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#Refugees (of the EU Meme Holocaust) Welcome

#Refugees (of the EU Meme Holocaust) Welcome

“The obliging bovines of contemporary Western thought, tails all aquiver, acquiesced with delight to the daily milking, especially since, for the moment, there was no cause to think that a serious problem was actually at hand. To appreciate the West’s opinion of the refugee fleet—or, for that matter, of anything new and unfamiliar—one essential fact must be borne in mind: it really couldn’t give less of a damn. Incredible but true. The more it discovers about such things, the more fathomless its ignorance, feeble its interest, and vulgar its own self-concern.”-Jean Raspail, Camp of the Saints

“Righteous in their loathing of anything and everything that smacked of present-day Western society, and boundless in their love of whatever might destroy it,” the Left remains feverishly committed to flooding the West with as much of Emma Lazarus’s “wretched refuse” as it takes to drown our civilization: “Everywhere, rivers of sperm. Streaming over bodies, oozing between breasts, and buttocks, and thighs, and lips, and fingers . . . a welter of dung and debauch,” as Jean Raspail described in The Camp of the Saints. The degree to which Rome, New York, or London increasingly resemble Abuja, Monrovia, or Freetown is a product of the fact that, to quote Evelyn Waugh, “Civilization has no force of its own beyond what is given it from within. It is under constant assault and it takes most of the energies of civilized man to keep it going at all.” When these energies are displaced in favor of displacement, the process can only accelerate. Ilana Mercer writes:

The former president of Sierra Leone, the late Ahmad Tejan Kabbah, where life expectancy is just forty-nine years, “asked a visiting British politician, in the presence of journalists, if it might be possible for his country to become part of the British Empire again.” When all is said and done, the West is what it is due to human capital—people of superior ideas and abilities, capable of innovation, exploration, science, philosophy. Human action is the ultimate adjudicator of a human being’s worth; the aggregate action of many human beings acting in concert makes or breaks a society. Overall, American society is superior to assorted African and Arab societies because America is still inhabited by the kind of individuals who make possible a thriving civil society.[1]

The state ceases to function in the way we’ve come to expect—or ceases to function at all—when the human capital comprising and driving it changes, when cultural relativism and multi-culturalism no longer necessitates the maintenance of the standard the people comprising the West uphold regardless of the continent—from the Americas to Africa to Australia to Europe. It “is an absurdity to assert that cannibalism, slavery, magical therapy, and killing the aged should be accorded the same ‘dignity’ or ‘validity’ as old-age security, scientific medicine, and metal artifacts,” says anthropologist George Peter, yet we place the terribly primitive cultures of the Third World alongside our own—in fact denigrate our own—as if it was the act of eating Pygmies alive that drove the Congo to conquer the globe, not the forging fires of the Enlightenment only made possible by the unique peoples and exceptional individuals of Europe that found it straddling the globe before it lost all faith in itself. Returning to Mercer:

One dreadfully off-course notion has it that the colonial powers plundered Africa and failed to plow back profits into the place. This manifest absurdity is belied by the major agricultural, mineral, commercial and industrial installations throughout the continent. The infrastructure in Africa was built by the colonial powers… Moeletsi Mbeki, the brother of South Africa’s former president Thabo Mbeki, admitted that “the average African is poorer [today] than during the age of colonialism.”[2] 

This is empirically accurate—the African standard of living is today lower than it was in the 1960s, when these former European colonies began to be granted their independence. All of the fertile land and natural resources in the world are for naught if you haven’t got the human capital to put it all to good use. As the great Alfred Albion posted on Twitter:

Africa has around 600 MILLION hectares of uncultivated arable land, roughly 60% of the global total. 600 MILLION. Africa has more than enough land to feed its people, there is absolutely NO need for any of them to come to Europe under any circumstances.

And yet they cannot feed their people. Why? Aren’t all people equal? Despite being little more than a wind-whipped icy rock, Iceland somehow has a per capita GDP almost nine times that of Nigeria despite the latter country’s embarrassment of natural resources and the fact that the former country has almost none, nor does it have a history of imperialism or colonialism (with the possible exception of their co-ethnics’ medieval settlements abandoned in Vinland and Greenland at least seven hundred years ago), being itself originally a Viking colony.

Today’s orthodoxy holds that human beings are exactly the same and thus inter-changeable, unless of course they happen to bear the White Mark of Cain. Race, sex, and the like are not scientifically-measurable barometers that can help explain why, say, men are stronger than women, or why, say, the Danes have a stronger economy than the Liberians—only the ubiquitous White Male’s evil machinations will suffice as an explanation. The inherent paradox in such a worldview is never interrogated. To quote Jim Goad:

We are led to believe that race doesn’t exist—which would imply that white people don’t exist, either—but that through some sort of socially righteous prestidigitation, white people are easy to spot and must be scapegoated for all human, animal, and plant suffering across the universe from the dawn of time. And if you think that’s a ridiculous burden to bear, that’s only because you’re a ‘white supremacist.’

Quite right. Sexism and chauvinism derived from Western imperialist doctrine are responsible for the gender disparity in combat units, not that men have far higher levels of testosterone than women, and the success of Denmark is wholly to do with an extremely abbreviated and barely-practiced colonialism not that Liberia (which was not a colony and constitutionally bars whites from citizenship) has an average national IQ of 67 versus Denmark’s national average of 98 (which is down two points due to the “migrants”). Though these are perfectly legitimate, and simple, direct explanations, we reflexively must shun the data and believe that any disparities must be attributable to sexism and racism rather than mere biological realities, but after over a decade in Marxist-controlled schooling, you knew that already.

In the United States, if our immigration policy is any indication, we’d much prefer to have the cognitively-deficient Liberians re-re-patriate than welcome more Danes; good heavens, an immigration policy that emphasizes ability and assimilability? No thanks! It is our moral duty, as the Jewish Emma Lazarus wrote in her sonnet “The New Colossus,” to accept the world’s “wretched refuse.” She was, of course, talking about the Jews of Eastern Europe straight from the shtetl, but in our modern discourse, it’s become basically anyone who’s not white or literate.

The necessary questions aren’t asked because the answers are not ones that are “convenient” to the egalitarian narrative. I’ve used this example a few times before, but it is illustrative: once the white farms in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe had been expropriated and re-distributed to blacks, output declined to a mere one-tenth of what it was—and this is the land that actually has been cultivated. Referring to Albion’s quote, much of it lies unused.

A discussion of average differences, or of general group traits, in no way is meant to be a one-size-fits-all blanket statement, but if we can’t analyze general trends, predispositions, patterns, and behaviors, how can we explain many of the “epi-phenomena” occurring in the world? For example, are all blacks given to criminality? Quite obviously not, and what’s more there are many bright and capable blacks out there, some of whom wholly subscribe to the values of the West that we hold so dear. It is simply a matter of biological truth that there are temperament and IQ differences, just the same as there are physical differences, that explain why blacks fail to achieve at the level of whites, or why Asians and Ashkenazi Jews out-earn whites in America. Understanding that the average Northeast Asian IQ is higher than the average white IQ does not mean that I am automatically pre-destined to fail any more than any individual black man or woman; it is simply a discussion of averages. And if the average IQ of a country lies below not just the threshold to independently invent agriculture (which, in the absence of the population that carries the expertise, extends to the effective maintenance of it), but below that of clinical retardation, we simply cannot expect the same outcomes.

This is logical enough, and the patent absurdity of carrying on in the face of all evidence to the contrary of egalitarianism is easy enough to mock (though a little more difficult to do it well). This explains the EU’s Meme Shoah: our memes are devastatingly effective because they make these people look foolish, and for such a self-serious group of cunts, that is the existential equivalent of a nuclear bomb. Memes (and other kinds of satire and mockery) gore the egalitarians deepest where they are weakest—and one good meme is worth not simply a thousand words, but a thousand reasoned and temperate “think tank” policy papers. This is not to denigrate reason and empiricism, obviously, but because we have reason and empiricism on our side—not just hysteria, guilt-trips, empty platitudes, and unearned moral superiority—our ability to first diagnose and then dissect the farcity of their ideology makes us to their very existence what the majority of blacks and browns are to our civilization.



[1] http://dailycaller.com/2017/03/26/africa-before-colonialism-and-after-colonialism/

[2] Ibid.

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