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Fraudulent Hagiographies

Fraudulent Hagiographies

“For it is a truth, which the experience of ages has attested, that the people are always most in danger when the means of injuring their rights are in the possession of those of whom they entertain the least suspicion.”—Alexander Hamilton, Federalist No. 25, December 21, 1787

There may perhaps be no American in history who has been so lauded for accomplishing so little—unless you measure accomplishment as destruction—as former president Barack Obama. He is the only president in history to be at war for every single day of his presidency, he race baited, aided the Islamization of America and the globe, furthered the demographic death spiral of the United States, let his justice department trash due process and use the Constitution as toilet paper, weaponized the federal government against domestic opposition, gave Iran the nuclear green-light and a pallet of taxpayer cash, and the list goes on and on. Credit where credit is due, he was able to snag a Nobel Peace Prize simply for talking a good game (although the cynic in me tends to think it had more to do with his skin color). Such is the case of yet another charlatan’s ascent to the pantheon of Black Rushmore, joining communist, adulterer, plagiarist, and woman-abuser Martin Luther King, Jr.; terrorist Nelson Mandela; cop-killer Assata Shakur; the impossibly light-skinned Katherine Johnson, whose role as a “Hidden Figure” is an almost complete fabrication; Crispus Attucks, whose only claim to fame is being killed; Nat Turner and Toussaint L’Ouverture who are celebrated for raping and killing women and children indiscriminately after butchering their white husbands, fathers, and brothers; and Rosa Parks, an NAACP “plant” specifically for “optics.” As Jared Taylor writes:

Blacks are not likely to complain if whites make a demigod of an unimportant woman, but why do whites bow their heads before such transparent fraud? There is no satisfactory answer. Americans are never happier than when glorifying non-whites who have denounced the alleged sins of whites. The adulation of Rosa Parks is just another chapter in the lemming-like rush to destruction whites everywhere appear to have joined. If a still-majority-white Congress and Senate can vote by acclamation to make Rosa Parks the first woman to lie in state in the rotunda, any act of racial self-mortification is possible.[1]

Goodwhites have this really bizarre impulse, almost a fetish, for trying to appease blacks and other minorities who clearly despise them. As John Derbyshire’s noted, the “acquisition” of IWSBs (Intelligent, Well-Socialized Blacks) as friends carries a kind of currency that will necessarily provide a significant boost in Goodwhite social standing. That said, the reality is that being a Malcolm X scholar is not going to stop you from getting raped, being an “Ally” won’t keep your muggers from stabbing you to death in a public park after dark, and all the good intentions in the world won’t save you from contracting amebic dysentery when you drink shit-contaminated water on your Peace Corps tour in Ghana. You can even inter-marry, have children with them, and rave about Key and Peele—you will not be spared from the most vicious scorn from the writers at The Root. Nice try, though. As Shannon M. Houston of Paste (say that word using a speech impediment, it’s fun) lists among her “6 Things Black People Need to Stop Saying to White People in 2018”:

As a white woman, Rebecca, you have to understand that…

No, she doesn’t. And history tells us that she won’t. She voted for Hillary, how could she possibly be racist or anti-Black? She loved Obama, she looooves Auntie Maxine (it’s not appropriation if she calls her “Auntie” right, because she wants to make sure that you know that she’s totally aware of appropriation and her own privilege and…) she loved the hell out of Get Out and also had a really insightful conversation about it with her Black husband. They’ve always talked openly about race so again, how can she possibly be…? Also she loves Insecure.[2]

The oxymoron of “black husband” aside, this article is refreshingly honest in both revealing so many blacks’ contempt for whites in general (“Forgiving whites is so 2017 (and literally every year before that)” and “We’re just not saying ‘excuse me,’ to white people anymore. Relatedly, we’re also not moving out of the way when they walk towards us on the street.”) and in its level of contempt for Derbyshire’s Goodwhites in particular. I feel the exact same way Houston does about the Goodwhites, incidentally. Gushing over Obama and internalizing the falsehoods of “privilege” and progressivism, plus whatever contemporary aspects of black culture are deemed just-safe-enough by Pitchfork and the enfeebled zeitgeist, these try-hard liberals who “love” diversity and fawn over and fetishize “people of color” are pathetically transparent. Goodwhites crave “approval” from blacks, but they should know, deep-down, as evidenced above, the darkly-complected feel nothing but contempt for your shallow attempts at “understanding” or “being down” or whatever. They don’t like you and they’re never going to. Stop embarrassing yourself. Despite all the claims to the contrary, blacks have no real interest in your “ally-ship”—it’s just a means to guilt you for additional privileges and advantages and lord their newly-minted moral superiority over you.

As far as the sheer vitriol that pours forth from many blacks toward whites, it’s obvious they don’t want allies, they want scalps. These are the kinds of blacks who use “historic oppression” in the United States as a kind of EBT card for privileges and social standing, but who refuse to condemn contemporary slavery in Africa or acknowledge racial caste systems around the globe, such as in Cuba or Jamaica (and even within the black community itself, where lightness is often a proxy of attractiveness and a marker of status). They talk a big game about “cultural appropriation,” but they wear blonde wigs and use white infrastructure, language, and inventions. There’s an excuse for everything and a reason for nothing.

As it stands, black culture is a dead end. It consists of bemoaning the past and enervating degenerate drug dealers, rappers, and serial women abusers. You get all these articles at The Root and places like that about “white tears” and supposed white fragility, and then they turn around and talk about how whites “can’t” use the word “nigger” because of the pain and anguish associated with events well beyond living memory in Jim Crow and slavery and blah-blah-blah. Who’s really fragile here if one word can “trigger” you? Maybe it’s learned helplessness as affirmative action acceptances at the Cult-Marx re-education camps that are nominally “universities”?

Race is not a social construct, but modern-day racism in the West is. The outrage addicts and the poly-trans-whatever take aim at soft targets like the university and be-cucked Republicans, but they take a wiiiiiiide berth around the “clinical practice” of female genital mutilation for which Michigan doctors Jumana Nagarwala and Fakhruddin Attar and his wife were reluctantly prosecuted for. According to the CDC, over half-a-million women and girls are at risk for undergoing FGM in the United States, and there was nary a peep about it at any of the “empowering” Women’s Marches. Instead, parents allowed their children to wave signs about their vaginas and grown women conducted themselves in the most disgusting manner possible. It was a vulgar display, not of power, but of the grotesqueries of entitlement. I’m sure the women of Iran could’ve used a little moral support from their Western sisters, but they were too busy fetishizing the hijab while the Iranian women were simultaneously casting down this symbol of their oppression.

Meanwhile, the ubiquitous “pussy hats” were being decried as “transphobic,” the march in Vancouver came under fire for its “racist” and “transphobic” signage, and the intersectional feminists were sharpening their knives and condemning the marches for being “not inclusive enough for women of color.” According to Iiia Anxelin Eleuia Xochipilli:

Is that really being a woman, though, acting just like men and spewing such disgusting prejudice so blatantly? Perhaps the point of the women’s march is to draw attention to just how oppressive women actually are, especially white cisgender women to transgender women, especially of color, and to show that the future isn’t female, it’s nonbinary and brown. What happened at the (white) women’s march was more ally theater more gaslighting more just trauma for people of color especially indigenous transgender women like myself. [sic][3]

The need to “Confront White Womanhood” spawned a panel discussion in Detroit, where the ghost of Emmett Till was dragged from The Great Beyond to be used as a cudgel, and of course we were once again reminded that, “White women elected Donald Trump.” Never mind that until he announced his candidacy, President Trump was a black icon, recording an interlude on a Method Man album and name-dropped by Rae Sremmurd, Young Jeezy, Ice-T, Ice Cube, Redman, Nas, Raekwon the Chef (“The Black Trump”), E-40, Nelly, Ludacris, Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, and Rick Ross, among others. Overnight that racist pixie dust was sprinkled from the Atlantic to the Pacific and suddenly White Supremacy had a voice. All Starbucks Goodwhites and True Blacks had to DISAVOW immediately.

It’s not just whites who are told they must venerate the faces of Black Rushmore or the haloed heads in the Black Canon of Saints, either. The melanin-rich playthings, that indistinguishable mass of potential votes by Democrats, Labour, whomever, must also subscribe to the accepted narrative of their history or risk the revocation of their “black card.” Beyond the We Wuz Kangz meme-ing and other nonsense, there is in any case a through-line of a lack of black agency, always subject to the unique predations of the all-conquering Pale Face, which unfortunately most blacks and other colored people do nothing to dispel. Most prefer the poisonous rhetoric of Malcolm X and W.E.B. DuBois, or the racial quotas Martin Luther King, Jr., was beginning to favor at the end of his life, while others such as Booker T. Washington and Marcus Garvey, who legitimately worked for black self-improvement, economic advancement, and even economic independence in the latter case, are scrapped as being unsuitably radical.  

Garvey famously left the NAACP headquarters in a huff because everyone was Jewish; he correctly identified the NAACP as using blacks as pawns and felt that DuBois was simply an agent of the white elite. He also faced a terrible, protracted attack on his freedom and reputation by J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI, who found his separatist message threatening; he was ultimately deported to his birthplace of Jamaica. He eventually wound up in London, England, where he worked remotely with Senator Theodore Bilbo on a bill that would re-patriate twelve million blacks to Liberia. It ultimately failed. For his part, Booker T. Washington was opposed to mass immigration, knowing it would disproportionately harm native-born American workers, including so many in the black community. His words have proven to be prescient.

Garvey and Washington have been tossed aside as Uncle Toms for modern-day heroes like drug dealer and one-time recipient of a legal settlement for lead poisoning after eating a steady diet of paint chips for four years Freddie Gray and the morbidly obese felon Eric Garner who was somehow able to say, “I can’t breathe” eleven times. The economy-killing Barack Obama is celebrated despite the fall of the black standard of living during his tenure as president, crack-smoking embezzler and fraud Mayor Marion Barry gets an eight-foot-tall statue in Washington, DC, and a whole host of other miscreants, losers, rapists, murderers, and race-baiters such as Bill Cosby, O.J. Simpson, Colin Kaepernick, Al Sharpton, and Jessie Jackson have made their way into the cosseted reputational circle of black American heroes, cherished and worshipped uncritically by white liberals and blacks alike. Most tragically of all, perhaps, is that the Left’s colored phalanx either uncritically accepts the dictums of paternal government, or at least does not have the self-respect to reject the latent paternalism of the governmental Leviathan’s marionettists. Is there a lesson to be learned here? You bet, but does anyone actually want to learn it?

More on this next time…



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