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The Age of Aquarius

The Age of Aquarius

“Unremitting mass immigration is an existential threat...What remains now of ‘Christian civilization’ in England? Or of ‘our own British life, and the long continuity of our institutions’—such as, say, Church of England primary schools in which all but two boys are Muslim. There are many communities ‘far beyond the oceans ...built up on our laws and on our civilization’, but in the ancient Motherland Bertolt Brecht’s words seem more pertinent than Churchill’s. And which men in a new Britain will still say ‘This was their finest hour’? For when you lose your future, you also lose your past.”-Mark Steyn

We stand on the precipice of an extinction-level event, an apocalyptic scenario that would plunge this planet into a new Dark Age with the destruction of Western civilization. In becoming the world’s run-off drain, the West has decided to forgo being a civilization and instead become the world’s largest charitable organization; I’m not sure Charles Martel or John III Sobieski faced down the Saracen hordes with visions of Christendom devolving into a mandatorily-financed UNICEF, but here we are. The mother from Niger with eight children she can’t feed is readily excused for abhorrent decision-making but the taxed-to-death family-of-three in suburban America don their sackcloth and ashes and repent for the Original Sin of Whiteness—that most wicked of forces which, we are reminded every day, must be purged from this earth for there to be true salvation.

And so it goes, every day bringing another Aquarius—Spain has apparently forgotten the hundreds of years it took to re-claim their nation from the Moslems—another opportunity for us to be guilted into accepting hundreds and thousands and ultimately millions of thirty-four-year-old black Syrian women with penises they intend to penetrate the women and children of the West with, no matter how vociferous their protestations, no matter how hard they struggle. This is the reality of a civilization that has been so fraught with guilt for so little reason compared to the rest of humanity, both now and historically, that it acquiesces to the worst atrocities in its own living room while fretting over the fate of children it refuses to have a continent away.

In the array of different strategies used to pathologize and deceive Westerners into surrendering their homelands, guilt reigns supreme. To quote Ricardo Duchesne:

The claim that Europeans built modern America, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia by “stealing” the land from the original inhabitants, sequestering them into reservations, has exacted an enormous moral price upon Europeans. Europeans are a high trust people who believe it is important to treat others fairly as individuals regardless of in-group vs out-group distinctions — unlike other races, which tend to care only about their extended family members within the moral boundaries set by their in-groups. Our hostile elites have exploited this sense of fairness to make Europeans feel guilty about everything their ancestors did in the past. Not a month goes by without a headline that Whites “should return stolen lands to Indian tribes.”[1]

Will the Chippewa return the land they drove the Sioux from? Will the Chinese relinquish Tibet and cease their ethnic cleansing? Will the Turks vacate the conquered Byzantine lands and return Constantinople? Will they cease the ethnic cleansing in Cyprus? No? Continues Duchesne:

Another claim intended to inflict guilt is that Europeans deliberately introduced slavery into Africa, when in truth they simply made use of an established practice going back a thousand years and were instrumental in its demise on moral grounds.[2]

The idea that a sovereign nation would not even attempt to enforce its borders defies all logic. If you step back from the Master Merchant Hysteria pumped into thoroughly pathologized and eminently empty Western minds for a second you can see the lunacy of such a proposition. “No one is illegal?” Then no one is a citizen. To what institution should I pay my taxes, since it in essence has ceased to exist as a sovereign entity? Why should I pay my taxes if they’re just going to be funneled into anti-white “diversity” programs that hasten my demise, bestow lavish entitlements on the whole of the Third World, incentivize dysgenics, and fight Israel’s wars? How can we be so thoroughly pre-occupied with the “well-being” of everyone but ourselves—the more antagonistic the better—that the unraveling of civilization would become official policy?

The mass immigration claim more or less rests on the following premise: “Whites stole these countries, so they should allow anyone to immigrate that wants to.” The best way to respond to this is, “I dispute the veracity of that claim for various reasons, but even accepting that it is true, didn’t your mother ever teach you two wrongs don’t make a right?” Incidentally, this response works well for a variety of other liberal guilt trips, such as “white privilege,” etc. Another way to respond to the diversity commissars is simply to challenge them for evidence; you see, the burden of proof is on them to show us what benefits we can expect from cultural enrichment. Since they are the ones trying to upend the status quo, they must be expected to provide immigration restrictionists hard evidence to support their claims. They can’t, obviously, because the opposite is true: diversity in appreciable numbers is a disaster. Drill into them, though, and demand empirical evidence, not platitudes, not ad hominem’s and ad populum’s and various other evasions and fallacies. Remember if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it? What was so wrong with a high-trust, homogeneous Europe and Canada and Australia and New Zealand and the United States? They must answer this question in convincing fashion, and again, since they cannot, it is clear why we are being censored and de-platformed. Our truth is their un-doing.

Instead they fall back on the various relativist branches of the “Culture of Critique” and play the blame game replete with false equivalences, guilt trips, and blood libel. Everything in our society is anti-this and post-that; there is no construction, only de-construction. Everything has become subject to critique and inversion. If you notice race, you’re a monster. If you “don’t see color,” you’re a monster. These endlessly-moving goalposts should make it clear the aim isn’t “equality.” It is now official policy to no longer try to jam square pegs into round holes, but to forcibly cut those holes into squares.

In the West, the nationalism-phobia that’s become so pathologized it sends Leftists into paroxysms of gibbering, frothy-mouthed lunacy at even the slightest expression of patriotism also applies to the specters of racism, “ableism,” homophobia, transphobia, Islamophobia, and anti-Semitism. These “fears” are all used as blunt force objects to stop the debate before it even begins. Cowering in fear at the possibility of being branded “prejudiced” or “bigoted,” most people will reject even hard, empirical data if it contradicts the prevailing sentiments of the age.

And so it goes, with Spain opening the gates of Europe to a flotilla of invaders a la The Camp of the Saints; perhaps even more damning, at least the Last Chance Armada had women and children on it! This is a full abdication of responsibility, a sign that those in power have forfeited any right to rule. Only a civilization with a death wish would subsidize its own demise, from removing a ban on immigrants with infectious and lethal diseases like AIDS as Congress did in 2008 to the daily ferrying across the Mediterranean of hundreds if not thousands of enemy combatants waging war on the people of Europe. It’s time to make a change.


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Go West, Young Man!

Go West, Young Man!

#Refugees (of the EU Meme Holocaust) Welcome

#Refugees (of the EU Meme Holocaust) Welcome