Prepare your anus, you’re about to get a red pill suppository.

Sonnet: Be David Caruso in Jade

Sonnet: Be David Caruso in Jade

The never-ending parade of young steak

Weaned on generational misnomers

And LCDs that flatten dynamic,

Thumbs cropped, degenerative sarcoma

Fleeting periphery disposed:

The condition of maladaptive cro-magnons

Softened by an epoch of indulgence,

Blessed by the hand of firmament above

Wearing a crown of laurels and clouds

Curled in fetal privilege; beyond,

In the blackened hills and petrified wood,

White men drag their knuckles across charred earth,

Howl at this sanctified Eden, lament

The days before their Jurassic currency was spent.



Savage Gardens

Savage Gardens