Prepare your anus, you’re about to get a red pill suppository.

The Self-Genocidal Impulse: Vol. II

The Self-Genocidal Impulse: Vol. II

“Molding the truths of unawareness
Search and destroy to fill the void at any result
So keep it down, just keep it down
I’m gonna ride this train til the end, the last stop is the cemetery
Cough up your last kill
You used to live now you just fertilize so breathe out all your last words.”
-Norma Jean, “The Potter Has No Hands”

RACISM is the most egregious offense in the West, even more so, evidently, than pedophilia, rape, or murder, but the price for a hate crime hoax, as we’ve witnessed at Kansas State University, Eastern Michigan University, and so many other places is…nothing. The media hysterically seize on any report, no matter how unfounded, of RACISM IN AMERICA, and when it inevitably proves to be a hoax, the silence, as it were, is deafening. Narrative über alles: the moral turpitude of whites and the Original Sin of “racism” demands endless prostration and repentance to the ghosts of womanizers and communists like Martin Luther King, Jr. or terrorists like Nelson Mandela, who we are instructed to believe are our “conscience.” Thanks, but I’ll pass. As Thomas Sowell says, “The ultimate irony is that many of those who publicly promote or accept the prevailing party line on race do not themselves accept it privately.” Put another way, Joe Sobran once quipped that, “In their mating and migratory habits, liberals are indistinguishable from members of the Ku Klux Klan.” It is in the maintenance of one’s figura to mouth the diversity platitudes for social approval, but those same people have the privilege to retire to a nice, quiet suburb or gated community with nary a Syd’Quan, Gilberto, or Muhammad in sight. To wit, many so-called “liberals” have such a low opinion of minorities, they scarcely regard them as human. Surely the infantile blacks, with no agency of their own, must be saved from their animalistic impulses by our steady guidance and generosity—but aren’t we the ones oppressing them?

It is vital to blame “systemic racism” for the short-comings of Black America, even though, as the Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson states unequivocally:

Black Americans got worse under Barack Obama than any other time in the history of America. If it was a race issue, why didn’t they get better [when] we had a black president? Most black Americans are not suffering due to racism, but the destruction of the family, and the lack of moral character…If we dealt with the family issue and the lack of moral character, black Americans’ lives would change overnight, and [Democrats] don’t want that.

As Josh Park notes, “The biggest indicator of poverty is neither the quality of one’s job nor one’s educational attainment; the biggest indicator is single motherhood (or, to a lesser extent, single fatherhood).” Single-parenthood is astronomical in the black community—presently at 77.3%. Contrast this with the fact that two-parent black households have a lower poverty rate than the national average. The so-called “elites”—black, white, brown, or yellow—marry and stay married, and can actually afford to have children while preserving a solvent familial unit, while they encourage carnality and recklessness for the “vulgar masses” and artificially suppress white birth-rates through onerous taxation and financial burdens. Official policy is without question dysgenic. Single-motherhood is glorified despite the many deleterious effects on the offspring, regardless of race (though these effects can and do exacerbate existing racial predispositions). Says Larry Elder:

85% of black kids, at some point, will be in a home without a dad. When I was in college in 1970, Daniel Patrick Moynihan had just written a book called The Negro Family: A Case for National Action. At the time, 25% of black kids were born outside of wedlock, a number that Moynihan thought was alarming, and as you know, Moynihan later on became a senator to New York, a Democratic senator. Fast forward, the number now is [over] 75%. It is 35% in the white community; it is 50% in the Hispanic community. Now, if in 1965, 25% out-of-wedlock birth for blacks was a national scandal, what do you call 75% and 50% in the Hispanic community and between 30% and 35% in the white community? What do you call that? How can we ignore that?[1]

The Left will ignore it because it doesn’t fit their narrative, just like, as Peter Papaherakles reports, “For every black killed by a white police officer in the U.S. every year, there are about 71 blacks killed by other blacks.” Black degeneracy is explained away with the same paternalism and infantilization, if not de-humanization, accompanied by a large dose of white self-abasement, which is so characteristic of the Leftist worldview. The privations of the black community are due not to decisions made by individuals with their own free will and agency, but by two-dimensional cut-outs subject to the whims of evil whites meeting in the boardroom at Trump Tower to invent new and more ingenious ways to get blacks to kill each other or to destroy their own communities, communities that were often built by whites before the inevitable “white flight.” To say anything else would be downright “hateful,” and we’ve got to keep our little black pets out of the realm of psychological harm. Pace Gregory Hood:

This “racism equals stress” argument has even been used in the New York Times opinion page to justify limiting free speech, because speech that causes stress can be construed as a form of violence. Of course, making an essentially unproveable and unfalsifiable assertion about all of society based on something as vague as “racism” is not science. If the trauma is so great, one would think foreign blacks would stop trying so hard to come to the United States. Even if we grant the premise about the “stress” of being black, the trauma is likely to come from fellow blacks, who are far more likely than whites to commit crimes. Indeed, a study involving more than 2,000 blacks found their blood pressure dropped after they moved out of black communities such as those found in Chicago, Oakland, and Birmingham. Professor Kiarri Kershaw suggested one of the most probable explanations was that after moving into whiter neighborhoods, they experienced less violence, and therefore, less stress. Furthermore, if the “stress” of white racism causes negative health outcomes for blacks, one would expect the same for Hispanics. Instead, even the Huffington Post has discovered what has been called the “Latino Health Paradox.” According to a October 2010 report from the CDC, American Hispanics have a longer life expectancy than whites—and a far longer expectancy than blacks—despite lower-than-average incomes and education. Hispanics are also the group least likely to have medical insurance.[2]

Only out of the most warped and perverted anti-intellectual void could something like the following by Karla F.C. Holloway be produced:

The identity of color that…legions…have used to restrict and yoke a black child’s conduct is also a collaborative cultural affirmation. In one critical sense, racialized discourse enunciates the malicious impact of a language that has articulated, legislated, and enforced policies and processes that have institutionalized themselves by reifying the lie of a biological referent. In this regimented space, race identifies what out of a biologized history of cultural conflict has been rendered true and actual based on a perversion of science.[3]

That what Holloway writes is a perversion of science passes unnoticed and probably unrealized by the mass of “Progressives,” yet the Left remains wholly content to operate within this “regimented space” of “artificial constructs” despite their “problematic” nature. There are official positions on everything from climate change to race, and to dissent is to commit social and financial suicide—even though to consent means consenting to the destruction of your civilization. People are people are people, which sort of defeats the purpose of “diversity” if we’re all essentially the same, I should think, but we are told that despite our essential equality, there are immense benefits to be enjoyed from “diversity” which are unquestionable…right? Well, Thomas Sowell asks:

Can you cite one speck of hard evidence of the benefits of ‘diversity’ that we have heard gushed about for years? Evidence of its harm can be seen—written in blood—from Iraq to India, from Serbia to Sudan, from Fiji to the Philippines. It is scary how easily so many people can be brainwashed by sheer repetition of a word.

Despite all the evidence to the contrary, the diversity project has been an abject failure by any rational metric. But that’s just it—we’re no longer within the confines of the rational, our grotesque sentimentality ruthlessly exploited by the multi-national corporations endlessly in search of ever-cheaper labor and by the vessels of our compassion, greedily sucking down our largesse while they stab us in the gut, laughing. The Bubonic Plague is back on the rise in Africa because of several different cultural traditions of digging up dead bodies and dancing with them. This is a metaphor for the modern Left’s exhumation of Marx’s corpse in order to tango, once more, with a variant of the discredited, but lethal, ideology, diseasing minds and leaving mounds of corpses in the wake of its macabre waltz.



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