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In Praise of Eastern Europe

In Praise of Eastern Europe

“Have we not learned lessons from previous attacks in Paris and Brussels? This is a consequence of the policy of multicultural politics, and political correctness.”-Mariusz Błaszczak, Polish Interior Minister

Who will survive the coming storm? It appears as though most of Western and Central Europe is poised to pull a Budd Dwyer, and for many other Western nations it may also be too late. The multi-cultural project has failed; Somalian immigrants with no understanding of functional government are bringing their anarchic tribalism to formerly peaceful locales in states like Maine and Minnesota, illegal aliens from Central America bring increased rape and other violent crimes to American “sanctuary cities,” and “migrants” are swamping much of a feckless European Union too self-absorbed to consider posterity. Religious and ethnic enclaves are the new normal in Western urban environs, and Western culture’s given up an insistence on assimilation in favor of cultural relativism. Lost in the endless moralizing, White Guilt, and appeals to faux-compassion, however, are the nations that tourism forgot, the former Eastern Bloc.

After decades of communist permafrost, the ethno-states of Eastern Europe were finally able to re-assert their independence in the early 1990s, beginning with the collapse of one-party Ceausescu rule in Romania and the Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic’s declaration of independence. The Eastern European ethno-states are defined by strong national consciousness after decades of oppression, and though economically the move to free markets has not been without its downsides, particularly as the young leave these nations in great numbers due to high unemployment and low wages, with the shackles of communism thrown off, a continued flourishing of national pride in the former Eastern Bloc remains undimmed even with the market economy growing pains. Yes, the GDPs of these nations remain quite weak relative to their continental neighbors to the west, but Poland’s economy, for instance, is growing at close to 4% a year, and if you look at Estonia, tech-sector innovation and ingenuity have the tiny Baltic nation poised to take its rightful place alongside Scandinavian brethren Finland in mere decades (provided Russia does not attempt yet another invasion of either, or that either country allows itself to be colonized by the Islamic hijra).

When people talk about the West, they usually mean the progeny of Britain and some select Western and Central European nations. They don’t consider the totality of Europe, and I would argue, culturally at least, we owe as great a debt to the continent’s eastern region as, say, Scandinavia; and since the majority of these nations adhere very strongly (perhaps more strongly) to the same Christian mores as the more visible members of the West, we must include them in the conversation of pan-European self-preservation and solidarity. After all, the Eastern Europeans bore the brunt of three separate waves of Mongol hordes in the 13th century, and if it weren’t for the Holy Roman Empire holding out during the 1529 Siege of Vienna and the combined forces of the Holy Roman Empire and the other Habsburg holdings with John III Sobieski’s mostly-Polish Christian Coalition Army’s victory at the Battle of Vienna in 1683, most of Europe would be speaking Arabic. On second thought, shudder to think, this may still end up happening in light of current events.

As most of the continent rushes headlong into cultural oblivion, nations like Croatia, Romania, and the Visegrad Group (also known as the V4—Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary) have refused to follow suit and take the plunge. They’ve helped form the bulwark against just about every major easterly invasion for the past eight hundred years, and perhaps it’s only fitting that would be the case once again.

They’ll need to battle new “directional” threats, however, as the door to the rest of Europe is wide open and where once Charles Martel slammed that door shut to Islam in 732 AD, the France of today offers no such resistance. The European population is in demographic decline, contrasted sharply with an exploding sub-Saharan African population increasingly embracing the tenets of fundamentalist Islam and flooding, along with their Middle Eastern compatriots, completely unvetted by authorities into Europe’s soft underbelly. The immigrant populations from Africa and the Middle East that have settled in Europe are having approximately three times the number of children as the native populations. Consequently, countries like Spain, Greece, and Italy will be wholly unrecognizable in a few decades if things continue at this rate, their native populations halved and replaced by Africans and Middle Easterners, their nations cratered and utterly transformed.

Not only are the mass influx of Islamic adherents and Europeans’ staggeringly low fertility rates negatively changing the fabric of much of the continent, the Westernized immigrants from previous generations’ children, seeing a yawning void where our civilizational confidence used to be, are renouncing their places of birth for the global dawa and jihad. They’ve internalized the ubiquitous Leftist propaganda that the West is evil and oppressive, they see this reflected in our vacuous, debased popular culture, and they’ve turned to an ideology that actually stands for something in order to eradicate the perceived moral bankruptcy of Western civilization. That Islam is the evil and oppressive ideology is the elephant in the room the supplicative West is incapable of addressing, so bent and weakened in its multi-culti, self-loathing discourse. The threat to European identity, sovereignty, and even existence as we know it is multi-directional and increasingly grim. All over the continent and across the globe a referendum on the future is coming.

In addition to the harsh reality of a Europe in the midst of seismic convulsions—if not in its death throes—it should be rather obvious why the peoples of the former Eastern Bloc have been so resistant to Muslim migration. As stated above, these nations are no strangers to foreign invasion and occupation. While the Millenials in Belgium, Germany, and the like are too busy doing whatever it is they’re doing to be concerned with strengthening the future of their respective societies, many of the Gen-Xers and even Millenials of the East still live with the specter of communism, and see its landmarks every day. A good friend of mine from the Czech Republic, a young man in his thirties, remembers being forced to sing communist songs and do calisthenics in the Velký Strahovský Stadion in Prague, clad in a red jumpsuit, and the memory does not sit well with him, to put it mildly. A Polish friend is still sequestered with her family in a mighty communist housing block in Warsaw. She climbs those grim concrete steps to the eleventh floor every day, the elevators long out of order. These are just two reminders among many the youth of these countries hold of the suppression of their national identities behind the Iron Curtain; they, their parents and grandparents, know what it’s like to lose their country and they are determined not to let it happen again. Even among the younger Millenials these attitudes remain prevalent.

The future of the V4 countries and others in Eastern Europe weigh heavily on the minds of the citizens who’ve fought so hard to maintain their cultural identity through periods of occupation and subjugation. Ask your average Bulgarian their opinion of the Ottoman Empire and you’ll likely see what I mean. Bulgaria, not to mention Croatia, Romania, and Serbia, among other nations, have a long tradition of resisting Islam, even during the Ottoman occupation. Hungary has taken a number of steps to preserve their culture from the migrant tide, and Hungary and Poland, in particular, have been excoriated in the European press for their often trenchant anti-Muslim rhetoric. Frankly, can you blame them? When the population of your country is 0.1% Muslim as in Poland and there are still problems, such as the murder of a young man last year in Elk by the Arab Muslim staff of Kebab Prince Café in response to a mild prank, there is clearly something wrong with this particular demographic.

The Polish are in the minority of Western countries actually seeing the situation clearly and taking proactive steps to protect their people. The country has staunchly refused to accept any Muslim migrants despite EU threats of sanctions and the Polish media is proactive and vocal about discussing the Islamic migrant problem on the continent. Groups of young Polish men have taken to organizing patrols in areas with a lot of nightlife, simply to be on the lookout for roving gangs of migrant men targeting Polish women. If this seems like paranoia, it’s not. In one night alone in Cologne, Germany, there were over five hundred rapes of native-born German women at the hands of gangs of migrants, and all the mayor could muster was a meek statement cautioning women to dress less provocatively. It’s been just as bad in places like Malmo, Sweden and Rotherham, England, but the mainstream media refuses to talk about it.

Thankfully not all of Europe is drinking the Angela Merkel Kool-Aid. The claims that these migrants are the future of specialized labor and intellectually-demanding professions in Germany and other developed nations is completely bogus; most automotive assembly and labor for German companies, for example, isn’t even done in Germany, it’s done in Slovakia. Even more damning, only four percent of Syrians have college degrees, and what’s more, two-thirds of all Middle Eastern and North African migrants are illiterate in their own language. This also doesn’t even take into account the fact that many Muslims globally are married off to members of their own kin, perpetuating in-breeding on a huge scale over a substantial period of time, as much as fifty generations, perhaps. If we extend the migrant base even further, to the sub-Saharan Africans who are flooding the waterways of the Mediterranean to immigrate to Europe often posing as refugees, the average IQ is an abysmal 70 points. Since we are talking about mass migration and not the self-selection of the many brilliant people that do come from these regions, the outliers in many ways, Europe is not importing the best and brightest, but they are welcoming vastly inferior cultures, racial and religious hatred, and disease into their midst. I, for one, give the V4 and much of the rest of Eastern Europe a standing ovation for not throwing their borders open to the rising migrant tide, and taking the necessary steps for what we can only hope will preserve the heritage of their countries for future generations. Now start having some damn kids!

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