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Stockholm Syndrome Re-Visited

Stockholm Syndrome Re-Visited

“When will you journalists realize that it is deeply rooted in Islam’s culture to rape and brutalize women who refuse to comply with Islamic teachings? There is a strong connection between rapes in Sweden and the number of immigrants from MENA-countries [Middle East and North Africa].”-Michael Hess

Poland, which has rejected migrant quotas, has also been voted the safest country for women in continental Europe. The country is also giving tax breaks for additional offspring to incentivize couples to have more children. Add to this the Polish economy is growing at a 4% clip, and this is a prime example of a nation that is doing it right. Sweden, which has whole-heartedly embraced demographic transformation and native Swedish dispossession, is a prime example of a nation that is doing it wrong—or right if the end-goal is to abolish itself. The Swedish National Heritage Board recently named Qaisar Mahmood, a Moslem Pakistani immigrant, its head. He admits he hasn’t “read anything about cultural heritage,” but he opposes Swedes who “want to protect the culture” and says cultural traditions “hide hideous motives.” That they do—depending on whose cultural traditions. It might just be Mr. Mahmood’s ilk’s doctrinal deception that is the taqiyah. Either consciously or unconsciously, the Swedish government is playing along. Sue Reid writes:

Concerns are growing over security, amid fears Sweden could pay a terrible price for its indiscriminate welcome of people whose identities and backgrounds have not been adequately checked. The country is running out of beds, the Migration Minister Morgan Johansson has warned, and the Swedish people — who already pay the highest taxes in Europe — have even been told their holiday homes may be seized to help out… Sweden has dipped into part of its overseas aid budget but has also gone cap in hand to the EU, begging for emergency funding to cope with the ever-growing influx. In what many view as an act of rank hypocrisy, this week the government even asked other EU countries with tougher border controls to take migrants off their hands. Neighbouring Denmark refused. As its Immigration Minister Inger Stojberg bluntly explained: “The Swedes put themselves in this situation. They have pursued a very lenient immigration policy for years and they are to blame for the swamp they are in.”[1]

The Danes can’t really pretend to be holier-than-thou given the quagmiratic state of their own nation’s migrant mess, but I suppose if it’s any consolation it’s not nearly as bad as Sweden’s, for whatever that’s worth. For their part, the Swedish government is doing everything it can to mask how out-of-control the situation has gotten. Swedish governmental obscurantism of the true depth of the problem remains official policy, with the media fully complicit:

[In February 2015], all major Swedish media reported on a brutal gang rape on board the Finnish Ferry Amorella, running between Stockholm and Åbo in Finland. Big headlines told the readers that the perpetrators were Swedish:

  • “Several Swedish Men Suspected of Rape on the Finland Ferry” (Dagens Nyheter).
  • “Six Swedish Men Raped Woman in Cabin” (Aftonbladet).
  • “Six Swedes Arrested for Rape on Ferry” (Expressen).
  • “Eight Swedes Suspected of Rape on Ferry” (TT – the Swedish News Agency).

On closer inspection, it turned out that seven of the eight suspects were Somalis and one was Iraqi. None of them had Swedish citizenship, so they were not even Swedish in that sense. According to witnesses, the group of men had been scouring the ferry looking for sex.[2]

Swedish police were first instructed not to reveal descriptions of criminal suspects so as to not appear “racist,” and now the police are being instructed not to compile data on criminals’ race, ethnicity, or religion because the numbers are so hideous. Fortunately, many law enforcement officers, independent organizations, and government officials still keep records, but as is the case in so many be-cucked Western nations, the government is doing everything it can to silence opposition and not allow any more of these increasingly grim figures reach the public. The legal system is a complete farce, with most convicted migrants lucky to serve any prison time at all, let alone be deported, for even the heinous crimes of rape and murder, but Swedish citizens even mildly critical of the regime and its protected classes face the full force of the law. For example:

A 32-year-old woman from Gothenburg drew the attention of authorities after she posted [an] image…which depicts a Muslim man having his brain removed [and replaced with feces] and then being wrapped in Islamic head dress. A reporter alerted police to the post, claiming that the woman had expressed herself “in a threatening manner” towards a protected group. The reporter passed on details of the woman’s identity and her place of residence. The woman was then asked to visit a police station in Gothenburg, where her DNA was taken and entered into a criminal database…Authorities…proceeded to interrogate her about her thoughts on Sweden’s “multicultural society” and whether she had “something against Muslims.”…Gothenburg prosecutor Sara Toreskog decided to proceed with charges of hate speech and the woman now faces two years in prison…Sweden is an authoritarian country that prosecutes people for satire and telling the truth. Last year, a 70-year-old Swedish woman was prosecuted for hate speech for saying she saw migrants setting fire to cars, something that happens all the time in Sweden. Swedish police officer Peter Springare is also under investigation for merely observing that “foreign-born offenders” are largely responsible for the country’s gang rape problem. Last year, Sweden put YouTube star PewDiePie, their biggest export since Abba and Ikea furniture, on an official hate list. A left wing group in the country is collecting social media posts and attempting to track down the authors for their “crimes of opinion.” The group has been mainly successful in exposing elderly people for “inciting hate” on social media.[3]

The numbers are rather inconvenient for European governments looking to belie the notion that immigration is an enriching experience—fiscally or socially. Sweden had to go 9.3 times over its allotted “migrant” budget to cope with the consequences of “liberal” immigration/asylum policies, and the government was “forced” to raise the retirement age of native Swedes. The figures from the National Economics Editorial as reported by The Daily Wire show that 59% of the tax surplus collected from native Danes, for example, is spent on ethnic minorities…roughly equivalent to America’s federal government spending $2.1 trillion per year on immigrants. Immigrants to Denmark represented 84% of all welfare recipients as of 2016. Just five hundred of the 163,000 people that applied for asylum in Sweden in 2015 are currently employed. Almost 90% of the “migrants” from the 2015 surge in the Netherlands remain unemployed.  90% of Austrian “migrants” wind up on benefits, and the German government continues to go over the budget in the process of “aiding” these “displaced persons.” Financial economist Bernd Raffelhüschen estimates the long-term cost of the 2015 “migrants” to Germany alone to be €878 billion, which quite possibly could balloon up to €1.5 trillion depending on how well the assorted Third Worlders adapt to life in Germany. These examples are the rule, not the exception.

The “enrichment,” or lack thereof, is not limited to the anvil-esque fiscal impact of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s engineers of the future, either. 47.8% of Switzerland’s prison population is Moslem. 2.3% of the Spanish population is Moslem, yet 70% of its prison population is. Moslems in Germany committed an average of 780 crimes a day in 2016, and the numbers have since risen to 816 at last count. According to official Dutch statistics, non-Western “migrants” are four times more likely than the native Dutch to commit crime, and the numbers are particularly shocking when one looks at the Moroccan, Surinamese, and Antillean communities. Moroccan men, for example, are 5.8 times as likely as Dutch men to commit crime. Sex crimes are up 133% in Austria according to the most recent available figures, and there was a 150% bump in reported violent crime in that country from 2015 to 2016, corresponding with the “migrant” surge. 40% of rapes in Italy are perpetrated by “migrants,” who account for 8% of the population.

I wonder if the new Hijab Barbie comes with her clitoris removed? To date, we are approaching 70,000 documented instances of female genital mutilation in the United Kingdom and zero—zero—convictions, though it looks like there might finally be one. There have been 6,000 in Ireland and exactly zero convictions. The numbers in Sweden are even more horrifying—140,000 clitoral excisions. These are, tragically, just tiny slices of the pie.

Surely it must have sunken in by now that the Moslem project in the West has nothing whatsoever do to with what the relentless propaganda suggests. “The Great Migration” is an ideological tool used to transform Islam’s long-standing enemy of Christian Europe (and its Western cousins) into fully Moslem states. As the preposterously-named Abdurraheem Green says:

We are surrounded by the kuffar (kafir)…Here [in the West] we need to concentrate on our immediate problem and that is kuffar…One of the only reasons that it is permissible to dwell and to live in the land of the kuffar is to call them to Islam.[4]

This is done specifically through the dawa, which amounts to the terra-forming of the West into sharia-compliant territory. This can be witnessed first-hand in Rinkeby, Sweden; Molenbeek, Belgium; Lakemba, Australia; Tingbjerg, Denmark; “2060,” Antwerp, Netherlands; Dearborn, Michigan; Hamtramck, Michigan; Duisberg, Germany; Rosengård, Sweden; several of the banlieues of Paris, France, such as Clichy-sous-Bois; and many parts of Marseille, France; Luton, England; Bradford, England; East London, England; Manchester, England; and Birmingham, England. Sadly, this is not a comprehensive list. Wherever Islam takes root, it inevitably begins to transform its environs. To quote Andrew C. McCarthy:

Islam, however, does not separate mosque from state; the mosque is every bit as much a center for sharia indoctrination, assimilation resistance, and anti-Western politics as it is a prayer venue. That is why al-Banna regarded the mosque and the Islamic community center commonly attached to it as the “axis” of the “movement” in every community where Islam takes hold. The movement does not want cohabitation. It wants conquest. It starts with assimilation-resistant enclaves that nurture sharia supremacism today and thereby breed the jihadists of tomorrow.[5]

The EU bureaucrats have made the facilitation of multi-culturalism one of their primary objectives. The issue, of course, as Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico has said, is that “multi-culturalism is a fiction.” Although not exclusive in their violence and dysfunction (look at the Latin American murder rates for one), Moslems in particular are uninterested in living peacefully alongside their variously Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, and atheist neighbors, and the proof is in the pudding. President Donald Trump noted that the “United Kingdom’s crime [rate] rises 13% annually amid spread of Radical Islamic terror.” Is he correct, could it have anything at all to do with the fact that there are millions of immigrants from Moslem countries living in the United Kingdom? Another point of fact: the UK now has among the highest number of recorded acid attacks per capita of any country in the world, along with India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, presently averaging two a day. In London alone, acid attacks have been increasing exponentially, from 120 in 2014, to 255 in 2015, to 395 in 2016, to 465 in 2017.

If you really want to experience multi-culturalism, get off your ass and travel, you don’t need to import the whole world and all of its sectarian conflicts. One of the real tragedies of multi-culturalism is that it makes everywhere exactly the fucking same. It is actually completely antithetical to the notion of diversity; what you have instead is this cheap and much more violent version of the Epcot World Showcase at Disney World, with a whole lot more of Mexico and Morocco and a whole lot less of the other countries until it’s just one big global slum punctuated by opulent gated communities. There are people who genuinely believe in globalism as a moral good, and without being hyperbolic, it’s literally getting them killed. I’ll close with the story of Zaida Catalán:

Zaida Catalán (6 October 1980 – March 2017) was a Swedish politician who was a member of the Green Party and leader of the Young Greens of Sweden between 2001 and 2005… the Greens are the most pro-immigration party, enthusiastically supporting open borders (or a world without borders). Its manifesto endorsed a liberalization of asylum laws (an automatic right to a permanent residence permit if an asylum seeker hasn’t been deported within 2 years, facilitating family reunification, people born and permanently residing in Sweden should automatically obtain citizenship); better integration (easier access to housing and jobs for new arrivals) and fighting discrimination. Zaida Catalán was killed while on a UN mission to the Democratic Republic of the Congo in March 2017. On 12 March 2017, Catalán and another UN employee were kidnapped during a mission near the village Ngombe in the Kasai Province in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. They were both found dead on 27 March. Catalán had been beheaded and was found in a shallow grave.[6]



If you did not read the first “Stockholm Syndrome” piece, it includes some more of the grim statistics; it is here: https://theanatomicallycorrectbanana.com/home/2018/1/18/stockholm-syndrome

I have written several articles on the impact of migrants over at Defend Europa which go into even greater detail. Here are the most pertinent to this particular article:







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