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An Honest Conversation About Race in America Re-Visited

An Honest Conversation About Race in America Re-Visited

“The American civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s was based on the assumption that consciousness of race is a prejudice that is learned from a prejudiced society. The movement’s goal was to eliminate racial prejudice and even consciousness of race, and build a society in which race would not matter. That effort failed; generation after generation, race continues to matter.”-Jared Taylor

Our children know every principle figure of the Civil Rights Movement, but they cannot name the function of the three branches of government. They believe the Civil War was “about slavery.” If they are a little more informed about the powers delegated to the states, they might even celebrate states’ rights in terms of legalizing marijuana, and yet they cannot piece together the hundred years of history from the conclusion of the Civil War to the “conclusion” of the Civil Rights Movement and understand where everything fell apart. Much like World War II, the Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement in the United States have taken on an almost mythical quality in the education (or as the more cynically-minded such as myself might say, indoctrination) of our youth, but lost in the reductive good versus evil narrative impressed on students are some extremely important lessons successive generations have not learned, or worse—many of the lessons they’ve learned have been completely wrong.

There was much liberal consternation about the recent National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) scores released by the US Department of Education, where a number of public school systems performed very poorly on their math and reading proficiency tests. It is only through this “race blind” imperative/lens that the distress makes any sense. For those with an understanding of the biological differences between the races, it is all perfectly natural and exactly what you would expect. Some liberals might decry the “lack of funding,” but many public school systems—such as Baltimore—spend more than the national average. Some of this underachievement must no doubt be laid at the feet of the teachers’ unions that actively shield awful teachers from being fired, as well as the socio-cultural pervasiveness of the self-perpetuating cycles of under-achievement and poverty in the black and brown communities. Speaking specifically about the black community, John McWhorter says:

African Americans are held back by their own culture, not by racism…There was no such thing as a Jewish man or woman standing on stage and singing seriously of how he was ‘trying to get down to Delancey and Essex [formerly the heart of Manhattan’s Jewish ghetto] but I’m stuck in [wealthy] Murray Hill.’ If one tried, he would have been booed and no record company would have offered him a contract…As a group, African American students are the worst performing in the nation. They earn the lowest grades and test scores at every level from elementary school through law school. This pattern is not merely confined to those isolated in rural areas or poor inner-city communities. Even in prosperous suburbs such as Fairfax County, Va., Evanston, Ill., and Shaker Heights, Ohio, educators are struggling against a tide of underachievement among black students. You see it again, again and again. It is not a fluke.[1]

Nevertheless, the intractability of biology is an out-sized square peg for their round hole; no amount of spending or hand-wringing or virtue-signaling is ever going to close the achievement gap.

In order to contextualize the scores, here is a brief run-down of average IQs for the major races:

·       Ashkenazi Jews (there are probably not many in public schools): IQ 110

·       Northeast Asians (including Mongolians): IQ 105

·       Whites: IQ 100

·       Mestizos/Hispanics: IQ 90

·       “African-American” Blacks: IQ 85

·       Pacific Islanders and Amerindians: 85

·       Arabs: 85

·       Sub-Saharan Africans: 70

As I wrote in “From Womb to Tomb”:

An uncomfortable truth for many people is that there is an average IQ threshold under which civilization cannot be maintained. I’ve seen different figures, generally ranging from 92-97; we know an average IQ of 85 is needed for a group to independently invent agriculture. 

As we know from Robert Putnam’s findings, diversity causes atomization of society, the fraying of communal bonds, and a general feeling of negativity and despair. The social unraveling would be reason enough for “white flight,” but the violence and criminality puts the blood-red cherry on top of the sundae. Blacks comprise about 13% of the US population, but commit 52.5% of its homicides. As Edwin S. Rubenstein recorded in The Color of Crime (2016 Edition):

·       Asians have the lowest rates, followed by whites, and then Hispanics. Blacks have notably high crime rates. This pattern holds true for virtually all crime categories and for virtually all age groups.

·       In 2013, of the approximately 660,000 crimes of interracial violence that involved blacks and whites, blacks were the perpetrators 85 percent of the time. This meant a black person was 27 times more likely to attack a white person than vice versa.

·       In Milwaukee in 2014 (the most recent year available), blacks were 12 times more likely to be murder suspects than whites.

·       In California in 2013, blacks were 5.35 times more likely than whites to be arrested for violent crimes, and 4.24 times more likely to be arrested for property crimes.

Here are the top ten most violent cities in America according to Forbes, ranked by the number of violent crimes per 100,000 residents, and their attendant demographics:

·       1.    Detroit, Michigan (82% black)

·       2.    St. Louis, Missouri (49% black)

·       3.    Oakland, California (27% black, 25% Hispanic)

·       4.    Memphis, Tennessee (65% black)

·       5.    Birmingham, Alabama (74% black)

·       6.    Atlanta, Georgia (54% black)

·       7.    Baltimore, Maryland (64% black)

·       8.    Stockton, California (40% Hispanic, 11% black)

·       9.    Cleveland, Ohio (53% black)

·       10. Buffalo, New York (39% black, 10% Hispanic)

As far as extirpating racial consciousness, the Civil Rights Movement has actually been quite successful with respect to whites, but an abject failure elsewhere. In the age of identity politics, they’re the only ones not “allowed” to assert theirs. They will not, however, publicly express their concerns, but rather pack up the U-Haul and mouth the party line about diversity in their new digs just far enough from the flying black and brown bullets. Consequently, as Paul Kersey puts it, the public school systems are simply “running out of white kids.”

The NAEP tests revealed that in 2017, in the Cleveland public schools, only 11% of eight graders were proficient or better in math and only 10% were proficient or better in reading. Cleveland public schools’ student racial/ethnic break-down is as follows: Black, Non-Hispanic: 64.5%; Hispanic: 15.8%; White, Non-Hispanic: 15.7%; Multiracial: 2.6%; Asian or Pacific Islander: 1.3%; American Indian or Alaskan Native: 0.2%. Cleveland public schools are 84.3% non-white.

In the Houston public schools, only 24% were proficient or better in math and only 18% were proficient or better in reading. Houston public schools are 62.1% Hispanic and 23.9% black; Houston’s public school system is in total 91.3% non-white. In the Dallas public schools, only 20% were proficient or better in math and only 15% were proficient or better in reading. With Hispanics at 70.3% and blacks at 22.3%, Dallas public schools are less than 5% white.

In the Shelby County (which includes Memphis) public schools, only 12% were proficient or better in math and only 17% were proficient or better in reading. Shelby County public schools are around 60% black. In the Fresno public schools, only 11% were proficient or better in math and only 14% were proficient or better in reading. Fresno’s public school system is 67.2% Hispanic and 89.7% non-white. In the Baltimore public schools, only 11% were proficient or better in math and only 13% were proficient or better in reading. At 80.1% black and 10.4% Hispanic/Latino, Baltimore public schools are 91.3% non-white.

In the Milwaukee public schools, only 12% were proficient or better in math and only 15% were proficient or better in reading. Milwaukee public schools are 55% black, 26% Hispanic, and 88% non-white. Only 5% of Detroit public-school eighth graders were proficient or better in math and only 7% were proficient or better in reading. Detroit’s public school system is 82.3% black and 13.2% Hispanic; it is 97.6% non-white. As Davis Carlton writes:

The alienist mindset on race is entirely of the world. The world teaches that race is a social construct and thus has no objective biological reality, while idiosyncratically acknowledging the reality of race when blaming the white race for the world’s problems. The world’s ideas and morals are not consistent or intellectually honest...The anti-white narrative has become ubiquitous, and can be found in advertising, mainstream news, cinema, academia, and in government at all levels and in all branches.[2]

Somehow the blame for America’s failing public schools will be put on the shoulders of whites, and in a sense, the Cult-Marx commissars are right: we did cause the public school systems to collapse in America’s metropolitan centers, but certainly not through malevolence as we built and continue to fund them, but by simply leaving. Early detection saves lives, but is it too late? These tumors have already begun to metastasize into the potentially terminal cancer that is the multi-cultural future without us.



[1] http://www.racematters.org/mcwhorter.htm

[2] http://faithandheritage.com/2017/02/alienism-and-worldliness/

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