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The Great White Nope

The Great White Nope

“Civilization has no force of its own beyond what is given it from within. It is under constant assault and it takes most of the energies of civilized man to keep it going at all.”-Evelyn Waugh

There’s a lot of lip service paid to the “average American” in your typical campaign cycle, a lot of hyperbole, especially from the Republicans, about amber waves of grain and the working man and patriotism, but at the end of the day, frankly, there’s almost no daylight between Democrats and Republicans; they’re essentially the same party. If the ongoing fiasco of “affordable healthcare” has taught us anything, it’s that our governing bodies no longer view themselves as representatives of the people, but as a separate ruling class who will implement top-down policies because of course they know what’s in your best interest, even if you can’t recognize it.

Insurance premiums under Obama went through the roof as insurance companies were forced to cover pre-existing conditions. My theory on the Affordable Health Care Act was that it was actually designed to fail, and the outcry would “drive” Stalin-in-a-Pantsuit Hillary Clinton to nationalize healthcare. I don’t need to go into why that would be an unmitigated disaster. Alas, the best-laid plans of mice and men oft go awry, and the cucks in Congress are now running the show. They’ve finally dispensed with the individual mandate, but the better part of a decade’s been spent hemming and hawing about needing a majority in the House and Senate and a Republican in the White House in order to repeal this thing, and we still can’t do a full repeal and let the market go to work?

The cucks simply won’t play ball with President Trump; he sticks in the establishment’s craw precisely because of his populist appeal. This past election was a thing of beauty for many reasons, not least of which was that his campaign exposed the Republican Party for the sham it is. Beyond Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas, Representative Steve King of Iowa, and a handful of others, possibly including Rand Paul (I’m still trying to decide if I think he’s a poseur), the party no longer has the best interests of the traditional American at heart; they have been bought and sold by the cheap labor lobbies and are paralyzed by the specter of possibly causing someone somewhere offense.

The Democrats used to at least pay lip service to the predominantly white working class. The party’s ongoing commitment to mass unskilled immigration, mostly from Latin America and increasingly the Middle East and Africa, depresses wages and leaves the bottom ten percent of wage earners in America most vulnerable. The conversation for Democrats and the Left has expanded beyond “arbitrary” national borders now. Their position is clear: we have a moral duty as a society to ignore if not erase these dumb lines drawn in the sand by dead old white men, and to import as much of the Third World to share in the spoils as possible. It doesn’t matter most of the jobs we “need” immigration for will be replaced by automation in the coming years, or that you can only equalize down. DIVERSITY IS OUR STRENGTH.

The icy reaction by many globalism-minded Leftists (and multi-national “corporate conservatives” in search of ever-cheaper labor) to Donald Trump’s assertion that as President of the United States—not President of the World, as Barack Obama liked to style himself—America would come first is very telling. The narrative of a people without borders, of being “citizens of the world,” has hijacked our national discourse and shifted the conversation from American interests to global humanitarian interests, many of which are based on distortions and faulty premises. Superficially caring for the global downtrodden is a noble aim, but the feasibility of alleviating the world’s suffering merely through hashtags and indiscriminate immigration is misguided to say the least. It’s become, like so much else in political discourse lately, a moral purity test. We also know foreign aid very seldom finds its way to the people it’s meant for, but rather stays in the hands of dictatorial and kleptocratic regimes for self-enrichment (insert Clinton Foundation joke here).

A nation’s first responsibility is to its own citizens, and open-door policies are completely antithetical to a nation-state’s raison d’être. Look at the low-life from Guinea-Bissau who slit the throats of an engaged couple (both physicians at Harvard) at home in their apartment in South Boston a few months ago. Atrocities like Orlando, Fresno, and San Bernardino roll off the tongue with alarming rapidity. Emmanuel Macron says the French will just have to “live with” terrorist attacks. Does this sound like responsible governance to you? (Side note: France, like America with Hillary Clinton, must be sexist for not electing Marine Le Pen, right?)

In this great push for multi-culturalism and racial diversity, of repeated naturalization of illegal aliens to feed the Democrat vote machine, the native-born white demographic is not only being marginalized, but it is in real terms in sharp decline. There are three key reasons, each of which I will go into in greater detail below. They are:

1.     An onerous tax bill, economic marginalization, and rural-to-urban population movement

2.     Despair and disillusionment

3.     Millennial narcissism and neo-feminism

The traditional small town, working class existence that was once central to the American way of life is being annihilated first and foremost by shifting economic realities and consequent population movements. In the late 19th century, over 90% of Americans worked on farms; now only 3% do. Many of these displaced agrarians and small family farmers naturally gravitated to work in the mills and on the assembly line as the country became more industrialized, and the latest movement, the so-called post-industrial service economy, once again forced a change in employment out of basic necessity as the factories and mills closed or were out-sourced. All of this has led to a dramatic displacement of rural-to-urban populations and, coupled with mass immigration, explains why, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, over 80% of Americans now live in metropolitan areas and suburbs. This is where all of the remaining jobs have moved to, and in order to remain gainfully employed, many Americans have had to leave behind their peaceful and stable rural lives to be crammed like sardines into these “multi-cultural havens.” Cities are places where racial and ethnic tensions run high as people are competing for the same scraps; they have minimal privacy, and there is a direct correlation between instances of mental illness and population density. People are not meant to live on top of one another, and these conditions greatly exacerbate conflict, including racial conflict, and pre-existing mental health conditions. This is a difficult reality for people forced to leave the country and come to the city to grapple with. Even many that have voluntarily left their hometowns to pursue higher education in a metropolitan area like Boston or Philadelphia, and subsequently stay to look for work, will confront harsh realities never mentioned on, say, Sex and the City or Amy Schumer’s Netflix special.

Those left behind in the sticks have had to watch their once-idyllic small towns blown apart by opioid addiction, harsh economic conditions, and a radical change in the specialization of the economy some have termed the “brain drain,” where the “best and brightest” flock to the mostly coastal population centers; put simply, those left behind have watched the bottom drop out, and even former industrial cities like Schenectady, Detroit, Flint, Scranton, Lowell, Youngstown, Buffalo, and countless others have been absolutely decimated—a trip to any of these locales is reminiscent of Sarajevo back in the 90s. Much of the blight of Detroit, Flint, and Buffalo, for example, can also be attributed to demographic shifts and Democrat mismanagement, but the fact remains that the disappearance of these cities’ industrial life-blood has created an environment of extreme hopelessness and disillusionment, and many of the denizens of these towns and cities wrecked by the changing economy and out-sourcing of jobs feel trapped. The combined rate of suicide and “death by despair” is astronomical in these areas, particularly among middle-aged white males who used to make their living working a steady 9-to-5 (actually it’s probably more like a 5-to-5) and have watched their way of life and their livelihoods evaporate. There had not been a peep from Washington or the mainstream media—until Donald Trump, of course. In fact, white males of all stripes have proven to be the one reliable cultural whipping post, a repository of everything that’s perceived to have gone wrong in America, particularly in terms of race relations.

Now let me just address that idea quickly. White societies have proven to be the most tolerant and open societies in human history. When all of the celebrities in the previous presidential election were talking about leaving America if Trump won (of course not one of those cowards had any principles and put their money where their mouths were), they reliably cited places like Canada and Switzerland. To wit, the constitutional freedoms these jackasses have to spew their nonsensical or often nakedly violent rhetoric were put in place by white men. Statistically speaking, black-on-white crime, for example, is dramatically out of proportion to white-on-black crime, and the only two instances of white-on-black sexual assault covered by the media in the last quarter century both proved to be fabrications by the accusers. The reality is that overt white racism is episodic at most in this country, and much of what remains is either hoax or is mis-characterized as “racist” for simple pattern recognition, such as “white flight” in reaction to a swelling minority population in a given municipality or neighborhood. White unease in, say, black- or Hispanic-majority areas is simply a matter of statistical reality and common sense based upon previous experience. And before the Left starts screaming about White Nationalism, some people just want to be left alone in areas that are racially and culturally homogenous. It seems like every race and ethnicity on earth is allowed their own homeland but whites (though the UN’s OIC block has Japan in its crosshairs for Islamic “refugee enrichment”).

The third factor in the native-born white demographic decline, Millennial narcissism and neo-feminism, will be covered in a future piece entitled “Sologamy,” so I won’t spend too much time on that. What I will say is the career-at-all-costs mentality (no matter how trivial the career), the selfishness of not wanting to be burdened by children, and the outright attack on white men, “toxic masculinity,” heterosexuality, and traditional relationships has cratered the white birthrate (last year whites accounted for less than half of all live births in America)—not to mention the sheer quantity of men in particular who are just checking out of the whole rigged system altogether, or have become “soy boys” with estrogen levels so high they could be rightly mistaken as “transitioning.”  

Having most of the population condensed in urban areas is very advantageous to the Left. They control the supply of food stuffs and other essentials, they can foster an “insider-outsider” narrative about those “gun-toting lunatics” in the country they’ll probably never actually encounter unless on a weekend ski trip, and pervasive urban elitism can find justification in the new economic model where the wealth is concentrated in the cities and suburbs in a new iteration of Social Darwinism. Clustered populations are much easier to monitor and allow for a greater possibility of central planning, which the Left, and alarmingly many Republicans, who are to conservatives what most modern country is to George Jones, favor. Urbanity is a short-cut to social control and it produces a very unhealthy environment in many respects. It is clear that the white demographic marginalization, the targeted attacks on traditional familial, economic, and social structures, the culture and media wars, and the re-shaping of an urban-centered populace are all inextricably intertwined, and are all grave threats to our individual freedoms as Americans. Add in the rising tide of Third World immigration and the ceaseless proselytizing about the virtues of multi-culturalism, and we have a society that is rotting itself from the inside out, with all of its traditions and mores being ear-marked for oblivion.

Make no mistake, America does have a distinct culture, granted one with many strong regional flavors, but there have always been higher ideals that united New York and Florida and Texas and Wyoming. Those ideals are fading from us now, and we must re-affirm what makes America American, and take proactive measures to keep it so. The fundamental transformation of the United States has been the result of specific Leftist and globalist attitudes and policies that have fractured the cultural consensus on what this country is. It is vital for those of us on the Right (and whatever open-minded liberals who also place a premium on true liberty are left) to continue to have these conversations, because we are in grave danger of our unique experiment in self-governance slipping away.

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