Prepare your anus, you’re about to get a red pill suppository.

Bête Noir

“Trust your enemies
Worship the weak
We’ll be okay.”-
Young Guns, “Mad World”

Only in our present clown world can a group hijack four commercial airliners, killing thousands of people, and then magically transform into not just an oppressed minority but an exalted one almost overnight. The more of us they rape, maim, and kill, the more ferociously our governments protect them. The response to nineteen Islamic terrorists flying commercial jets into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon—and one crashing in a Pennsylvania field thanks to the heroism of its passengers—was to ramp up Moslem immigration presumably to show the world how very tolerant we are, because we all know when a civilization declares war on another, the rational thing to do is import millions of that civilization’s citizens and install them in positions of power. Surely there would be no conflict of interest, right? All these Moslems really want is “democracy” and cheap consumer goods, not to terra-form Western civilization into the abject hell-hole that is [insert Moslem country here].

Furthermore, we apparently allow known terrorist co-conspirators to roam free and even set up their own jihadi training compounds, as most recently witnessed in New Mexico, where said compound was mysteriously bulldozed and all charges were dropped by the state of New Mexico. The federal government has since stepped in and indicted them on firearms and conspiracy charges, but the whole thing stinks to high heaven. Throw a dead child in the mix and…liberals are mysteriously silent? Curious, given that the sight of one dead child face-down on a Turkish beach due to irresponsible parenting served as the justification for throwing Europe’s doors wide open and dramatically amplifying the continent’s Moslem scourge. Sometimes compassion is saying “no.” For instance, as Ivan Krastev explains:

The migrant crisis is the 9/11 of the European Union...That day in 2001, everything changed in the U.S. In a minute, America discovered its vulnerability. Migrants had the same effect in Europe. It is not their number that destabilizes the continent...The migration crisis profoundly undermines the ideas of democracy, tolerance and progress as well as the liberal principles that constitute our ideological landscape. It is a turning point in the political dynamics of the European project.[1]

To follow this line of reasoning, Europe’s 9/11 could have been prevented simply by not allowing for the mass importation of a group of people who are, at best, ambivalent toward Europe and European civilization. That said, the migrant crisis has only served to highlight and/or accelerate a number of issues that have slowly been rotting Europe from the inside out for at least a century. Maybe Europe’s 9/11 would’ve come in 2030, or 2050, but it was always coming as a result of its civilizational ennui. As Douglas Murray writes in The Strange Death of Europe, the continent suffers from an “existential tiredness” brought on by the feeling that everything’s been tried and nothing’s worked, so that, regardless of where the continent heads next, Europe as we know it is finished: “This place where international cities develop into something resembling international countries will be many things. But it will not be Europe anymore.” Bruce Bawer laments, “The craven European elites…(shaped by infelicitous historical forces) have, unforgivably, opened the city gates to let in the Trojan horse.” The disconnect between the politicians and the people has had profound consequences on the continent.

Asylum-seekers in Germany have a crime rate 7.3 times higher than native Germans. In 2017, 54% of the prison population of Austria was of foreign origin. 40% of Italy’s rapes are committed by foreigners. 44.5% of those incarcerated in Belgium’s prison system are non-citizens; in Luxembourg the number is an astronomical 73%. Similar dramatic overrepresentations of foreign offenders can be seen in Greece (54.3% of the prison population consists of foreigners), Malta (40.2%), Italy (34.3%), Germany (31.3%), and Sweden (30.9%). 20.8% of the UK prison population is Moslem—an astounding overrepresentation compared to their share of the population. The European Union security apparatus basically does not exist: 90% of all Moslem terrorist attackers were known to authorities beforehand. There are, at a conservative estimate, 5,000 active jihadis in the European Union right now, and at a more liberal estimate that number is 50,000. The UK has an enormous 30,000 individuals on its terror watch-list.

There is no deterrent against terrorism: the average prison sentence for terrorism in Europe is five years. That’s it—commit a terrorist atrocity and serve maybe half a decade in order to walk the streets and do it again. The likelihood of deportation is also quite low, and is reserved for only the most egregious instances of criminality and terror. Even then, what kind of punishment is that? Commit an atrocity and just go home? And who’s going to stop the individual from returning? Regarding said deportations, France has a pathetic 13.5% return rate; thanks to Jewish former president Nicolas Sarkozy, it is nearly impossible to deport illegal immigrants who commit crimes on French soil—after already illegally crossing the border.

The spread of Islam must be addressed. Understanding that in the West we strive to ensure freedom of religion, Islam is scarcely a religion at all; it is really a political ideology—a supremacist ideology—that threatens the very existence of the West. It is, in its orthodoxy, incompatible with our civilization. As Peter Townsend writes:

According to this [defeatist] line of thinking we are condemned to see Islam’s power growing until Western societies fall before its overpowering influence like a line of dominoes. This is not only defeatist, it is also giving Islam way too much credit. You see, far from being an intellectually coherent ideology, Islam is deeply vulnerable when it comes the critical questioning of its truth-claims. By going hard for this Achilles heel we can not only save individuals from the siren songs of the da’wa (Islamic outreach) peddlers we can also make our societies safe against the pernicious influence of shari’a

By taking our own side and re-committing to the foundational logos of Western civilization, we can both rationally and confidently dissect Islam’s contradictions (as well as those of Leftism), and banish these abominations from our world where they do not belong. Of course simply dissecting its irrationality does not guarantee victory any more than the vastly superior arguments of the Right have stopped the Marxist takeover of the West. However, it is in the service of the logos—the essence of who we are—that we re-claim the mantle and take our civilization back. We have the correct position; now we must not just vigorously defend it, but go on the offensive and seize the high ground because it is truly ours. Neo-liberalism and shape-shifting Bolshevo-Judaism have pitted the scourge of Islam against Christendom once again.

It does not violate freedom of religion to ban any more Moslems from immigrating into our country because they are not citizens and the Constitution only applies to citizens. Further, for the Moslems already present and engaged in the dawa in the West, as Dwight D. Eisenhower explained in 1952, “A group like the Communist conspiracy—dedicated to the ultimate destruction of all civil liberties—cannot be allowed to claim civil liberties as its privileged sanctuary from which to carry on subversion of the Government.” This certainly applies to Islam, but also to the aforementioned communists, the subversive and treasonous Left, and the globalist entities both within and beyond our nations actively working to undermine them.[2] No one is coming to save us—in fact, most of the globe wants to see us perish. We must save ourselves or see the torch of civilization forever snuffed.

[1] http://www.lefigaro.fr/international/2017/10/19/01003-20171019ARTFIG00090-ivan-krastevla-crise-des-migrants-est-le-11-septembre-de-l-europe.php?redirect_premium

[2] Discretionary exceptions can be made for the odd Stephen Miller, but this ultimately must include Judaism as well. As Karl Marx wrote, “What is the secular basis of Judaism? Practical need, self-interest.” Thus, to call it shape-shifting is accurate; whether it be Marxism, Cultural Marxism, or neo-liberalist economics, the Jews are forever using whatever ideology or ideologies are most expedient to gaining and maintaining power over the hated goyim.

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