Prepare your anus, you’re about to get a red pill suppository.

They Live, We Sleep

They Live, We Sleep

“You will go to sleep or I will put you to sleep. Check out the name tag. You’re in my world now, grandma.”-Nursing home orderly in Happy Gilmore, played by Ben Stiller

“Strip back the utopian rhetoric
And you’ll find a sickness at the core
A septic carcass rotting out
Filled with disgust
We are the dead
Empty lives, empty heads.”-
Parkway Drive, “Swing”

If a society’s sole raison d’etre revolves around “tolerance,” video streaming services, and sex change operations, it hasn’t a snowball’s chance in hell of surviving the century. The barbarian looks you in the eye and laughs in your face before spitting in it, at which point you apologize for provoking him to do so. He rapes you and you lament his potential deportation. He rapes and murders your daughter and you raise money for a charity to import more just like him to your country. This is the West. This is the civilizational fault line we can no longer straddle. The post-World War II “liberal world order” is collapsing under its own self-righteous weight, and for us to survive, we need to be shorn of the “world’s burdens.” To be sure, many of our civilizational brethren have been so thoroughly corrupted that they are, to borrow Hillary Clinton’s adjective, “irredeemable.” This docile, unarmed segment of the populace makes for easy pickings, and the “migrants” and “undocumented persons” who are afforded benefits and protections most citizens can only dream of can safely assume that they’ll more or less operate with impunity. They might even be compensated for injuries incurred in the “line of duty”: A court in Great Britain just settled with an Iraqi “migrant,” husband of three and father of eight, who cut himself making a pipe-bomb to the tune of a taxpayer-subsidized £33,000. The fun don’t stop until you drop.        

I, for one, will not be cowed by a group of people who get on their knees with their asses in the air five times a day. I will not be cowed by people who believe in the unassailable goodness of the eight years of the Obama administration where they ran the country like a bunch of crooked African oligarchs. I will not be cowed by labor lobbies, limousine Democrats, RINOs, legacy legislators, globalists, race-baiters, apologists, ethno-masochists, and barely-literate “community activists” on the take. I will not sacrifice my civilizational inheritance in the name of “diversity” and “inclusion.” Diversity didn’t produce the Age of Enlightenment, and “inclusivity” doesn’t draw people to its core tenets. All this does is import the world’s problems. I wish everyone shared our basic values of human dignity and liberty, but they don’t.[1] It’s time we start viewing the world through Hoffman lenses, as it really is, because the egalitarian fictions are crashing headlong into the rocks of reality, imperiling our freedoms and our future.

If everyone was equal we wouldn’t have to lower standards, then, would we? The average black and Hispanic high school graduate has the reading level of a white eighth-grader. Despite higher-than-the-national-average-funding, thirteen Baltimore public schools have zero percent of their students proficient in mathematics. Despite millions in increased funding for women and (non-Asian) minorities in STEM, according to U.S. News, “With few exceptions, women lag behind men in the number of STEM degrees granted, exam scores and general interest in the STEM fields. White and Asian students and college graduates overwhelmingly outperformed black, Hispanic and American Indian students in all three metrics.” U.S. News also reports that policy-makers “fear re-segregation” in the form of private schools, charter schools, and high-achieving students’ families relocating to higher-quality school districts. They relay the findings that: “Achievement was lower for both black and white students in schools where black students accounted for more than 40 percent of the student body, compared to schools where black students accounted for less than 20 percent of the student body.” What could the policy-makers have to fear from re-segregation, then, as an entirely voluntary phenomenon? I couldn’t possibly guess.

From the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF): “U.S.-born minorities (including Asians, African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, and other ethnicities) make up just 8 percent of U.S.-born innovators. However, these groups total 32 percent of the total U.S.-born population. Despite comprising 13 percent of the native-born population of the United States, African Americans comprise just half a percent of U.S.-born innovators.”[2] Two-thirds of all Syrian “migrants” are illiterate in their own language, and I’ve seen numbers approximating that for Iraqi and Afghani “migrants” as well. A paltry eight percent of the “migrants” entering Germany had academic qualifications of any kind. So much for Merkel’s claim that these are the German engineers of the future. I thought the Middle East was supposed to be the hot-bed of ingenuity, at least that’s how it’s been framed to the public, but the numbers don’t seem to support that. I’m verklempt!

Could Islam, separate from biological considerations of the population in the geographical footprint where it predominates, also play a role in the stunting of a society’s innovation and growth? It couldn’t be the draconian punishments for questioning orthodoxy or that more than half the population (women) being treated as cum dumpsters and whipping posts is contributing to an intellectually-wanting culture of oppression. No, that’s the West, and besides, Islam is the most progressive religion, you see, and it preaches a message of peaceful coexistence! If Islam is so peaceful, why is everyone so afraid to criticize it? Why are Western governments so keen to cater to the Islamists? Since the Left loves World War II comparisons, here’s one: appeasement didn’t work then, so why would it now? You think capitulating to every Islamist demand is going to stop, rather than embolden, them? Enjoy the jizya or being someone’s sex slave, but I’d much prefer my jizya be reserved for a consenting adult!

Islam’s feminist bona fides must be why the Left froths at the mouth over Linda Sarsour and her ilk, eager to Orientalize the hijab and extol the virtues of “modesty culture.” I remember seeing photos of that Women’s March, thinking to myself, Look at all these sheep marching right into the jaws of their own destruction, completely oblivious. Islam, to quote the Acacia Strain song, “Baby Buster,” “is a Lifetime movie on a global scale,” where domestic abuse and spousal rape (not to mention sex slavery) are scripturally supported, and according to the Prophet Muhammad, “Women are deficient in their intelligence.” He also decreed that menstruation makes women impure and “filthy,” and if you’re raped, it’s your fault as a woman for bringing dishonor on the family or clan. Men may rape non-Muslim kafir women with no repercussions. Very empowering stuff!

There will be no micro-breweries or indie rock festivals under the coming sharia law. There will be no Christmas, which is illegal in Somalia, Tajikistan, and Brunei because it “offends Islam.” There will be no infrastructure when Haiti is re-created within our borders. For dog-mad whites, basically every other culture either reviles or holds no special place for our best friends. Whereas there is a graveyard inside Edinburgh Castle for deceased watch-dogs, the Muslim population of Manchester has called for all dogs to be banned from public. Asians eat them and blacks breed them specifically to kill each other in dog fights. If you happen to get shot and killed by a gun a guy with a second-grade education in the country illegally “found” wrapped in a t-shirt that “fired itself,” don’t worry, the trial will be turned into an ideological referendum on our humanitarian impulses and the illegal alien will be acquitted. His defense will be paid for with your tax dollars, but no one is illegal, so there you go. As long as dispossession happens nice and slow, one amnesty, one paycheck at a time, you’ll hardly even notice.

We are actually much further gone than most people realize. Most of the ten planks of communism have already been realized to varying degrees in the United States (and far more so in other parts of the West):

1.    Abolition of Private Property: The EPA can interfere with the development of your property, or even seize it in the interests of protecting certain species; a “reinterpretation” of eminent domain has allowed for massive private property seizures with little to no recourse; civil asset forfeiture laws allow law enforcement to seize wealth and property without due process.

2.    A Heavy Progressive or Graduated Income Tax: Check.

3.    Abolition of Rights of Inheritance: This would’ve been a lot worse had Hillary Clinton been elected and implemented her estate tax plan, but estates are still subject to government encroachment and various inheritance taxes (after the money was already taxed while the person was alive, mind).

4.    Confiscation of Emigrant and Dissident Property: You could put the force of the IRS and threat of imprisonment and asset forfeiture under this one.

5.    Centralization of Credit: There is of course the Federal Reserve, plus company bailouts with taxpayer dollars and government interference with banks’ lending practices such as the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac sub-prime mortgage debacle that tanked the market and was conveniently blamed exclusively on Wall Street by the media.

6.    Centralization of Communication and Transportation: Much of the former remains in private sector hands, such as Twitter, Google, and Facebook, but their censorship is arguably worse than anything perpetrated by the government, and they cooperate with other governments such as Germany and Pakistan to enforce speech codes and blasphemy laws; network television and radio is subject to the FCC; there are other administrative bodies such as the Department of Transportation that regulate inter-state commerce, and the states have their own equivalents.

7.    Nationalization of the Means of Production: Not exactly, but with immigration policy effectively set by corporate lobbies pushing for high-volume, low-skill immigration (and aided by some weird notion of immigration to the horribly oppressive West as a human right by the Left), the labor market is skewed heavily in favor of the employer, and the middle class gets crushed.

8.    Equal Obligation to Work: This one might be amended to all share-croppers on the Democrat plantation obligated not to work.

9.    Equitable Population Distribution: I think we’ve actually gone in the opposite direction here with mass clusters of humanity in select areas, though colleges in rural America often function as Leftist tumors out in the “wilderness” of Wal-Marts, guns, and four-wheelers (that’s not an insult by the way, those are my people).

10. Free Education: IS A HUMAN RIGHT.

My explication of each point is by no means exhaustive, but merely a cursory glance at how far down the road to centralized planning we are, and it is obviously disconcerting to see how little regard, and with what contempt, the ruling classes have for their own people.

Wait, so after all those years voting Democrat the factories and mills still closed? Whatever happened to the proletariat? The bourgeois Left has abandoned its roots—you cannot be pro-mass unskilled immigration and pro-labor. Workers’ rights have become almost exclusively the province of the Right, quite a curious turn of events given the thorough percolation of Marxism into the rest of the modern Leftist worldview. These are the kinds of squishy socialists George Orwell reviled, and though the stuffed-shirt “intellectuals” have always comprised some part of the communist movement, their total takeover is a relatively recent phenomenon. In the United States, we can credibly pin-point the alienation of the working class and the white-collar-izing of the Left to the rise of proto-SJW Jimmy Carter and the subsequent working class defections from the Left to embrace the populist appeal of Ronald Reagan. Donald Trump was able to tap into this populist vein for his electoral success in the 2016 election. Oh, the humanity!

The extirpation of the original sin of Privilege has become the ultimate preoccupation of the New Cult-Marx Inquisitors. They have become their own priestly class, jealously guarding access to the ancient druidic rituals, knowledge, and powers of social justice salvation and damnation. For the new priestly class, Marxism, Theodore Dalrymple explains, answers several needs:

  • It has its arcana, which persuade believers that they have penetrated to secrets veiled from others, who are possessed of false consciousness.
  • It appeals to the strongest of all political passions, hatred, and justifies it.
  • It provides a highly intellectualised rationalisation of a discreditable but almost universal and ineradicable emotion: envy.
  • It forever puts the blame elsewhere, making self-examination unnecessary and self-knowledge impossible.
  • It explains everything.
  • It persuades believers that they have a special destiny in the world. For disgruntled intellectuals, nothing could be more gratifying.[3]

The intelligentsia have spoken, and supported by their court eunuchs, you are hereby condemned to death for heresy! The hypocrisies of the privileged condemning privilege do not pass unnoticed, but as Victor Davis Hanson points out, to be fashionable or progressive is a new way of essentially purchasing virtue and acquiring absolution for having accumulated or inherited wealth and privilege. To be within the Left’s ideological confines and to espouse their beliefs (and to donate to the Democratic Party, of course) is the modern equivalent of the medieval selling of indulgences. Your sins of affluence will be pardoned, and your estate may continue to have walls while the country’s southern border does not. After all, who’s going to water and mow your lawn? Now back to the ocean with you, invertebrates! We’re off to a Kamala Harris rally!



[1] A prominent Young Turk (from the historical movement, not the subnormals producing YouTube content) stated the Islamic fundamentalists’ position clearly and succinctly: “A Christian…by the mere fact the he is a Christian, is in our eyes a being devoid of all human dignity.” He also stated the Wahhabi and Salafist “reforms” were moving in unison in one direction, but was it “toward…Christian civilization? Never!”

[2] http://www2.itif.org/2016-demographics-of-innovation.pdf

[3] https://theodoredalrymple.wordpress.com/2017/08/23/the-socialist-wasteland/

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