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Thriller (Dead and Loving It)

Thriller (Dead and Loving It)

“If you think about it, when you kiss someone, you’re potentially exposing yourself to all of their pathogens.”-Dave Palumbo

“A grizzly does not give a fuck about diversity.”-Joe Rogan

CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW PROBLEMATIC AN ORGANIZATION NAMED THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF COLORED PEOPLE IS PLEASE??? I still can’t believe the NAACP—which does vital work like campaigning for law-makers to remove “The Star-Spangled Banner” as the national anthem—still uses the highly problematic phrase “colored people.” As 2.8% victim, to use the South Park ancestry test parlance, I’m triggered by this flagrant disregard for my people’s suffering under the yoke of systemic and institutional oppression. I expected a lot more out of the NAACP, especially as they’ve been so instrumental in making sure the word “merit” becomes synonymous with “white supremacy,” and it’s important that we have a conversation about race, because for too long the mainstream media, the entertainment industry, academia, K-12, the tech sector, and the various governmental bureaucracies have ignored the problem of race in this country. It’s something that is never discussed, and WE NEED TO HAVE THIS CONVERSATION.

The NAACP is on record as stating that our national anthem is, “One of the most racist, pro-slavery, anti-black songs in the American lexicon.” I assumed they were confused and were referring to the poem “The Defense of Fort M’Henry” by Francis Scott Key (and at that, the stanza in question is open to interpretation), because literally all the national anthem says was there was a battle and the next day the flag was still there. The implication in the anthem is that what the flag represents stands tall and undiminished as well, but as Susan K. Smith (I guess she is black?) stated:

“We know that in spite of the song and the pledge, we have been second-class citizens, with full government support of the same. When that changes, when governments work to make the ideals of Americanism honored for all Americans, perhaps then those who are strong enough to stand against hypocrisy will be able to believe in the country the way the privileged have always been able to do.”[1]

So maybe there should just be a black national anthem, perhaps something by Beyoncé? Maybe they can play it before the games in Puff Daddy’s new football league? Maybe their national anthem can be written by one of the indie “musicians” profiled by The Guardian over the summer: “My Identity Is Not Your Fad: How Indie Got Woke” (vomit). According to writer David Renshaw, “Indie has a voice—and it’s white, male, and whiney (My note: I agree). Fortunately artists such as Nadine Shah, Jay Som, and Vagabon are bringing queer, gender, and racial politics to the party.” Some party! Renshaw continues:

In the past year, we have also heard Everybody Works by Jay Som, an intimate and eclectic album of lo-fi fuzz that has drawn comparisons to Blood Orange and Nick Cave, and queer act Muna, who champion the use of safe spaces and gender-neutral toilets at their live shows, and refuse to adopt the gender pronouns he or she in their songs. Elsewhere, Mitski was a regular spot on last year’s best-of lists with her album Puberty 2, on which she tackled the whiteness of all-American culture with the magnificent single “Your Best American Girl.” Then there is Vagabon’s “Cleaning House,” on which Laetitia Tamko sings: “What about them scares you so much? My standing there threatens your standing, too.” Tamko was attending protests inspired by Black Lives Matter when she wrote the song, which talks about her journey as a teenage immigrant arriving in the US from Cameroon, alongside the need for justice for the deaths of black men Alton Sterling and Michael Brown.[2]

These people are the epitome of pretentious, and their music is fucking garbage. I don’t care what gender-queer person of color is warbling to this dreck, it fucking sucks. No balls, no passion, no nothing. “Indie” is horseshit and always has been. I am in love with the fact that these people need to bring identity politics into their music, because it shows how weak the message is—it must be buttressed by “I’m-a-Cameroonian-and-this-is-my-lived-experience” with the most hackneyed lyrics and derivative instrumentation. Look at the picture showing the subjects of Renshaw’s article at the top of this page again, and tell me, honestly, are these “diverse voices” all wearing the same uniform or what? Okay, they’re racially diverse, but Jesus, look at them! Hey assholes, The Fine Young Cannibals called! In the words of Dean Gordon Pritchard from Old School: “Who are these people?”

So for David Renshaw and the subjects of his article, I think it’s safe to assume that, “It’s NOT Okay to be White.” I wonder if the UK grooming gangs given carte blanche to target their victims based on race think, “It’s Okay to be White,” or do they conform more to the views of Renshaw and his group of mom-jeans retards? I wonder if the grooming gangs ask their marks what their pronouns are before deciding to rape and brand them, or sell them into sex slavery. I wonder if Nadine Shah, “as a Muslim and a second-generation immigrant,” has anything to say on the matter. What? SORRY I COULDN’T HEAR YOU OVER THAT HIDEOUS OUTFIT! Here’s the calculus: Diversity=Non-White. Simple. We shall steadily bang the drum for Diversity until every last vestige of Whiteness is eradicated.

That said, according to Kwame Anthony Appiah—“regarded as one of the world’s greatest thinkers on African and African American cultural studies”—race and nationality are social constructs and “total twaddle,” and that society operates under the false assumption that race has some basis in biology (so why the Leftist preoccupation with it?). Elaborates Appiah:

“How race works is actually pretty local and specific; what it means to be black in New York is completely different from what it means to be black in Accra, or even in London…Mistakes about race were at the heart of the Rwandan genocide; the invasion of Iraq in 2003 was shaped by American nationalism and chauvinism about Muslims; nationality is clearly stopping us doing our part in dealing with things such as the refugee crisis, because we feel like it will threaten our own identity.[3]

If race is a social construct, then it makes all the sense in the world to enshrine these ideas of race in policies like Affirmative Action, right? If nationhood is a social construct, then why does Appiah go out of his way to establish the activist bona fides of his Ghanaian father? Appiah says:

My father went to prison three times as a political prisoner, was nearly shot once, served in parliament, represented his country at the United Nations and believed that he should die for his country. There wasn’t a more patriotic man than my father, and this Ghanaian patriot was the person who explicitly taught me that I was a citizen of the world. In fact, it mattered so much to him that he wrote it in a letter for us when he died.[4]

It is logically impossible for someone to hold these views simultaneously in the same brain. They are, and always will be, in direct opposition. Were the central message that you must be a citizen of the world, and nationhood is then by extension artificial since it is a construct, using Appiah’s logic, this means that his father wasted his entire life. In a rare moment of clarity, embattled UK Prime Minister Theresa May stated, “If you are a citizen of the world, you are a citizen of nowhere.”

If the nation-state succumbs, we succumb. The nation-state is the only true guarantor of a people’s sovereignty, a state that is a reflection of that people and exists to protect and advance their interests and their interests alone. The Ottoman Empire reflected the best interests of the Bulgarians no more than the European Union does. The EU leadership functions on a supra-national level with no consideration for the individual nation, let alone the individuals within those nations. Best if Bulgaria, Hungary, Greece, and all the rest remain subordinate. If and when Europe morphs into an extension of Africa and the Middle East, there will be no recourse for those caught in the global deluge of cheap labor. Put simply, they will be drowned. And the EU isn’t particularly unique in this respect. Donna Brazile, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren—they all admitted the Democratic Presidential Primary in 2016 was rigged, and yet they willingly played along. So you have a party that is fundamentally anti-democratic and where your voice is irrelevant. When they’re not stuffing the ballot box and preventing sorely-needed voter ID laws from being passed, they weaponize immigration to dispossess Americans of their country and the political power to chart their own destiny. As Kevin MacDonald points out, “The racialization of politics is alive and well as whites vote GOP by landslide margins. No surprise Democrats want more non-white immigrants.”

The weaponizing of immigration is a tactic used all across the West by the managerial elites, and it is accompanied by relentless propaganda to invalidate any claims Westerners have on the nations they built. The BBC ran some special recently attempting to claim Britain has always been multi-cultural, which is nothing short of a bald-faced lie. According to Snopes, America without blacks would be a barren land because, “There are very few crops that [would] flourish because the nation was built on a slave-supported system.” My, how ever did my Colonial stock New England ancestors who have been here for four hundred years and probably never even saw a black person until last century feed themselves? History is far too complex to boil down to the cardboard cut-out and cherry-picked version on offer from the Left custom-fit to their narrative. A proper understanding of history takes into account the human element, and does not foist modern sensibilities upon the past, and it certainly doesn’t trim the inconvenient bits, attribute motive, or distort intention. I would never deny the many valuable contributions blacks have made to this country, but to claim that it was entirely built on their backs or that they were instrumental in its design is ludicrous. The United States was founded and predominantly constructed by Europeans and people of European descent to be a homeland for their posterity (as evidenced in the Preamble to the Constitution). 

Sadly, I’m not sure ignorance is bliss for these race grievance types because they are constantly in a panicked and tortured existential state railing about every injustice real and perceived, every slight no matter how slight, terrified of being deported or thrown in a death camp somewhere. The Founding Fathers agonized over what to do about the blacks once they were freed. Their Christian sensibilities told them that slavery was a rotten and morally corrupting business, but they also knew how difficult it was going to be for two very different groups of people to live alongside each other, especially after a well-endowed percentage of one group had literally owned a large percentage of the other. They knew there were no easy answers, and that of course continues to be true. If the attitudes of the Ta-Nehisi Coates and Michael Eric Dyson types are any indication, however, we must face the possibility that for some, these old wounds are unhealable, the differences irreconcilable. Liberia was one attempt to rectify the issue, and no less a luminary than Abraham Lincoln felt an amicable split of black and white was for the best, but few blacks ultimately re-patriated. If they viewed America as home, frankly, why would they? But for Dyson and company, if, one hundred and fifty years after the Civil War and fifty years after the Civil Rights Movement, they still cannot stop their tears, perhaps they should consider leaving America to escape the clutches of white supremacy once and for all.



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