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Gross Domestic Products

Gross Domestic Products

“We are the atom smashers
We do what can’t be done
You are the baby killers”
-The Acacia Strain, “BTM FDR”

“Is there no standard anymore?”-Pantera, “Walk”

For democracies, the first step to dissolution is the multi-cultural ballot box head-count, which is one variant of precisely the kind of tyranny-by-democracy that the Founding Fathers wanted to avoid by grounding our governmental process in republicanism. The Left is actively working to subvert our Constitutional and republican safe-guards and transform the American political process into a racial and tribal spoils system. The Left appears willing to gamble the future of the entire Western world on this strange quixotic multi-cultural experiment, this notion that if we just had the right percentage of Volga Tatars and Dinka and Samoans, then earthly utopia could be realized, and yet their logic doesn’t even extend as far as your local university’s basketball team. To quote Walter E. Williams:

The experience of California, where racially discriminatory admissions policy has been reduced, suggests that if Ivy League universities were prohibited from using race as a factor in admissions, the Asian-American admissions rate would rise while the percentages of white, black and Hispanic students would fall. Diversity-crazed college administrators would throw a hissy fit. By the way, diversity-crazed administrators are willing accomplices in the nearly total lack of racial diversity on their basketball teams. It’s not unusual to watch games in which there’s not a single white, Hispanic or Asian player.[1]

Goodness gracious sakes alive! After our first affirmative action hire in the White House you’d think racial equity had already been accomplished, but it seems we’ve still got so far to go. Sports programs really do need to reflect the glowing diversity of this great land, and they’re not the only frontier still to be conquered by any means necessary. Gad Saad astutely notes that, “Wedding dresses are overwhelmingly white (at least in the Western context) rather than capturing the rich tapestry of human skin tones. Racists!” And what about all this talk of a “White Christmas”? We must “have a conversation” about the shameful paucity of diversity in various forms from criminality (which is, by Leftist “logic,” randomly assigned) to Hollywood movie producers! Oops, I’ve inadvertently stepped in it there! We are not allowed to notice, as Larry David did on SNL, the preponderance of Weinstein’s and Spacey’s and Hoffman’s (and Elie Wiesel!) who have been “outed” despite years of media collusion and pay-offs, for various “indiscretions.” On my money, I’ll take Larry David’s Judaism over George Soros’s and Harvey Weinstein’s any day, but the media and managerial elites will have none of that.

Similarly, I’m on board with the “unforgiveable blackness” of Josephine Matthias, Antonia Okafor, Larry Elder, and other “based black people” as opposed to “light-weights” (to use Larry Elder’s description) Marc Lamont Hill and Don Lemon. While the mainstream media frets over poop swastikas at the University of Missouri and a blind student’s seeing-eye-dog’s poop at Vanderbilt University—not to mention all those “It’s Okay to be White” fliers and NRA promos—as harbingers of racism incarnate, Elder, for example, has the audacity to question the prevalent orthodoxy:

If you really want to talk about the face of gun violence in America, the face of gun violence in America is not some suburban kid in Newtown, as horrific as that was. A kid is more likely to be struck by lightning than to be killed in a school shooting. The face of gun violence in America is that 15-year-old teenager who performed at Obama’s inaugural, who was later on shot and killed by one of those “To whom it may concern” gang-related bullets. It’s the face of that six-year-old Latina girl who was on a porch one March night in Chicago, one of five people killed in one hour in that city because of gang violence. It’s the man in Pasadena recently who was killed out here, late 40s, father of two, had founded a youth league in Pasadena, one of those “To whom it may concern” errant gang-related bullets killing him. Now, unless we’re prepared to say that black and brown people are genetically disposed to commit crime, we have to ask ourselves what the hell is going on here?[2]

Indeed. As Taleeb Starkes points out:

Currently, the Race Grievance Industry is utilizing the Theory of Exploitivity for blue-on-black incidents; specifically targeting white cops. By skillfully combining the Theory of Exploitivity with white guilt and political correctness, the Race Grievance Industry’s blue-on-black scheme has successfully ignited today’s anti-cop climate. Adding insult to injury, many police departments and politicians are actually pacifying the Race Grievance Industry at the expense of public safety.[3]

As ridiculous as it seems, there is actually a plaque commemorating the life of would-be-cop-killer Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, paid for by local taxpayers with funds allocated by the city council. The prevailing sentiment in the black community remains that the omnipresent White Devil is out to get them, but blacks allow themselves to be used as a monolithic voting bloc against their own interests, as Burgess Owens observes:

Marxist, liberal Democrats…use my race to get power…You look at what’s happening the last 15 years. BET is what these guys are looking at every single day of their lives. It’s owned by a white corporation, VIACOM (my note: once again, people confuse “white” with “Jewish”), and for the last 15 years they have been flooded with anti-white, anti-American, anti-flag…everything they need to do to make sure they get out and be energized when it comes to election time.[4]

That said, the damage done by these Bolshevik Jews (and their vampire familiars like Marc Lamont Hill and Al Sharpton) to the black community as a consequence of what Kevin Jackson calls “race pimping,” if you’ll pardon the pun, pales in comparison to what the black community does to itself, and by fostering the anti-cop climate Starkes mentioned, the violence has predictably exploded in “the ghetto.” Not only do the majority of blacks inexcusably buy into the anti-white, victim-creating narrative of the Left, as Owens states above, but there is a broader environment of self-sabotage and defeatism, and a glorification of promiscuity, drug abuse, and criminality, that is reflected in black culture from its cinema to its music. The black community is often its own worst enemy. As Elder asked, “Unless we’re prepared to say that black and brown people are genetically disposed to commit crime, we have to ask ourselves what the hell is going on here?”

As it stands, black culture is generally defined by its degeneracy, and as the mainstream remains enthralled by the noise pollution that passes for popular music and affects “hip-hop culture” through basketball, football, and other modes of popular entertainment, the cultural base-line of hedonistic abandon has not remained confined to the black community, it has simply conjoined other pressures from the last one hundred years. A kind of infantile individualism now passes for adulthood, and the state is increasingly stepping in to cater to the whims of the developmentally stunted. I don’t want to pile on blacks, but we do also need to consider the biological factors that predict certain behaviors, and when we shift the context to whites, it becomes clear that many are simply mimicking this “hip-hop culture” and instant gratification that is the hallmark of specific strata of IQ. Again, this is not limited to blacks, but it is far more prevalent, and unfortunately for those blacks who would instead urge their race to practice more sound judgement, they become ostracized and targeted with the worst kind of racial invective from their own people.

It’s also worth considering the ramifications of if, as Bruce Charlton posits, human capability peaked sometime in the 1970s and has been declining ever since, and we wasted our window of opportunity faffing about with this egalitarian nonsense. If that’s true, then we did not pass through The Great Filter and we are, as a species, doomed. We’ll just be pounding sand for a few centuries before a global Africa starves to death or the Prophet comes flying down in his chariot. Who the hell knows? The globalist elites are implementing decidedly dysgenic policies while we’re told to pretend that the current population replacement is just one big Girl Scout Jamboree. “Celebrate Diversity,” indeed, as the government makes it financially impossible for all but the fabulously wealthy and the terribly destitute to have children.

Welfare, which has been its own kind of curse for blacks, and the rest of society more generally, is couched in terms like the “act of giving” by politicians, but my money isn’t yours to give to “charity,” except apparently at the barrel of a gun. The multi-cultural architects in power are dead-set against the peculiarities of nationalism, regionalism, et cetera, as they are too great an obstacle to all interested parties in the mega-multi-nationals, the Utopians, and the supra-state bureaucrats. It is a tyranny, ultimately, of erasure. I do believe everyone has a right to the franchise, but we need to recognize that the franchise is only as valuable as the population that holds it. By cheapening what it means to be an American, by engaging in wide-spread voter fraud and preventing the implementation of Voter ID laws, by allowing illegals the right to vote, by dumbing-down the population’s knowledge of their own history, heritage, and legal system, by fomenting anti-white animus and trying to invalidate our founding document, and by catering to the interests of the Hebraic moneyed class, the Left (and to a large degree the complicit “conservative” cucks) have taken the nobility out of casting a vote and exercising one’s civic duty. What they’ve done is truly reprehensible and it spits on the graves of not just Americans, but all who came before and understood the real value of freedom, many committing to its cause in blood. In its stead is a flaccid “tolerance” of degeneracy and alienism.

It’s like a parent with a child—you can reason with the alien and the blue-pilled all you like, but at some point when their temper tantrum shows no signs of abating despite your best efforts to reason with them, you simply have to put your foot down and say enough is enough. I don’t know if Western civilization is capable of that anymore. Despite the multi-cultural furor over-taking the West, Japan, for example, has no such issues with “migrants,” nor do they feel an overwhelming urge to “diversify” as recompense for the Rape of Nanking. You’ll never find a former prime minister of a non-Western country saying something like: “Swedes are uninteresting as an ethnic group,” as stated by former Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt. Israel has no compunctions about ejecting unlawful or unwanted people from their country—they recently proposed deporting the U.S. equivalent per capita of around two million illegal aliens!

The rest of the world feels nothing but contempt for the weakness we project, and I can’t help but understand, and to a large degree agree with, this sentiment. The West is in the process of sacrificing everything that made it special in favor of “check-list” diversity. No country with much of a future could credibly believe Kamala Harris is presidential material, but here we are. Black (light-skinned of course), check.[5] Woman, check. “Progressive,” check. Got to power by sleeping with Willie Brown, check.

Raymond Cattell, a pioneer in the field of personality assessment, developed the Leadership Potential equation in 1954. This equation, which was based on a study of military leaders, is used today to determine the traits which characterize an effective leader. The traits of an effective leader include the following:

  Emotional stability. Good leaders must be able to tolerate frustration and stress. Overall, they must be well-adjusted and have the psychological maturity to deal with anything they are required to face.

  Dominance. Leaders are often times competitive and decisive and usually enjoy overcoming obstacles. Overall, they are assertive in their thinking style as well as their attitude in dealing with others.

  Enthusiasm. Leaders are usually seen as active, expressive, and energetic. They are often very optimistic and open to change. Overall, they are generally quick and alert and tend to be uninhibited.

  Conscientiousness. Leaders are often dominated by a sense of duty and tend to be very exacting in character. They usually have a very high standard of excellence and an inward desire to do one's best. They also have a need for order and tend to be very self-disciplined.

  Social boldness. Leaders tend to be spontaneous risk-takers. They are usually socially aggressive and generally thick-skinned. Overall, they are responsive to others and tend to be high in emotional stamina.

  Tough-mindedness. Good leaders are practical, logical, and to-the-point. They tend to be low in sentimental attachments and comfortable with criticism. They are usually insensitive to hardship and overall, are very poised.

  Self-assurance. Self-confidence and resiliency are common traits among leaders. They tend to be free of guilt and have little or no need for approval. They are generally secure and free from guilt and are usually unaffected by prior mistakes or failures.

  Compulsiveness. Leaders were found to be controlled and very precise in their social interactions. Overall, they were very protective of their integrity and reputation and consequently tended to be socially aware and careful, abundant in foresight, and very careful when making decisions or determining specific actions.

Notice that not ONE of those is a stereotypically female trait. This is not meant to derogate women, I love women. I love my mother, aunts, cousins, grandmothers, friends, and mentors, but we need to be honest about the limitations of each sex; only a very small percentage of women were born to be in the brutal business of running nations, fighting wars, and forging successful companies. Additionally, as Stefan Molyneaux has pointed out, women voters in the West tend to be on average 30% less informed than their male counterparts. Women’s strengths are very different from male strengths, and they’re essential to a functional society, but applying a “female rubric” to the rough, calculating world of geo-politics is part of the reason why our nations have been so enfeebled by re-orienting our focus from the necessities of building and maintaining the nation to “inclusivity” and the like. More often than not you don’t get a Maggie Thatcher, you get Theresa May.

Kamala Harris’s obsessive pre-occupation with “diversity,” “sanctuary,”  and the rest of the Cult-Marx globalist agenda makes her wholly unfit to lead. This applies to pretty much every Democrat, or at least all of those I can think of, but trust me, this isn’t a ringing endorsement for the Republican establishment, either. They might actually be worse in their spineless cowardice. At least the Dems stand for something, however abhorrent. That said, it only takes a few who are passionate about preserving the Historic American Nation to do to the Republicans what they did to the Whigs a century-and-a-half ago. As Hunter S. Thompson wrote in Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail ’72:

Remember the Whigs, Larry? They went belly-up...when a handful of young politicians like Abe Lincoln decided to move out on their own and fuck the Whigs...which worked out very nicely, and when it became almost instantly clear that the Whig hierarchy was just a gang of old impotent windbags with no real power at all, the Party just curled up and died...and any politician stupid enough to “stay loyal” went down with the ship.[6]

Let that be a lesson.



[1] https://townhall.com/columnists/walterewilliams/2017/08/30/racial-lies-and-racism-n2374122

[2] http://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/179310/larry-elder-confronts-race-and-fatherhood-crisis-frontpagemagcom


[4] https://www.conservativereview.com/articles/former-nfl-player-says-marxist-liberals-are-dividing-america

[5] I’ve noticed an odd trend that most black Democrat politicians, at least the prominent ones, tend to be very light-skinned, whereas the smattering of Republicans and visible conservatives (like those I mentioned in the body of the article) tend to be much darker. I don’t honestly have an explanation for this other than the fact that it might be a manifestation of the Tragic Mulatto complex (Barack Obama, Kamala Harris, etc.).

[6] Hunter S. Thompson. Fear and Loathing: on the Campaign Trail. Allison and Busby, 1974, p. 67.

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