Prepare your anus, you’re about to get a red pill suppository.

Beware, Oblivion Is at Hand

Beware, Oblivion Is at Hand

“Shepherd me back, this time I know
I don’t know nothing, I’m not in control

Mindful but gutless

There’s no need to panic
No need to panic”
-Every Time I Die, “Glitches”

In 1950, the share of the U.S. population that was of European descent was 89.5%. In the year 2000 it was 75%. In 2018, it is 61%. The implementation of the New Liberal Man ideology has some variance depending on the context, but the general pattern is first to atomize, then to obliterate. While some on the Right seem to share the Islamist/Leftist alliance’s hatred for Israel, I don’t have any issues with Zionism because I think it’s perfectly healthy; what I have a problem with is the manipulation by a certain percentage of the Jewish “opinion-shapers” residing in the West who maintain a Zionist attitude while trying to pathologize the very reasonable and also perfectly healthy impulse of Europeans and the European Diaspora to maintain the integrity of their nations and their people. By the year 1930, more Christians had been killed by the Bolsheviks than there are Jews alive today, yet the Holocaust continues to cast an outsize shadow over the West, as apparently all nationalistic roads lead to Auschwitz. All is lost in the shadow of your Holocaust.

What this means is that any assertion by a nation and its people of their unique identity and intent to protect and further their own interests is greeted with latent hostility by the ruling classes, the media elites, the intelligentsia—in short, the globalist cabal intent on liquidating all distinctions in favor of an easily-controlled, dumbed-down populace. Dysgenic policies are instituted as our system is structured to reward irresponsibility, and those that make good life choices and behave responsibly are left footing the bill. This isn’t an accident. Wealth re-distribution under the guise of compassion, ceaseless promotion of promiscuity, white male vasectomies, cuckolding and other “non-traditional” relationship practices, abortions, atheism, feminism, and affirmative action are all means of eroding peoples’ anchors and sources of strength, stability, and vitality. The fetishizing of “mixed” couples and their offspring is only in service of a particular agenda—the celebration of (temporary) “diversity” insofar as it serves the end-goal of creating one gigantic bio-mass that has no loyalty to kith or kin—only the borderless conglomeration run by neo-Bolsheviks, technocrats, and other power-mad globalists. We’re meant to celebrate the devolution of Paris into Dakar, of London into Islamabad, of Amsterdam into Ankara, as if fundamentally transforming these gorgeous architectural testaments to European civilization into garbage-strewn, crime-ridden cesspools is an intrinsic good.

When you have to de-criminalize public defecation as Denver just did in order to prevent illegals from being deported, what does that say about the quality of the people you’re prepared to cause a public health crisis in order to protect? What does that say about you? Common sense has a way of evaporating in the face of Leftist ideology. We have to give up our guns here in America because black people can’t control themselves? It’s more empowering to work for $40,000 a year in a stultifying cubicle than to give and nurture life? In spite of daily Islamic terrorist attacks and a deluge of black and brown criminality, white supremacy is our greatest threat? In 2015 Frank Joyce wrote, “Given the possibility that Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson or one of their ilk might become president, white supremacist ideology seems to be digging in harder than ever.” I’m not sure what a black, self-made brain surgeon or the son of a Cuban émigré have to do with white supremacy, but I digress.

I find it strange that Leftists perpetuate this trope of the harm done to “black bodies” because it strips the objects of their individuality and renders them just that—mere objects. It’s extremely de-humanizing and it telegraphs what their real thoughts on blacks and other colored people are: bio-mass to buy votes, uninteresting on an individual level, only worthy of attention as a collective. We know that, for abortion-obsessed Leftists, BLACK LIVES MATTER, even though half of their fetuses end up sold for parts. If they really cared about the harm done to black bodies they would de-fund Planned Parenthood, or protest those black bodies being bought and sold in open-air slave markets in places like Libya. But they don’t. And lest you think I’m about to get into “Democrats are the real racists” territory, consider the nebulous, shape-shifting notions of “white supremacy” and what that says about regard for individualism among whites. There’s also this reductive tendency to view, say, Amerindians as one homogeneous mass without agency, beholden to another trope—the Noble Savage—as if there weren’t conquests and disease and tribal conflicts and enslavement before Europeans arrived in the Americas.

Our “betters” have decided to implement the rainbow flag as policy and the results have been predictably nightmarish—but not for them. As Mark Steyn says, “The sentimentalization of public policy has been a disaster.” The vulgar American nouveau riche “elites” are desperately trying to emulate the Old World in Brussels while simultaneously looking down their noses at the even more vulgar masses of the New World. If we’re going to have any immigration at all, it’s got to be in America’s best interests, not in the service of a technocratic aristocracy’s ego or Conservatism, Inc.’s need for Guatemalan nannies. Our culture centers on the glorification of the victim and of weakness, so it’s little wonder the barbarians view us as ripe for the picking. Returning to Steyn, “The Wall is a literal expression of the American people’s recovery of their sovereignty.” By what authority does Donald Trump proclaim who’s welcome in America and who’s not, Vicente Fox? By ours. By what authority do you presume to dictate to a foreign leader what their immigration policy should be, when not only is Mexico’s far stricter, but additionally when your country uses America as a dumping-ground for criminals and dissidents, and a major source of revenue in the form of remittances?

Of course we know that to atone for European colonialism we must throw our doors open to the world because anything less would be the most egregious crime of our age, greater than rape, murder, or pedophilia—RACISM. From kindergarten (German word—problematic) through college, we are taught that Europeans and their descendants took others’ land, resources, and people without asking, but naturally that the Barbary corsairs, Ottomans, Huns, Mongols, and Moors did the same to us is never mentioned. Ironically, the Western educational system that preaches ceaseless “inclusivity” (unless of course you’re white, and especially male) is extremely hostile to outside or differing viewpoints, producing harpies and omega males who can only respond to ideas they disagree with with inchoate rage as large tracts of intellectual territory have been rendered “off-limits,” and certain identities, irony of ironies, denied. What good is freedom of speech if you don’t know how to use it? Which is precisely one of the central aims of the Cult-Marx domination of the academy—theirs is a conscious attempt to give our language a Newspeak make-over, to “re-frame” history, to silence the debate, and to de-construct that which is foundational in order to gain and maintain control.

Recently the Norwegian government came under international media fire as its “inherent whiteness” evidently poses an existential threat to their democracy—although according to The Economist Intelligence Unit’s Democracy Index Norway has been ranked number one for six consecutive years. What’s the threat, too much stability? I might say the same about any African country’s “blackness” or “brownness,” but we already know they’re incapable of running a functional society let alone a Nordic mega-welfare state. Sure more of these migrants may get to enjoy the benefits of Scandinavian largess as the vanguard of “diversity,” but rest assured once critical mass is reached and the carcass is stripped bare Norway will be indistinguishable from Mali or Chad or Eritrea—throw a dart. If it’s any consolation Sweden will be a frigid mix of Somalia and Afghanistan long before Norway; a tolerant lot, those migrants, committing violent rapes at sixty-six times the rate of the native population of Sweden.

Someday, then, as the last white man dying on a frost-covered hillside somewhere laments, “We Wuz Kangz” with his final steamy breaths, he might briefly consider that kings are never overthrown at the height of their power. To quote Martin Luther King, Jr.: “Privileged groups seldom give up their privileges voluntarily.” Sage wisdom from the Reverend. Whites across the West seem compelled to do just that, in the interests of creating a new protected class that will eventually become first their overlords, then their executioners. A race actively participating and aiding in its own demise, of enabling and enriching its would-be conquerors, transcends even the rarity of the abdication of privilege—it is wholly unprecedented. This is the psychological profile of a race so thoroughly corrupted, it has framed the facilitation of its own demise as a morally responsible, and indeed virtuous, imperative.

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