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Heart of Darkness

Heart of Darkness

“One day millions of men will leave the southern hemisphere of this planet and burst into the northern one. But not as friends, because they will burst in to conquer, and they will conquer by populating it with their children. Victory will come to us from the wombs of our women.”- Former Algerian president Houari Boumedienne speaking in 1974

“Immigration is a gift for all of us.”-Angela Merkel

If current birth rates and demographic projections hold, the West, and Europe in particular, will be utterly swamped in as little as a generation. The world looks an awful lot darker than it did fifty-odd years ago when the cult of bastardized liberalism began to gnaw away at the foundations of Western civilization. Yes, we won the day with the fall of the Soviet Union, and we have the internet and a lot of gadgets to play with now, but, as is so often the case, invisible forces, countercurrents as it were, had been shaping history in profound ways while we weren’t paying attention. If it weren’t for the cancerous growth of Leftism, the “need” to import the entire planet within our porous borders wouldn’t be facilitating what Jim Goad calls “a cleansing wave of softly genocidal immigration,” and a monstrous manifestation of White Guilt wouldn’t have given the opportunistic Islamists any daylight to wriggle in to our social fabric and assist in pulling it apart. While communism died abroad, it found new life in the relativist set at home. Previously secular states began to fall across the Islamic world, and the loss of cultural confidence already endemic in much of Europe began to manifest itself across the Western world more broadly.

We can talk about how the “White Man’s Burden” is an outmoded and paternalistic notion that should have never gained traction, but it is indisputable that anywhere European civilization has touched—and especially anywhere Europeans have settled—has undoubtedly benefited from our ideas, infrastructure, trade, and education. It is indisputable that countries like India and Nigeria are substantially better off having been governed by the British than not. Consider as another example the Jamaicans who are able to take advantage of an educational system patterned after the British model and, if they are bright enough, pretty much punch a ticket to university anywhere in the world through self-selection. The Jamaicans have more or less sold their country off to the Chinese, and 60% of them wish the island had remained a British colony, but even with the most likely inevitable failures of post-independence (as civilization has a way of regressing to the mean), a simple glance east at Haiti should occasion a deep sigh of relief. The countries today that have had the least sustained interaction with European civilization, such as Ethiopia, Haiti, Liberia, and Afghanistan, reveals countries that are especially under-developed and impoverished. Greco-Roman philosophy, Christian values, Renaissance and Age of Enlightenment modes of inquiry and rationality—all of these stem from the European tradition and all have contributed to build societies that are freer and more prosperous than any that have come before. The crowning achievement of self-governance—the United States and its constitution—is the direct result of the inheritance of centuries if not millennia of European thought and values.

Not all civilizations are created equal. The Mongols held sway over vast swaths of territory in their heyday and yet have left us with precious little in terms of intellectual inheritance (Genghis left us plenty of genealogical inheritance, though). Athens, on the contrary, was a remarkable if flawed experiment in democracy, and was only one polis in a fractured ancient Greek political landscape. The same can apply to Florence on the Italian Peninsula during the Renaissance, or the Venetian Republic, or the small, rain-swept backwater that was the British Isles, latecomers to the Renaissance but possibly the greatest empire the world has ever known. Even today, five of the world’s top twelve GDPs (using the metrics supplied by the World Bank) are held by Britain and former colonies—the United States, Australia, Canada, and India. India is not without its own rather substantial set of issues (not least of which involve public sanitation and the stubborn remnants of the caste system), but it is the world’s largest democracy and has been steadily lifting millions out of abject poverty through its embrace of the free market. The Anglosphere has dominated the world stage for the past four hundred-plus years, and in many ways, spearheaded by the United States and the Eurowestern coalition, still does, but exigencies are making this dominance ever shakier.

The proliferation of failed states across the planet has led to tremendously de-stabilizing effects and population displacement. The Western world, in all its “wisdom” has provided a soft landing spot for many of these people, usually to its detriment. Millions of migrants have flooded into the West, but relative to population figures and birth rates in the migrants’ home countries, the numbers arriving haven’t been all that large. This is highly disturbing when you consider what the realized consequences in countries like Germany, France, and Sweden have been already. What happens when this flood turns Biblical?

Unless you count Israel, there’s not one single Western nation with greater than replacement-level birthrates. The general Third World tendency to have more children artificially inflates the birthrates of the top Western nations such as France, New Zealand, the United States, Australia, and the UK, and only a small handful of Europe’s outer ring like Ireland and Iceland are really even near replacement level. The rest of Europe is well below that, with countries such as Spain, Italy, Greece, Moldova, and Slovakia averaging scarcely over one child per woman. Many East Asian nations are also at this “lowest low” level, such as South Korea, Singapore, and Japan (interestingly, among the most pro-Western, high-IQ Asian countries). White Americans are an outlier in some respects, however, because of the strong dichotomy between “Red” and “Blue” political persuasions and values, differences within one population more pronounced than anywhere else in the Western world. The more conservative parts of the country such as the Midwest, Texas, Utah, Idaho, and Alaska, tend to have much higher fertility rates than the more “liberal” parts, such as New England; even in liberal stronghold New England, the peripheral Red rural areas in these Blue bastions outpace their more urban and Left counterparts. Unfortunately due to a paucity of employment opportunities, many of the young leave the country and head to the city to find work.

Of the bottom fifty countries ranked by birth rate, other than Lebanon, Iran, and Mauritius, and two European-held territories in Bermuda and Aruba, the rest are either European or East Asian. Of the top forty, only three—Iraq, Afghanistan, and East Timor—are not in sub-Saharan Africa, and most of the rest of the high birth rate populations are either in Latin America or the Muslim world. Here are just some of the countries whose populations are set to triple or quadruple in the coming decades: Niger (leading the charge at 7.3 live births per woman), Somalia, Chad, Mali, Angola, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Nigeria, Mozambique, Tanzania, Malawi, and the list goes on.

It’s not difficult to see where this is heading, nor will I be the first to point it out. Failed states, abominable living conditions, and the allure of the West and its bountiful entitlements…this is going to get ugly very quickly. For those unfamiliar with Tanzanian and Malawian culture, they sever the limbs of albinos to sell on the black market for witchcraft and other assorted spell-casting; in Mozambique, there’s been a rash of murders as bald men specifically, rumored to have gold in their heads, are having their skulls cracked open to find the hidden wealth. Talk about cultural enrichment! This is what much of the West has thrown its doors open to. Add to the high migrant birth rates and the dysfunction and degeneracy so many are incapable of leaving behind the non-existent native European stock’s birth rates and a pervasive Eurowestern culture of guilt and defeatism, and we have on our hands a recipe for total civilizational disaster.

The non-European West has the benefit of geographical distance from the most unsettled regions of the world (Mexico and parts of the Caribbean excepted in the case of the United States), but many of its leaders, like Canadian panty-waist Justin “Zoolander” Trudeau nonetheless seem committed to self-destructive multi-culturalist policies. The United States has its own set of issues with its porous (at best) southern border and the dysfunction of Latin and South America, not to mention the Sword of Damocles that a DACA deal represents, plus chain migration, citizenship rights for illegals, and the nonsensical green card lottery; every day brings a new horror story of rape, murder, violent crime, and terror fresh from the Third World to our backyards. Why maintain a “system” that looks suspiciously like Russian roulette? When seventy-three-year-old Meals on Wheels volunteers are hacked to death in rural Vermont by machete-wielding Somalis in the name of Islam, I think it’s fair to ask our leaders what the end-game is here.

There’s supposedly a great demand for certain kinds of labor in the West, insatiable even, that can only be filled through mass immigration because either a) the native population simply will not do certain kinds of work, or b) there aren’t enough native-born people to do the work. There’s actually some truth to these claims, as welfare incentivizes many able-bodied people who could work to stay home; the solution there is clear, and it does not involve continuously (and needlessly) pumping more and more people into our respective countries. Governments could also incentivize the population that is already here to be more fecund, rather than engaging in large-scale importations of immigrants who rarely share the same set of values as the host country.

Since the 1965 Immigration Act, which has been the catalyst for changing the demographic fabric of the United States, mass unskilled Third World immigration has flooded the country; if we take a step back, the root of many of our problems today can be traced back to this disastrous piece of legislation. Our borders are Swiss cheese; what kind of power can we project if we can’t even defend our own borders and screen for potential threats? Mass immigration is deepening tribalism in this country by the day, and fracturing the consensus on what, exactly, we are as a nation, finding justification in the “citizen of the world” hyperbole that effectively negates American exceptionalism. And it’s not just the United States. Much of the rest of the West has also fallen victim to the multi-culti disease over the last fifty-plus years, and the chickens are now coming home to roost. If all cultures are equal, then all cultures will be equally impoverished.

“You’re just afraid of losing a white majority and you’re a xenophobic bigot!”….well, I do find it curious that everyone else on the planet has a right to self-determination and their own homeland except for whites. I believe immigration needs to be sensible and each nation-state should look after the well-being of its own citizens first and foremost, so if that makes me a bigot, so be it. The “huddled masses” cliché is from an Emma Lazarus sonnet that was affixed to the Statue of Liberty over a decade after the commemoration of the monument. The poem is in no way reflective of the Statue of Liberty’s intended meaning; the monument is facing outward across the Atlantic because it is symbolically lighting the world with American liberty as the guiding light. Lazarus’s sonnet is not sufficient as an immigration policy. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: just because Barack Obama tried to strong-arm socialism down America’s throat and turn it in to, to quote Christopher Hitchens, “some fucking Lebanon,” doesn’t mean we have to accept this as gospel. It’s curious that the anti-religious Left seems so keen for its own paradoxical secular theocracy. No president has done more to fracture the public discourse than Barack Obama, nor to cripple a country that without consistent government meddling and suffocating over-regulation is witnessing its economy hit record highs under the leadership of the “unhinged” Donald Trump.

Instead, we’re stuck bearing the ponderous burdens of an obsession with multi-culturalism and destructive welfare programs that incentivize all the worst instincts of a society. The bigger the government, the less self-reliant the people, until life becomes one extended adolescence and no one ever has to grow up, just grow old. Perpetual deference is the new Western condition and it’s killing us. Social security is a Ponzi scheme. When it was launched in the 1930s by FDR, it basically kicked the can down the road, so as each generation aged, their children would pick up the tab in the expectation the same would be done for them. The issue is, of course, that this requires an expanding population base that replaces the graying in greater numbers, ad infinitum. This is no longer happening naturally post-Baby Boomer, and so immigrants who actually reproduce are being herded into the country.

Remaining committed to a model of exponential population growth only makes sense in the context of these socialist entitlement programs, but the reality does not bear out this line of reasoning. Immigration in its current incarnation costs taxpayers rather than expands the tax base to shoulder the entitlement load. If we’re going to have any immigration to speak of, it must center on people who are assimilable and are going to contribute and strengthen our country, not suck it dry through boundless entitlements. If basically every Western society has sub-replacement-level birthrates, the burden on the young to fund the ponderous entitlement programs for the elderly will become untenable and the entire edifice will come crashing down.

There are other hiccups in the Grand Global Shopping Mall utopian narrative; for starters, huge swaths of Europe are experiencing depression-level unemployment, so why take in literally millions of migrants who at best view your country as a golden teat to be exploited, and at worst want to turn it to ash, to compound the problem? Additionally, open borders, as we’ve seen, leave a society vulnerable to significant security concerns. They also erode any cultural uniqueness and cohesion, and corrode the institutions therein. What you ultimately end up with is a characterless “any-place” that’s nonetheless rotting away from corruption, violence, and economic stagnation, where the state has ceased to function in any meaningful way.

What’s more, with “migrant” unemployment at astronomical rates in most European countries, the tax payer is not only getting clobbered on retirement and other “back-end” programs, but they are funding terrorists and fire-breathing imams who are actively trying to undermine and ultimately destroy their very societies. 5% of Denmark is Muslim, yet Muslims receive 40% of its welfare payments, and 84% of the migrants in Denmark are unemployed. This is the inverse of what the globalists seemed to be bargaining for when they opened the floodgates. It’s actually rather sickening to watch the cancerous free radicals metastasizing in self-segregated urban ghettoes across the Western world continue to grow and spread, their denizens re-producing the squalor and backwardness they supposedly left behind, leeching off the health and vibrancy of civilizational energies the majority have no legitimate claim to and have no desire to embody or extend. If this is how the ship goes down, will the band play the mambo, Afrobeat, or will the ghostly last notes that dissipate over the water as the ocean swallows us whole be the call to prayer?

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