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Trivial Pursuit

Trivial Pursuit

“We are an unserious nation, engaged in trivial pursuits, in a deadly serious world.”-Pat Buchanan

“The spectacle has metastasized.”-Hal Jaffe

This “country” is a joke. While the septic tide of Third World disease and dysfunction washes over us we drown in an ocean of degeneracy and solipsistic narcissism. We are coming apart at the seams and all anyone seems to care about is how many adult-onset diabetes Hondurans we can jam into the country and if there are enough frizzy-haired mulattoes in superhero movies. According to the Pew Research Center, public trust in the government has declined from 73% of those surveyed in 1958 (when the United States was 89% white) to a pathetic 19% in 2015 (with the U.S. sitting at approximately 64% white).[1]

As I’ve written extensively, the country’s demographic transformation bears much of the burden for its atomization, diversity being a primary driver behind distrust, disunity, alienation, and general withdrawal from public life and community involvement. In such an environment, fleeting “pleasures” (or else means of escape) derived from consumption replace more healthy behaviors. We turn to the superficial in the futile search for some facsimile of a world that vanished decades ago. In this pre-packaged and commodified environment, where people’s alienation is only compounded by a deep suspicion of those around them and a fear of random acts of violence and pre-meditated terror—not to mention their purported villainy if they are white—the kind of family-less, community-less, identity-less “individual” that emerges is a grotesquerie of the like classical liberals and their ethos of individualism would not recognize.

These things are all of a piece. The broken homes, hyper-consumerism, and general ideological pliability are endemic to the black and brown races of the world, and while whites are being systematically replaced, it behooves the ruling class to get them to act as much like their future “constituents” as possible. With the U.S. population expected to add another one hundred million people over the next four decades—due almost exclusively to un-checked immigration and high non-white birth rates—we are on a collision course with a looming Malthusian nightmare. As Stefan Molyneux observed:


And he is absolutely right. I won’t rehash the specifics here, but the vast majority of the world’s environmental degradation and pollution comes from the Third World, India, and China.[2] Over-population, especially a population derived almost exclusively from these regions, makes the self-induced hellscape that is Haiti or  the Indian sub-continent or China or Indonesia or Myanmar an inevitability.[3] The infinite growth model of neo-liberalist economics is absolutely ruining the planet, and the Left, once a bastion of concern for Gaia, has abandoned all of its principles—including workers’ rights—for iPhones and Mac Books from China and designer clothes made in Bangladeshi and Sri Lankan sweatshops, where workers in the former make twenty-two cents an hour and in the latter fifty-four cents an hour. Content to LARP as “anarcho-communists” and assail anyone with the wrong views or pigment in the streets while the Republican establishment does nothing and the Democrat Party actively goads them on, the trust-fund Antifa shock troops unwittingly re-create the conditions of an even gayer (if that’s possible) Weimar Republic.

Meanwhile we are treated to brain-addled “takes” that the Left are the “real Nazis/racists/fascists” and no one does a goddamn thing. The closest resemblance to the brownshirts—the Proud Boys—were sold out by their leader and a number were arrested for defending themselves against unprovoked Antifa attacks. James Fields was crucified for the crime of driving while white and trying to escape Antifa attacking his car with bats and brandishing guns, sentenced to 419 years in prison despite the fact that his only possible “crime” revolves around a morbidly obese woman having a heart attack somewhere in the vicinity of Fields’s vehicle.  

These incidents are not confined to the United States, either. Much of the West is grappling with the same conditions. In October, German authorities arrested seven men and fabricated evidence framing them as an “anti-migrant Neo-Nazi terrorist cell.” In the United Kingdom—where nearly 3,400 people were arrested and detained for violating Section 127 of the Communications Act in the UK in 2016 alone—three young men, two of them teenagers, were detained last week on suspicion of “Neo-Nazi terrorism” for their Wrongthink.

Still, despite the preponderance of violence committed against the Right by its ideological opponents (and the sheer volume of violence visited upon unsuspecting whites courtesy of increasing “diversity”), the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has seen fit to further amplify the demonization of any whites who would dare take their own side already extant in the media, entertainment, academia, and the general cultural zeitgeist with the following libel:

The sprawling networks the alt-right has built around its poisonous, racist ideology have violence at its core in its pursuit of a white ethnostate. The white, male grievance culture that the leaders of the alt-right are incubating has already inspired more than 40 deaths and left more than 60 people injured. And unfortunately, the alt-right seems likely to inspire more, as it moves further into the real world. Its leaders continue to abdicate all responsibility for the violence their ideology inspires and are becoming increasingly recalcitrant in the face of widespread condemnation…As this study suggests, punctuated violence will continue. For the same vision of society that the alt-right promulgates—its externalization of blame that lands on a host of enemies seen to be in the ascendancy—also aligns with the indicators of mass violence.[4]

The vomiting-out of such bilge from an organization like the SPLC is of course unsurprising, but it is illustrative for a number of reasons, not least of which is that it telegraphs precisely where the Left is oriented. In addition to the legal warfare waged against us, as well as the street-level violence courtesy of Antifa and feral Third Worlders and the state-level violence perpetrated against law-abiding citizens, the entire state apparatus (driven in no small part by private enterprise) has been aligned against its own people.

People are literally going to die because Alex McNabb might have said a naughty word, but people are more deeply concerned with whether or not enough queer trans actresses of color received Screen Actors’ Guild nominations. In fact, tens of thousands of people are dying annually in America’s Heartland from opioids and by their own hands in deaths by despair and outside of Tucker Carlson, no one in the mainstream says a damn thing. China and its abysmal environmental and human rights record is ascendant and we worry about Russia. Speaking of Russia, Israel and Mexico actively meddle in our elections and there’s no outcry. Some Russian somewhere might’ve spent a couple thousand dollars on Facebook ads and it’s the subject of non-stop media coverage, hysteria, and a federal investigation for two years and counting. No investigations are launched when China and Israel steal military and trade secrets. Israel’s foreign policy de-stabilizes the entire Middle East and is directly responsible for the deaths and suffering of millions, but we worry about false flag chemical attacks. We finance the building and maintenance of walls in Tunisia, Jordan, Lebanon, and Egypt, but we can’t get one built here.

The time for serious action is now, or else, to quote the great Polish poet Zygmunt Krasinski:

“To the errors accumulated by their forefathers they added yet others which their forefathers knew not: hesitation and timidity. And so it came to pass that they vanished from the face of the earth, and ever since their vanishing there has been a great silence.”

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[2] For specifics, refer to my pieces here and here—the latter also addresses the deleterious effects of diversity in greater depth.

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[4] https://www.splcenter.org/20180205/alt-right-killing-people

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