Prepare your anus, you’re about to get a red pill suppository.

Once You Pop, The Fun Don’t Stop!

Once You Pop, The Fun Don’t Stop!

“We are breeding and training a generation of jazzed-up, negroidal, neutered queers.-George Lincoln Rockwell

“There’s been some horrible mistake. 
I’m a proud, God-fearing, registered Democrat.

This is all some elaborate scheme and it will be cleared up 
When the governor beckons for me. 
He’ll clear my name.”
-Every Time I Die, “Godspeed Us to Sea”

The Left demands complete ideological conformity on pain of having everything stripped away from you, and yet, this “movement” is a mess of contradictions which by rights should negate anything that comes from their mouths, but it doesn’t. I’m old enough to remember when the Left was savagely anti-globalist and would rightly protest the predations of the IMF, the WTO, and other tentacles of global finance. Seems these folks have completely forgotten about combating globalism, discarded on the side of the road along with Tibet and saving the rainforest. Instead, the Left is committed to obliterating safe-guards of freedom and security and transforming the culture into an open sewer. These are not serious people, though the ramifications of their ideology are deadly serious. To quote Jim Goad, “I thought we were going to get enlightenment and all we got was more vaudeville.”

With the result of every Democratic primary comes what should not be a revelation to anyone paying attention—the PoC golems fashioned by the J-Left and the squishy neo-liberals have come to drag the Triangulators down to their collectivist hell. On the Republican side, we have little but milquetoast tax-cutters and “that’s not who we are” platitudes. White liberals and “cuckservatives” will no longer have the luxury of the LARP-ing and fatuous play-acting they currently amuse themselves with if and when we fall off the post-white cliff. They’ll be maligned and demonized the same way anyone right of Bernie Sanders presently is. As those of us in the real world understand, it doesn’t matter if you’re a “radical individualist,” a libertarian, a “shitlib,” or a fascist if your country turns into South Africa and your epidermis is melanin-impoverished. Your Master’s thesis on Malcolm X won’t save you from being tortured, maimed, and killed. Even the most craven self-abasement and attempts at appeasement will not exempt you—ask David French how that’s working out for him. As Nick Fuentes wrote: 

Minorities have been engaged in overt tribalism for decades in this country, everybody knows that! The [Conservatism, Inc. crowd] never attack the ADL, CAIR, La Raza, or any of the rest. What Paul Ryan and company mean to say is that they oppose white people standing up for their own interests.

The Social Justice Warriors, comprised chiefly of whom Revilo P. Oliver described as, “sexually frustrated women, publicity-seeking dervishes, and utterly unscrupulous politicians,” have long been the willing “front-persons” for various corrosive movements in the last century-plus. Put simply, they are treasonous collaborators. Granted many know not what they do, or not the full extent of it perhaps, but the effect is the same. Each and every vector of anti-Western thought has a common source working covertly and increasingly overtly to shatter Western civilization and its people. This is the group primarily responsible for the modern condition of post-liberalism, the group behind the secular religion that is “Social Justice” and the Ten Post-Liberalist Commandments:

1.     Thou Shalt Not Notice

2.     Thou Shalt Not Acknowledge that Whites Have Legitimate Interests

3.     Thou Shalt Fetishize, Exalt, and Venerate the Inferior and Denigrate Thine Own Culture

4.     Thou Shalt Place Colored People Above Opprobrium

5.     Thou Shalt Not Speak Without Qualifiers, and Only in Vague Platitudes and Slogans

6.     Thou Shalt Uncritically Adopt all of the Positions of the Post-Liberalist Zeitgeist

7.     Thou Shalt Worship at the Altar of Consumer Culture and Multi-National Corporations

8.     Thou Shalt Become a Cheap Slut and, Barren-Wombed at Forty, Adopt Foreign Babies who will Grow Up to Resent You and this Country

9.     Thou Shalt Tolerate the Intolerable

10.   Thou Shalt Not Name the Jew

The United States is a Jewish colony. It reminds me of Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome in its Master Blaster situation: a big, dumb, but lethal body directed by the shriveled little big-brain on its back. America, the third-largest nation in the world in terms of both land-mass and population, and by far the globe’s largest and most well-endowed military, content to unthinkingly do the bidding of a Middle Eastern nation the size of New Jersey. President Trump’s request of $18 billion from Congress in order to fund the wall was rejected, but they did find space in the budget for $38 billion in “aid” to Israel. If it’s starting to seem like between Israel and competing financial interests America doesn’t have much agency, well…at least we finally acknowledge Jerusalem as the capital of Israel!

That the United States has fallen under the sway of a particular iteration of the rootless cosmopolitans is indisputable: Senator Joseph McCarthy uncovered the true depth of Jewish duplicitousness and was crucified for it. The Crucible, by Jewish playwright Arthur Miller, is a metaphor for “McCarthy-ism,” analogous to the Salem Witch Trials in its baseless hysteria…or not. What Senator McCarthy found was a wide-spread and indisputable network of Jewish spies collaborating with the Soviet. He was allowed a few token Jewish hides, but the true depth of the problem never saw the light of day. Instead, McCarthy was pilloried and ruined for his “anti-Semitism” and accused of extreme paranoia. But he was far from paranoid: in just one intelligence field office, McCarthy found that out of the forty-one Jews working there, thirty-seven had been compromised.

This was not an isolated incident. Judaism and Bolshevism are inextricable. In Weimar Germany, armed gangs of communists and fascists would often come to blows in the streets. Following World War I, nine of the ten leaders of the German communist insurrection were, as you might guess, Jewish. Jews were strongly overrepresented in every facet of communist leadership both at “home” in the Soviet Union and, as Senator McCarthy discovered, abroad. It’s not as though the state of affairs ever changed; though the USSR is no more, plenty of Jews remain more than happy to collaborate with communists. Perhaps you’re familiar with California Senator Dianne Feinstein?

Squaring the circle, despite the inextricability of communism and Judaism, as capitalism goes, so, too, do Jews. How can two competing models be dominated by the same group you might wonder. Simply, in the present application, the state remains committed to some permutation of Marxism both as an oppressive form of government but also as a means of using taxes to pick up the tab for the corporations’ exploitative practices.

It’s not just the corporations, either. 49% of all courses at the collegiate level are taught by adjunct professors, who work on a semester-to-semester basis, paid by the course, with no guarantees and no benefits. Ironically, most of these professors staunchly support our present system, which is the worst of both worlds of capitalism and communism. The state functions primarily to ensure that the multi-nationals and the other gears in the combine such as the university are allowed to operate with minimal friction and to have their labor and policy needs met on demand. The new overclass operates with impunity, and the mass of people moving from abject poverty to relative poverty reap the meager benefits of a vaporized middle class. Plus, blacks and browns, with low impulse control and high time preference, make for the best consumers.

According to “The Color of Wealth in Boston,” a 2015 report by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, Duke University, and the New School, the median net worth of blacks in Greater Boston is $8. Yes, $8. For whites, it was $247,500. In an interesting twist, however, where American blacks had a median net worth of $8 and Dominicans had a median net worth of precisely zero, Caribbean blacks had a median net worth of $12,000. There is a strong argument to be made here for self-selection among this particular population, similar to certain other black immigrant sub-groups in America, such as the Nigerians (as opposed to the Nigerians in Europe, which is another matter entirely). Partially this is also attributable to ethnicity, as the Igbo, who generally gravitate to America, are far beyond any other black ethnicity in intellect. Why exactly remains unknown.

What is known is that intelligence plays an increasingly-outsized impact on the world around us. Those with an IQ below 83 can literally do nothing productive in the modern economy (and in the military for that matter). Furthermore, affirmative action policies exacerbate racial differences in intelligence as the standard fifteen-point IQ gap between American blacks and whites grows to twenty through unnatural advancement in the white-collar workforce. For those not privileged enough to be advanced beyond where their merits dictate, and squeezed out of the irregular and/or low-skill service economy, the government awaits with a tidy pay-off from their confiscatory re-distributionist shake-down operation, thus ensuring continued support for the present system. Why would one vote against their best interests?

As far as actual labor is concerned, the squeeze is on there as well. Automation is causing a number of jobs to vanish, and the illegal labor market—roughly equivalent to the GDP of Sweden in the United States—presents an appealing, tax-free and low-wage alternative. Besides, the federal government will make up the difference in subsidies and hand-outs whether the worker is employed by Amazon or under the table on a commercial farm in Iowa. Everybody wins—except you. It’s not hard to see where we’re headed should we remain on the current trajectory.

This domestic state of affairs does not happen in a vacuum, either. There’s a reason the hybrid system presently at work is called globalism. From the military-industrial complex to the predations of global capital, a few actors have set in motion a plan for global domination, what sounds like the plot to a bad Hollywood spy thriller, but is in fact in its advanced stages here in reality. One might consider that the chief financiers of the Russian Revolution were Jews from Wall Street and the “Swede” Olaf Aschberg. As far as current events are concerned, regarding the wars in the Middle East, perhaps you’re familiar with Genie Energy or the Yinon Plan? Globalist Jewry arms both the communist and the capitalist camps, and they have the apartheid state of Israel protected by the United States military at great cost for good measure. And once the U.S. has been thoroughly Balkanized and is no longer of any use to them, they have China on speed-dial.

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