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The Great American Hootenanny on the Ashes of Liberty

The Great American Hootenanny on the Ashes of Liberty

“We are led to believe that race doesn’t exist—which would imply that white people don’t exist, either—but that through some sort of socially righteous prestidigitation, white people are easy to spot and must be scapegoated for all human, animal, and plant suffering across the universe from the dawn of time. And if you think that’s a ridiculous burden to bear, that’s only because you’re a ‘white supremacist.’”-Jim Goad, from TakiMag

“Basically, the Left wants to move the US to a managed-democracy situation as in the EU, with 'hate speech' laws, police harassing dissenters, no political resistance possible to mass immigration. The Republican Establishment is basically OK with this too.”-Peter Brimelow

Narcissistic Entitlement Syndrome: Occurs when people’s high self-appraisals are unrealistic and they don’t really deserve the victories and attention they crave.-Excerpted from Psychology Today

…And so the Great American Hootenanny on the ashes of liberty continues. “Give me convenience or give me death!” the Dead Kennedys album title proclaimed, but instead of being an either/or proposition, it’s become something like, “Give me convenience until the latest import from Somalia stabs me to death while screaming Allahu Akbar!Allahu Akbar, as the skid-marks at Harvard et al. would have it, means, “I come in peace!” (pieces?).

The Leftist worldview is patently absurd. It is the refuge of the incomprehensible, the grotesque and obscene, a collectivist pack of assorted subnormals, virtue-signaling cuckolds, and sinister Soros-style globalists who (credit where credit is due) brilliantly game the unwitting coalition of various “marginalized groups” seeking to have access to power in order to abuse it. The only thing really unifying the latter group is their perceived status as The Oppressed, with the greater the perceived oppression, the greater the “reward” in a kind of perverse victim currency, a politics of revenge the primary driver of their “compassionate” world-view. The Left values the individual insofar as one can maximize their hedonistic pleasure while shirking responsibility, but group affiliation is the ultimate determinant of one’s “status” in the victim hierarchy.

If you’re looking for coherence from the Cultural Marxists, you’ll never find it. The Left, for all of its multi-cultural boilerplate, views all cultures as “equal,” which in practice, to borrow from Mark Steyn, excuses them from having to know anything about them; they make the fatal assumption that everyone, barring some deep moral failing (like being white), thinks the same, that all of their prospective gardeners and servants né global brown masses want to drink from the brackish well of their joyless paradoxes—prudish materialism, secular religion, fixed sexuality but fluid genders, relativist moral absolutes. These people shred certain religious types for divining “God’s Will” in natural disasters and then turn around and blame a series of hurricanes on some kind of cosmic retribution for having a Donald Trump presidency foisted upon them.

There are very significant questions that need answering, and this snake oil form of liberalism has proven incapable of answering them. As the economy becomes increasingly specialized and cognitively-intensive, the need for unskilled labor is going to continue to decrease. Why, then, does the Party of Compassion fail to protect the most vulnerable members of society by continuing to import literally millions of people who have proven to cost the state at least a half a million dollars per person over the course of their lifetimes, not to mention depress wages and elevate crime? We are twenty trillion dollars in debt. This is historic, and it’s also completely unsustainable. I understand the virtue of compassion and as a living, breathing human, not a caricature of a conservative, I actually have a little (shocking, I know), but at what point does it become a vice? I would argue we crossed that Rubicon a long time ago, and what’s more, at least for the Saul Alinsky types, I’m not sure it ever was about compassion. For the ringleaders of the Left, that’s very obviously not the case now. For them, it’s all about power and control.

I typically defer to the libertarian worldview because it allows for maximal freedom for people to chart their own course in life with minimal external impediment. Almost without fail, government meddling results in worse cock-ups than if left to people’s own devices. There are such things as immutable truths. Death comes for us all. Gravity always wins. The government wastes your money. Human beings are inherently flawed, capable of both great virtue and great evil. We are living in a hysterical age, proof enough that “progress”—however you want to define it—comes in fits and starts, and is certainly not uni-directional.

Freedom is a truly terrifying proposition for most people. The uniqueness of the American experiment is (was?) that it gave people, in theory if not always in practice, control of their own destiny to a degree still unsurpassed on this temporal plane. Government does not dispense rights, it is meant to be the guarantor of them. This is a uniquely Western idea, and with varying degrees of success across the globe, its application has generally benefited the societies it’s settled, shaped, or impacted. That said, I also happen to believe that all people have a right to self-determination, so there’s a long and much more nuanced conversation to be had here about the imperial aspect of colonialism, but I won’t get into that here. Suffice it to say a proper appraisal of both historical events and human nature leaves no one smelling like roses, though Western civilization has done more than any other, by far, to advance human progress and improve the human condition. 

Whether the mainstream media wants to admit it or not, we are at war. The Western world has been neutered and cowed, and little stands in the way of its cultural annihilation. We have no one to blame but ourselves for letting things get to this point, but the time has come to stand up for the core values that make Western civilization the guiding light on this planet. Freedom is the most precious gift we have, and the cost is eternal vigilance. Free speech is the fundamental right from which all others spring, and it must be protected at all costs. As our civil liberties are stripped one by one, as speech codes encroach on our ability to speak freely and openly, as economic terrorism destroys the livelihoods of all who speak out, as fundamentalist Islam snakes its way into the bosom of the civilized world, our citizens are asleep at the wheel and the Establishment has drugged them. We are driving headlong toward the multi-cultural abyss, the cliff looming, the noose tightening, and yet somehow, insanely, a substantial segment of the population believes, vis-à-vis their posturing and histrionics (which are potentially symptoms of a personality disorder), that their #Resistance is actually fighting against the Establishment.

This sort of Instagram rebellion, which amounts to naught but assuming the affectations of “revolutionaries,” encourages, in fact requires, little in the way of critical thinking and even less understanding of the basics of government, history, and geopolitical realities. Furthermore, despite its superficial appearance of challenging the status quo, it is the Establishment personified. Hillary Clinton? Are you fucking kidding me? I guess nothing spells revolution like celebrity endorsements and pantsuits, but the degree of ideological conformity on the Left is actually a bit terrifying in its unyielding uniformity. It’s especially pronounced among Millenials, whose “movement” is, like everything else in their extended adolescence, weak, flimsy, and superficial. Their revolution, of course, is utterly lacking in substance and ceaselessly straight-laced and dour—just like Hillary Clinton, come to think of it. The alternative patron saint, Bernie Sanduhs—he of the three vacation homes or whatever it is—believes free college and debt forgiveness are human rights. Once again, superficial, superficial, superficial. Commodities, goods and services, these are evidently as inviolable as free speech—actually more so with many of the under-30s if we’ve learned anything from Berkeley et al. Their prudish and repressive utopia is just as unappealing as the caricatures of the Christian fundamentalists’ they’re supposedly fighting against, but what is underneath is far more sinister.

Whereas a repressive and stultifying faction of conservatives of yore would take the Dead Kennedys or Allen Ginsberg to court on obscenity charges and attempt to censor and silence in a misguided moral crusade, today’s Left has taken the mantle of Pearl-Clutchers and run with it, mutating into a grotesque, diktat-spewing, holier-than-thou bunch of iron-fisted totalitarians in liberals’ clothing, far worse than any uptight mid-century square the Beatniks and Hippies were flipping the bird to. Some of the strictures of the past particularly in terms of censorship and freedom of expression have necessarily fallen away, and this is good, but it should not come at the expense of the things that define and hold society together. Suburban dads and housewives were never a civilization-imperiling threat. They were, in fact, part of its bed-rock. The modern Left treats its sacred cow of gay marriage as an either/or proposition, as if the traditional union of man and woman must be destroyed for gays to wed. This is absurd of course, but it speaks volumes about the Left’s true aims. If it really was just about the freedom to marry whoever you want, which I’m fine with, then that’s one thing. Using gay marriage as a cudgel to destroy family values is quite another. That I cannot abide. What a strange world where traditional values have become transgressive.

The philosophical under-pinning of the United States is grounded heavily in Christian principles, but the intrusion of religious doctrine has no place in jurisprudence or law-making. A Christian nation, in the context of what Peter Brimelow calls the Historic American Nation, yes. A theocracy, no. This is where the Religious Right of the past over-stepped its bounds. Regarding the term “conservative,” it is the Historic American Nation and many of its traditions that must be “conserved.” This is a term I have a lot of ambivalence toward due to some of its baggage and the connotation that it is by definition reactive and defensive. If the Dems have taught us anything, it’s that a good PR team is vital. At present, though, nothing is being conserved. The Republican Party is a shell and its establishment in no way represents the desires of most conservatives, having been co-opted by the Neocons, who have John Quincy Adams rolling over in his grave, and the Conservatism, Inc. crony capitalist, big donor globalist class. Both Democrats and many Republicans are about, among many other things, importing people who are indifferent to, estranged from, or even outright hostile toward the ideas of self-government and individual liberty that must form the bedrock of this country. The Democrats are more ruthless in catering to the worst instincts of humanity in a naked power grab, but both essentially favor the expansion of the state into a freedom-crushing Leviathan. There are some principled Republicans who reflect the true American spirit, but they are the exception, not the rule.

The Left survives on linguistic tricks, superior marketing and PR, and control of many key “strategic positions” that shape the so-called “Culture Wars” as the media and entertainment industries and the educational system lean almost completely Left. To borrow from what’s becoming a cliché but is indeed very true, politics is downstream from culture. The Left grasps this where so many conservatives do not. Control of media and education allows for the shaping of discourse, which even extends to the language we use to discuss the issues. For example, “people of color” is simply a grammatically incorrect inversion of the now-defunct phrase “colored people.” The tag “xenophobia” is affixed to all who want to restrict immigration—no, it is not based on fear, it’s based on rationally assessing where we are as a nation and seeking to address a situation that’s gotten completely out of control. Can you rightly say you think the United States or the European Union countries are doing a good job of enforcing their external borders? Open borders is what the Left and the cheap labor RINOs want, and were largely getting, until Donald Trump’s election. What happens next will, in no uncertain terms, decide the fate of the United States.

Unenforceable borders means the dissolution of the country, but this is an impossible conversation to have when one side refuses to differentiate between their endless moralizing and talk of “inclusion,” and legitimate national self-interest and security—and God help you if you try to engage them with a discussion of the biological realities pertaining to race that drive culture and civilization (or lack thereof). It is very useful to consider human biodiversity first along with other causal factors to explain the development of nations and trajectory of societies and to consider certain behaviors, et cetera, but believe it or not I am fully capable of making statistical claims that represent larger patterns while retaining the ability to make case-by-case judgements on an individual basis. This is called common sense. This is called reality (or as Pinhead described it: “The worst nightmare of all”). Frankly, irresponsible immigration policies are crushing native Americans economically, and this is before considering the impact on social cohesion, cultural consensus, and civil liberties. In short, mass Third World immigration is a total civilizational impoverishment. 

The flagrant flaunting of the rule of law promotes anarchic conditions that endanger people and communities. Aiding illegal aliens is a felony, so get ready Jerry Brown, the Suede Denim Secret Police are coming for you. The mayor of Baltimore gave rioters “space” to vent their frustrations, ie-let them carry on like children and torch their own community, using the “thought process” that this would somehow vindicate their grievances. It makes no rational sense unless you look at it through the lens of the paternal infantilization of non-Asian and Jewish minorities by the Democrats (and yes, I’m aware the last three mayors of Baltimore have been black women). Sorry Sonia Sotomoyor, but nothing about being Latina makes you inherently “better” at adjudicating (in fact, your track record suggests you shouldn’t even be on the bench, irrespective of your race). The Left is absolutely terrified of the Boogeyman of Reason. Understanding race can provide us with a rubric by which to investigate certain biological realities, but it doesn’t give you some kind of inherent virtue.

Even the most basic claims of multi-culturalism fail to stand up to scrutiny. The myth of “Cities of the World” can’t even pass the eye test—ethnic enclaves abound in just about any major city affected by immigration, and this self-segregation creates parallel societies within a larger one, one that in the West is not sure what exactly it is anymore. If, as Arnold J. Toynbee once said, “Civilizations die by suicide, not by murder,” then it is entirely possible we are witnessing a reckoning, whereby the United States and the West more broadly will either live through its attempted suicide, or will collapse into another Dark Ages. It’s the sheer redundancy of the issues across Western societies that’s perhaps most damning. The fact of the matter is the West is witnessing its defining characteristics erode and give way to Mediocre Generica Utopianism, Inc., its actual virtues and liberties bastardized to suit yet another iteration of the socialist agenda. Lenin’s “Useful Idiots” are busy screaming about Privilege and Patriarchy while behind them supra-national bureaucracies scheme and a cabal of globalists consolidate power: nation-states out, super-states and multi-nationals in. Fans of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream generously brought to market by the Anglo-Dutch trans-national corporation Unilever, eat your heart out.

More on this next time…

Revolution Is Serious Business

Revolution Is Serious Business