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American Stasi

American Stasi

“Don’t turn around, wa-uh-oh (yeah-yeah)
Der Kommissar’s in town, wa-uh-oh
And if he talks to you and you don’t know why
You say your life is gonna make you die

Don’t turn around, wa-uh-oh (yeah-yeah)
Der Kommissar’s in town, wa-uh-oh
He’s got the power and you’re so weak
And your frustration will not let you speak
La la la la la la.”-
After the Fire/Falco, “Der Kommissar”

There can be no diversity of thought on the Left. Do not speak out for you will be the next to be purged. With its alien epistemology and paradoxically rigid adherence to the Hierarchy of Oppression, the Left is spilling into the streets alongside their allies of assorted Third World shock troops, Moslems, pedophiles, and sexual predators—I know, it’s a little redundant (remember when people mocked Alex Jones for stating that President Trump would be fighting a powerful cabal of globalist pedophiles?)—to silence all dissent while simultaneously combing through their ranks with the express purpose of maintaining ideological purity. For the sell-outs in Conservatism, Inc. it’s business as usual, but for the Left, it’s starting to look a little like the October Revolution as the “Coalition of the Fringes” gears up to purify its ranks and consolidate power. Do you practice what you preach? What we need, the progressives have decided, is a good old-fashioned purge. Assemble the lynch mob! Grab the Billie clubs and balaclavas people, other-kins, and two-spirits, it’s time to crush some Nazis! Nazis of course being anyone who objects to the globalist plantation economics, or happens to notice (((who))) is often holding the purse-strings.

Clutch your pearls, because I’m about to quote an actual Nazi. Joseph Goebbels correctly identified that communism and capitalism, though seemingly polar opposites, have at their core the same group of rootless cosmopolitans using each as a vehicle for exploitation and the acquisition of power:

International Jewry stands behind all the unnatural forces that our united enemies use to attempt to deceive the world and keep humanity in the dark. It is, so to speak, the mortar that holds the enemy coalition firmly together, despite its differences of class, ideology, and interests. Capitalism and Bolshevism have the same Jewish roots, two branches of the same tree that in the end bear the same fruit. International Jewry uses both in its own way to suppress the nations and keep them in its service. 

Recall that the October Revolution would not have been possible without Wall Street capital to finance it; the primary financiers were, naturally, Jews, and they were assisting their co-ethnics in their radical transformation of the Russian Empire into a “trial run” for global Jewish hegemony. If this seems a bit conspiratorial, I’ll admit I myself had difficulty accepting many of these facts when I first encountered them. There are many crack-pots out there who believe every global ill can be traced to the Jews, and they go too far. That said, there is a consistent through-line in Judaism’s interaction with the West, for roughly 4,000 years, of subversion, double-dealing, and deceit. We are not highly regarded in Talmudic teachings, to put it mildly. As Ron Unz reports:

According to the Jewish Talmud, Jesus is perhaps the vilest being who ever lived, condemned to spend eternity in the bottommost pit of Hell, immersed in a boiling vat of excrement.[1]

So much for “Judeo-Christian values.” While it is absurd to blame the Jews for everything, and there are plenty of Jews in the Dissident Right such as Unz, and others doing great work combating the Islamization of the West such as Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller, it is nonetheless vital to isolate and identify that brand of International Jewry which is entirely antagonistic toward the West and is central in the attempted orchestration of our demise. Historical figures from Martin Luther to Henry Ford have noticed a particular pattern of behavior amongst a certain sub-set of the Jews. World Jewry officially declared war on Nazi Germany twice before any World War—once in 1933 via Samuel Untermeyer as its mouthpiece, and again in 1939. The Germans did not just decide one day to round up Jews and turn them into bars of soap; there was clearly an impetus for detainment. As Richard E. Harwood notes:

World Jewry declared itself to be a belligerent party in the Second World War, and there was therefore ample basis under international law for the Germans to intern the Jewish population as a hostile force. On September 5, 1939 Chaim Weizmann, the principle Zionist leader, had declared war against Germany on behalf of the world’s Jews, stating that “the Jews stand by Great Britain and will fight on the side of the democracies... The Jewish Agency is ready to enter into immediate arrangements for utilizing Jewish manpower, technical ability, resources etc …” (Jewish Chronicle, September 8, 1939).

The plan was never genocidal by any stretch of the imagination. The “Final Solution” was merely the expatriation of Jews to either Palestine or, as favored by the Germans, French, and others, Madagascar. Returning to Harwood:

Hitler observed to Mussolini that “One could found a State of Israel in Madagascar”; on March 7th, 1942, Goebbels wrote a memorandum in favour of the Madagascar Plan as a “final solution” of the Jewish question.

The point is that the Germans simply wanted out from the economic oppression of the Jews in the Weimar Republic, which is exactly where we find ourselves today, especially in the United States. We are living the dystopia now, the Idiot Future. The outhouse has become the penthouse. The sacred is profane, the profane is sacred. The moral high ground is choked with charlatans. The War on Hate is just a war on reality; every day brings untold horrors visited upon the victims of a fairy tale. As Chris Buskirk and Seth Leibsohn point out, for the Left, every debate must inevitably “rise to the level of character-defining debate.” They lack any sense of proportion, of any ability to contextualize and understand, for example, that people believed different things in 1776 than they do now—one of the nearly infinite number of ironies born of this ludicrous pot-pourri of relativist garbage. Only in such an environment does the demographic and cultural swamping of the host nation take on any kind of “legitimacy.”

Alas, as is so depressingly often the case, demography is destiny. Whites are now just 62% of the United States as opposed to 90% in 1940 and 89.5% in 1950. Over half of minors in U.S. metropolitan areas are non-white. 83% of the twenty-five million person population growth in the previous decade was non-white. Mass immigration has resulted in the real median household income declining by over $2,000 in the last twenty years. The standard of living is falling, and crime is rising:

Criminal aliens (both legal and illegal) make up 27 percent of all federal prisoners. Yet according to the Center for Immigration Studies, non-citizens are only about nine percent of the nation’s adult population… One 2001 study that does take country of origin and geographic concentration factors into account found that Mexican immigrants “commit between 3.5 and 5 times as many crimes as the average native.”… [And] we do know one thing for sure. Every crime committed by an illegal alien is one that would not have occurred if that alien wasn’t in the United States in the first place.[2]

Courtesy almost exclusively of Jewish immigration lobbyists, the Jewess Emma Lazarus’s shitty sonnet on the Statue of Liberty has become official policy; in effect, the United States has, post-1965, fashioned itself into the world’s dumping ground. Now, certain groups self-select and do, indeed, send their best and brightest, and the Left hates these confounders of the privilege myth. Two cases in point: the average Indian has an IQ of 85, but the average Indian immigrant to the United States has an IQ of 112. While I can’t seem to locate any definitive number on the Nigerian Igbo IQ specifically, some estimates place the Igbo at a similar level to Europeans, and they typically excel in their new Western environs and out-pace their continental brethren by a vast margin. These are pretty obviously not the world’s “wretched refuse,” and neither group seems to have much difficulty assimilating, at least in the United States, but to differentiate between successful and unsuccessful, productive and unproductive, assimilable and unassimilable immigrant groups is to commit the high crime of pattern recognition. “RACIST!” they’ll shout. 

The nation of Israel has an average IQ of 95, which stands in contrast to the Ashkenazi Jews’ average IQ of somewhere in the 108-115 range. This is mostly attributable to the Arab presence in Israel, as well as the composition of Israel itself of lower-IQ Sephardic and Mizrahi Jews (almost two-thirds of Israeli Jews have some Mizrahi ancestry). As far as the United States is concerned, the Ashkenazi Jews enjoy having victim status on the one hand and the highest IQs and most affluence in American society on the other. But how can this be so? Surely this is just FAR-RIGHT HATEMONGERING. After all, the Jews are historically everyone’s favorite scapegoat, and the six Nazis in existence and the two billion Moslems worldwide remain committed to hunting down and killing every last one. It can’t possibly have anything to do with Jewish conduct from Babylon to Alexandria to Rome to Toledo to Germany to the USSR to Washington, DC. Quoting Ron Unz:

We should not be surprised that Jews first entered England in the train of William the Conqueror, in order to help him and his victorious Norman lords effectively exploit the subjugated Anglo-Saxon population they now ruled…If nearly all Jews for a thousand or two thousand years were taught to feel a seething hatred toward all non-Jews and also developed an enormous infrastructure of cultural dishonesty to mask that attitude, it is difficult to believe that such an unfortunate history has had absolutely no consequences for our present-day world, or that of the relatively recent past…Every now and then, a particularly brave or foolhardy public figure challenges some off-limits topic and is almost always overwhelmed and destroyed by a veritable swarm of these fanatical Jewish attackers. Just as the painful stings of the self-sacrificing warrior caste of an ant colony can quickly teach large predators to go elsewhere, fears of provoking these “Jewish berserkers” can often severely intimidate writers or politicians, causing them to choose their words very carefully or even completely avoid discussing certain controversial subjects, thereby greatly benefiting Jewish interests as a whole. And the more such influential people are thus intimidated into avoiding a particular topic, the more that topic is perceived as strictly taboo, and avoided by everyone else as well.

For example, about a dozen years ago I was having lunch with an especially eminent Neoconservative scholar with whom I’d become a little friendly. We were bemoaning the overwhelmingly leftward skew among America’s intellectual elites, and I suggested it largely seemed a function of our most elite universities. Many of our brightest students from across the nation entered Harvard and the other Ivies holding a variety of different ideological perspectives, but after four years departed those halls of learning overwhelmingly in left-liberal lock-step. Although he agreed with my assessment, he felt I was missing something important. He nervously glanced to both sides, shifted his head downward, and lowered his voice. “It’s the Jews,” he said.[3]

Jews are dramatically overrepresented at places like Harvard, far beyond proportions we would statistically predict even given their very high IQs. Elsewhere, despite being just 1.5% of the population, Jews comprise 33.3% of the Supreme Court; despite being 1.5% of the population, Jews comprise just 0.3% of the United States Armed Forces. I believe this speaks volumes to both the intense in-group favoritism exhibited by many Jews, as well as the relative lack of loyalty to the country that they effectively rule from the shadows (or at the very least exert vastly disproportionate influence on). The significance of this should be clear: there is a reason our elected representatives no longer appear to be representative, but instead fashion themselves as rulers. “Our” government and “our” so-called elites are not “ours” at all—and if they have their way, our country will soon no longer be ours either.

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