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Unknown Pleasures

Unknown Pleasures

“Blood stains, speed kills
Fast cars, cheap thrills
Rich girls, fine wine
I’ve lost my sense, I’ve lost control, I’ve lost my mind.”
-Agent Orange, “Bloodstains”

“Time to start sniffing glue again
Punk rock needs you again
Time to start spitting blood again
Punk rock needs you again
A generation bored out of their minds.”
-The Ghost of a Thousand, “Bored of Math”

Perhaps the most transgressive act to commit in our society today is to marry, have children, and form a nuclear family, especially if you’re white. Sociology professor Jessie Daniels believes that:

Part of what I’ve learned is that the white nuclear family is one of the most powerful forces supporting white supremacy. I mean, if you’re a white person who says they’re engaged in dismantling white supremacy, but you’re forming a white family and producing white children that “you want the best for,” how is that helping and not part of the problem? If you’re white and forming a family with multi-racial children and not dealing with your own racism and systemic white supremacy (my note here: how is that possible if you’re in an inter-racial relationship and producing mixed race children?), how’s that helping? There used to be a Marxist-feminist critique of the family as an inherently conservative force in society…It’s an important critique for talking about white supremacy.[1]

There it is, in as plain English as you’ll get from an academic: the noxious post-modern brew all in one vile serving. As “whiteness” is evidently an ontological state of being, there is literally no way to fully “dismantle white supremacy” unless whites cease to exist. Even then, however, there will remain vestiges of white supremacy in social structures, in ideas and inventions, in whites’ mixed race offspring, et cetera. Should we make like Haiti during their revolution and say, “To the gallows, crackers!”?

Recently the Latino Victory Fund put out an ad on behalf of Democratic candidate for the governorship of Virginia, Ralph Northam, that showed a souped-up pick-up truck flying a Confederate flag gunning for a gaggle of harmless minority schoolchildren (black, hijab-wearing Muslim, etc.); the cruel irony of this advertisement is that just such an incident did happen, in a Democrat-run sanctuary county in Virginia—but the perpetrator wasn’t a backwoods buck-toothed incestuous retard, he was an illegal El Salvadorian immigrant named Darwin Martinez Torres, and the victim was a young Muslim girl whose father is “100% sure” she was killed for her faith. The murder, by the way, is not being treated as a hate crime. There are, evidently, more pressing issues in the state of Virginia.

While The Washington Post writer Robin Givhan insists that the Alt-Right is using fashion to normalize itself (“Fashion has been weaponized. And the fashion industry has been all but silent.”—you can’t make this shit up), ESPN pulled (Asian) commentator Robert Lee from its telecast of the University of Virginia-College of William & Mary football game so as to not trigger anyone. In a statement, ESPN said: “We collectively made the decision with Robert to switch games as the tragic events in Charlottesville were unfolding. It’s a shame that this is even a topic of conversation and we regret that who calls play-by-play for a football game has become an issue.” Of course, they’re the ones that made it an issue, but I guess that’s irrelevant.

These are strange times indeed. Societal taboos are being pushed into the public consciousness for “debate,” and we’re being asked to “confront” long-standing assumptions that it might be wrong to sleep with a sibling or a young child. There are all sorts of strange paradoxes and wild claims that never cohere; it appears that there is a concerted effort to realize a new paradigm based on the exact inversion of our old societal and cultural proscriptions. The Left has undertaken the project to normalize pedophilia of late, and I honestly wasn’t sure where else they could go from there. Cosmopolitan magazine now seems committed to trying to normalize incest, telling the “love story” of siblings Melissa and Brian—who one day hope to get married. I previously mentioned the story of Ilhan Omar, a state legislator from Minnesota who is currently married to her brother. As I said then: “Either we’re okay with incest, or we’re okay with someone flagrantly flaunting immigration law.” It appears this is no longer an either/or proposition.

A prominent Egyptian lawyer’s recent comments that it is a man’s duty to rape women who wear revealing clothing passed without comment from the selective moralizers on the Left, who have been conspicuously mum about the rape and sexual assault epidemics perpetrated against women in the name of Islam across the globe from Germany, Sweden, and the United Kingdom to the Sudan, Nigeria, Iraq, and Syria, but highly vocal about a fictitious one-in-four figure on North American college campuses. No parent in their right mind would allow their child to matriculate to that kind of environment. Serious women’s rights issues pass unnoticed but the (once again selective) “concern” over the lack of women in specific high-paying or highly-visible jobs persists. No one is talking about the dearth of women in sanitation, or clamoring for more racial diversity in truck driving. College students rant and rave and attack people and destroy property to combat micro-aggressions, but their peers in Egypt are being burned alive by the “moderate” Muslim Brotherhood. The LGBTQ crowd is too busy trying to Free Palestine to speak out on behalf of their community’s persecution in Saudi Arabia and Qatar and Mauritania and Yemen. Thomas Sowell makes a pair of terrific points:

1.    Nothing so epitomizes the politically correct gullibility of our times as the magic word “diversity.” The wonders of diversity are proclaimed from the media, extolled in the academy and confirmed in the august chambers of the Supreme Court of the United States. But have you ever seen one speck of hard evidence to support the lofty claims?[2]

2.    Why should we expect students to welcome debate about differences of opinion, when so many of their professors seem to think cheap shot dismissals are all you need? Lacking their professors’ verbal dexterity or aura of authority, students use cruder methods of dismissing things they disagree with. So long as academia talks demographic “diversity” and practices groupthink when it comes to ideas, we have little reason to expect better of student mobs that riot with impunity.[3]

Try bringing that up on a college campus in North America—or make a similar point in the United Kingdom, or many other Western countries for that matter—and expect the mob to come calling. Joe Rogan refers to this as “recreational outrage,” which is hilarious, but I think it actually under-estimates how fundamental outrage and grievance culture are to some of these people. Many of them are badly damaged already, stunted and ill-equipped to deal with the realities of existence, and their professors and many other public figures do them no favors by catering to their sense of victimhood—actually cultivating it in many cases.

Curious, then, that these “victims” find themselves in the position to make demands like: “We demand an end to increased surveillance of predominantly black events by Tufts University Police Department.” Are criminal acts and violence more common at these events, and/or are they more likely to cause disturbances, because of a certain common denominator? If that were the case—and I assume it was, or Tufts UPD wouldn’t have authorized an increased surveillance presence—wouldn’t Tufts have a Ferguson Effect on its hands should said demand be acquiesced to? Gosh, I’m not implying blacks commit a disproportionate amount of violence and crime, am I? Well…

Statistics are not racist. Probability is not racist. Just because something is inconvenient or uncomfortable does not mean it should be dismissed out of hand as “hate.” I have no doubt it will be, though. Diversity is such a source of our strength anyone who questions whether it, in fact, is, is committing literal violence according to professors like Lisa Barrett of Northeastern University, and is reinforcing white supremacy for attempting to uphold standards of civility (per University of Northern Iowa professors C. Kyle Rudock and Kathryn B. Golsan) and merit (per Brooklyn College professor Laurie Rubel), potentially at the expense of all of this wonderful diversity. I’d suggest these professors just relax, maybe with some yoga, but according to Michigan State professor Shreena Gandhi that, too, is a tool of white supremacy. Who knew?

“All train compartments smell vaguely of shit. It gets so you don’t mind it. That’s the worst thing that I can confess. You know how long it took me to get there? A long time. When you die you’re going to regret the things you don’t do. You think you’re queer? I'm going to tell you something: we’re all queer. You think you’re a thief? So what? You get befuddled by a middle-class morality? Get shut of it. Shut it out. You cheat on your wife? You did it, live with it. You fuck little girls, so be it. There’s an absolute morality? Maybe. And then what? If you think there is, go ahead, be that thing. Bad people go to hell? I don’t think so. If you think that, act that way. A hell exists on earth? Yes. I won’t live in it. That’s me.” [pause] “You ever take a dump made you feel like you’d just slept for twelve hours?”-Ricky Roma



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