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If Diversity Is the Only Casualty // Livin’ La Vida Loca

If Diversity Is the Only Casualty // Livin’ La Vida Loca

“It is a general rule of modern politics that the vociferousness of ‘liberals’ is directly proportional to their ignorance of the subject under discussion.”-Revilo P. Oliver

“The ‘melting-pot’ has turned out to be more of a garbage pail.-George Lincoln Rockwell

On September 20th, a transgendered black woman named Snochia Moseley opened fire in a Rite-Aid distribution center, killing four, including herself, and wounding three others. In a harrowing realization of General Casey’s response to the Fort Hood massacre—“As horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that’s worse”—diversity, in this instance, was the only casualty. Besides Moseley, the three dead were: Brindra Giri, a Nepalese immigrant; Sunday Aguda, a Nigerian immigrant; and Hayleen Reyes, a Dominican immigrant. The three wounded were: Hassan Mitchell, a local black man; Wilfredo Vallegas, Hispanic (immigration status: unknown); and Purna Acharya, Hindu (immigration status: unknown).

As you can see, echoing Tariq Nasheed, white supremacy in this country is deadly, and it is literally killing—massacring—people of color, their spark of divinity snuffed out. The day before Moseley’s shooting, a disgruntled Asian man shot up his workplace in Wisconsin. You may recall that earlier this year Iranian immigrant Nasim Aghdam opened fire on the YouTube campus, or that a Hispanic Jew decided to massacre a number of his classmates in Florida. The shooting—like so many others that do not fit the Second Amendment lunatic white male narrative—will quickly drop out of media coverage, just like the New Mexico jihadist compound, but there is a genuine conversation to be had here about both mental health overall and as it pertains to transgenderism, as well as the consequences of diversity, especially in urban areas where incidence rates of mental illness are far higher than in rural areas to begin with.

Will this conversation be allowed, though? Of course not. The facts are simply too damning. Donald Trump is right: Mexico (and Honduras, and Guatemala, and El Salvador…) are not sending their best. Despite being outnumbered three-to-one in population, Hispanics are the perpetrators in a massive 71% of Hispanic-white interracial violent crimes against women. 50% of the 1.7 million refugees accepted to the United States since 2008 are high school drop-outs and 56% are on food stamps. Roughly one-third have no insurance. So that’s how the government is using the “safety net” that is welfare—treating your country and your labor as the world’s largest charity against your will. You are financing your own dispossession and probable bankruptcy at gun-point. Previously eradicated diseases and STDs are on the rise, and in 2008, Congress voted to lift a ban on accepting HIV-positive immigrants.

Non-white, non-traditional (gay, transgendered, etc.) voters represent 53% of the Democratic Party voter base. The Democrats’ political platform consists of self-righteousness, freakishness and degeneracy, and whatever will harm whites the most. They caused the epidemic yet they call us sick. As regards diversity specifically, if it’s such a strength, then why, in conjunction with whites becoming a minority in London and Toronto, did their homicide rates “suddenly” eclipse those of New York City? Did someone just pump the drinking water full of lead? How many acid attacks were there in London in 1940? 1960? 1980? You get my point.

Think about this rationally for a second: in what other context would you willingly—gleefully—accept someone else’s “wretched refuse”? Let’s say you’re at a restaurant and you have the choice between the New York Strip and a bowl of probably-expired “mystery meat.” Which do you choose?

What world do we live in where Moslems are considered not just victims but a privileged class in this country? Last time I checked, they were the ones who first tried to unsuccessfully blow up the World Trade Center in 1993 and then hijacked a couple of planes to finish the job eight years later, flying another into the Pentagon for good measure. Only the heroes of Flight 93 prevented even further tragedy. Let us also not forget the aforementioned Fort Hood, or San Bernardino, or Orlando, but a woefully incomplete “Moslem ban” is somehow controversial?

Politicians are often quick to say, “That’s not who we are,” but who are we, exactly, beyond the syrupy, and ultimately empty, platitudes? For Conservatism, Inc., nothing is saved, not even face. They’ll never get the approval from the Left they so desperately crave and they’ll still be vilified and pilloried as “haters.” The idea that our motivations can be reduced to simply “hate” is absurdly infantile, but by the same token you’d scarcely be human to read about Rotherham or Newcastle or Rochdale and not feel a boiling, vengeful rage. We keep hearing about a “Moslem back-lash,” and it’s frankly shocking there hasn’t been one already. Perhaps this speaks to our restraint, but more depressingly it might just signal our resignation. To quote Revilo P. Oliver:

All our efforts will be futile, unless we succeed in doing what no nation before us has ever done—succeed in reversing the process of demoralization and decay and in recreating a national morality and morale—standards of personal conduct and self-discipline that will be accepted without debate by all Americans, except, of course, the underworld of human refuse that seems biologically inevitable, but which healthy societies know how to quarantine and render socially and politically powerless…If we are not to succumb to the unmen that have captured the capitals of our world, we of the West must somehow regain the cultural certainty and the spiritual strength that, until a few decades ago, made Occidental civilization an imperative by which Occidental men were willing to live and for which they were willing to die…We in America must again have faith—an unyielding and unquestioning faith—in ourselves, in our values, in our strength. For without that faith, we are lost, and no syllogisms will save us. Without that faith, we are men standing helpless on the bridge of a sinking ship and our voices are lost in the rush of the wind and the infinite loneliness of a darkling sea.  

I’m here to tell you—“Democrats are the real racists” is not a winning strategy. While this is indubitably true given the definition of racism as it was understood until recently, the goal-posts have moved. Such futile spitting in the wind is not only ineffective, choosing that as your hill to die on belies the fact that you are accepting the Left’s basic premises and agreeing to do battle, even if honorably, on their terms. The Democrat leadership doesn’t care that they’re hypocrites or that they treat non-whites as scarcely human. Similarly, think of the children remains a staple of the Left-wing playbook unless of course we’re discussing unborn fetuses being vacuumed out of irresponsible women’s uteruses to be sold for parts or white working class British girls being groomed and raped by Pakistani Moslems. To quote Alan Craig:

I’m talking about the decades of abuse, grooming, assaulting, raping, drugging of underage girls up and down the country. I’m talking about something that has happened outside schools, outside children’s homes, in shopping malls, quite openly in public up and down the country in towns and cities. What has happened over the last decade is nothing less – and I use this word advisedly – a holocaust. It has been a holocaust of our children, of our daughters.

Do you think avowed “feminists” actually care about “sisterhood” when it comes to class consciousness? Come on. The British pop star Lily Allen’s reaction to the grooming of her country’s vulnerable and impoverished and working-class girls was met with a shrug: “They would’ve been raped by someone else anyway,” was her reply. Their biological sex, sorry, gender, is naught but a weapon. To say nothing of appeals to chivalry while simultaneously lambasting white males, what do you think is going on with the 11th-hour sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh? And by the way, if you had any doubt whatsoever that the entire globalist establishment is against us, consider the fact that Amnesty International just issued a plea to Congress to delay the confirmation vote of Brett Kavanaugh. This is outrageous but entirely predictable.

We just need to have better arguments, though, right? Well we do. Vastly superior. The Left is a wasteland of vacuity, consumerism, and a noxious brew of relativistic, post-modern dross. But they have power, literally almost all the power in the world. In this case the “marketplace of ideas,” no matter how atrocious and destructive, is a monopoly. If that is indeed the case, and social media for example doesn’t just hew Left but is radically Left and censors accordingly, then is there not a libertarian case for regulating social media as a public utility to ensure our First Amendment rights are protected? It has become a common trope on the Right to shred “muh principles” libertarianism, but it isn’t wrong to hold to those principles, otherwise we’re no different than the dystopian Leviathan we’re throwing ourselves against. That said, conflating principles with inflexibility or an unwillingness to approach a novel problem with a novel solution means a guaranteed defeat. We’re better and we’re smarter than that, even if most of our leaders don’t reflect this. What we need to understand, though, is that this fight is eternal; returning to Revilo P. Oliver:

The simple fact is that barbarism is the natural state of man…Occidental civilization, it is true, has shown itself more resistant than the great aggregates that Eric Voegelin calls the cosmological empires. A literature of the mind and spirit can survive the sack of cities, and a living tradition runs unbroken from Homer to our own day. But no one needs to be reminded how precarious has been that survival; how often the vital thread was all but snapped off; how brief in our three thousand years were the ages of greatness; how quickly the glory of the creative spirit passed from Athens and Rome. The West has always been a comparatively small clearing in the wilderness. At every hour of its history the barbarian world, vast, prolific, brutish, patient, and eternal, has encompassed the area of civilization, and has scarcely been disturbed by the outposts of the most far-flung empires. The nomads of the desert grinned derisively and waited while the Macedonian phalanx, the Roman legions, and the British regiments marched over the ruins of Nineveh and into the past.

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