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Year of the Cuck

Year of the Cuck

“All my life I’ve been told the same old
Don’t step out, don’t test the mould
We know your kind, yeah we know you
So much better than you know yourself
See, the ones that won’t engage me
Are the same trying to cage me
But I can’t sit still and I won’t be tame
When the lights go out
Better know your enemy.”-
Parkway Drive, “Shadow Boxing”

The West is being torn asunder by some of the most monstrous manifestations of levelling ideologies the world has ever seen. Variously and in various stages of Bolshevik central-planning and anarcho-tyranny, Western civilization is on the ropes, beset on all sides by the global revolt of the Under-Man Lothrop Stoddard warned us about almost one hundred years ago, the revolt urged on, aided, and abetted by the destructive forces of globalism. As Stoddard wrote:

Congenitally incapable of adjusting themselves to an advanced social order, the degenerate inevitably become its enemies—particularly those “high-grade defectives” who are the natural fomenters of social unrest. Of course, the environmentalist argues that social unrest is due to bad social conditions, but when we go into the matter more deeply we find that bad conditions are largely due to bad people. The mere presence of hordes of low-grade men and women condemned by their very natures to incompetency and failure automatically engender poverty, invite exploitation, and drag down others just above them in the social scale.

As we all know it’s all of these law-abiding, straight-laced Nazis in Middle America who represent the real threat to democracy. The under-tow of society only grows stronger as the degenerate and devious elbow their way from the shadows to the pedestal, and more and more unassimilable Third Worlders transform formerly high-trust, homogeneous nations into ghetto-ized holding pens for the world’s maladaptive and maladjusted. “Coexistence” is decidedly not on the agenda for the fomenters of unrest and degeneracy. It’s not enough for these people to simply be accepted, they need to dictate how you are going to live your life—forgetting that’s the very thing they were supposedly rebelling against in the first place. But once you get that first hit of grade-A smack that is “power,” well, amnesia is a funny thing. There is also the distinct possibility, increasingly likely, that for many on the Left it was never about live-and-let-live, mutual tolerance in the first place. “Tolerance,” after all, is only tenable insofar as what you are tolerating is tolerable. Returning to Stoddard:

In all these social revolutionary phenomena there is nothing essentially novel. There is always the same violent revolt of the unadaptable, inferior, and degenerate elements against civilized society, in atavistic reaction to lower planes; the same hatred of superiors and fierce desire for absolute equality; finally, the same tendency of revolutionary leaders to become tyrants and to transform anarchy into barbarous despotism.

The fact that there is little to no precedent in the low-IQ Third World for representative government, democratic or republican principles, or the rich philosophical tradition of the inalienable rights of man therefore positions the imported populations in modern Western societies at a “starting point” of estrangement, and when the majority inevitably cannot compete on the terms of merit, that precipitates an increasingly-violent expression of their alienation. Their violence serves the purpose of forcing the native population into frightened silence and isolation while their generally low aptitude in modern society allows for an unquestioning low simmer of disaffection and rage within these No-Go holding pens until they can next be galvanized to trample all over another Western institution. Exploitation is eminently easier in a population of Gambians, Hondurans, and Afghanis than in one of Anglo-, Teutonic, and Scandic stock. Additionally, the green-eyed jealousy of the brown-eyed wanting to destroy something beautiful should never be discounted, and this venomous jealousy is shared by the Under-Man in the gutter staring at the stars. Gustav Le Bon wrote:

The Bolshevik mentality is as old as history. Cain, in the Old Testament, had the mind of a Bolshevik. But it is only in our days that this ancient mentality has met with a political doctrine to justify it. This is the reason of its rapid propagation, which has been undermining the old social scaffolding.

The alien, the disaffected, the maladjusted—this “Coalition of the Fringes” and its expanding ranks are necessary to shred the existing social fabric in order to eventually consolidate power. We are witnessing the deterioration of cohesion and standards in real time. Turn on ESPN if you want to see the future of America—Jews, tokenism, and minstrelsy. There’s a reason their ratings are way down, and that is because most (white) Americans implicitly understand that this is an unacceptable future, though they either cannot or will not acknowledge this fact. They might dismiss the channel as having gotten “too political,” like the movies they’re no longer going to the cinema to watch. But you know what? This future is unavoidable unless the average American speaks up and objects to their dispossession. All of the forces of globalism are descending upon us. We live in a time of global ferment, as always happens when a period of prosperity and stability—a Pax Romana or Pax Americana as it were—draws to a close and there is a void of power to be filled. As I wrote in my very first article for The Anatomically Correct Banana, “The Great American Hootenanny on the Ashes of Liberty”: “Lenin’s ‘Useful Idiots’ are busy screaming about Privilege and Patriarchy while behind them supra-national bureaucracies scheme and a cabal of globalists consolidate power: nation-states out, super-states and multi-nationals in.” As Stoddard wrote in The Revolt Against Civilization:

Forward-looking minds are coming to realize that social revolutions are really social breakdowns, caused (in the last analysis) by a dual process of racial impoverishment—the elimination of superior strains and the multiplication of degenerates and inferiors. Inexorably the decay of racial values corrodes the proudest civilization, which engenders within itself those forces of chaos that will one day work its ruin.

It wasn’t just barbarian incursions that un-did Rome; it was an onerous tax code, a bottomed-out birthrate, a civilizational ennui, gross excess and decadence in the moneyed class coupled with its feminization, and a deeply-misguided foray into multi-culturalism. I would be remiss if I didn’t also draw your attention to a certain “internationalist” ethno-religious sect responsible for centuries of back-biting and double-dealing within Rome’s borders, either. The parallels are striking. Economic success, positive inertia, and a strong ethos of “Romanization” can ameliorate many of the “diversity” issues in a multi-ethnic or multi-racial society, but even with the U.S. economy flirting with an all-time high, we are seeing a significant erosion in the strong cultural cohesion necessary to keep a non-homogeneous population from completely atomizing. This happens naturally to a significant degree in multi-ethnic, -racial, or –religious societies anyway, but on a macro scale, there is a demographic tipping point at which no amount of acculturation or pressure to assimilate can stop the disintegration of a society into tribalism. The break-down then becomes inevitable, and we are extremely close to that inevitability, even with a white majority. The lesson is becoming increasingly obvious that there must be either a totality, or a singular racial or ethnic super-majority depending on the nation in question, or it risks, in no uncertain terms, its very existence (even then, there is no guarantee its consciousness does not eventually become corrupted). There are a small handful of exceptions like a Switzerland, a Belgium, or a Canada, but notice something about their racial composition (and even Canada was wracked with Quebecois separatist terrorism only a few decades ago). Finally, the model of territorially acquisitive empires is almost assured to eventually bear the rotten fruits of tribal strife. No one stays on the top forever.

On a practical level, multi-culturalism has made identity politics an inevitability. As Jared Taylor writes, “When minority communities grow they exert a powerful attraction on their members that fosters parochial loyalties. At the same time, when other minorities turn their backs on assimilation and carve out alternative identities for themselves—and gain clear advantages for doing so—the temptation to do likewise is strong.” The identity for me but not for thee preached at, not to, whites is unsustainable for anyone with self-respect; many, probably a majority, of whites will cuck and allow themselves to be drowned in Lothrop Stoddard’s Rising Tide of Color, but others will rightly see that their formerly homogeneous nations are being obliterated to make room for the teeming masses of planet earth. Welfare and immigration policy have, at this point, mutated into emotional blackmail, the accusation of “racism” the Sword of Damocles hanging over every conversation pertaining to the sustainability of a nation on our present course.

There is a world of difference between what we might wish were true and what is true. I am an honest person, and all evidence continues to point to the contrary that un-checked diversity is a killer—of people, of cultures, of nations, of spirits. Many of us probably know fiercely patriotic, “based” non-whites, and we should be readily embracing them as allies, but the unfortunate fact is there is a very real paucity of them, and most people in general will continue to hew strongly along tribal lines because that is basic human nature.

As I’ve covered elsewhere, smaller government and maximal liberty are values only 26% of Hispanics and 32% of blacks in America share, as opposed to 62% of whites. So politics becomes less a difference of opinion and more a do-or-die battle on the streets and in the ballot box. The Left realizes this, but too many on the Right seem to think we’re dealing with 1950s demographics where reasoned appeals and debate are going to sway people hostile to your very existence. I’m not advocating an abandonment of reason, but an awareness that for many non-whites who feel estranged from their identity in majority-white nations, racial or ethnic identity will always supersede other factors; hell, most blacks vote against their best interests in the Democrat Party simply because they are resolved to racial solidarity. Donald Trump was celebrated for getting a pathetic 8% of the black vote, which is actually lower than the percentages for George W. “Doesn’t Care About Black People” Bush in both the 2000 election (9%) and the 2004 election (11%). It is only something to crow about if you frame the 2016 election against 2008 (4% for McCain) and 2012 (6% for Mittens). Granted, a vote for one of those three clowns isn’t in anyone’s best interest unless you work for a defense contractor or you’re an internationalist Jew, but you get my point. Come to think of it, those 8% of blacks may have voted for the same thing in light of the fact that nothing’s been done about our wide-open borders or the fact that the on-going fiasco in Syria is neo-conservatism incarnate.

Until next time.

Xoxo JQP

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