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An Honest Conversation About Race in America

An Honest Conversation About Race in America

I was flicking around through Netflix the other day, and I happened upon a series called Dear White People, based on a wildly unsuccessful movie from 2014 of the same name. The plot, from what I gleaned from Wikipedia, is about privileged black kids on an Ivy League campus complaining about discrimination, and when the son of the school president throws a blackface party, the blacks show up and start a brawl. Shocking, I know—blacks unable to engage in dialogue, instead resorting to violence and criminality. In all seriousness, think about what kind of message this is sending. The black community is already crippled by misguided welfare programs, broken homes, and rampant black-on-black crime, to say nothing of the “protests” that torch the denizens’ own neighborhoods, and this incident only reinforces the negative stereotype of blacks and violent behavior.

Anyway, as I’m evidently a masochist, I started watching the pilot episode, and I’m not even really going to get in to the plot points because it’s all lazy writing and shameless LGBTQ-AEIOU pandering; the characters are stereotypes and the drive for intersectionality (the reason Moonlight won the Academy Award due to a kind of artistic affirmative action over, say, Hell or High Water) supersedes character development, story arc…all the basics of a good, compelling narrative. This is what happens when didacticism takes precedence over substance. It’s why just about every Hollywood movie lately is derivative and/or unimaginative, why commercials are virtue-signaling cuckoldry, and why all the “re-casting” of comic book characters as minorities is killing sales. People are tuning out and turning off. They are sick to death of this shit.

The time has come to have an honest conversation about where we stand in America, particularly in terms of race, and we are never going to get anywhere if we remain mortally afraid of causing offense. Whites have done more than our fair share of confronting the ugly, complicated truths of the settlement of this country and our own histories; in fact, many have gone right past acknowledging historical wrongs and into a fantasy world where somehow everything is our fault. We need to discard this hideous White Guilt and re-emphasize the fact that this country and its great constitution would not exist without us, and that we’ve been primary drivers of innovation, invention, and dynamic change.

For these Leftist types who’ve essentially co-opted the media and entertainment industries, enabling them to rigorously enforce the “default” in the national conversation—what purports to be “liberalism”—I suppose the ideal would be for whites to voluntarily aid in their own dispossession, or, even better if you’re a white man, just die. The message is obvious: never mind this country was mostly built on your backs, we’ll take it from here. You are now obsolete. And so shunned and broken, whites are meant to cower in the corner and wither away while their carefully constructed neo-colonial patriarchy is de-constructed for “inclusivity” (well, inclusive for everyone but you, of course).

There is the carrot-on-the-stick of salvation, however. Even if you are that most loathsome of creatures, the White Male, acknowledging your privilege is the first step to purifying your wretched soul, and you will be on the path to righteousness. Television programs like Dear White People will be your guide. That the path has no destination other than oblivion is of course the dirty little trick. The show’s creator says it’s about “having a conversation,” though from what I gathered, it’s mostly some young High Yella lecturing us about race. What else is new? For the show’s creator, and a certain sub-set of “the blacks,” having a conversation, sorry, HAVING A CONVERSATION, equates to scolding, recriminating, and shaming. Not exactly my idea of a dialogue. Blacks in America need to look in the mirror and honestly start confronting race, then go even further by differentiating between the internal and the external factors destroying the black community. I believe this is a good starting point, and a little honesty goes a long way.

 Dear Black People:

·       Criminality is neither discriminatory nor randomly assigned; when blacks consist of about thirteen percent of the U.S. population but account for over fifty-two percent of its homicides, at least forty percent of other violent crimes, and are between seven to ten times more likely to commit a crime than whites, you are the problem, not systemic racism.

·       Nuclear families are virtually non-existent in your community and welfare dependence has become nearly ubiquitous. The single greatest guarantor of inter-generational poverty is single-parenthood. The illegitimacy rate in the black community is now worse than it was during slavery. See if your economic outlook improves with a new-found commitment to stability and steady employment.

·       When you move into a neighborhood, a community, a town, a city—it inevitably deteriorates. When you assume governance of a town, a city, a state, a country—it inevitably deteriorates. Case in point: South Africa once had a GDP on par with a number of developed European nations, and it even had a nuclear and space program under Apartheid. While I would never advocate for the subjugation of other peoples, even blacks themselves have admitted life was better under white rule; in Zimbabwe né Rhodesia, a parallel to South Africa in many ways, things are even worse. What this speaks to, beyond the biological regression to the mean, is a lack of situational consciousness and that politics out of spite does not work.

·       With the decline in police presence in black-majority areas, due to intense media scrutiny based on fabrications like Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, et al., violent crime has spiked over the last two years after a steady decrease since its high watermark in the early 1990s (which incidentally was another time of great “civil unrest”).

·       See if you can support your Black Lives Matter hate group without being on the Soros payroll. This “movement” (coupled with Barack Obama’s rhetoric during his second term) has been more destructive to the black community and race relations at large than anything else in the last several decades, and the inflammatory rhetoric is coming almost exclusively from blacks and their “allies.”

·       Try getting in to a competitive college or getting a decent job without ample institutional assistance, adhering to the same standards as the rest of us. At Harvard, there is an astounding 450 point disparity between Asians at the high end and blacks at the low end in the average SAT scores of accepted students, and a 310 point disparity between white and black accepted students. Nationally, blacks are given an average 230-point “bonus” on their SATs. Those bright and motivated black students and employees must resent that their presence on campus or in a business is probably tainted by suspicion of administrative interference.

·       Major in something other than ethnic studies, stay in school instead of dropping out, take responsibility for your own actions instead of blaming nonexistent systemic racism, and learn proper English.

·       Don’t lecture us from a pulpit you haven’t done anything to deserve, especially you so-called “academics” who have never actually published any serious scholarship. The same goes for community organizer Barack Obama: “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” That’s the stance of a socialist leech. Free enterprise is the ticket to advancement. Why is it that your African or Caribbean counterparts who come to the United States usually out-perform you, even though data shows their “starting point” is much lower? Why have far more recent immigrant populations like the Indians and Koreans done the same?

·       White privilege (like the wage gap) is an utter fabrication. Jews and Asians out-earn whites.

·       Your demi-god, Barry Hussein Obama (only half-black and abandoned, another shock of shocks, by his black socialist father, whom he met once), was a Manchurian candidate who race-baited you and played you like a fiddle to achieve his own political endgame. He never cared about you, or even identified with the black American experience, but he stoked your resentments and made race relations infinitely worse than they’ve been in a long time.

I could continue but I think you get the point. I realize I’m being very harsh, but using slavery and Jim Crow as excuses wore thin a long time ago. Turning to the government to fix everything is not the answer. In fact, Leftist policies typically have the converse effect of harming those they purport to help. Case in point: the black nuclear family has been, well, nuked since the Great Society programs of 1964-65, and upwards of 75% of black children are born out of wedlock. Children from single-parent homes are far more likely to commit crimes, drop out of school, and remain in poverty, thus perpetuating a cycle of dependency on social welfare programs that burden the state. The Democrat-controlled inner cities are vote factories, identity politics marketed to supersede self-interest. Black immigrants to America are statistically more likely to join the middle class than their American-born counterparts, the vast majority of whom vote Democrat.

We (whites) don’t owe you anything. We’ve probably been guilty of being over-generous to rectify past injustices, if anything. In fact, our altruism apparently knows no bounds, as we’d like to dissolve our borders and let the entire world share in the bounty. Immigration as it stands is a net cost not a net benefit. The average immigrant household consumes 33% more than native households in cash welfare handouts; the average immigrant household costs the American taxpayer 41% more than native households in total federal welfare benefits. Over the course of an average lifetime, Hispanics receive a net of about half-a-million dollars and blacks get even more from the federal government, somewhere in the neighborhood of $750,000! As for whites? Well, I’m glad you asked: over the course of their lifetime, the average white American will have $384,109 transferred to a single black individual. Per Ryan Faulk:

The negative fiscal impact of blacks and Hispanics is significant. All of this discussion of a “national debt” and “deficit” is primarily a function of blacks and Hispanics. Without them, we would be running budget surpluses today, even when keeping the military the same size.[1]

A rising tide lifts all boats, so ideally we could all get down to business as Americans and put our collective strengths to good use, but I fear that if the reaction by the Congressional Black Caucus to President Trump’s State of the Union address is any indication, it will always be 1953 with these people. It’s worth considering, then, to quote John Derbyshire:

The incarceration gap, the achievement gap, the wealth gap: all caused by white people! Well, no. The incarceration gap is caused by the very high levels of black criminality; the achievement gap is caused by low average black IQ; the wealth gap is caused by a combination of the achievement gap and high black time preference. (Eric S. Jackson states: “In general civilization tends to be characterized by low time preference. Indeed, the ability to even consider future well-being may mark the transition to civilization.”). The underlying cause in all cases is race differences in the genome.[2]

There are also, to be sure, a number of external factors that affect outcomes (as I discussed above), but the lion’s share are directly attributable to biological inheritance. This, I would imagine, is an extremely difficult reality to confront, but sadly it is the reality. Nevertheless, we carry on with the façade of systemic oppression being the root cause of all racial ills, to the point where, to again quote Mr. Derbyshire: “We have pretty much dismantled our civilization in an effort to accommodate blacks. And still they complain.”

So where does that leave us? Well, for those that seem to think the racial divide will never be bridged, you’ve already decided to self-segregate, but I think it’s a little disingenuous you feel entitled to live off the white fat of the land on the one hand but decry white people as oppressors on the other. We did, after all, invent and build basically everything you use and take for granted, so I’d caution you against going down the cultural appropriation rabbit hole. As the average “African-American” is about a quarter white, you can thank our admixture for the brain-power boost as well.

I have a solution for you re-segregationists, though: I think it’s time for a divorce. Not a typical one where the wife gets a minimum of half of everything, the kids, and child support. Nay, you’ve been getting child support for at least fifty years. It’s time for a clean break and the implementation of something I call the Harriet Beecher Stowe Plan—repatriation. Though the freemen at the end of Uncle Tom’s Cabin take agency and head to Liberia of their own accord, and in fact small numbers of free blacks did return beginning in the 1820s, creating a more aggressive modern plan for repatriation makes sense. It can start as a penal colony, much like Australia, or we can negotiate for forty acres and a mule for each black to return to their mythologized homeland. This will also put the reparations debate to rest. The United States, thus “contractually fulfilled,” can greenlight the Second Great Migration, and every Quan, Marcus, and LaTasha can enjoy their newfound liberty free from white oppression to build a stunning futuristic civilization the likes of which will eclipse even the fictional Wakanda!  



[1] http://thealternativehypothesis.org/index.php/2016/05/11/fiscal-impact-of-whites-blacks-and-hispanics/

[2] http://www.vdare.com/articles/john-derbyshire-on-maya-angelou-ta-nehisi-coates-the-whining-of-pampered-pets

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