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Stockholm Syndrome

Stockholm Syndrome

What if I told you a population group was up to sixty-six times more likely than the native-born population of your country to commit that most onerous and ghastly of violations—rape? That 95.6% of all rapes in your country would be committed by men of foreign descent? Would you be likely to look favorably upon the mass importation of such a group that would imperil the women, in particular, of your country? Especially if the rapes themselves are often motivated by racial, religious, and ideological resentment? Let’s say the mass importation of that population group is already forty years down the pike, and the numbers keep rising? Would you, as a member of the government of said country, actively try to suppress the statistics and prevent them from being released to the public at large? Would you introduce legislation criminalizing criticism of this population group? Welcome to Sweden in the Year of Our Lord 2018!

The Swedish government has explained the spike in rapes as due to “socioeconomic factors” and the “broadened definition of rape over time.” Nothing to see here folks! Oh? Fact: as of 2014, rape in Sweden had risen 1,472% since 1975. Why is 1975 significant? That year, Sweden’s parliament set out to alter their country’s demographic make-up by importing large numbers of unskilled Third World immigrants, particularly from the Muslim world, and the numbers have continued to accelerate over the intervening forty years, tripling in the last decade alone. Violent crime has increased by 300% in the formerly idyllic Scandinavian country since 1975. In 2010, the nation held the dishonorable distinction of having the second-highest rape rate in the world (“behind” only Lesotho).

And they’re not alone. Sweden is but one of many Western nations dealing with the grim fallout of decades of terribly destructive policies and attitudes toward immigration and multi-culturalism. In 2016, the number of sexual assaults committed by migrants living in Austria jumped 133% from 2015. That’s right, in just one year, sexual assaults exploded by 133%. In 2015, again, in one year alone, crimes committed by Muslim migrants in Germany jumped 79%. In the first six months of 2016, Muslim migrants committed an average of 780 crimes a day. 56% of the Syrian migrants living in Britain have committed crimes within the last year. Over three quarters of the crime committed in Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen, is by migrants. 6% of Belgium’s population is Muslim (though with open borders policies and freedom of movement across the European Union it may well be far higher—it’s very difficult to get hard numbers on the migrants, hence the population estimates), but 35% of its prison population is. 8-10% of France’s population is Muslim, but estimates ranging from 40-70% of their prison population is. Around 4% of Spain’s population is Muslim, but 70% of its prison population is. A majority of Britain’s prison population is now Muslim. Nine out of the ten most “criminally inclined” ethnic groups in Europe hail from Muslim-majority nations. Though more pronounced among Muslim migrants, I should also mention this kind of degeneracy is not solely their province, as non-Islamic migrants are also over-represented in their criminality. Something seems a little off with the multi-cultural enrichment propaganda. Are these the benefits of diversity we are meant to celebrate, or is it just the cuisine?

Approximately five percent of Sweden’s population consists of Muslim males, and yet they account for 77% of total rapes in that country; by one estimate, 95% of all crime in Sweden is committed by migrants. Now, extrapolate the growth of Third World immigration to the country, coupled with other pertinent factors like a birth rate three times that of the native Swedes and an increasing predilection for radicalization in Islam, and it’s not hard to paint an even grimmer picture of the future of Sweden.

Islamic fanaticism is far less of a threat in most Eastern European countries due to the fact that with a few exceptions they staunchly refuse to accept the migrants. This of course has the added effect of screening out all of the other attendant migratory issues, such as rampant unemployment, rape, and other violent crimes, in addition to terrorism. The Balkans closed their borders in March 2016. This is Self-Preservation 101, and though I am sympathetic to the plight of the many millions fleeing war and poverty in Africa and the Middle East, I also recognize that these Eastern European countries have fragile demographics of their own; an infusion of thousands if not millions of culturally incompatible migrants could very well imperil the future of these nations just as it has in France, Germany, and the Netherlands, among many other Western nations.

Even Russia, an outlier in just about every sense of the word, despite effectively closed borders, still has issues as the populations of Chechnya and Dagestan become increasingly radicalized. Russia is dealing with its own demographic death spiral as the population (especially the men) drinks itself to death, or turns to ever-more-grisly narcotics like Crocodile, while Chechnya and Dagestan have effectively become Islamic states under sharia law within its own borders.

In the first half of 2012 alone, there were over 185 terrorist attacks in Dagestan, making it the most dangerous place in Europe. As Lawrence A. Franklin writes:

Dagestan, the largest republic of the north Caucasus, can best be described in negative superlatives. It is probably the most violent spot in the entire Russian Federation. The administrative bureaucracy of the republic’s capital, Makhachkala, is among the most corrupt. The ethnic and linguistic diversity of Dagestan is the most complex among Russia’s Republics… Religiously, it is also the most radical Muslim entity in the Russian state… This Salafist ascendency has been fueled, allegedly, by Arabian Gulf states’ financial support for mosque construction and the hiring of fundamentalist imams as preachers throughout the Caucasian republics. However, the scholarships for Dagestani youth to study in Saudi Arabia have been particularly effective in the Wahabbization of Islam in Dagestan. Riyadh’s largesse has helped accelerate the radicalization of the republic’s Muslims.[1]

As the radicalization continues to spread, an unstable Russia, to say nothing of a potential Islamic Russian Bear, with its nuclear arsenal is a harrowing thought. What happens if, on the other side of the continent, France turns into an Islamic “republic”? Who’s to say it would restrain itself from using its nuclear weapons against the United States, or Israel, or Britain (though at the rate Britain’s going, they’ll be kindred spirits in the jihad before long)? The weak-wristed Fifth Republic, like Britain, accepts yet more migrants every day; France and Britain would be the European equivalents of Pakistan in that nightmarish scenario.

Westerners are in real danger of losing their countries and the politicians’ response in many cases has been to victim-blame, strip civil liberties, and not only continue open borders policies, but open the floodgates even wider! The Swedish government, among others, is actively suppressing dialogue on the immigration question, running commercials instructing Swedes to assimilate with the migrants, and going as far as introducing legislation to criminalize “hate speech.” This disturbing trend of “hate speech” legislation is not confined to Sweden, either, being introduced in countries as far afield as Canada, while in Germany, individuals who make “hateful” social media posts face up to five years in prison. As in Germany, the Swedish government has ordered law enforcement to not only obscure the true crime statistics, but in certain cities, has had the “ethnicity” box on police reports removed entirely.

The Rotherham grooming gang cover-up scandal in Britain will forever be a blight on the authorities’ conscience, and it is estimated that up to one million young women and girls in that country have been sexually assaulted by the nation’s Muslims. British authorities have perversely chosen to categorize Islamic criminals and terrorists as “Asians” in an obvious attempt to mislead the public as to the source of the problem. In Germany, the numbers of the 2015-16 New Year’s Eve sexual assaults in Cologne continue creeping upward, with a recently leaked document citing over twice the number of what was originally reported. Returning to Sweden, if things continue, there will be a real one-in-four sexual assault statistic—as in, by 2030, one in four Swedish women and girls will have been sexually assaulted.

Malmo is regarded as the rape capital of Europe, and Rinkeby, another largely Muslim community, just outside Stockholm, has been the site of a number of riots, where “disaffected migrants” have taken to the streets in an all-too-familiar scene of torching cars and looting shops…for what reason exactly? Officials have been mum. What’s more, migrant gangs are organizing what are effectively criminal raids across the border in Norway. Violence, criminality, and radicalization are running rampant in the migrant-dominant areas of the country and the Swedish security apparatus, including the police, is ill-equipped to handle the rising tide. Sweden has exported the most ISIS fighters per capita in Europe, and its city of Gothenburg is considered one of the major jihadi recruitment centers on the continent. Sweden also accepts more migrants per capita than any other nation in the West, and still they come in ever-increasing numbers. Something’s got to give, and it’s looking more likely by the day that will be Sweden itself.



[1] https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/4172/dagestan-terrorism-russia

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