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Ellen Degeneracy + (Post-) Modern Heresies

Ellen Degeneracy + (Post-) Modern Heresies

“Thinking statistically is hard… It’s much easier instead merely to automatically castigate the people your culture designates as vile and deserving of abuse, which in 21st-century America is increasingly the white race.”-Steve Sailer

WalletHub.com recently released its list of Most and Least Stressed cities in the United States, surveying 182 cities and considering 37 factors, including crime rate, poverty, and work-related stressors such as number of hours worked and time spent commuting, which is in and of itself an indicator of crime and poverty in the city as people who can afford it would rather live in the suburbs and away from urban blight. The demographics of the Most and Least Stressed cities speaks volumes:

Most Stressed:

1.    Detroit, MI (80% black)

2.    Newark, NJ (50% black, 36% Hispanic)

3.    Cleveland, OH (51% black, 11% Hispanic)

4.    Birmingham, AL (72% black)

5.    Toledo, OH (27% black)

6.    Baltimore, MD (63% black)

7.    Wilmington, DE (58% black, 12% Hispanic)

8.    Milwaukee, WI (39% black, 18% Hispanic)

9.    Gulfport, MS (36.5% black)

10. St. Louis, MO (48% black)

11. Jackson, MS (81% black)

12. Philadelphia, PA (43% black, 14% Hispanic)

13. North Las Vegas, NV (20% black, 40% Hispanic)

14. Shreveport, LA (56% black)

15. Columbus, GA (45% black)

Least Stressed:

1.    Fremont, CA (56% Asian, 22% white)

2.    Bismarck, ND (91% white)

3.    Sioux Falls, SD (85% white)

4.    Overland Park, KS (85% white)

5.    South Burlington, VT (89% white)

6.    Scottsdale, AZ (88.5% white)

7.    Irvine, CA (49% white, 41% Asian)

8.    San Jose, CA (42% white, 34% Asian)

9.    Madison, WI (79% white)

10. Lincoln, NE (86% white)

11. Fargo, ND (87% white)

12. Plano, TX (68% white)

13. Burlington, VT (86% white)

14. Chandler, AZ (77% white)

15. Gilbert, AZ (84% white)

At that local level, to quote Richard Florida, “The more diverse or integrated a neighborhood is, the less socially cohesive it becomes, while the more homogenous and segregated it is, the more socially cohesive,” with the notable exception of what Paul Kersey calls the Detroit Corollary: the blacker an area becomes, the less social capital it has. I think we can apply this to pretty much all non-whites and -Northeast Asians. Regression to the mean is real. This same rule applies at the town- or city-, county-, state-, and national-level.

Using WalletHub’s matrix of Personal and Residential Safety, Road Safety, Financial Safety, Workplace Safety, and Emergency Preparedness, here are the ten safest states in America, with demographics:

1.    Vermont (94.5% white)

2.    Maine (95% white)

3.    Minnesota (84% white)

4.    Utah (91% white)

5.    New Hampshire (94% white)

6.    Connecticut (80% white)

7.    Rhode Island (84% white)

8.    Hawaii (26% white, 48% Asian or Islander)

9.    Massachusetts (81% white)

10. Washington (80% white)

Iowa (91% white), Wisconsin (87% white), and Oregon (87% white) rank just below these states. The least safe, incidentally, are Mississippi and Louisiana, the two blackest states in America.

According to the US Department of Justice, blacks accounted for 52.5% of all homicide offenders from 1980 to 2018. Is a forty-year sample large enough to admit there’s a problem? The offending rate for blacks was eight times higher than whites, and the victim rate was six times higher. The National Youth Gang Survey Analysis from 2011 found that of gang members, 46% are Hispanic/mestizo, 35% are black, 11.5% are white, and 7% are “other.” According to the FBI Uniform Crime Reports, in the year 2008, black youths, who make up 16% of the youth population, accounted for 52% of juvenile violent crime arrests, including 58.5% of youth arrests for homicide and 67% for robbery. Black youths were overrepresented in all offense categories except those that were alcohol-related. Degeneracy has a ripple effect that ingrains pathology and erodes social unity. According to Oscar Lewis, the main social and psychological features of such a society often:

Include living in crowded quarters, a lack of privacy, gregariousness, a high incidence of alcoholism, frequent resort to violence in the settlement of quarrels, frequent use of physical violence in the teaching of children, wife-beating, early initiation into sex, free unions or consensual marriages, a relatively high incidence of the abandonment of mothers and children, a trend towards mother centred families…a strong predisposition to authoritarianism…Other traits include a strong present and time orientation with relatively little ability to defer gratification and plan for the future, a sense of resignation and fatalism based upon the realities of their difficult life situation, a belief in male superiority which reaches its crystallization in machismo or the cult of masculinity, a correspondingly martyr complex among women, and finally, a high tolerance for psychological pathology of all sorts.[1],[2]

Popular culture reinforces the martyr complex through its glamorization and often worship of single-motherhood or, as a counter-point, the “empowered” woman who chooses to walk away from such constraints and mimic what is portrayed as stereotypically male sexual behavior. One very ugly manifestation of this machismo is Don Juan syndrome, a non-clinical term for the desire, in a man, to have sex with many different female partners. Don Juan syndrome is primarily a psychological response to an internalized inferiority complex, which helps explain the non-existence of nuclear families in the black community. The inferiority complex is born out of congenital failure to achieve at the white standard—anyone with an IQ below 83 is doomed to failure in a modern society. There is literally nothing productive for these people to do. As opposed to an average white IQ of 100, the average black IQ in the United States is 85 (courtesy of approximately 20% white genetic admixture); we can thus see how such resentments might be born through the intractable “achievement gap,” and thus in compensation the creation of a new “game” with the rise of the glorification of the Black Lothario in popular culture.

Now in the absence of this inferiority complex there is also ample evidence of polygyny as standard practice throughout Africa and other black-majority nations such as those in the Caribbean. As these types of behaviors are already endemic to non-white and –Northeast Asian communities, and regarding blacks especially, biological predispositions can be understood to manifest themselves in one of two ways—either as an internalized response to the dominant culture (which is in and of itself a displacement of biological predilection) or as a reversion to stasis in the absence of external pressures, ie-the “natural” environment each race creates for itself. Only when cultural standards are rigorously enforced in an authoritarian manner, such as during the Jim Crow Era, do we find blacks maintaining employ and nuclear families equivalent to whites. In fact, at the dawn of the Civil Rights Era, blacks had a slightly lower divorce rate than whites. Don Juan syndrome is only possible because of the presence of white society’s “light hand”—meaning it exists as a contrast but is not enforced the way white cultural norms were prior to the so-called Civil Rights Era.

Now those decisions are also a product of biology in their own right, but let’s say you are predisposed to having a nasty temper. You can understand this about yourself and work to manage it. Many people who have anxiety or OCD or other disorders seek therapy and manage their symptoms. People whose families have a history of alcoholism can choose not to drink. Anyone who is a sentient being has free will and can avoid making certain decisions, especially if they are aware of their faults, predispositions, or short-comings. If you are already at a particular intellectual disadvantage, why make it worse by hitting your child? We’re drawn in to the endless cycle of nature versus nurture here, but understanding biological predispositions and the fact that we all have agency discounts both strict environmentalism and strict biological determinism. We should not neglect either, but it is my personal belief that biology has a much more substantial bearing on where we end up in life.

Now, in the absence of authoritarian social controls, blacks and browns create these conditions regardless of socio-economic factors as biology largely drives culture; what happens, then, is a self-perpetuating cycle whereby biology drives dysfunction, which produces poor socialization and compounds biological deficiencies. Again we face the question of agency. We know nature is responsible for around 80% of what a person will become, but nurture is still an important factor. When you control for environmental factors, however, biology becomes the driver, which explains why without the rigid social controls of the pre-Civil Rights Era, black dysfunction has spiraled out of control.

This stands in stark contrast to the responsible, well-manicured black nuclear families that you see on television. I invite you to visit North St. Louis, Missouri; Selma, Alabama; Birmingham, Alabama; Flint, Michigan; Detroit, Michigan; Baltimore, Maryland; Memphis, Tennessee; the South Side of Chicago, Illinois; Wilmington, Delaware; or Albany, Georgia, among others, and present to me your findings. Hispanics are not exempt either (see: Stockton, California). The trend toward criminality and dysfunction is not confined to just these cities, however; they are merely representative.

Criminality does have multiple causalities. There are environmental factors related to crime rates, as I’ve covered above, but there is an even stronger correlation between biology and criminality, with serum testosterone, impulse control, and time preference as important considerations, though IQ stands out as the most accurate predictor of criminality (and is also a generally good predictor of impulse control and time preference with a very strong correlation):

A more recent, and more compelling, causal explanation emphasizes the importance of intelligence—especially verbal intelligence—during childhood socialization. The socialization of children involves constant verbal communication and comprehension of abstract symbols; therefore, children with poor verbal and cognitive skills have greater difficulty completing the socialization process, which puts them at risk of undercontrolled, antisocial behavior. Empirical studies overall have supported this developmental hypothesis, and it fits with the especially strong correlation between verbal IQ and crime.[3]

American blacks have an average IQ of 85, which is one standard deviation below whites, and African blacks’ average is 70, two standard deviations; Hispanics have an average IQ of 90:

In arguing that IQ is a significant cause of crime, the researchers cite studies to indicate that criminal populations generally have an average IQ…below the mean (my note: peak criminality is generally placed at between 80 to 90, though the study in question here places it at 92). They also note that the relationship of IQ to criminality is especially pronounced in a small fraction of the population, primarily young men, who commit a disproportionate amount of crime and that high intelligence provides some protection against lapsing into criminality for persons who are otherwise at risk. Nonetheless, explanations of crime based on race, genetics, or biology have been shunned since the 1930’s (my note: read Culture of Critique for an explanation as to why). From a sociology of knowledge perspective, the idea that traits, including IQ, are passed on through genes instead of through cultural transmission (learned behavior) is considered by many individuals to be empirically absurd and politically incorrect.[4]

It may be politically incorrect, but it doesn’t make it any less real. In fact, its reality is why it’s politically incorrect.



[1] http://www.edwardgoldsmith.org/1074/social-disintegration-causes/

[2] We should not neglect the significance of Lewis’s findings that “a strong predisposition to authoritarianism” exists in these communities and societies; as Stefan Molyneaux says, “How on earth could you vote objectively about the state when you depend on it for your livelihood?” Gavin McInnes calls this “insider trading.”

[3] Intelligence and Crime - Explaining The Iq-crime Correlation - Criminal, School, Studies, and Students - JRank Articles http://law.jrank.org/pages/1365/Intelligence-Crime-Explaining-IQ-crime-correlation.html#ixzz4zXooFuWr

[4] https://www.ncjrs.gov/App/Publications/abstract.aspx?ID=183065

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