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Genotypical Contortions and the Race to the Bottom

Genotypical Contortions and the Race to the Bottom

Ray Bradbury said the real messages of Fahrenheit 451 were about the dangers of an illiterate society infatuated with mass media and the threat of minority and special interest groups to books. The people in this society do not read, enjoy nature, spend time in reflection, think independently, or have meaningful conversations with others. They are utterly lacking in creativity. The character Beatty says that “minorities” and other special-interest groups found so many things in books objectionable that they finally abandoned debate and started burning books. Art and life in reflexive imitation—look at the absurd notion of “hate speech,” which is obviously incompatible with free speech. Promulgated by the Left and supported by hostile alien populations, censorship and the curtailment of basic human freedoms forms the back-bone of what purports to be liberalism but is certainly anything but.

Statistically whites, and white men in particular, prefer smaller government. If the ethnic composition of the United States continues down this path, the values of society will generally hew toward larger government and, in an extreme but perfectly plausible scenario, once we hit the tipping point, the country will rapidly descend first into mob rule, then outright tyranny. This is the reason our Founding Fathers grounded our governmental system in republicanism (albeit with democratic elements), and created the system of checks-and-balances, the electoral college, etc. The Founding Fathers understood the tyranny of the majority well, and it is worth questioning if democracy is truly the “best” barometer of civilizational advancement (I happen to think our system, as it was intended to function, is man’s crowning achievement to date), but the point is that for a significant, predominantly non-Western, segment of the world’s population, there is no tradition of or respect for the basic necessities of freedom. We can, and should, quibble about the details, but we can’t lose sight of the big picture, which is that the Western world is under existential threat.

Moral and civilizational values vary dramatically between the races, but it’s not as if whites have never experienced or imposed horrific tyranny. Whites are the ones currently preoccupied with throwing their homelands away and crushing any dissent from the globalist project. Everyone is susceptible to bad ideas, and as we’ve certainly seen, these ideas are capable of spreading like wildfire or a terrible pandemic. There are a number of non-whites who do share views about smaller government and greater personal freedom, but unfortunately their share of the “racial pie” is far smaller. Believe me, I’d like nothing more than for all people to share in a common goal of freedom, peace, and civilizational advancement. That is truly the ideal. Unfortunately, it’s not all about what I want to be true, but what, at present, is true. And if we can’t be realistic about what’s bearing itself out, then we are truly sunk.

Race is a biological reality; there are certain characteristics that are more prevalent among certain population groups, and the sad truth is that the majority of non-white populations do not historically or contemporaneously support institutions that guarantee freedom, nor do they generally support limited government. Additionally, the majority of American Millenials polled by Pew Research actually supported bigger government, with seniors (65-plus) polling at 62% in favor of smaller or limited government. Millenials have been conditioned to protest in favor of restricting, not expanding rights, and as “allies” of groups that do not cherish freedom either, through open borders the Left is determined to import as many people as possible whose values are antithetical to our own. It would signal the triumph of the alien. If you don’t think the majority of the Third World (and the blacks right here at home) want to see you burn and suffer, you are absolutely kidding yourself. More Third World immigration plus higher non-white birth rates, fewer white babies, more thorough indoctrination by the Leftists in education and the media…it’s not hard to see where this is going. Over the course of their lifetime, the average white American will have $384,109 transferred to a single black individual, which is the average cost of raising a child to adulthood (including college tuition). It’s little wonder birth rates are down; as Spectre suggested, “It’s almost like it was planned…”

No one has a right to infringe on a people’s self-determination, and thus colonialism, though ultimately and objectively beneficial on balance, was nevertheless morally wrong because it deprived people of their self-determination. Do we wish we could go back in time and have more “enlightened” relationships with the pre-European inhabitants of the New World? Of course, but what’s done is done, and I am as firm in this belief as any I will ever hold—we are much better off for the United States being in existence. Slavery in America did not build this country, it held it back. It was a terrible mistake on every level, from the highest of moral and ethical violations to the practical aspect that we have been left with a glut of largely unassimilable blacks who are resentful and violent. As a Chinese associate of mine who wishes to remain anonymous said, “Black writing, in a Western context and using Western languages, is in every sense political.” Most blacks in America exist as a kind of anti-society, the opposite or, more damningly, negation of the foundational pillars of Western civilization (staunch adherence to Christianity excepted). There is what Paul Kersey calls the Detroit Corollary to Robert Putnam’s findings that the more diverse an area becomes, the less social capital it has, and that is that the blacker an area becomes, the less social capital it has.

As I’ve written previously, black and white relations in the U.S. were already fraught with enough tension before we became the world’s playpen starting in the mid-1960s, and this was with the surplus of white social capital and a white super-majority. Now you have a situation where if there isn’t a civil war within the next decade, I’ll be shocked. Additionally, we’ve decided to cede moral authority to the most degenerate group in the country for some reason, looking to the black community for spiritual renewal while they’re busying mowing each other (and everybody else) down in the streets and leaving women full with child to essentially become wards of the state.

Obviously when I talk about group differences or groups in general it should be implicitly understood that there are exceptions; I don’t want to waste anyone’s time with qualifiers and prevarications, I want to get to the true essence of things, and as I’ve written previously, there are “fellow travelers” (Monsieur Hamadura of The Camp of the Saints was the example I used) who, though not white, are imbued with a Western spirit. They are the overwhelming exception outside of the European race, however. It is unfortunate, but it is true. I have no “problem” with any other race, indeed I delight in discovering non-whites who are “fellow travelers,” Westerners in spirit and bearing. I’m glad to have them on board. If we’re going to have immigration outside of our cousins in the rest of the Diaspora and the home continent, these are the people I want. But you have to look at the entire demographic picture, and if you just indiscriminately jam a bunch of wildly different cultures, ethnicities, and religions together with no rhyme or reason, you’re begging for a catastrophe.

Western values are of course transmissible to non-whites, and there are many non-whites who have come to embrace and embody these values. The question isn’t if, though, it’s how many? Per the Pew Research Center, 62% of whites in the United States support smaller or limited government as opposed to 32% of blacks and 26% of Hispanics/mestizos. 80% of immigrants vote Democrat. It’s little wonder the Left initially jerry-rigged immigration policy to favor low-skill, non-white groups in huge numbers at the exclusion of others (only 6.5% of legal immigrants have skills deemed “essential” to the US economy, and most of those are the tech types crowding out native Americans; illegals are assuredly much less than even that), a move so blatantly hypocritical it would be laughable if the effects weren’t so tragic, and as time has gone on, the more extreme, Soros-style open borders has meant basically anyone from the “developing world” can come right on in as by sheer numerical weight the entire developed world will be crushed. Again, not that there aren’t bright, talented, and potentially valuable people in the Third World population, it’s just that there is a paucity of them—there is a reason the Third World is the Third World and it is not European colonialism. It is human capital.

And anyway, just because a nation made the mistake of colonizing another, it does not follow, then, that they are obliged to accept immigrants from that country, many of whom undoubtedly carry a massive grudge against the host nation for conquering and subjugating theirs. The “agonizing” question of “who we are” seems only to be something Europeans are genuinely wrestling with, and other groups are opportunistically—but rationally—trying to exploit that. You don’t get an Australia or Russia or United States without conquest and subjugation any more than you get a modern China, Mexico, or Turkey. In the West we’ve recognized our past ills, and though Americans are mocked for “generously” providing Amerindian reservations after “stealing” the whole country, what is the present state of the ancestral homelands of the Manchus or Tibetans or Kurds? Are they un-molested and tax-exempted? I think not. The preservation of Amerindian or Aborigine or Sami tribes’ traditional ways of life against “encroachment” is encouraged and celebrated, the purity of their genes held sacrosanct, but no white country is extended the same courtesy. What makes the targeted flooding of Poland or Hungary acceptable but the transfer of thousands of Somalis and Eritreans to the Crow or Cheyenne reservations would be abhorrent? So they get their reservation—their ethno-state—but that is expressly forbidden for Europeans.

There was never any “Russian collusion”—but maybe there should be. These are natural allies of ours and it is in the globalists’ best interests to ensure Americans never realize this. For all of its problems, Russia has a healthy racial consciousness and understands what needs to be done in order to survive in this world. They have always been a bit savage and they have a tragic, not therapeutic, view of life and the human condition, one that we somehow believe we are inoculated against because of our affluence. There is a reason why the television show The Walking Dead is so popular—it confronts those difficult questions of what people are willing to do in order to survive, ethical dilemmas uniquely agonized over in the Western psyche, such as who constitutes “our” group, and the final question of whether or not, ultimately, you prefer your own group’s survival over another when it becomes a zero-sum game. The reason for the incessant push for direct democracy in the United States is clear—once whites are a minority, the few safeguards remaining against our dispossession will be gone and a situation similar to Rhodesia and South Africa will develop.

There is, in any case, the Nancy Reagan approach to globalism and Cultural Marxism: Just Say No. Their way of viewing and organizing the world is just one of many “lenses,” to borrow their own nomenclature; you do not have to accept the paradigm that’s been thrust upon you. You may, as I have, fundamentally reject their worldview, and re-frame the debate on wholly different terms. Your terms.   

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