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“Because It’s 2018”: Annotations on the Cultural Marxist Present: Vol. III

“Because It’s 2018”: Annotations on the Cultural Marxist Present: Vol. III

“The Prophet said, ‘Isn’t the witness of a woman equal to half that of a man?’ The women said, ‘Yes.’ He said, ‘This is because of the deficiency of a woman’s mind.’”-Sahih Bukhari Volume 3, Book 48, Number 826

“The black man is indolent and fanciful; he spends his money on frivolity and drink.”-Che Guevara

“‘Inclusive’ is not about thinking.”-Mykel Board

Remember when liberals used to vehemently protest globalism and the machinations of institutions like the International Monetary Fund and the World Trade Organization? How quickly the times change, but when your worldview resembles a trip to the Golden Corral and you select whatever issues strike your fancy a la carte, you can’t rightly expect congruence in your thinking. Consider: An average of 112 black males are killed per year by police, while an average of 4,425 black males are killed per year by other black males. Consider: Since Black Lives Matter, activists must be up in arms about the fact that half of all black pregnancies are terminated by abortion. Consider: 388,000 African slaves were sent to North America via the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, while during the same time period one million European slaves were captured and sent to Africa. Consider: Since the onset of the era of mass migration, a full 12% of women polled by the Fondation Jean Jaures think tank in France reported that they have been raped. Consider: Rapes in London have increased by 20% coinciding with white Britons becoming a minority in their own capital, which was treated by the Left as a major victory for “diversity.” Consider: “But from those wives from whom you fear arrogance, first advise them, then if they persist, forsake them in bed, and finally, strike them” (Koran 4:34) and “Your wives are a place of sowing of seed for you, so come to your place of cultivation however you wish” (Koran 2:223). Talk about objectifying women! Sounds awfully similar to the Trumpian/Pencian wet-dream/nightmare that is The Handmaid’s Tale, doesn’t it?

The same people who are screaming about the United States being “illegitimate” because it was “stolen” from the Indians (or, for CNN’s Dan Jones, “the people who just happened to be there at that time”) are the people trying to get the children of illegal aliens to become legitimized through what they themselves declare to be an “illegitimate” and “oppressive” political system. If the descendants of colonists are illegitimate for building a nation on stolen land with stolen “black bodies,” then what are the offspring of illegal aliens who themselves are inter-generationally illegally residing in this country, who are participating in, and receiving entitlements from, a super-structure built on what the Left characterizes as genocidal theft, perpetrated specifically by Europeans? How many Hispanics have European genes in some amount? Does this then de-legitimize the sovereignty of Mexico or Cuba? Must they surrender their sovereignty to oh, I don’t know, Ghanaians or Angolans who themselves would be arriving as conquerors as they are not of “original” Amerindian stock? They would be accepting what Jared Taylor frames as “stolen goods”—third-hand or fourth-hand in this case—as they are not Aztec or Taíno, right?

The Left, being the inherently ludicrous tangle of contradictions that it is, loves open borders and women’s and LGBTQ-etc. rights, never pausing to consider that the two might be incompatible given the abhorrent views on women, homosexuals, and transgendered people often entrenched in official policy in the Third World. Per the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, and Intersex Association (ILGA):

There are 73 States that we classify as criminalising States: it should be noted that some of these States either have no law, or have such repressive regimes (like Egypt, Qatar and Iraq) that same-sex sexual relations are functionally severely outlawed. We note that in 45 of these States (24 in Africa, 13 in Asia, six in the Americas and two in Oceania) the law is applied to women as well as men.[1]

As just one example, in Senegal, Oscar Lopez writes:

Reviled, exiled, jailed, raped, beaten, deprived of medical care—the list of abuses goes onMarie, a 27-year-old trans woman, explains that she only leaves her house after sunset. “I don’t go out during the day,” she says, flicking back her long red hair. “Only at night. I don’t even want to open my door.” It can be lonely, Marie admits, but after facing abuse throughout her life, living alone in the dark is the only way she feels safe…In an effort to correct what her family viewed as an aberration, Marie’s father put her in a strict Quranic school, where things got even worse. “That was the first time I was raped,” says Marie. “The teachers used to come into the dorms at night and take me back to their room. ‘Since you think you’re a woman,’ they’d say, ‘We’re going to show you what we do with women.’” Afterward, Marie would lie awake in the dark, filled with shame, hoping only to be left alone…Following a public scandal around a supposed “gay wedding,” gay men “increasingly became targets of popular vengeance and arbitrary arrests.” When one of the men photographed in the wedding, Madieye Diallo, died of AIDS in 2009, an angry mob disinterred his body and dragged it through town, dumping it in front of his parents’ home…For trans women, accessing health care is even more fraught. After running away from the Quranic school, Marie, the trans woman in Dakar, escaped to Saint-Louis, a city in northern Senegal. There, a cousin took her in, but forced her into sex work soon after…Sadou Ndiaye, 32, a gay man living in Dakar…decided to flee Senegal for neighboring Mauritania: There, the penalty for being gay is death by stoning. But Ndiaye says that the anonymity of life in Mauritania was better than the constant fear in Senegal…[But] life in Mauritania remains dangerous, particularly if you’re one of the 22 percent of Senegalese gay and bisexual men living with HIV. Mauritania’s limited health care system as well as heavy stigma around the disease can make accessing medication nearly impossible. “Their health is getting worse every day,” says [Djamil] Bangoura [LGBT activist] of friends and colleagues he visited across the border. “They’re dying in the desert.”[2]

When you advocate for open borders, maybe you should be aware of what exactly you’re inviting.

And who can forget the eternal hard-on the Left has for the hammer and sickle. Lost in the endless fawning over murderous communist police states while simultaneously demonstrating their Pride, those that are With Her seem not to know that Fidel Castro and Che Guevara considered homosexuality a bourgeois decadence, punishable by relegation to their version of the gulag, and in many cases they simply put many of the so-called “maricones and “worms” to death. Homosexuality was punishable by five years in the gulag in Stalin’s USSR. V.I. Lenin viewed homosexuality as a disease that could be cured through a trip to the sanitarium and a steady diet of electroshock therapy (eat your heart out, Mike Pence!); in Cuba, the practice was also common for homosexuals. Homosexuality was condemned in China by Chairman Mao as a “Western vice,” and even such a communist luminary as Friedrich Engels viewed these “pederasts” as “extremely against nature,” and decried Uranist proto-queer theory as “turning smut into theory.”

Somehow, though, we “Right-thinking” folk always end up portrayed as cartoon-character villains. As I’ve said before, we need a better PR team—and we also need a whole lot less of Beltway Conservatism’s pieties. Civic nationalism has its limitations. When President Trump announced at the State of the Union that the economy had improved to the point where black unemployment was at an all-time low, not a single member of the Congressional Black Caucus stood up to applaud, preferring instead to act like petulant teenagers and stay rooted to their seats, arms folded, a few content to play Candy Crush on their cellphones, visions of Wakanda dancing in their heads. Wakanda, incidentally, is what the Western world would look like if it hadn’t decided to so aggressively pursue “diversity” and “inclusion.” Our city upon a hill is shining alright, from the glow of flames as the Democrats burn it to the ground and the Big Labor cucks watch.

I know opponents of people on the Right—particularly those of us who are race realists—seem to think we delight in understanding that there are intractable racial differences, but this couldn’t be further from the truth, at least as far as I’m concerned. It brings me no great joy to know that there is a significant portion of our population that, despite unprecedented wealth and prosperity, will revert to racial solidarity even at their own expense. Why would anyone want that to be true about their own countrymen? But it is true, and we cannot discount all empirical evidence that contradicts both egalitarianism and the Proposition Nation thesis in order to continue living in a fantasy world where the various peoples of the world hold hands over their garden fence and sing spirituals. There is no pleasure or celebration in realizing that most people cannot or will not ever “get over” race, nor that we can ever truly be untethered from our biological predispositions. Make-believe won’t fix racial animus and it won’t fix the achievement gap.

Things become especially contentious when it’s proven out that every other group has been told to celebrate their ethnic and cultural heritage except for the sons and daughters of Europe. Given the present state of affairs, and since whites at large were the only group that upheld their end of the “color-blind” social compact bargain post-Civil Rights, typically to their detriment, I see no reason why, if they’re inclined to, whites shouldn’t act in a racially-conscious manner, or advocate for their race in the same way as blacks, Hispanics, and every other group.

Does this mean that whites, or any other group for that matter, should exert power and control over any other? Of course not. But there are historical, cultural, and biological realities that are playing themselves out in the context of multi-culturalism that can only confirm the “racism” of Winston Churchill, Madison Grant, or Thomas Jefferson. Speaking openly and honestly about race does not mean that there needs to be animosity between the races. In fact, acknowledging our differences as they are will benefit everyone, unencumbered by slavish devotion to egalitarianism and free to chart their own course separate from the “Harrison Bergeron” nightmare our “elites” have foisted on us. Facts are not racist, or sexist, or whatever epithet you want to affix to them by applying a disingenuous moral filter to something you cannot combat on its own terms. And besides, just because something is true in a broad sense does not mean there are not a multitude of exceptions, though instead of venerating these exceptions and the exceptional, they are often discarded.

Think about this: who sets the pace for your society? Basketball players, actors, and rappers? Butthole Surfers guitarist Paul Leary once described the band as making “music to drool into a bucket to.” Today it is the aural lobotomy of whatever dreck happens to wash up on the Top 40 shore. This music is a funeral dirge, the torn remnants of a civilization cavorting in the bilge and shit in the sewer of what it calls Progress, a Progress which looks suspiciously like Somalia or Pakistan, you know, because why else would we be taking in so many immigrants to enrich our terribly bland and, dare I say it, vanilla patches of land? Things were so damn boring before all of the class reunions run over on bike paths and nail bombs detonated at childrens’ pop concerts. Best to just stay plugged in and let the soothing sounds of a hyper-sexualized pre-teen Selena Gomez clone wash over you in waves of synthetic pedophilic rhythm.

“We won’t let this change us.” That’s not true, though, is it? We want the change, we need the change, or so the bourgeois media class and politicians with their walls and armed security detail keep telling us. That which does not need change does not need enrichment. It is perfectly fine as is and can continue along its trajectory unimpeded by the legions of the nine-year-old-deflowerer Momo’s faithful, though in light of recent events it looks like the Weinstein’s and Weiner’s need company in their penthouse of pedophiles, perverts, and sexual predators. Thus, Islam. Keep referencing Emmett Till, though, because that’s super relevant to the Yazidi girls, the English girls, the German girls, the Swedish girls, the Coptic girls, the women and girls in forced marriages, the victims of honor killings, the victims of female genital mutilation, the imprisoned and executed gays, the gays dying out in the desert from lack of HIV/AIDS treatment, the trans men and women who can’t even see the light of day for fear for their lives, the slaves in Mali and Libya, in Mauritania and Niger, in Burkina Faso and Chad, the kafir, the women treated as chattel by Islamic doctrine, the working-class Westerners dispossessed of their homelands, and on the list goes...



[1] http://ilga.org/downloads/02_ILGA_State_Sponsored_Homophobia_2016_ENG_WEB_150516.pdf

[2] https://www.thedailybeast.com/i-dont-go-out-during-the-day-inside-senegals-lgbt-crackdown

Keep Calm and Carry a Suicide Vest

Keep Calm and Carry a Suicide Vest

“Because It’s 2018”: Annotations on the Cultural Marxist Present: Vol. II

“Because It’s 2018”: Annotations on the Cultural Marxist Present: Vol. II