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Our Goose Is Cucked: The Present State of Canada

Our Goose Is Cucked: The Present State of Canada

“If you kill your enemies, they win.”-Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (Apocryphal)

What in the hell is going on in the Great White North? Human rights inquisitions, censorship, blasphemy laws…and a gender-neutral national anthem? A recent perusal of jobsite Indeed.com revealed that there were one hundred and twenty-six job postings pertaining to “social justice” in Greater Toronto alone. Things must be dire in Canada indeed. As Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is wont to say, “Diversity is our strength.” So strong it must be buttressed by triple-digit make-work positions for token hires based purely on optics. No one ever “unpacks,” as the academics say, this platitude of diversity being our strength, and if they did, they’d most certainly conclude that diversity is not, in fact, our strength. I’m sure the ten people killed on Monday would say so if they could speak. But, being as what defines us is our permissiveness and fecklessness, it’s no surprise these absurd claims pass unchallenged in the mainstream discourse.

Justin Trudeau identifies as a feminist and is also of the belief that Islam is compatible with Western civilization—that these beliefs can exist within the same mind is incomprehensible to any rational observer, but these are not rational times. At a recent Edmonton town hall, Trudeau reprimanded a questioner who used the word “mankind” that the correct terminology is actually “peoplekind” (supposedly he was joking?). “Feminist” governments in Canada and Sweden, for example, simply will not acknowledge that egalitarianism has been the most spectacular failure in human history, continuing to suicidally import as much of the Third World as possible in order to prove their virtue on the global stage. When these populations turn out to be more murderous, rapacious, and regressive than they ever could have imagined, do the governments admit they made a mistake? No, they amplify it by taking still more immigrants and refugees from dysfunctional cultures and criminalizing any criticism of the enterprise. Incidents of rape and sexual assault sky-rocket coinciding directly with an influx of non-Westerners? Divert attention to gender pronouns and crucify anyone who won’t commit all three hundred to memory. In former parent country Great Britain knifepoint rapes and acid attacks are increasing exponentially, but the various constabularies choose instead to focus most of their resources on prosecuting “hate speech.”

Back in the Great White North, a Badwhite cuts off an eleven-year-old girl’s hijab and Justin Trudeau and the national media go into hysterics. When proven a hoax, we still need to “have a conversation” about the kind of xenophobic culture that could theoretically cause someone to do this, and “brace” for the inevitable backlash against the Muslim community that somehow never materializes. From CTV National News:

The backlash has sparked fears among Muslims that it will inspire more discrimination in the future. “This will probably be used as an opportunity to downplay all the times that Muslims come out and speak out against Islamophobia,” Sabrine Azraq, of the Canadian Council of Muslim Women, told CTV National News. Azraq says it’s important to push back against the anger generated by the false story, saying it should not be allowed to “derail the very serious matters that are happening in this country.”[1]

Yes, “more discrimination.” Except there was no discrimination in the first place! Human Rights Advocate Amira Elghawaby says, “You don’t make up a story like this for no reason.” She’s right—the prime minister tweets about it and you get media coverage and a huge public outpouring of support and attention. This doesn’t speak to Canadian racism, it is just another revenue stream for the cottage industry of victim-mining. Spanning every single continent on this planet, no matter the context, racial differences have proven to be completely intractable. But unless, as Tariq Nasheed argues, there is a global cabal of “White Supremacy” that is somehow oppressing aborigines, blacks, and browns wherever they may reside, we need to confront the “unmentionable” reality that it is not systemic oppression but rather endemic degeneracy that is holding the assorted PoC “victim” groups back.

As in Australia, though not quite as dramatic, Canadian “indigenous peoples” are significantly overrepresented in the prison population; in the case of the True North, “indigenous peoples” make up 4.3% of Canada’s population, but account for 24.4% of the country’s overall prison population. Black Canadians have seen their incarceration rate rise 70% in the past decade; as Catherine McIntyre writes:

[Blacks] now represent the fastest growing group in federal prisons, and are vastly overrepresented behind bars. While African-Canadians make up three per cent of the general population, they account for 10 per cent of the federal prison population (my note: this proportion is exactly the same in the United Kingdom). The recent report also indicates that while in prison, Black inmates are overrepresented in segregation, and that they are subject to nearly 15 per cent of all use-of-force incidents.[2]

If there’s one thing that should be abundantly clear, no matter the country in question—Australia, Canada, Italy, the United States, Brazil, South Africa, China—certain groups remain “stubbornly” overrepresented in the achievement gap, in destructive behavior, and in criminality and thus in incarceration rates, and are perpetually situated as negative, deleterious forces on social and economic capital. Wait…China? Joanna Chiu reports:

Many [Chinese] complain of racism directed against them, and also of being targeted by gangs of North African descent…“Africans bring many security risks,” Pan Qinglin told local media…As a member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference…he urged the government to “strictly control the African people living in Guangdong and other places.” Pan’s proposal read in part, “Black brothers often travel in droves; they are out at night out on the streets, nightclubs, and remote areas. They engage in drug trafficking, harassment of women, and fighting, which seriously disturbs law and order in Guangzhou… Africans have a high rate of AIDS and the Ebola virus that can be transmitted via body fluids… If their population [keeps growing], China will change from a nation-state to an immigration country, from a yellow country to a black-and-yellow country.” (my note: Welcome to my world, Pan!) On social media, the Chinese response has been overwhelmingly supportive, with many commenters echoing Pan’s fears. In a forum dedicated to discussions about black people in Guangdong…many participants agreed that China was facing a “black invasion.”[3]

Of course given its rich heritage of importing African slaves via Arab slave traders since at least the Tang dynasty, China must be imbued with a crippling Yellow Guilt and grab its ankles while learning to enjoy the deeply penetrating benefits of diversity, right? So far the populace isn’t biting, but time will tell.

Most importantly—by far—just as in Europe, there’s been a massive spike in anti-Semitic incidents in Canada in recent years, and I must admit, I’m completely at a loss as to why. It couldn’t possibly be that Trudeau back-doored tens of thousands of Syrian refugees into the country, could it? Or that over half of Canada’s immigrants come from Africa and the Middle East, bastions of tolerance and inclusion? In 2012, nearly 10,000 Jew-friendly immigrants arrived from Pakistan, 6,500 from Iran, 5,000 from Egypt, over 4,000 from the United Arab Emirates, over 3,000 each from Morocco, Nigeria, and Algeria, and 2,000 each from Turkey, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Saudi Arabia, not to mention hundreds more from Somalia, Tunisia, and Eritrea. The #WelcomeRefugees project has, to date, facilitated over 40,000 Syrians into Canada, with over 20,000 more still in processing. 60% of these Syrians receive “income assistance” from the government. A recent survey found that only 10% of the Syrian adults had found steady employment.

Canada accepted 46,700 refugees in 2016, with the top five countries of origin being:

·        Syria: 33,266

·        Eritrea: 3,934

·        Iraq: 1,650

·        Congo: 1,644

·        Afghanistan: 1,354

In 2009, the Canadian Parliamentary Coalition to Combat Antisemitism was established, and special attention was given to “The New Anti-Semitism.” According to a phone survey conducted by the Anti-Defamation League, 14% of the adult population in Canada harbors “anti-Semitic views.” 21.9% of Canada’s population is foreign-born, with, as I mentioned, an increasing proportion of the immigrant population coming from Muslim-majority countries. According to the Toronto Police hate crime report, the Jewish population is most targeted for hate crimes. While the Jewish community makes up only 3.8% of the population in the City of Toronto, it was victimized in 23% of 2015’s hate crimes. Toronto is officially “majority-minority”; again, might there be a causality here? From Statistics Canada:

In 2016, 13.4% of recent immigrants were born in Africa, a four-fold increase from the 1971 Census (3.2%)…Nigeria, Algeria, Egypt, Morocco and Cameroon were the top five countries of birth of recent African-born immigrants in 2016…African-born immigrants represented a growing share of the foreign-born population, increasing from 1.4% in the 1971 Census to 8.5% in the 2016 Census…As a result of shifts in Canada's immigration policies and various international events relating to movements of migrants and refugees, the percentage of recent immigrants born in Europe has decreased from one census to the next, falling from 61.6% in 1971 to 16.1% in 2006 and to 11.6% in 2016. Asia (including the Middle East) remained the top source continent of recent immigrants. The majority (61.8%) of newcomers to Canada from 2011 to 2016 were born in Asia. This is a slightly higher proportion than was observed in the 2006 Census (58.3%) and in the 2011 National Household Survey (56.9%). Asian countries accounted for 7 of the top 10 countries of birth of recent immigrants in 2016: the Philippines, India, China, Iran, Pakistan, Syria and South Korea. Changes in the main source countries of immigrants have transformed the overall portrait of Canada's foreign-born population.[4]

Shock of the century, crime and sexual assaults are way up, and refugee adults are finagling their way into the public school system in order to harass teenaged girls. Where are the feminists? Trudeau said that the government strives to “end these barbaric practices of female genital mutilation everywhere around the world,” and yet he’s decided to remove the warning against it in the country’s citizenship guide. Muslimsincalgary.ca author Asiff Hussein identifies FGM as “bring[ing] untold benefits to women,” and affirms that it is an Islamic practice (though it is also done in some non-Islamic parts of Africa). Writes Candice Malcolm:

Hussein discusses the 2009 ruling by Malaysia’s National Council for Islamic Religious Affairs that FGM was mandatory for Muslim women, noting that he “could not find anything objectionable in it.” He states that more “barbaric forms of FGM practised in sub-Saharan Africa” are counter to Shariah Law, but advocates for what he calls a “relatively minor” procedure that cuts the skin covering the clitoris. The article cites several hadiths — writings that supplement the Qur’an in providing religious guidance for Muslims — that advocate for FGM to demonstrate the historic and Islamic basis for the practice. Hussein makes a case for the supposed health benefits, while also admitting the practice reduces what he calls “the excessive sexual arousal in women.”… He blames “the Jews” for leading the criticism against FGM, and claims the “Jewish controlled media” is responsible for the negative attitude towards this practice.[5]

The Sri Lankan Hussein joins the rarified company of Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi, sharia-advocate Linda Sarsour, and Barack Obama’s buddy Louis Farrakhan as being “woke to the JQ”; Morsi blamed the American “Jewish-controlled media” for the distortion of his comments on the Israelis after it was reported that he called them “bloodsuckers” and “descendants of apes and pigs.”  Sarsour laments the positioning of her and Louis Farrakhan as “existential threats to the Jewish community,” and blames the “Jewish media” for her reputation. Farrakhan blames Jews for 9/11 and for holding back blacks in America, and alleges that Israel does not belong to the “White Jew.” Well, the White Jew would beg to differ.

Jewish media magnate Paul Bronfman may have pulled funding from York University for its “anti-Israel” mural, but I’d be curious to know if he and his Rothschild-connected kin who own the Seagram Company (which in turn owns the Warner Music Group, MCA, and Universal Pictures; whose patriarch, Edgar Bronfman, was head of the World Jewish Congress for a quarter century; whose brother and son sit on the infamous Board of 300; whose daughters, Sara and Claire, are members of NXIVM, which has been implicated in immigration fraud; and whose grandson, Stephen Bronfman, is the Liberal Party’s chief fundraiser, providing Trudeau and his allies with their war chest) support the U.N. High Commission of Refugees’s discussions with Israel to ship their 40,000-plus African deportees not back to Africa but to “safe Western countries,” including Canada. I can venture a guess. As Tet-Lim N. Yee writes, “As a collective term ‘Israel’ provides the Jews, as the backbone of the story of their descent, with their collective ‘location.’” 70% of Jews in Israel favor the deportation of illegal “infiltrators” (as Netanyahu calls them), whereas 70% of Jews in North America support amnesty for illegal aliens. I can’t imagine that 70% would oppose more multi-cultural enrichment in the form of additional tens of thousands of Africans from Israel. As The Happy Canuck notes over at VDare.com, that greater Toronto has become majority-minority is a cause of celebration for the media and managerial classes:

This demographic change had nothing to do with “capitalism” and it was not “inevitable.” It was a choice. Although politicians and the immigration lobby cynically cite “labor shortages” as a justification for taking in more than 300,000 immigrants a year—about to be raised to an incredible 450,000, multiply by ten to get the U.S. equivalent—Canadian immigration policy comes with heavy fiscal costs according to the Vancouver-based Fraser Institute.[6]

Meanwhile, Trudeau’s stifling regulations, which many Americans will be familiar with after eight years under Barack Obama, cost the country 88,000 jobs in January. The agitation for an increased minimum wage pushed nearly 60,000 part-time jobs out of the province of Ontario. Just like the young, vulnerable victims of Muslim grooming gangs in the UK summarily dismissed by Lily Allen as likely to have been raped anyway, those jobs were likely to have been outsourced to sweatshops in Alabama, Michigan, and Indiana anyway. No one’ll miss ’em. As long as the six gender-queers are protected from mis-gendering under the full force of the law, as long as the government can fork over eight figure sums to the families of terrorists and any criticism of Islam is precluded by blasphemy law M-103, and as long as Paul Bronfman and company can sound the alarm for creeping anti-Semitism brought about in no small part by their support for extra-national open borders policies, all is well in the Dominion. President Trump might want to consider pursuing funding for a northern border wall, though. Just in case.



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