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Nacho Typical Mexican? and Other Adventures in Immigration

Nacho Typical Mexican? and Other Adventures in Immigration

“Our cities will not be flooded with a million immigrants annually. Under the proposed bill, the present level of immigration remains substantially the same…Secondly, the ethnic mix of the country will not be upset.”-Senator Edward Kennedy regarding the 1965 Hart-Celler Act

“Total quota immigration is now 156,782; under the proposed bill it would rise to 164,482.”-Senator Robert F. Kennedy regarding the 1965 Hart-Celler Act

This obsession with mass immigration only makes sense in the context of an infinite growth model with gross domestic product as the sole metric of economic health, and even then, it is flimsy at best. A January 15th report titled “Do Mature Economies Grow Exponentially?” by a trio of German researchers states: “Our findings cast doubts on the widespread belief of exponential growth,” concluding that the basic assumption of open borders lackeys that “economic growth must always be exponential growth” is fundamentally wrong. Edwin S. Rubenstein explains:

Immigrant workers increase U.S. GDP, but the vast bulk of the gain goes to the immigrants themselves: only 2% goes to native-born Americans. By increasing the number of workers in the economy, immigration lowers the wages of native-born workers...  If per capita GDP depended on a rising population, Africa, Latin America, Indonesia, and the Philippines would be rich…GDP does indeed rise when new immigrants enter the labor force. But living standards are best measured by per capita, not total, GDP. Per capita income falls if immigrants are less educated, productive, motivated – and earn less – than natives. This is the case in the U.S., as seen in the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ (BLS) latest survey of the immigrant workforce…My own research…estimates that the foreign-born population cost the federal government $346 billion in FY2007. That translates to about 13% of that year’s federal outlays – $9,100 per immigrant.[1]

That number has surely risen, and it is even higher than that reported by the Federation for American Immigration Reform or the National Economics Editorial. According to the World Bank, last year “migrants” in the West sent home $466 billion! 57 percent of household headed by Dominican immigrants in 2004 used at least one major welfare program; 43 percent of Mexicans took advantage of at least one welfare program; and about a third of the households headed by immigrants from Central America, Cuba and Columbia use the welfare system. In contrast only 18 percent of native households receive welfare assistance. In 2010, remittances from workers in the US amounted to 2.1% of Mexican GDP. Victor Davis Hanson has a great solution—tax these remittances and use them to fund the wall. On average, only 6.5% of legal immigrants have skills deemed “essential” to the US economy (in some years, such as 2009, that number has dipped below 6%). About 60% of immigrants to the United States come as a result of “family re-unification”—chain migration.

As a consequence, according to the latest Census Bureau data, almost half of all residents in America’s five largest cities do not speak English at home, with Los Angeles “leading” at 59% (and an astronomical 90% in East Los Angeles). 67 million people in this country do not speak English at home—a number almost triple that of 1980. This amounts to over one-fifths of “Americans” who are estranged from the most basic of shared national bonds, that of language. 44% of California’s school-age children speak a foreign language at home. Unsurprisingly, as Spencer P. Morrison writes:

Although California spends $88.3 billion on its K-12 public education system, its schools are among the worst in the country.  Not only does California have one of the highest student-to-teacher ratios in America—35 percent above the national average—but per-pupil spending has been decreasing steadily. A recent study ranked California’s K-12 public education system as the 37th worst in the Union in terms of educational quality, and 49th in terms of school safety.  That is, California’s schools not only provide students with middling educations in reading and arithmetic, but they’re also dangerous, violent places.  Many high schools are little more than publicly-funded gang-academies…Academics attribute the problems to a plethora of marginally relevant factors, like difficulties in raising taxes—which I assure you is not a problem—a lack of federal funding, and of course racism…Given the proportion of illegal aliens and anchor babies relative to the broader student body, we can conclude that illegal aliens and their children consume $17.4 billion in additional educational costs…[Further,] Texas spends $7.9 billion educating illegal immigrants annually.[2]

This is, unfortunately, just a drop in the bucket. Mass Third World immigration is costing Americans trillions of dollars over the course of their lifetimes to say nothing of the deterioration of the social fabric of this country. As Edwin S. Rubenstein explains, immigration restriction benefits both the average and the struggling American and reduces the extreme disparity between rich and poor the Left used to at least claim to care about:

The Roaring Twenties marked the start of a forty-year period during which ordinary workers got richer while the rich got relatively poorer. After an early recession, unemployment dropped below 5% and stayed below that level for most of the decade. Americans found themselves sharing broadly similar lifestyles in a way not seen since before the Civil War. Amazingly, only about 500,000 legal immigrants entered the U.S. during the whole of the 1930s. And only about a million entered in the 1940s — including World War II refugees. The post-war era saw a return to the 156,700 per year cap on legal immigration.[3]

Contrary to the blatant lies by the politicians at the top of this article, the lifting of the immigration cap in 1965 with the Hart-Celler Act (also known as the Immigration Act) did flood the cities with a million immigrants annually—more in fact—and it did upset the demographic balance of this country. In 1965 we were 84% white. In 2018, we are 61%. The country we once knew is already basically gone; imagine in thirty years when we are projected to be 45% of the population. 80% of non-whites voted for Barack Obama. We know how that “experiment” went; what happens when that becomes the new normal? Try teaching a classroom full of blacks about the Founding Fathers and the Constitution and see how fast your civ-nat illusions die.

Despite John Derbyshire’s assertion that we should form an “Arctic Alliance” with like-minded Asians, their political beliefs are similar to, if not more Left-leaning, than Hispanics, despite often being victimized by the affirmative action policies that privilege under-qualified blacks and browns. Once again, it appears that race is the common denominator. Wish fulfillment can no longer form the basis of political policy for this country if it wants to continue to exist. I would argue that, as it stands, it basically doesn’t already.

There’s an inherent contradiction in the Leftist notions of diversity and communistic inter-changeability. If all people are basically the same—equal if you like—then why do we need diversity? And why do Leftists pine for the day when whites become a minority in America, magically erasing all “racism” and inequality between groups? If diversity is a strength then why is one of the justifications for forcing it almost exclusively on white countries (though it appears Japan may be targeted next) from non-white countries “revenge for colonialism”? Surely depriving whites of the abundant benefits of diversity would be a greater punishment?

What it boils down to is that “diversity” is trading a dollar for a nickel and calling it a profit. There is, at this point, no difference between St. Louis, Missouri, and St. Louis, Senegal. According to Joe Biden, Trump supporters are “the dregs of society”; he might want to re-consider as it’s not Trump supporters engaged in human trafficking or subverting the Constitution or who are responsible for 52.5% of homicides in this country despite constituting just 13% of the population. Those would be Biden and Obama supporters, or more commonly known as illegal aliens, dual citizens, and blacks. Those would be the people the Left tells you are more American than you are.

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