Prepare your anus, you’re about to get a red pill suppository.

Ze Blinded Me with Science

Ze Blinded Me with Science

There is perhaps no better indicator of the moral decay and extreme narcissism at the center of our culture than the ridiculous discussion centering on transgenderism and especially gender pronoun usage, with even the federal government getting in on the action, going so far as to involve themselves in where people try on clothes or take a shit. There are now something like seventy-plus gender pronouns, including “they,” since being able to distinguish between singular and plural is so two years ago, and Mother Gaia help you if you “mis-gender” someone. Just ask Professor Denise Walen at Vassar College, or Professor Jordan Peterson at the University of Toronto. The identity, sexuality, and race grievance industries have now ballooned well past the point of absurdity; the Left, in its infinite self-awareness, has become such a parody of itself I almost feel bad for picking on such easy targets. Almost.

I decided to do some research and I found Humboldt State University’s “QWEERSS” (Queer Workplace Exchange for Employee Retention and Student Success—what in the actual fuck) webpage to be particularly illuminating, especially the form letter they (now do I mean one person or more?) provide students to inform their professors of their “preferred pronoun usage.” It’s both funny ha-ha and funny queer (thank you, Sling Blade) that queers are now using an epithet to define themselves and, moreover, that somehow gender and sexuality have become inextricably intertwined. I think it’s part of this “inclusiveness” for everyone who’s not “hetero-normative” and their “allies” (which means straight white people who, to quote David Van Patten, “keep their dumb fuckin’ mouths shut”) in the alphabet soup of the Rainbow Coalition. This brings up two points: one, tying gender and sexuality together ironically only reinforces specific expectations, and two, their ideology is so fraught with contradiction as an ever-shifting combination of fluidity and unyielding dogma, that its adherents are starting to eat themselves, the same way astute observers predicted they would, becoming a kind of SJW Ouroboros. The BLM-mandated shit-brown in the middle of their rainbow flag makes sense for gays since there’s a lot of “butt stuff” involved usually, but the rainbow is already literally every color. You know what they say—you’re only as strong as your missing link.

Back to Humboldt State, I also found via the QWEERSS links to resources for “everything queer in Humboldt County”—I can think of a few things they forgot—including the Queer Coffee House for “youths” (not the same kind of “youths” who’ve busied themselves torching all those Citroens in France) from age ten. Serious point: ten year olds barely know what they want for dinner, let alone who they want to have sex with (or what sex is) or if they should have a sex change. This is repulsive, it’s disgusting, and it’s yet another example of the Left sexualizing children and not only projecting but often forcing their deformed views of reality on them. I read a story not long ago about a couple green-lighting hormonal treatment for their three year old. Social services needs to take that child away, and the same goes for any other child who is subjected to life-altering decisions based on this reprehensible ideology. From a biological standpoint, and we know the Left likes SCIENCE because they have marches that support SCIENCE like human-driven climate change, introducing exogenous hormones to a developing body is a recipe for disaster. You can stunt growth and cause irreversible physiological (not to mention psychological) damage. A biological male with too much estrogen, for example, is at seriously elevated risk for a whole spate of potential diseases and health complications, gender confused or not, since prostate cancer doesn’t care if you “identify” as a woman—you still have a prostate.

Yes, Leftists, we all know reality, unlike sexuality, is malleable, and yes, we know, it’s very important we all understand how marginalized these people are, but why are we being asked to pretend that wanting to slice your penis off is a perfectly reasonable proposition? Why should we go along with the delusion that you can have people refer to you by some cooked-up nonsense nomenclature or that you can be “gender fluid” as some of these peoples’ identities evidently change according to the day of the week? Even more importantly, why are we exposing children to this madness? 40% of people with gender dysphoria commit suicide. 40%. There is a significant mental health component to transgenderism that’s being ignored, and by introducing this line of thinking to a child, you are potentially opening them up to a whole host of psychological issues.

Just because you identify as a made-up word doesn’t mean it’s a human rights violation when I refuse to play your game. The Left in general does this through manipulating language and trying to re-define terms like “racist.” I’m sorry, but I’m not ceding the territory (I apologized because I’m white and we all know what that means). What we’re witnessing here is grievance-mongering playing itself out into oblivion, with different groups constantly coming forward with their “marginalized identities” in order to become the Left’s new darlings. The Left is happy to oblige, using coercion and force to re-arrange society in its own distorted image, where each successive and ever-more-obscure identity block, like a game of Jenga, is moved from its lowly oppressed position at the bottom of society’s evil hierarchy to a new privileged position at the top.

The thing is, we know how a game of Jenga ends, and when all of those blocks inevitably come spilling down, there are going to be a whole lot of irreparably damaged people lying in the rubble, people who’ve bought completely into an ideology that wants nothing more—and nothing less—than to reduce the society that gave them everything to nothing. Yet these Leftist ideologues don’t care. They’ll try a new game, and when that fails they’ll try another. Their decadent self-indulgence knows no bounds, and they refuse to allow for the possibility that their science experiment has gone terribly awry since that would intrude on the feverish fantasies of all the ze’s and zir’s at Humboldt, Vassar, Toronto, Wilfred Laurier, Oberlin, Wellesley, and anywhere else the Borg try to assimilate. Resistance is futile; if it’s not communism it’s Cultural Marxism or gender egalitarianism. One way or another, though, parity will be achieved.

President Trump’s tweets pertaining to the banning of transgendered people from serving in the military proved to be yet another perfect opportunity for the Left to show how patently ridiculous their worldview is. Social media alighted with the usual suspects like Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, and Kamala Harris relentlessly virtue-signaling about how “wrong and un-American” the proposed ban is, and a number of outlets have gone as far as to contrast this proposed decision with President Truman’s famous 1948 decision to integrate the U.S. armed forces. For context: one-tenth of one percent of active military members identify as transgendered or “gender non-conforming.” 2.5 million black men alone registered for the draft in World War II. Ipso facto, the Left has no sense of proportion.

In his tweets, President Trump stated that he wanted to ban transgendered individuals from the military for largely financial reasons, but you could also make a strong case for there being major mental health concerns—subjected to the rigors of combat, who’s to say what kind of additional psychological ramifications there might be for transgendered individuals with an already alarmingly high rate of suicidality. Keep in mind gender identity disorder was classified as a mental illness by the American Psychiatric Association until five years ago, at which point it was re-classified as gender dysphoria. The World Health Organization and the United Nations followed suit in 2016, and just last year Denmark, they of the welfare payments to ISIS fighters, became the first nation to officially de-classify transgenderism as a mental illness. This global virtue signaling and posturing is only meant to distract people from the real issues that are going on. Quoth the L.A. Times: “Being transgender isn’t a mental illness. What’s sick is a society that treats it that way.” “Society” actually does not treat it that way: in a May 2017 poll, YouGov.com found that only 21% of Americans believe transgenderism/gender dysphoria is a mental illness.

While there’s been a role for eunuchs in the military dating at least to the Ottoman Empire, I have serious reservations about their fitness for combat, plus nowadays I don’t know of any insecure sultan’s harems we have to protect. There is absolutely no reason for the American taxpayer to be financing bodily modifications or hormonal treatments because that is purely an individual decision. This obsession with “trans” in a political/policy-making context is just a red herring to call attention away from many more significant issues we are facing. “Trans” is worth discussing as a symptom of a morally derelict society that is adamant on normalizing degeneracy; nothing against transgendered people themselves, but this elevation, indeed obsession, with gender-bending, “queering,” and all the rest of it is a sign of a civilization in decay. As “trans” pertains to the military, just as with women, there are many potential roles they can fill, but I’m just not keen on transgendereds or women in combat, as there are a number of combat effectiveness-limiting factors particularly in terms of strength and psychology (as well as menstruation and hormonal fluctuations for women), and there is definitive evidence that mixed-sex/gender units experience significantly diminished fighting capacity and elevated casualties. National security and the well-being and effectiveness of our troops in combat should trump virtue-signaling and social experiments ten times out of ten.

It’s none of my business what you do in your personal life, but I for damn sure should not be liable as a taxpayer to finance your bodily modifications any more than I’m responsible for my neighbor’s teenage daughter to go down to Claire’s and get her ears pierced. The Obama administration ordered the Pentagon to finance soldiers’ reassignment surgeries and hormonal treatments. “Chelsea” Manning’s sex (gender?) change should not fall on taxpayers’ shoulders. Bodybuilders buy their own testosterone and other compounds to reach supra-physiological levels of musculature, and this includes female bodybuilders; women who want to become men are more than capable of buying some testosterone and enjoying the virilizing side effects. Men who want to become women have a steeper hill to climb, both financially and physiologically, but if you truly believe you are meant to inhabit a different body, I would imagine you’d willingly take whatever steps were necessary. After doing some “deep research” at Teen Vogue, the numbers look something like this for a male-to-female transgender: $1,500 a year for hormone therapy; $30,000 or more for gender reassignment surgery; $25,000-$60,000 for facial feature alteration surgery; $5,000-$10,000 for breast implants; and last but certainly not least—a whole new wardrobe! 

As tax-payers, we already have to foot the bill for other people’s medical procedures, from Medicare to abortions to, evidently, sex/gender/whatever changes in the military. In the grand scheme of things, in terms of the budget, the amount that would be spent on the thirty to one hundred-thirty personnel “requiring” hormone therapy and attendant procedures and accommodations per year (per the RAND Corporation’s 2016 study) wouldn’t be great, but it’s indicative of the general attitude our society seems to have toward the government, acting under the belief that it’s some kind of paternal organism that can solve all of our problems and keep us in our cozy little failure-proof cocoon. I already have to bankroll abortions for women who couldn’t get their men to foot forty cents for a condom. I shouldn’t have to pay for the ramifications of gender reassignment, either. Manipulating the hormonal levels of biological men and women is going to have a host of health complications, many of which we may not even be aware of yet.

We’ve been down this road before. This certainly isn’t the first time the taxpayer has had to pay in to a public health sinkhole as a consequence of others’ lifestyle choices. That said, should President Trump’s military trans ban be affected, this would also not be the first time systemic exclusion has forced trans out of the public sphere. In 2015, U.S. officials announced there will be a complete national ban on trans fats after the current grace period of three years ends. This means, in all its egregiousness, that trans is now illegal. British charity Cancer Research UK recently drew the ire of activists who claimed their advertisements on the London Underground, which correctly identify obesity, to which consumption of trans fats greatly contributes, as the second-greatest preventable cause of cancer after smoking, were “violent” and antithetical to Mayor Sadiq Khan’s pledge to curtail “body shaming” advertisements. First grocery store shelves, then the Tube, now the military. What’s next? I’ve spoken to a number of mechanics who work with trannies every day, and they’ve expressed grave concern over the possibility that the next ban might hit the automotive industry (I do find it problematic that they think they can “change” trannies, though). These are perilous times we live in, and if there’s one thing that’s certain, it’s that there are many more battles to be fought not just for trans rights, but for the rights of all the oppressed and marginalized. If that costs us everything, so be it. Some things are more important, right General Casey? 

“If our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that’s worse.”

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