until he has learned that he must study it objectively and dispassionately…Whether you view Caesar with admiration or horror…has nothing whatever to do with the fact that he was victorious at Pharsalus…When a physician diagnoses diabetes or arteriosclerosis or cancer, the only question is whether he has observed the symptoms accurately and reasoned from them correctly.

From this point, two warrants: 1) Whether or not Hitler was “evil” does not preclude an accurate study of the number of Jews who died in the Holocaust, which is constantly used as both a shield of immunity by the Jews and as a cudgel against Western nations’ assertions of identity and pursuance of national self-interest; and 2) Unlike biological sex, “anti-Semitism” is an artificial construct designed specifically to render even the most dispassionate appraisal of Jewish conduct and behavior an impossibility. Is it “anti-Semitic” to note that according to the Overman Report, “Out of 388 members of the first Soviet Government…371 were Jews”? Or that the few Gentiles in leadership positions in the early Soviet Union were selected because they were non-ethnic Russians such as Stalin, who was Georgian, and/or those who were part-Jewish, such as Stalin again, or Lenin, both of whom were a quarter Jewish? Of course! The ingeniousness of such a label is that it frames the “anti-Semite” as possessed by irrational hatred, when most instances of so-called anti-Semitism are merely rational critiques or even just basic observations. Ironically, returning to Oliver:

At present, the “Liberals” are limited to shrieking and spitting when they are confronted with inconvenient facts, but no one who has heard them in action can have failed to notice how exasperated they are by the limitations that have thusfar prevented them from burning wicked biologists and other rational men at the stake.

Surely it won’t be long given how rapidly our cultural revolution is “progressing”—look at the metaphorical crucifixion suffered by James Watson for committing the heresy of stating what is empirically accurate: “All our social policies are based on the fact that [Africans’] intelligence is the same as ours—whereas all the testing says not really.” According to Adam Rutherford of The Guardian: “James Watson deserves to be shunned…Why should anyone be interested in his racist, sexist views?” I’m not sure where sexism comes into the picture, but the point is taken: human genetics is inherently racist to hear Rutherford tell it in the divine irony of his use of the genetic fallacy, as the field was founded by the “racist” Francis Galton and its lineage extends to Watson and other “scientific eugenicists.” What if it isn’t the biologists who are “racist,” though, but biology itself? After all, Watson *noticing* that the people of sub-Saharan Africa have an average IQ at mental retardation does not make it untrue.

Similarly, *noticing* that the Jews have a particular modus operandi, while “anti-Semitic,” does not make it the fantastical province of “Nazis.” Yes, the Nazis did notice: they noticed that the Jews were manipulating their currency and engaging in large-scale financial speculation; they noticed that the Jews were practicing ethnic nepotism and facilitating large-scale immigration of Eastern Jews into Germany, especially Prussia; they noticed that nine of the ten leaders of the communist revolution after World War I were Jews; they noticed that World Jewry declared war on them twice in the 1930s before World War II and that it was a Jew, Herschel Grynszpan (Anglicized as Greenspan—look familiar?) who assassinated a German diplomat in France in 1938; they noticed that most of the major retail outlets, newspapers, and theatres were owned and operated by Jews; they noticed that 60% of the banks were owned and operated by Jews; they noticed that 80% of the Board of Directors of the Berlin Stock Exchange were Jews; they noticed that 80% of lawyers and judges were Jews—all while Jews constituted just 1% of the population.

As evidenced in contemporary Weimerica and across the West, Jewish influence in media, entertainment, “law-fare,” and the academy has resulted in the severe degradation of our culture into naught but an open sewer. The Jews were first expelled from Rome in 139 BC for conspiracy to undermine public morality, so it’s not like this is some recent phenomenon. In Weimar Germany, Jewish lobby groups relentlessly attacked paragraph 218 of the German Penal Code (prohibiting abortion), and a pair of Jewish doctors in the case of Friedrich Wolf and Frau Kienle-Jakubowitz intentionally violated the law in order to bring it to court; their defense was handled by a Dr. Apfel, a Jew who was also the head of the Bolshevist International Union of Jurists. We can instantly recognize in Weimar Germany that same “socialized jurisprudence” as Revilo P. Oliver calls it in America, initially spread in academia by Morris Cohen, Harold J. Laski, and Felix Frankfurter. Back in Weimar Germany, Magnus Hirschfeld, the Jew responsible for the creation of the term “racism,” also ran the Institute for Sexual Science, which sought to undermine the institution of marriage and promote pedophilia, homosexuality, promiscuity, and various other forms of perversion and degeneracy. Deja Jew, indeed. Returning to Oliver once again:

Today, our culture has been so covered with alien slime that crude daubs, scarcely worthy of a schizophrenic child, pass for art; the raucous noises of savages pass for music; the filthy maunderings of an Oriental degenerate pass for “mental health”; and grown men and women, who presumably no longer believe in Santa Claus or Cinderella, listen seriously to fairy tales about “World Peace” and “United Nations.”

Let’s address this quote in two parts. First, we are constantly assailed in the media by nonsensical hashtags #OscarsSoWhite and #RepresentationMatters—presumably because “people of color” are not “represented” in adequate proportions in media and entertainment, or STEM, or any potentially lucrative field that doesn’t involve an elevated risk of dying on the job (logging, sanitation, etc.). The Oscars are indeed not so white—Hollywood being almost completely dominated by “Fellow Whites”—nor is the rest of the media-entertainment industrial complex. I’ve covered the astronomical overrepresentation of Jews in the media here and here, but let’s take a look at the contemporary music industry. Is it, indeed, “representative”? The artists on the Billboard Top 50 for the week of September 15th, 2018 are as follows:

·        Drake (Mulatto Jew)-“In My Feelings”

·        Maroon 5 (vocalist Adam Levine is Jewish) featuring Cardi B (Trinidadian and Dominican)-“Girls Like You”

·        Cardi B, Bad Bunny (Puerto Rican), and J Balvin (Colombian)-“I Like It”

·        6ix9ine (Mexican and Puerto Rican), Nicki Minaj (Trinidadian), and Murda Beatz (Jamaican)-“FEFE”

·        Post Malone (Jewish)-“Better Now”

·        Eminem (self-loathing white) and Joyner Lucas (mulatto)-“Lucky You”

·        Juice WRLD (black)-“Lucid Dreams”

·        Eminem-“The Ringer”

·        Travis Scott (black)-“Sicko Mode”

·        Tyga (black) and Offset (black)-“Taste”

·        Khalid (black) & Normani (black)-“Love Lies”

·        Eminem-“Fall”

·        5 Seconds of Summer (white!)-“Youngblood”

·        Ella Mai (black)-“Boo’d Up”

·        DJ Khaled (fat Moslem), Justin Bieber (lab creation), Chance the Rapper (black), Quavo (black)-“No Brainer”

·        Eminem-“Kamikaze”

·        Ariana Grande (MK Ultra-ed into another race; has declared her belief in the Kabbalah sect of Judaism)-“God Is A Woman” (LOL)

·        Drake-“Nonstop”

·        Imagine Dragons (court eunuchs)-“Natural”

·        Drake and Lil Baby (black)-“Yes Indeed”

·        Selena Gomez (Mexican)-“Back to You”

·        Eminem (for God’s sake)-“Greatest”

·        Eminem and Royce Da 5’9” (black)-“Not Alike”

·        Ed Sheeran (Muppet)-“Perfect” (hardly)

·        Bebe Rexha (augmented Albanian) and Florida Georgia Line (white)-“Meant to Be”

·        YG (black), 2 Chainz (black), Nicki Minaj, and Big Sean (black)-“Big Blank”

·        Post Malone and Ty Dolla $ign (black)-“Psycho”

·        Taylor Swift (patron saint of the Alt-Right)-“Delicate”

·        6ix9ine and Anuel AA (Puerto Rican)-“BEBE”

·        Drake-“Nice For What”

·        Ella Mai-“Trip”

·        Lauv (half-Jewish)-“I Like Me Better”

·        Khalid, Benny Blanco (Jewish), and Halsey (mulatto who enjoys the privilege of “passing”)-“Eastside”

·        Zedd (Jewish), Maren Morris (white), Grey (white)-“The Middle”

·        XXXTENTACION! (dead Haitian)-“Sad!” (not)

·        Drake-“God’s Plan”

·        Dan + Shay (white)-“Tequila”

·        Eminem (honestly)-“Normal”

·        Florida Georgia Line-“Simple”

·        Luke Bryan (white)-“Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset”

·        Eminem-“Stepping Stone”

·        Bazzi (Lebanese)-“Mine”

·        Bebe Rexha-“I’m a Mess”

·        Jason Aldean (white) and Miranda Lambert (white)-“Drowns the Whiskey”

·        Marshmello (who knows) and Bastille (white)-“Happier”

·        Bazzi and Camila Cabello (Cuban)-“Beautiful”

·        Lovelytheband (no relation to HORSE the Band)-“Broken”

·        Eminem (fuck off)-“Venom”

·        Bryce Vine (racially indeterminate) and Wale (black)-“Drew Barrymore”

Other notable artists who’ve charted very highly this year or have otherwise garnered significant mainstream attention include:

·        Action Bronson (Jewish)

·        Weezer (vocalist Rivers Cuomo is Jewish)

·        Rita Ora (Albanian)

·        Dua Lipa (Albanian)

·        Childish Gambino (black)

·        Janelle Monae (black)

·        Kendrick Lamar (black)

·        The Weeknd (black)

·        Troye Sivan (Jewish)

·        P!nk (Jewish)

·        Bruno Mars (half-Jewish, half-Puerto Rican)

·        Mac Miller (Jewish)

·        David Guetta (half-Jewish)

·        Hoodie Allen (Jewish)

·        Lil’ Dicky (Jewish)

·        Dr. Luke (Jewish, also an accused rapist)

Aside from the fact that all of this music is rudimentary trash, post-processed to hell and virtually unlistenable, if you feel alienated from popular culture, if you feel that it doesn’t speak to you or that it feels like the culture of somewhere else entirely, well this should help explain why. It isn’t your culture, not anymore. As you can see, #RepresentationMatters insofar as it means marginalizing whites, because if it did matter in the way the PoC shock troops whine about, would this list not be 62% white? There can be no denying at this point that the various forces of “progressivism” are nothing more than tools of white dispossession.

Regarding the conclusion of the Oliver quote above—“Grown men and women, who presumably no longer believe in Santa Claus or Cinderella, listen seriously to fairy tales about ‘World Peace’ and ‘United Nations’”—our affluence and estrangement from real conflict has made us soft and gullible, and the seizure of all points of information dissemination from pre-school to graduate school, the media, major publishing houses, and everything in between by the Cultural Marxists has seen both an extensive and concentrated effort to first sucker whites into accepting the premises of “equality,” and then to convince them to bear the cross of the Original Sin of Whiteness. Though the two are incompatible, and patently false, the Cultural Marxist propaganda has been devastatingly effective. The incongruence here has been obscured by the inherent anti-intellectualism of the Cult-Marx doctrine. Explicates Oliver:

The parasites find, seemingly by instinct, and attack every inherent weakness in our racial stock and exploit our vices, so that it is often difficult to fix a boundary between our innate deficiencies and the parasites’ exacerbation of them…We realize that the public schools have been for many years a vast brainwashing and brain-contaminating machine that has worked, on the whole, with great efficiency. It’s a machine to which we send our children to have their minds filled with grotesque and debasing superstitions; to have their instincts of integrity and honor leached from their souls; to be incited to premature debauchery and perversion; to be imbued with thoughtless irresponsibility; and to be prepared for addiction to mind-destroying drugs and an existence below the animal level…If rational criticism were to have a political effect, it would have to be directed against three obvious targets: the “Liberal” cults in general, the Communists in particular, and the Jews. The first of these, although as multiform and elusive as Proteus, was the most important in the United States, since its mythology, administered in the public schools, shielded the other two…[Thus] this spectacle of insane racial hatred—hatred of our own race by some of its members—does not perturb our people. They all willingly subsidize it through their taxes and many contribute further subsidies through their churches and, so far as we can tell, not one in a thousand Americans (or Englishmen or Swedes et al) feels even a momentary qualm, to say nothing of uttering (or even muttering) one word of protest.

Trapped between the twin monoliths of globalist communism and capitalism, Western Man is accosted, savaged, murdered, and dispossessed by throngs of imported Third Worlders with the state’s complicity. We live in a state of anarcho-tyranny; the native Westerners are caught in the communist death-grip and the imported hyper-consumers and welfare leeches harry and bury us with impunity. Yes, the state is a terrifying leviathan, but “Woke Capital” is its Bride of Frankenstein, or, perhaps more accurately, the state is the multi-nationals’ belle at the ball. Either way, given the incestuousness of the halls of power, they are both mother and child, and siblings.

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