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Jim “Muh Holocaust”-a

Jim “Muh Holocaust”-a

“Nationalism defining country as blood and soil goes hand in hand with anti-Semitism (see Hungary, Poland, Italy). Jews (and other non-Christians and nonwhites) are thus cast as aliens.”-Jennifer Rubin

“’Soros’ is shorthand for ‘the Jews’ and anyone who has ever said anything about Soros has blood on their hands.”-Nathaniel Friedman

“I do not believe that this primal difference between gentile and Jew is reconcilable. You and we may come to an understanding, never to a reconciliation. There will be irritation between us as long as we are in intimate contact. For nature and constitution and vision divide us from all of you forever.”-Maurice Samuel

Tragedy struck yesterday afternoon when a lone gunman entered a synagogue in Pennsylvania and began firing with the express purpose of killing as many Jews as possible. What his actual motivations were, if any beyond psychopathy, time will tell, but what was most illustrative was the reaction by the commentariat to said shooting. It did not match the timbre of the church shooting in San Antonio this time last year, for example, which was over twice as lethal. Similarly, the Parkland, Florida high school shooting was covered ad nauseam, but the Santa Fe, Texas shooting a few months later barely registered. Why? The answer is of the utmost importance.

This is of course not to minimize any of these tragedies by playing a tit-for-tat kind of game or engaging in “whatabout-ism.” It is simply a frank discussion of the reality that the media class and the interests it represents have an agenda that is not just at odds with that of the American nation and its people, but diametrically opposed to it.

Consider this: what traditional Western culture deems to be immoral is not necessarily what others cultures would consider to be so. This might seem like an elementary point, but it’s one worth making. The Moslems do not see the taqiyyah, or deception, as immoral; they see it as divinely-sanctioned in order to further the interests of Islam. Similarly, the cosmopolitan wing of the Jews, with their intense in-group preferences, do not find it immoral to manipulate the goyim. In fact, many believe that their life is worth that of 10,000 Gentiles.

We need to be extremely careful about foisting our values and expectations on others. This is the one thing the multi-cultural ideology gets right, although the application is obviously erroneous. Rather than demonizing ourselves for having natural cultural and social—civilizational—expectations of others who come to our countries to put down roots, we should be engaged in self-criticism to see where we might be engaged in wish-fulfillment as opposed to rational appraisals. Sure, it would be nice if the multitudes of refugees fleeing conflict were grateful for being offered safe haven, and were eager to assimilate should they be allowed to stay (side note: refugee status should not necessarily be an open-ended invitation), but this is often not the case, and this is with genuine refugees. How many “migrants” simply parasitize their gracious host nations with little consideration to the native populace toiling away to pay their taxes which in turn lavishly fund “welfare” for these aliens? For Revilo P. Oliver:

It is meaningless to talk of “injustice” to individuals. It is one of the simple facts of life on this planet that members of a race or nation must usually participate in the common fate of the group to which they belong. The German children whom we burned to death in Dresden and other cities can have been guilty only of having been born in a nation that could not stand off the rest of the world and that had been so simple-minded as to assume that the British and Americans had honor or humanity when serving in a Jewish Holy War.

After Spain wrestled control of its nation from Moslems and Jewish collaborators, she entered into a golden age, conquering entire continents and driving literary innovation in the form of the picaresque novel. Free to pursue our own destiny, Westerns are nearly unstoppable, save our Achilles Heel: ourselves. We are more sentimental and easily-appealed-to than other races, and thus more susceptible to such saccharine sentiments as we’re presently seeing employed to justify Third World colonization of the West via “refugees” and asylum-seekers. The immigration "argument" is all pathos, all empty calories.

In various permutations, we’ve long felt ourselves burdened by a duty for global uplift, from the paternalism of colonialism to the new colonialism of the West’s “browning.” The various internal contradictions are never interrogated—if “equality” was in fact universal then why should the Haitians, who seized self-determination on the backs of a white genocide—need to flood Canada, America, and France? If it’s due somehow to our “oppression,” why go from the frying pan into the fire? Nevertheless, Haiti’s self-induced nightmare is somehow our problem. Forgive me if I have little sympathy for a people who have done this to themselves and have such little self-respect and introspection that they come crying to the whites whose ancestors they butchered and whose pernicious colonialism has supposedly arrested the entire black world.

But-but-but!” the universalist stammers. “A history of racism, systemic oppression, slavery, Jim Crow, Emmett Till…” Many whites arrived in the colonies not just as debtors, criminals, and indentured servants, but slaves, too, folks. And the mortality rates, particularly in places like Bermuda, were astronomical. You don’t hear us complaining about it, or even talking about it much, because frankly it is embarrassing. It is not a source of pride or virtue. But in today’s society, grievance-mongering is quite lucrative and enough whites are suckers for it that it continues. To quote Lothrop Stoddard, it is “short-sighted philanthropy which penalizes the thrifty and the self-respecting elements to coddle the charity-seeking and the improvident…[This] makes life impossible for the educated American, whose home is the stronghold of our national traditions.”

In addition to crushing whites under onerous taxation and cost-of-living, the economic policies of the Democrats compound the existing biological disparities between the races, making a bad situation worse. For example, while it is true that welfare incentivized single-parenthood, and all races have been affected, blacks have been “hit” hardest. Why? There are several explanations. One is that since blacks have high time preference, the “short-cut” of immediate and steady welfare payments beats finding a life-long mate, building a family, obtaining the necessary schooling and working long hours to advance in a chosen field, growing a nest egg, making investments, and all of the things that make for a middle- to upper-class existence. When you equalize for environmental factors, in this case where the government steps in and becomes a kind of “uniform” mate, biological predispositions express themselves more strongly. Contrast today’s welfare state with the period before the Great Society programs—blacks were married at a higher percentage than whites. On the flip side, it must be absolutely brutal for black women to find a suitable partner of the same race. There are two-and-a-half times more white male-black female marriages than there are white female-black male marriages, though that may in fact be a function of, once again, the unsuitability of most black men to remain committed partners. 92% of biracial children with black fathers are born out of wedlock and 82% end up on government assistance.

I’m actually appalled at the level of entitlement many blacks and other minorities feel, as if we owe them something. If anything, with our onerous taxes and lengthy commutes due to the fact that they’ve created an uninhabitable blast radius in and around most major cities, they owe us, not to mention the fact that we have to put up with incessant bitching about non-existent (toward them) “institutional racism” in a country that was not built by or for them (had Lincoln lived they most likely would’ve been re-patriated).

In the United States, the ever-expanding income tax, made permanent with what Revilo P. Oliver called “the White Slave Act” (the 16th Amendment) in 1913, plus all of the assorted other taxes and costs—financial and otherwise—has in fact reduced whites to dhimmitude, funding not just the various whims of government but the white, productive tax payers’ own dispossession. Every single Western nation that has opened itself to immigration is using the native population against itself in this way. It is unconscionable and should be cause for immediate revolution. I can think of no higher indignity than being forced to work for not just your own demise, but that of your family, community, nation, and civilization.

According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Spain needs five-and-a-half million additional “migrants” to pay for its pensions, despite the fact that the country’s youth unemployment is 34%—which amounts to about 3.5 million Spaniards. Incidentally, the IMF—which has basically “foreclosed” on a number of countries in order to assume influence and direct their future policies as a “precaution,” often resulting in economy-crippled austerity programs imposed from above, as in Greece and the Ukraine—is in no small part a Jewish “Good Ole Boys” Club. With deep ties to Goldman Sachs (Jews Jacob Lew, Larry Summers, and Robert Rubin are all former IMF heads) and the US Federal Reserve, all roads eventually lead to the global Jewish banking cartel.

A people without a nation is nothing, doomed to wander the wilderness. Here the Jews are strangers as in Egypt, from which Yahweh delivered the Chosen People and visited the Ten Plagues on Egypt. Divine Providence hath seen fit to prepare Palestine for the Jews after the Holocaust, and it sits waiting. Yet the Diaspora stubbornly remains, negatively impacting the homelands of the goyim, working to dispossess them of their homelands, to make them strangers in their own homes, to turn them into a Diaspora people themselves. Why is this? Shall we be divested of our nation for the sins of others? I’m speaking of course of the mis-attribution of the guilt for slavery and economic exploitation to whites for what was predominantly done by Jews. From user dodecahydra on Steemit:

Although it is illegal in 17 countries (Austria, Belgium, Canada, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Switzerland and Romania) to even investigate the actual history of Jewish persecution (name one other race that is allowed to throw you in prison for simply examining its history) today in America, black and white peoples are being led into a race war that has been strategically fostered by group C feeding disinformation to both groups A and B.  If either race is to rise above it for the betterment of their people, both will have to realize the ways in which they have been manipulated in order to unite against the true common enemy: Zionism.[1]

Jewish arrogance is typified by the Talmudic assertion that Roman Emperor Titus was killed by a fly going up his nose into his brain dispatched by God in divine retribution for burning down the Temple in 70 AD, clearly neglecting that it was in fact the Jews who initiated the rebellion in Judea. Further, there is some evidence that the fire in Rome so commonly attributed to Nero was in fact started by a disaffected and obscure sect of Jews. Jewish behavior, then as now, has remained remarkably consistent. Quoting Tacitus:

Among the Jews all things are profane that we hold sacred; on the other hand they regard as permissible what seems to us immoral (my emphasis)…The other practices of the Jews are sinister and revolting, and have entrenched themselves by their very wickedness. Wretches of the most abandoned kind who had no use for the religion of their fathers took to contributing dues and free-will offerings to swell the Jewish exchequer; and other reasons for their increasing wealth may be found in their stubborn loyalty and ready benevolence towards brother Jews. But the rest of the world they confront with the hatred reserved for enemies…They have introduced the practice of circumcision to show that they are different from others. Proselytes to Jewry adopt the same practices, and the very first lesson they learn is to despise the gods [and] shed all feelings of patriotism (also my emphasis).

The repurposed phrase “America First” is like Nazi nails on a chalkboard to the Left, and the authors also note the ignominious past of its being the committee of non-interventionist “anti-Semite” Charles Lindbergh, American hero, who said in 1941, “The Jews’ greatest danger to this country lies in their large ownership and influence in our motion pictures, our press, our radio, and our government.” One crucial distinction to be made between sons and daughters of the Occident and the Jews is that Jews have, through in-group preference, (relative) isolation, and policing of their closed communities retained the essence of their origin in the Middle East, what Lawrence R. Brown would call “Levantine culture.” Their worldview is fundamentally different from ours, and it must be understood as such if we ever hope to combat the more pernicious aspects of their ideology that have infected our society. That the Jews often LARP as “fellow whites” in order to speak “on behalf” of whites and discredit some legitimate position or else affect communal guilt—and then shed the white identity when it no longer serves said purpose—makes our task that much more difficult, but it is by no means impossible. Besides, we can play that game, too. If the Jews want to declare themselves white then by definition anti-Semitism cannot exist, as Semitic peoples are not European.

Nevertheless, such deceptions are common from a people who have a disproportionate control over information dissemination. For example, 78% of all slave-trading vessels in the United States were owned by Jews, which explains in no small part the heavily-concentrated percentage of Jews in New York’s loud objection to the cessation of slavery. The profits were sure to suffer. Similarly, though Italian mafiosos are typically associated with bootlegging during Prohibition—courtesy in no small part from Al Capone’s notoriety—it was actually Jews who were disproportionately in control of organized crime during this time period. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Meyer Wolfsheim character in The Great Gatsby is a very accurate representation.

The Jews are extremely savvy in their mis-direction, concealing of identities, and foisting unwarranted guilt on others, particularly whites. They are also highly adept at camouflaging their true intentions behind a positive-PR smoke screen, which is then disseminated through their near-total control of the media. As one page straight out of the Adolf Hitler Eugenics Playbook, Steve Sailer states:

American Jews spent a fortune importing some Ethiopians to Israel so they could assert that some Jews are black. Israeli Jews quickly shot the Ethiopians up with long-term contraceptives and cut their birth rate in half.[2]

Isn’t that just a little…racist? Not, apparently, if you’ve been ejected from over one thousand locales throughout your history because “anti-Semitism” just “spontaneously happens” with no rhyme or reason! Oh to be the Chosen Persecuted Minority! Quoting Richard E. Harwood:

The statement which certainly robs the Stangl memoirs of any vestige of authenticity is his alleged reply when asked why he thought the Jews were being exterminated [in the Holocaust]: “They wanted the Jews’ money,” is the answer. “That racial business was just secondary.” The series of interviews are supposed to have ended on a highly dubious note indeed. When asked whether he thought there had been “any conceivable sense in this horror,” the former Nazi commandant supposedly replied with enthusiasm: “Yes, I am sure there was. Perhaps the Jews were meant to have this enormous jolt to pull them together; to create a people; to identify themselves with each other.” One could scarcely imagine a more perfect answer had it been invented.


[1] https://steemit.com/racism/@dodecahydra/we-thought-they-were-white-an-african-american-apologizes-for-misattributed-perceptions-of-white-racism-against-blacks

[2] http://takimag.com/article/israels_fertility_policy_bears_fruit_steve_sailer/#axzz5OVrCU91u

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