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“We’re Gonna Eat You Out (Of House and Home)!”: On Libertines and “Refugees”

“We’re Gonna Eat You Out (Of House and Home)!”: On Libertines and “Refugees”

This is the Enlightened Age, life in the fast lane of the Information Superhighway! Here in this glorious future some silicon, copper, and flashing lights have enraptured a generation; they venerate the vulgar, consume with impropriety, and disdain health, wisdom, and strength. A culture that worships youth will have perpetual amnesia, and one that exalts in superficialities is not long for this world. Ours is truly a pitiful society where popular culture is nothing more than an open sewer, its music a funeral dirge, and its virtues nihilism, decadence, and ignorance, all painted over with a bright rainbow of tolerance-at-gunpoint.

Sexual assault allegations have become weaponized against the Left’s racial and ideological foes. Pathos and pathology have drowned reason, empiricism, and ethics. The only standard is to lower. You can only equalize down; greatness is anathema to Leftism. The Democrat Party’s platform consists of abortions on demand, gulags for dissenters, and infinity Third World immigrants. To compassionate, to empathize, we must strengthen ourselves through diversity, through a fanatical fever dream of “equality” by enveloping the huddled and shivering masses in our warm embrace of consumerism. We must save them from themselves, and in so doing, we will become richer and more spiritually pristine! The engineers of the future with eight-grade educations, no impulse control, and a bad case of rickets are the future that will take us deep into the cosmos! Nancy Pelosi of all people should know—one small spark of divinity is enough to start a massive forest fire! These are the gifts: according to a State Department report, from 2005-2014, the United States spent $96.6 billion on refugees, which rises to $126 billion when officials count the extra cost of paying for the refugees’ spouses and children. As Neil Munro writes:

The $126 billion bill is just for programs managed by the Department of Health and Human Services. It excludes additional taxpayers’ spending via state programs, as well as federal spending on Social Security, education, and housing programs, plus tax credits…The huge cost adds up to $670 per working American, not counting the hard-to-assess costs of crowded schoolrooms, flooded labor markets, civic diversity, and shifts in political power away from Americans. The massive spending will continue because the vast majority of the 606,000 refugees remain in the United States, mostly in low-skilled jobs, and will age into retirement. Since 2014, former President Barack Obama imported an additional 155,000 refugees.

Also from the State Department report:

Among refugees age 18 or older who had lived in the United States between 4.5 and 6.5 years, 53 percent spoke English “not well” or “not at all,” based on self-assessments…Respondents age 25 or older averaged 8.7 years of education before arrival; about half did not have a high school diploma upon arrival; and 29 percent of refugees age 25 or older listed their prior educational attainment as “none.” Among respondents age 18 and older, 16 percent were pursuing a degree of some kind, with most seeking high school equivalency.

To deny such vibrant diversity can only impoverish us, and can only mean a death sentence to the global throngs living in their own excreta. Without abolishing our borders, millions will die of disease and starvation. That said, if the migrants are so destitute, why do they all have iPhones and Nikes? Why are most of the illegal aliens crossing the US border so fat if they’re starving to death? The most obese countries in the world are almost all in the Pacific Ocean, the Middle East, and Latin America. Additionally, quoting Ann Corcoran, “A British report says 700,000 migrants are piled up in Libya waiting for the next boat to Europe. The question no one asks: Where do these poor people get the thousands of dollars to pay smugglers?” The same question can be asked for the untold number of people illegally crossing our southern border. Do you ever get the sense you’re being lied to?

There is nary a scintilla of truth to what they’re selling us, and all of the evidence we have contradicts the claims—slogans, really—emanating from the rainbow-colored globalist tyranny. Look, no “white supremacist” society would feed and house tens of millions of non-contributing aliens at great cost, including that of even reproducing themselves. And of course the exhortations to consume and copulate are reflected back at them by the high time preference, low impulse control “muh genitalia” ethos of blacks and browns commissioned to plug-and-play their role in the media-entertainment complex. Once whites have been replaced, there won’t be a need to force-feed them propaganda in order to get them to mimic the degeneracy of the darker-hued enrichment. The utopia of hyper-consumerism will be complete—for the vulgar masses.

These “values” don’t quite extend to the neo-aristocracy pushing them on the general public, though. Sure they luxuriate in nihilistic degeneracy themselves—virtually bathe in it, really—but they are ensconced in the failsafe of financial capital and numerous investments and in-group networking and nepotism, and are safe from the ramifications of the “diversity” they advocate for with their secure and homogeneous living arrangements. In short, they can have their cake and eat it, too, which is not too difficult when you’re the architects of the economic conditions that have produced 174% household growth for the richest 1% of Americans over the past several decades and have been openly waging war on the middle class. As Tucker Carlson says, “These are people with HBS degrees who worked at McKinsey, they’re way better than you and much smarter…but what’s so interesting is, you see a lot of revolutions…and they’re almost always waged on behalf of the working class. Have you ever seen a revolution like this one waged against the working class?” Ironically, despite their pretensions, as Lou Dobbs responded to Carlson:

They think of themselves as the literati when in fact they’re more Gotti than literati. And further truth is, they are ill-mannered sops and many of them just outright ideological hacks. So, I have no idea how they got the idea that this was some sort of festival, unless they’re celebrating their inadequacy to chronicle our times and to enlarge our minds. It is a farce…These people are not revolutionaries; they’re far too orthodox, they’re far too mediocre in their own imaginings. And frankly, they can’t escape themselves and their base, crass, and yes, vulgar obsessions. These are people completely consumed by grievance, by identity and group to the point that they have lost any sense of individual responsibility or individual right. There are authoritarian to the point of being not socialist, communist. They want to be Marxist…and by the way their desires are coming true. What they are doing is ignoring truth, ignoring values, ignoring any sort of fidelity to decency. And what they have become is frankly unspeakably ugly and awful and threatening to the very Republic.

I’ve said this before, but it’s a point worth reiterating: if this grand experiment in diversity succeeds, we’ll have successfully re-created what we had before in terms of cohesion, social capital, and prosperity but with a lot of different-looking people. If it fails, we will have destroyed ourselves. So this naturally begs the question if the upside is to be back where we started, why undertake the “experiment” in the first place? Clearly, then, the “diversity” project is not based on sound, logical premises, which would give any right-thinking person pause. No, it is based on ideological principles and done only in the name of greed and malice, despite the supposed GDP-boosting and cuisine-option-expanding window-dressing, and that is terrifying. Ideologues cannot be reasoned with; we know empirically and incontrovertibly that diversity is a destroyer yet we carry on. There can then be only one conclusion: this is being done to us, not for us, though we are allowing it to happen. Thus, the ultimate question: do we have the self-respect and the wherewithal to put a stop to it?

“We, who have constructed and put into operation a machine for the sacrifice of our posterity to Baal, cannot plead that what we are doing is novel and untried. If we Americans permit the machine to go on running, then we either have chosen to become extinct or we belong to a species equipped with brains of such limited capacity that it has become biologically obsolete.”-Revilo P. Oliver

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