Prepare your anus, you’re about to get a red pill suppository.

We, The Un-Cucked

We, The Un-Cucked

“I will work towards changing this erroneous refugee policy. Without the proper protection of the external borders of the EU, we will not come to grips with the problem of illegal migration.”-Sebastian Kurz, Austrian Chancellor

“If our Western freedom means anything at all, we must insist that every grown-up person is responsible for his or her beliefs, opinions, culture, habits, and actions.”-Lars Hedegaard

“I could have killed ’em all, I could kill you. In town you’re the law, out here it’s me. Don’t push it. Don’t push it or I’ll give you a war you won’t believe. Let it go. Let it go.”-John J. Rambo

Newsflash: You can’t turn the other cheek if you’re dead. When even the Pope has been cucked by the globalist world order, you know you’re in for the fight of your life (although I’ve been encouraged by the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby’s recent comments on Islamic terror). A number of Christian charities help facilitate the mass transfer of foreign “refugees” into the West who want nothing more than to make those same Christians submit to the jizya, and many Christians can no longer tell the difference between compassion and cowardice, so lost as they are in their suicidal “generosity.” A church in Sweden recently banned the recitation of the Lord’s Prayer aloud so as to not offend the Muslims “refugees” they’re housing in the place of worship and the Church of Sweden officially announced they will be using gender-neutral pronouns to refer to Jesus...so much for the “Prince” of Peace. Mainstream Christianity has committed itself wholesale to a “dialogue” with the Religion of Peace, in the hopes of fostering greater tolerance and understanding, but as Mark Steyn hilariously says about this notion, neatly encapsulated by those “Coexist” bumper stickers:

The world divides into those who sincerely believe in that “Coexist” sticker and those who think it’s a delusional evasion. After all, if it weren’t for that big Muslim crescent “C” at the front, you wouldn’t need a bumper sticker at all. That peace-symbol “O”? It’s Muslims, alas, who kill secular hippie pacifist backpackers in Bali nightclubs. That equal-rights “E”? It’s Muslims who take girls as their sex slaves in Nigeria and kill their own daughters and sisters in Germany because rape has rendered them “unclean.” The star-of-David “X”? It’s Muslims who are currently stabbing and running over Jews in Jerusalem and then celebrating by passing out free candy. In India, it’s Muslims vs Hindus. In southern Thailand, Muslims vs Buddhists. The world is a messy, violent, complicated place, but as a rule of thumb, as I said all those years ago in America Alone, in most corners of the planet it boils down to: Muslims vs [Your Team Here].[1]

Indeed, 75% of all global armed conflicts involve Islam. The Christian cross “T” at the end of the “Coexist” bumper sticker has become the world’s most persecuted religion, once again, all because of that delightful crescent at the sticker’s front. These people do not want a dialogue; they want to conquer, rape, and enslave. The “migrant crisis” gripping Europe, and experienced in varying degrees of severity across the Western world, looks a whole lot different when you consider that many Muslims view this migration as the hijrah, that is, mass Islamic immigration undertaken explicitly to “terra-form” the Dar al-Harb (Land of War) that abuts the Dar al-Islam in order to “prime” it for eventual Islamic take-over. As newly-elected Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz noted in the first epigraph, the European Union has allowed millions of these spores of conquest to cross the Mediterranean illegally, and what’s more, referencing Karin Kneissel, these “economic migrants controlled by testosterone” are not refugees in any sense but are simply opportunistic young men, many of whom bring their terribly regressive views on women and free speech to the West and attempt to enforce these views in an often violent and destructive manner.

Meanwhile, the “cultural aristocracy” in Hollywood seem not to grasp the irony of wearing their little “Time’s Up” pins and dressing in fabulous, but tastefully somber, black designer dresses and tailored suits while they continue to grand-stand and hector us “rubes” over a controversy of their own making. Nearly everyone engaged in the self-congratulatory spectacle that was the Golden Globes, a) supports the open borders policies that facilitate the movement of, and retard the ability to screen for, people with no regard for innocent young lives like the million groomed and abused girls in England, and b) was complicit in their own grooming process with the enabling of, or at least silence on, the quarter-century-plus rampant sexual predations occurring behind closed doors and on casting couches across their fabled Tinseltown dreamscape.

It’s repulsive. The “elites” fetishize “exotic” brown people and blatantly disregard their fellow citizens as if they were nothing but trash to be discarded, especially if they are rural and/or working class. Think about Sandra Bullock and those other Hollywood actors and actresses that adopt little black babies as accessories. They’re like the globalist politicians Mark Steyn describes as “striking attitudes” about whatever social justice cause is fashionable, the same way models strike poses on the catwalk, affecting nothing but paralysis. If only it was just California that’s a gangrenous limb, but, to quote Robert Leiken, “Causes and ideas that were young in nineteenth century Europe [have] escaped from their nursing homes in Pyongyang, Havana, and Minsk,” a fresh Cult-Marx coat of paint on the ole communist rust bucket.

Anything with even a faint whiff of nationalism will be decried as “Nazi propaganda” or “fascism,” yet while a particular set of elites have long agitated for open borders, ground zero of the Shoah-guilt-complex Germany has closed the circle by importing millions of anti-Semitic Muslims. I wonder if the remnants of Charlie Hebdo’s editorial staff will show the open-borders Hollywood Jews engulfed in wildfire…Oh, too gauche? And depicting the drowned people of Houston flying swastikas and seig heil-ing from underwater is what exactly? Pathetic. Meanwhile last month pro-Palestinian demonstrators flooded the streets of Malmo, Sweden, shouting slogans about extirpating Jews from this mortal coil, and the following day a synagogue in Gothenburg a few hours up the coast was fire-bombed by three “youths.” Just daily life in the new, culturally-enriched Europe.

Thankfully not everyone sees it that way. There are vocal figures and politicians that are doing everything in their power not to see their countries destroyed by the horrors of “multi-culturalism.” Anne Marie Waters, Jayda Fransen, Tommy Robinson, Katie Hopkins—these are the Sir Thomas More’s of the 21st century. If Britain survives this war, these are the heroes that will be remembered. And make no mistake, this is a war. Geert Wilders, Viktor Orban, Robert Fico, Sebastian Kurz, Alexander Gauland, Marine Le Pen—they understand this. You can keep your mouth shut and pray you’ll be spared, and you’ll ultimately wind up a persecuted minority in your own country, but hey, at least no one will accuse you of being Islamophobic! That’s certainly the most important thing. Such vile “hatred,” I know, but it took me a lot of research to get this ignorant.

Submit, I will not. I generally operate on the First Blood principle—I leave well enough alone, following the narrow path and striving for self-improvement, but now that they’ve drawn first blood, I’m fixing to put a hex on the globalists, the jihadis, the race grievance charlatans, and the Judas Priests, raging against the machine from my little corner of the internet to points beyond. I’m not interested in splitting ideological hairs, as I’ve said from Day One of TACB’s launch—I am interested in not only preserving but helping to re-invigorate in my own small way the civilization my ancestors worked so hard to build, and that I am fortunate enough to have been born into. I’m just one man, but if they come for me out here in the wilderness, I hope they have a good supply of body bags.

#RamboRight: Enlightenment Mind, Medieval Heart.



[1] https://www.steynonline.com/7244/the-clock-ticks-on

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