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Revolution Is Serious Business

Revolution Is Serious Business

“We sit by and watch the Barbarian. We tolerate him; in the long stretches of peace we are not afraid. We are tickled by his irreverence; his comic inversion of our old certitudes and our fixed creed refreshes us; we laugh. But as we laugh we are watched by large and awful faces from beyond; and on those faces there are no smiles... It is not he in his impotence that can discover the power to disintegrate the great and ancient body of Christendom, but if we come to see him triumphant we may be certain that that body, from causes much vaster than such as he could control, is furnishing him with sustenance and forming for him a congenial soil—and that is as much as to say that we are dying.”-Hilaire Belloc

“You laugh, but no one who matters is laughing… In the future, there will be no jokes. It will be a wasteland of plonking earnestness.”-Mark Steyn

“We’re building a new world!”-That weird guy in the supermarket at the beginning of Cobra

The future is now. These are historic times, and since dollars to pesos we’re witnessing the demise of Western civilization, you’d think even a little gallows humor would still be permissible, but nay. The Resistance marches on, unsmiling, unflinching, unafraid. Brave, even. The audacity! Where once the Left’s contradictory caterwauling was rightly dismissed as comically absurd, the egalitarian credo’s ever-more preposterous assertions met with gleeful derision, all that has changed, reality itself sacrificed to the progressive gods of globalism.

Humor is for the free, and for the rest of us, humor is not free. Even the most benign of jokes, heard by the wrong ears, could result in public ostracism, loss of livelihood, and, terrifyingly, criminal investigation. The wrong ears, it would seem, are everywhere. Jeff Bezos, champion of the people, sends products to market that monitor customers in their own homes, and his Washington Post exists for the sole purpose of propagating Fake News and furthering his, and others’, globalist agenda under the aegis of progressivism. Google jettisons a software engineer who dares imply there might be some biological basis for sex disparities in tech. YouTube de-monetizes everyone from Diamond & Silk to Dave Rubin to Paul Joseph Watson to Ayaan Hirsi Ali. The common thread? Dissidence. Paul Kersey referred to America (and I think we can extend the parallel to the West more broadly) as an open-air gulag; the private sector has become complicit in, and arguably more effective than, the deep state and permanent bureaucracy in policing the parameters of allowable opinion.

There is a concerted effort to cripple dissidents economically, and it goes way beyond PayPal targeting the Right in the form of Counter-Currents, American Renaissance, and VDare, or Patreon deleting Lauren Southern’s account; the de-platforming, de-monetization, and outright banning is wide-ranging and nearly all-encompassing for anyone—liberal, conservative, or apolitical—that runs afoul of the Speech Police or engages in that most egregious of crimes, pattern recognition. The “problem” goes ever deeper: the BBC even reports there are “growing concerns” over the “implicit bias” and “racism” of certain algorithms, prompting the founding of the Algorithmic Justice League. Unfortunately, I’m serious (side note: the Leftist version of, “The immigrants are taking our jobs!” has become “The robots are taking our jobs!”—right, so stop importing mass unskilled labor into the country).

Something I’m quite shocked many blacks never seem to grasp: if you genuinely want economic advancement, why would you align yourself with the Left and its open borders policies? Mass immigration leaves the most economically vulnerable, disproportionately black, individuals exposed to wage-depressing competition and, even more damaging, under-the-table, un-taxed illegal labor. It might be easier to get a government check every month, but federal and state cheddar is not going to last forever, especially as the white tax base that subsidizes all of these entitlements continues to shrink. What will you do then? Additionally, many Hispanics have proven to harbor a tremendous amount of enmity toward blacks, at least as much as the BLM types harbor toward whites. What’s more, as Thomas Sowell so brilliantly evidenced in Black Rednecks, White Liberals, black social views often correspond more closely with “traditional” white conservatism, and in terms of cultural hallmarks, bear a much closer resemblance to Southern “redneck” culture than coastal bourgeois elitism.

Despite these instances of cultural over-lap, however, blacks and whites still remain worlds apart, culturally and more pertinently biologically (as biology is the primary driver of culture); the prevailing optimism of the time regarding racial reconciliation following the Civil Rights Movement was further short-circuited by the ramifications of the Great Society programs and the Immigration Act of 1965, which were nothing short of catastrophic for the black community and for race relations in general. There are both internal and external factors besetting the black community, such as the impact of the dissolution of the black family in the former case and economic competition in the labor market via largely unskilled Third World immigration in the latter. That said, the internal factors must be considered as the primary factor of black dis-empowerment, and the black community must look long and hard at the fact that once-proud cities like Baltimore, Cleveland, Chicago, and Detroit have absolutely cratered following the Great Migration demographic transformation. “Systemic oppression” didn’t make those cities borderline uninhabitable—you did.

Instead of taking stock of the situation and offering constructive strategies for legitimate advancement, most black leaders shamelessly peddle their race-baiting wares, perpetuating terrible consequences for the communities they claim to represent. Whites aren’t your enemy—your own leadership has you perpetually simmering with anti-white hatred instead of fixing the real problems plaguing blacks in this country, most of which are self-induced not the product of some nebulous white supremacy. Race realism can only benefit blacks as well. “We want a conversation about race” inevitably translates to, “We want to lecture and hector you about immutable characteristics you were born with and have no control over,” without ever turning the spotlight around and engaging in constructive self-criticism. Further, if black lives really mattered, wouldn’t you be opposed to the proliferation of noted eugenicist Margaret Sanger’s Planned Parenthood abortion mills in low-income and disproportionately black inner-city neighborhoods? I understand Sanger’s 1926 speech to the Ku Klux Klan was absolutely gangbusters, making it somewhat curious she’s so lauded by Leftists, blinkered liberals, and the BLM set.

Perversely, any black public figures like the aforementioned Sowell, or Walter Williams, or Larry Elder, who deviate even slightly from the Ta-Nehisi “Biz Markie” Coates narrative of Racism Blah-Blah-Blah Shit Sandwich are called Uncle Toms and all sorts of other racial invective. I literally saw a white Social Justice Warrior call a black guy an Uncle Tom on Twitter the other day. Evidently all stops will be pulled to ensure the egalitarian narrative prevails; beyond social media that also includes interference in effective policing procedures, directly or otherwise, aiding and abetting illiberal values domestic and abroad, and even demolishing the borders and letting all of those PhDs from Mexico, Equatorial Guinea, and South Sudan come right on in.

In a demented sort of way I’m encouraged by the fact that these paroxysms of hysteria do cut across economic, religious, racial, and gendered lines. Granted whites have been singled out as uniquely evil, and that is central to the Leftist dispossession project, but despite the breathless exhortations to resist racism-sexism-homophobia-Islamophobia-capitalism, this kind of thinking lays bare the heart of the central divide, and it’s starkly clear-cut—people who are for Western civilization, and people who are not. The anti-white project makes sense when you consider who created and defines Western civilization, though this is not to say Western values are solely the province of whites and are not transmissible to other races. I will save a more in-depth discussion about this for another time, however. 

In fighting the Left, you’re trying to combat an ideology that is absolutely sure of itself, that believes unquestioningly in its orthodoxy (this also applies to their strange Islamic fundamentalist bedfellows—more on this in the near future). How do you reform such monochromatic ideologues? How can you find common ground with people that want you dead? An emphasis on individual liberty and self-governance has been replaced with nanny government and the mortal fear of causing offense. No one deserves special protection; under the laws we are all equal. Lady Justice is blind. Parallel sharia courts and “flexible” interpretations of the law undermine peoples’ faith in the judicial system and effectively make it so laws apply only to those who obey them.

For example, why is no one talking about the fact that Ilhan Omar, who could be the first Somali legislator in U.S. history, is married to her brother? Either we’re okay with incest, or we’re okay with someone flagrantly flaunting immigration law and potentially attaining a position in the Minnesota state legislature as a result. Either way, this story is disturbing in its implications. “We” (meaning the Managerial Elite) already turn a blind eye to thousands of female genital mutilation surgeries being conducted on unsuspecting young Muslim children, cousin marriage, grooming gangs, racially-motivated sexual assaults, and aliens being extended voting rights and other privileges reserved for citizens. This would take the erosion of either (or both) our moral standards or enforcement of the law of the land to new lows.

Leftists stand athwart biology and yell: STOP! Disparities as a natural outcome of events are inevitable, but the Left remains tethered to the unjust concept of equity of outcome, where artificial quotas are imposed on various industries and outlets, drastically affecting the quality. Prioritizing the advancement of women and non-white people (excepting Asians as the case may be) irrespective of merit has in fact created a protected class that’s attained a privileged position in society at an often more than fair clip. Some of these people are legitimately gifted and finally have different platforms to be heard and opportunities to be successful, but the cream would rise with equal opportunity; instead, equity of outcome shepherds under-qualified individuals into certain positions or roles based solely on the “optics.” Add to this the demand by some “students of color” for segregated housing, safe spaces, et cetera on college campuses, after many have already received generous allowances for financial aid and on admissions standards, and you have, coupled with the ceaseless brow-beating of whites for their “privilege,” the makings of a serious backlash, and it wouldn’t be un-justified. We are a house more divided than ever.

The Left has created a worldview that is profoundly ahistorical, divorced from reality, and grotesque in its decadence and lack of proportion. From behind the wheels of their Priuses or the walls of their gated communities, Leftists fervently spout the officially-sanctioned superficial platitudes that have no real-world applicability and even less intellectual weight behind them. Their very existence makes a mockery of natural selection, which makes perfect sense given their positions on SCIENCE (which rules, according to Bill Nye, the Climate Change Guy). And speaking of climate change né global warming, whatever happened to campaigning for an end to the destruction of the rainforest? If Leftists are so concerned about global warming, why have they ceased discussing the de-forestation and environmental devastation of this fragile ecosystem? To say nothing of the DIVERSITY of the rainforest, trees need carbon dioxide the same way we need oxygen; an acre of trees can store 2.6 tons of carbon dioxide and produce enough oxygen for eighteen people per year!

Instead of crippling the economy with the Paris Accord, why not continue to push for conservation, and even put international aid to good use by helping impoverished equatorial countries so they don’t have to engage in massive de-forestation to grow more crops or create grazing pastures for cattle as in Brazil? Why not create bilateral trade deals with different countries for the medicines and herbs that can be harvested from the forest? Per the Growing Air Foundation, if we can convince farmers to harvest the sustainable products of the rainforest such as nuts, fruits, medicinal extracts, and essential oils, they would reap an average of $2,400 per acre U.S., as opposed to $60 for cattle and $400 for timber.

What about clean drinking water? Trees act as a natural filter of rainwater and help shield aquifers from pollutants. Trees also stave off soil erosion and have been proven to trap other harmful gasses such as carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide. What about the environmental cost of exponential population growth? As we know, the global population in many Third World countries is set to triple or quadruple by the end of the century, and legitimate conservation attempts have gone the way of Free Tibet bumper stickers. Concerned about carbon emissions? Protect the forests we have, practice sustainable logging and farming, and hell, maybe even grow more trees! Per North Carolina State University’s Trees of Strength website: “The evaporation from a single tree can produce the cooling effect of 10 room size air conditioners operating 20 hours a day.”

I guess the cause isn’t fashionable anymore, not exactly, but that doesn’t make it any less pressing. In a sense I’m reminded of a scene at the beginning of the 2008 abortion/film The Happening where Mark Wahlberg’s character whines at a bunch of disinterested students in response to severe ecological disruptions and a correspondent plunging of the bee population: “You guys dont care about the bees!?” In principle, maybe, but not in essence. The bees aren’t particularly sexy, but these canaries in the coal mine (bees in the coal mine?) are harbingers of an impending collapse of mankind due to the release of a plant-borne pathogen by Mother Gaia designed to rid the suffering planet of its human parasites. This pathogen, come to think of it, is exactly analogous to Leftism: a spore that infects otherwise sane people and turns them into deranged lunatics bent on indiscriminately undoing modernity. These modern Luddites literally cannot see the forest for the trees, so focused as they are on being Progressive at the expense of progress (yet unwilling to give up any of their amenities). In its extreme version, the climate change gang would like to see The Happening writ large in the West (again, with minimal impediment to their own way of life), yet the serious environmental issues of the rest of the world shall pass unnoticed. Meanwhile the Noble Savage continues to watch Western societies debase themselves and greedily suck down the hemlock tea of faux-liberalism, sauntering on through the West’s undefended borders to grab a little material comfort of their own over our dead bodies.

But the questions persist: Is racism a ghost and are all ghosts white? Is the West haunted by a uniquely dark past that demands nothing less than it ceasing to exist as penance? If Islam is a religion of peace, why do 75% of all global armed conflicts involve Islam? At what point are we practicing auto-cannibalism, at a swallowed piece of fingernail or at an entire civilization? In today’s relativist climate, can we be sure cannibalism, auto- or otherwise, is all that bad? If all cultures are equal, what does it mean that homosexuality is punishable by a life sentence in Tanzania and that its government has shut down a number of private HIV/AIDS clinics? That in some Muslim countries simply being suspected of homosexuality is punishable by death? As the seats at the banquet table fill up, eyes shining with avarice and mouths watering over the succulent spread, Western man’s prone body at the center, do they know the extent of the body’s sickness? Do they notice the body’s bloated stomach, the missing digits and chunks of flesh? The festering wounds? To seriously find a cure, we’ve first got to be able to mock the symptoms. Alas, the time for jokes, as it were, has now passed, and the barbarians pouring through the open gates are deadly serious. In this arms race of earnestness, the body will soon rot and the spoils will shortly thereafter be spent.

“The Barbarian cannot make...he can befog and destroy but...he cannot sustain; and of every Barbarian in the decline or peril of every civilization exactly that has been true.”-Hilaire Belloc

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