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Oh, What Tangled Webs We Weave (Orange Julius)

Oh, What Tangled Webs We Weave (Orange Julius)

I was thinking the other day about Shakespeare in the Park, an annual ritual for New York liberals to get outside, get some “fresh air” in Central Park, and feel cultured by taking in the works of the greatest playwright who ever lived—but who can no longer be taught in schools because he’s a cis-het white male. No matter, moral superiority isn’t conflicted by such trifles as “consistency” and “intellectual honesty.” This past year’s iteration, Julius Caesar, was merely an excuse to dress Caesar as Donald Trump and execute the assassination fantasies feverishly running through Leftist minds across this great nation. 

First of all, did you expect anything less? The mass psychosis of Resistance almost mandated the Big Apple thespians take this “artistic risk” in front of their like-minded patrons. Nothing spells revolution quite like Much Ado about an Echo Chamber. It’s so transgressive to cater to an audience that believes the exact same things. Is this production of Julius Caesar in poor taste? Of course. But there are two equally valid interpretations of the decision to “kill” Donald Trump in the context of Julius Caesar that are each illustrative of the two different types of Leftists. One way to view this production is that the producers did not fully consider the meaning of situating President Trump as Julius Caesar. The ramifications of his assassination were exactly the opposite of what Brutus and company intended, with the subsequent civil war ultimately signaling the death of the Republic and the rise of the Imperial Era in Roman history. Julius Caesar’s role in all of this isn’t exactly saintly, as he was responsible for a civil war himself in order to eliminate his lone remaining rival Pompey, and was in the aftermath ruling as a dictator when the daggers were drawn on the infamous Ides of March, 44 BC. I understand we are supposed to draw these parallels to President Trump, but other than the back-stabbing Senate, there is nothing to them. Following the producers’ set-up, however, could also lead us to the other interpretation, which is that the Left is telegraphing precisely what their totalitarian impulses are. I believe the majority fall in the first category, the “black sheep” who are nonetheless still sheep, but there are a few of the more sinister types who want to impose their socialist utopia on the “dumb rednecks” of America from above and know exactly what they’re doing. Barack Obama and his administration would be in this category.

They believe the ends justify the means and any vehicle of power can and will be used to bludgeon the opposition into submission. Despite the Leftist rhetoric involving power, privilege, and the like, it’s never really been about the stated aims of achieving equality. These buzzwords function very similarly to Islamic taqqiya. Yes, it is about power and privilege, but not in the way they’re being framed. If the Leftist re-definition of racism is power plus privilege, but it’s impossible to be racist toward white people, then how do you explain the institutionalized seizure of property, rape, torture, and murder of whites in Zimbabwe and South Africa? One man, one vote, one time—that’s the rule in the former European colonies of Africa, and with blacks fully ensconced in power, how do you reconcile the “racist equation” with the reality of the Dark Continent? And what about the Obama presidency? Black president, back-to-back black attorney generals, black National Security Advisor…but somehow “systemic racism” persisted in the United States, especially in cities like Baltimore (three straight black female mayors), Newark (four of the last five mayors have been black, the other Puerto Rican), Birmingham (seven straight black mayors or interim mayors), Stockton (black mayor), Buffalo (black mayor), Atlanta (three straight black mayors), and Detroit (five black mayors in a row until Mike Duggan).

The Democratic Party presides almost universally over the most crime-riddled and unsafe cities in America (incidentally coinciding with some of the strictest gun laws). In addition to the aforementioned cities, Chicago, St. Louis, Oakland, Memphis, and Cleveland are run by Democrats, and all ten of the most dangerous cities in America have Democrat mayors. Additionally, they are all majority non-white. On the state level, electorally Blue New Mexico, with 47% of its population Hispanic, was ranked dead last in public safety by U.S. News, preceded by Louisiana (33% black) and Alaska. Alaska’s ranking is very misleading, however, as suicides-by-firearm are counted as gun deaths, and over 80% of the gun deaths in Alaska are attributable to suicide. After removing this deceptive statistic from the equation, the two blackest states in America—Louisiana and Mississippi—emerge as the nation’s “leaders” in gun deaths.

The states with the lowest crime rates (and also rated the safest in America using FBI statistics) are Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire. The New England system of town governance was lauded by Alexis de Tocqueville as being the best in the world, and there is a deeply-rooted culture of strong work ethic and personal responsibility, but also of community. All three states have Republican governors and a very libertarian, self-reliant rural population. Three of the top twenty most heavily-armed counties in America per capita are in the state of Vermont, with two more in the top fifty-five. New Hampshire has two counties and Maine has one in the top one hundred. Incidentally, Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont are the three whitest states in America with at least 94% of the population of each; other states in the top twenty safety rankings according to the FBI include: Idaho at number four (89% white), Connecticut at number seven (81% white), Rhode Island at eight (82% white), Wyoming at nine (93% white), Kentucky at ten (87% white), Minnesota at eleven (85% white), Pennsylvania at twelve (82% white), Wisconsin at fifteen (85% white), Iowa at sixteen (93% white), North Dakota at seventeen (88% white), Nebraska at eighteen (89% white), and West Virginia at nineteen (93% white). Hmmm...

The Left is also responsible for the institution of the destructive policies of sanctuary cities. All of them are strong-holds of the Left and their Democrat shills, and all of them undermine federal immigration enforcement, which is highly illegal. How these laws remain on the books is beyond me, and they endanger their residents with the irresponsible harboring of people who are flagrantly flouting the law. Shock of shocks, sanctuary cities have higher crime rates than non-sanctuary cities; illegal aliens are responsible for 13% of all crime nationally and are three times more likely than citizens to commit crimes. 27% of the federal prison population was foreign-born. What’s more, huge percentages of illegal aliens receive some kind of entitlement, subsidized, of course, by the American taxpayers who actually have jobs. If we could just be more compassionate, if we could root out the racism and xenophobia that plagues this country, then these marginalized peoples would stop committing crimes of desperation. In the meantime, let’s just keep throwing money at the problem—that always works!

We’re spending ourselves off a cliff to appear compassionate because for the Left appearances are everything. Cutting funding to specific programs looks a certain way, even if these programs are completely ineffectual. Some of them, like Medicare and Medicaid, are money following money down a sinkhole with little to no appreciable improvement in health by most metrics. The life expectancy in the United States actually went down last year, and that’s certainly not a coincidence with the bumbling and ponderous government interfering in the free market. Everything the government bureaucrats touch turns to shit. State meddling in the best healthcare system in the world, and just about everything else these days, is leading us down a one-way path to insolvency. Seriously, is there one thing that’s improved with more bureaucracy?

Yet we continue to trudge down this path of neo-liberalism, of over-weaning bureaucracy and state power, of wealth re-distribution, and mass immigration, and we’re ever-further from the basic freedoms enshrined in the Constitution. Affirmative action by definition creates a privileged class that is able to attain positions and attendant benefits without meeting the same basic standards as everyone else. It doesn’t get more privileged than to have something handed to you that you didn’t earn. The same goes for the welfare payments and government hand-outs that encourage irresponsible behavior at the expense of the people who have made sound life choices and understand delayed gratification. Most of this actually comes down to intelligence and biological pre-dispositions, but with the destruction of the traditional family, the socio-economic and cultural fall-out, particularly in the black community, has been disastrous. 

The Obama administration tried to use federal power as a corrective to a shared belief in the systemic oppression of minorities in the United States. As previously stated, however, they are the system. The Trump administration’s been beset by numerous set-backs (many of them self-induced, I will concede) and confidential information leaks as a result of the deep state’s ideological war against it. Many of these functionaries are hold-overs from the Obama era, and some of them received clear directives (such as Susan “Nothing to Nobody” Rice authorizing wire-tapping and unmasking of Trump associates during and after the presidential campaign) from outgoing Obama appointees to engage in this subterfuge. During the eight years of the Barack Obama presidency, with power pretty much uniformly consolidated on the Far Left, the systemic, state-sanctioned persecution of ideological opponents was able to command the full force of the government apparatus: the IRS targeted conservative 501(c)(3)s; the Justice Department engaged in large-scale spying operations, including of a FOX News reporter, the Associated Press, and members of the Donald Trump campaign; the NSA had instituted numerous surveillance programs on average Americans that were undoubtedly unconstitutional; OSHA, the IRS, and the ATF were turned loose on Tea Party groups like True the Vote; and the list goes on.

Obama’s race-baiting contributed to civil unrest and condoned a culture of enmity toward law enforcement. His clear distaste for the military as an arm of imperialism led to as many as 300,000 veteran deaths due to VA negligence and fake waiting lists, and documents were forged to cover up the whole affair. The Justice Department moved to shield Obama’s allies from scrutiny and was perceived as being so corrupt, that former FBI Director James Comey went public with his announcements on the Hillary Clinton investigation because he felt Loretta Lynch had been “compromised,” especially after she met secretly with Bill Clinton and told Comey to refer to the investigation as a “matter.” What’s more, three separate FBI field offices had requests to open public corruption cases against the Clinton Foundation denied by the Obama administration.

Even though voter ID laws are apparently racist according to the Left, the Justice Department saw fit to throw out lawsuits against the New Black Panther Party for intimidating white voters in the 2008 election. Never one to shy away from identity politics, Attorney General Eric Holder claimed that criticism of the Fast and Furious debacle that resulted in a U.S. law enforcement officer’s death and concerted cover-up of the details, even to the officer’s family, was motivated by the fact that he and Barack Obama have a particular kind of relationship (Holder: “I’m there with my boy”) and the fact that they are “African-Americans.”

The sad fact is these incidents are just a small sampling of how disastrous the Obama administration was for the integrity of the United States. There’s a depressing litany of other instances of cronyism, corruption, and cover-ups like Benghazi, Hillary Clinton’s secret server, Lisa Jackson’s fake identity, the bail-outs, Solyndra, and the GSA scandal, not to mention the complete albatross of Obamacare. Meanwhile Obama was busy hectoring the “hicks” of Middle America decimated by the former president’s “green” policies that cost America over one trillion dollars and 125,000 jobs: “They get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.” No, asshole, unlike the supposedly “intellectual” coastal elites, these people can clearly see what a commitment to globalism and progressivism is doing to our country. So while you take a private jet and fourteen-car motorcade to a global warming speech in Milan and bask in your boundless self-righteousness, the American economic juggernaut is starting to re-awaken. So long and thanks for all the shoes.

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