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Go West, Young Man!

Go West, Young Man!

“The patrons of the false Europe are bewitched by superstitions of inevitable progress. They believe that History is on their side, and this faith makes them haughty and disdainful, unable to acknowledge the defects in the post-national, post-cultural world they are constructing.”-The Paris Statement

“It’s the rush that the cockroaches get at the end of the world.”-Every Time I Die, “Ebolarama”

Yes, yes, Islam is a religion of peace. Don’t pay any attention to what the Koran says (“Fight and kill the disbelievers wherever you find them” (9:5)) or to the reality on the ground that according to the EU Terrorism Situation and Trend Reports the number of people killed by terrorist attacks from the year before the “migrant crisis” (2014) to the year of the onset of the “migrant crisis” (2015) rose an astronomical 3,000%! Never mind that far from women and children, these so-called “refugees” are overwhelming male. A recent survey of Greece’s largest refugee camp, the Moria camp on Lesbos, found that out of a total population of 5,206 there were just 162 unaccompanied children and 216 women. That means that 92.8% of the camp’s inhabitants were men (Statistics of Iefimerida). Instead it behooves you to follow the guidelines set forth by the European Union-financed Ethical Journalism against Hate Speech Project for journalists reporting on all things related to Islam and the open borders policies of the EU if you know what’s good for you. Bruce Bawer helpfully “unpacks” the guidelines:

In this era of growing “Islamophobia,” [journalists need] to “rethink” the way they address “issues related to migratory processes, ethnic and religious minorities.”… “Sensationalist or overly simplistic reporting on migration,” we read, “can enflame existing societal prejudices” and thus “endanger migrants’ safety.”… We are told, we [should not] associate “terms such as ‘Muslim’ or ‘Islam’... with particular acts,” because to do that is to “stigmatize.” What exactly does this mean? That when a man shouts “Allahu Akbar” after having gunned down, run over with a truck, or blown to bits dozens of innocent pedestrians or concertgoers, we are supposed to ignore that little detail?...It is just plain wrong, needless to say, to encourage “the widespread perception that there is a ‘cultural clash’ between Islam and the West with religion at the heart of the ‘problem.’”…And do not dare to suggest that Islamic culture is in any way “inferior to Western culture.” Or that Muslim men are “highly patriarchal.”…It is interesting to note that while many people fulminate over President Trump’s complaints about “fake news,” they are silent when an instrument of the EU superstate presumes to tell the media exactly what kind of language should and should not be used when reporting on the most important issue of the day.”[1]

We can’t even have a proper debate about what’s being done to our homelands, lest it “offend” the sensibilities of the elite and the throngs of people they’re importing to replace/kill us. A new German law came into effect on October 1st, where social media platforms are required to aid the state in censoring users. Michael Sturzenberger was recently given a six-month jail sentence for posting a picture of the Grand Mufti shaking hands with a Nazi on his personal Facebook page. This, of course, cannot stand. As Giulio Meotti writes:

The immigration question must become a new ideology, like a religion. That seems why there is an orchestrated attempt by large segments of the establishment to turn Europe’s rescue operations into a ‘new Holocaust.’ Questioning them must become a taboo. Even Pope Francis, who compared a center for migrants to ‘concentration camps,’ adopted this nonsense.[2]

The Holocaust imagery is a ramping-up of the rhetoric meant to guilt Europeans and their Western cousins into accepting as many of these “migrants” as is necessary to ensure their own funerals. The idea that a migrant center meant to house people supposedly fleeing persecution (after all, that is the proper definition of a refugee) is in fact the holding pen before their slaughter is absolutely outlandish by any measure—but of course, to refuse the migrants is also a death sentence, as these people will surely be exterminated in their homelands like the Jews in World War II when countries like the United States could have saved them if only their immigration policies weren’t so draconian. As Meotti states, “It is not even helpful to ask anyone, ‘Where are the gas chambers and the crematoria in the Italian migrant centers?’ We are already in the field of ideological irrationality.”

What is to be done? To listen to the “elites,” self-preservation is off the table. We are headed for a collision the likes of which will shake the foundations of human civilization to its core. The structure may well not survive the blow. During the next thirty years, the population of Africa is expected to increase by at least one billion. According to the UN, one-sixth of the world’s population currently lives in Africa. By 2050, the proportion will be one-quarter, and by 2100, when Africa will have between four and five billion people, the proportion will be around one-third. Again returning to Meotti: “French President Emmanuel Macron…ended up in the middle of a political storm—with accusations of ‘racism’—for saying that women ‘with seven or eight children’ are responsible for the current condition of the African continent, thus creating a challenge, according to Macron, that is ‘civilizational.’” Yes, it is “racist” to acknowledge that the population boom in Africa has the potential for seriously deleterious effects, especially if, as Macron himself continues to support, the routes into Europe remain wide open. French economist Charles Gave recently predicted that France will have a Muslim majority by 2057, accounting only for the demographic disparity of the present population and not considering any totals of new migrants. But of course there will be more, taking German Chancellor Angela Merkel up on her open invitation to come one, come all! To extend Peter Brimelow’s metaphor of Dante’s Inferno from Alien Nation, the Ninth Circle must be ready to add its fourth member in Angela Merkel for selling out not only the German people, but for setting off a cascade of tragic consequences that may well destroy at least half of Europe if serious action isn’t taken, and soon. Returning to Bruce Bawer:

Europe is under siege; this fact is becoming clearer by the day; to use milder terms when discussing this topic is to do nothing less than misrepresent reality…The transparent implication here is that Muslim refugees and asylum seekers are fleeing conditions for which they and others in their countries of origin hold no responsibility whatsoever and that can, in fact, ultimately be traced back to Western wrongdoing, whether in the last generation or centuries ago. Never mind that Muslims took over Persia, the Byzantine Empire, all of North Africa and the Middle East, Greece, Northern Cyprus, much of Eastern Europe, and Southern Spain. Ultimately, everything that is wrong with the Muslim world is seemingly the fault of the West, so Europeans owe all incomers a new life—and perhaps even a new country—peaceably handed over to them so that they can import sharia law.[3]

And it’s not just Islam we need to be concerned about or the explosion of the population of high time preference Africans (and to a lesser, but still substantial, degree, Middle Easterners and Latin American mestizos), but the confluence of the burgeoning Third World populations descending upon the West and all its exposed goodies, rendered so by a profound civilizational ennui that finds the West incapable of defending itself. Returning British citizens fresh from fighting for ISIS are given rent-free council houses in the hopes that this will “reform” them. Canada has a similar policy, and if you’re taken prisoner in the course of fighting for the enemy after killing a US soldier, you might just be entitled to an official apology and a tidy eight-figure compensation. Meanwhile the German state (and Swedish, it should be noted) evicts the elderly from their homes to make way for “refugees.” Violent crime is up in Germany: migrant crime specifically has risen 50% in the last year, which is itself a 50% rise from the year previous. Additionally, Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere states, “Among [all] violent crimes, there were 1 percent more Germans, but 90 percent more migrant suspects.” The United States was immeasurably enriched by the second-grade-reading-level illegal alien Jose Ines Garcia Zarate when he remained loyal to humanity and fulfilled his moral obligation by killing Kate Steinle, and a jury of his “peers” applauded the effort. There can be no two ways about it, this is the mark of a civilization that wants to die.


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