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Night of the Living Quislings

Night of the Living Quislings

The key difference between the Muslim world and the Christian world is that the Christian world is determined to commit suicide whereas the Muslim world is only looking for a collective lobotomy. As far as the lobotomies are concerned, we’re already there. Sayfullo Saipov won the diversity lottery, and in a macabre sense so, too, did the eight people authorities had to scrape off a bike path in New York City recently after they were run down by a rental truck from Home Depot in the name of Allah. Jake Tapper of CNN opined that “Allahu Akbar” (“God is great-er” not “God is great”) is often heard under the most beautiful of circumstances, and given that the victims were all white, this must’ve been one of them for the CNN crew. I’m a little surprised NYC Pinko Mayor Bill D’Blasio even called the “incident” a terrorist attack, frankly. He must’ve been reminiscing on his efforts to help the Sandinistas or his honeymoon in Castro’s Cuba and forgotten the party line. Yes, the eight dead and chemist’s dozen wounded won the Teddy Kennedy and Chuck Schumer Diversity Lottery Sweepstakes just like the Uzbek Saipov and the twenty-three, that’s right, twenty-three, relatives he was able to sponsor to come to the United States through our ludicrous chain migration policy. Being intentionally run over by an Uber driver is just part-and-parcel of living in a big city, right Sadiq Khan? The real casualty would be if we sacrificed diversity, right General Casey? Do you think the victims’ families feel that way, that their loved ones’ lives are just the price we have to pay for a nice, rich, multi-cultural mélange of potential jihadis, rapists, and welfare leeches through a policy literally based on chance?

I thought the Left was all freaked out about over-population. Why do we need more immigrants in the third-most-populous nation on the planet, exactly? Do we have such a shortage of Uber drivers that we have to import the entirety of the Central Asian steppes and the Gambia? We are having a global explosion in the population of people who have proven they don’t care about resource conservation and are unable to practice sustainability, can’t manage functional societies, and have contributed virtually nothing to the advancement of the modern world, and due to the resource crunch and the intense dysfunction of their own societies, where do you think they’re going to want to go?

The Holy Ghost is a hell of a host. Even the Pope has decreed that we should light our votive candles and prostrate ourselves before the Altar of Multi-Culturalism. We’re well-rehearsed by now with all of the candlelight vigils for the victims of terrorist attacks across the West, the kind of attacks we swear will “never change us,” but then you look at the extra preparations made for the New York Marathon, all of the concrete barriers along the route, all of that extra security, and you’d be a damn fool not think it’s changed us. We’ve been shuffling barefoot through metal detectors for well over a decade, having been told two hours of TSA screening, scanning, and the like is just part-and-parcel of air travel these days. It’s okay, though, because we are in a glorious multi-cultural bonanza! Think of all the great cuisine we get to eat, and all the colorful faces we get to see just before they slit our throats! Yay diversity! Diversity is our strength! Not so fast:

The debate on causes and consequences of social capital has recently been complemented by an investigation into factors that erode it. Various scholars concluded that diversity, and racial heterogeneity in particular, is damaging for the sense of community, interpersonal trust and formal and informal interactions.[1]

Furthermore, related to the extensive space I’ve given to considerations of in-group and out-group perception and preference in my “Civis Romanus Sum” and “Borders, Barbarians, Morality, and Horror” pieces, among others:

While evidence for a causal effect of diversity does suggest such processes may be in operation, potential in-/out-group preferences likely play a central role, influencing if and how far diversity impacts cohesion… Studies demonstrate a negative association between community ethnic diversity and indicators of social cohesion (especially attitudes towards neighbours and the community), suggesting diversity causes a decline in social cohesion. [2]

This is particularly exacerbated by the idea that immigrant communities do not need to assimilate, and thus there is an ethnic clustering effect, fracturing polities into little micro-countries. The Bible warns us about our pride with the story of the Tower of Babel. In essence, our politicians are re-creating this scenario, the buildings growing ever-taller, the people increasingly jammed into their tiny vertical enclaves, rarely interacting with others yet crushed into the multi-cultural experiment, the teeming megaplexes an affront to God’s sensibilities; on the plain of Shinar the tower stood as a monument to One World globalist tyranny. Yet we have learned nothing, and with boundless arrogance we set upon the project once again. While I do not take this story literally, we would do well to heed its message. “Diversity,” as the concept is presently constructed, simply makes everywhere the same. We can all speak broken English, listen to the same shitty pop music, eat the same generic fast food, and watch, to quote the Every Time I Die song “A Wild, Shameless Plain”: “The big game on the world-wide garbage heap.”

Our pride, or at least the pride of our politicians and the ruling elite, is very real. They would rather the entire planet descend into a hellish abyss than admit the experiment as it’s constructed has failed (and that is taking their claims at face value and being charitable with their motives, which, let’s be honest, does not extend to all or possibly even most of them). We’d like the saying “demography is destiny” to not be true, to think that all people could eventually come to cherish the ideals of the Enlightenment and live peacefully alongside others who may not be like them, and in the micro sense we can find many examples of this being the case. Unfortunately, in the macro, the saying almost always holds true, and this is something fundamental about human nature we must grapple with.

What do you think happened to Rome? Why do you think Europe sank into the Dark Ages? After cheapening what it meant to be a Roman over an extended period of time, after taxing the citizens into oblivion, after allowing scores of barbarians to serve in the legions and settling tribes wholesale within the boundaries of the empire, it is little wonder the cumulatively corrosive effects of their ancient form of super-state multi-culturalism wore the empire down until it ultimately fell. Centuries later, wandering among the ruins of Rome, the barbarians wondered what gods had built the magnificent structures they beheld. These awe-inspiring monuments were products of a unique civilization, not just representative of that civilization, but singularly of that civilization. Our modern Tower of Babel has the charm of a Soviet housing block, blank, utilitarian, with all the technical proficiency and nuance of a Michael Eric Dyson book.

Immigration, like anything else, is subject to the law of diminishing returns. It has its limitations. It does not have to be all or nothing—it can be a question of degrees. But the more we attempt to avoid these issues, the more we allow parallel societies to develop within individual nations, the more extreme the measures will have to be in order to preserve our nations. Perhaps you believe there’s something inherently insidious about the Swedes, and that the land of ABBA should be erased by the coming throngs of Afghanis and Somalis and Syrians. At the present rate, they’ll be a minority in their homeland soon enough, perhaps within a couple of decades. Their historical homeland stripped from them, where will the Swedes go? Will the Islamic Republic of Sweden be kind to the people that once welcomed them to their shores en masse, people who are scripturally analogous to feces and filth?

Though I generally have libertarian inclinations, let’s be very clear about one thing—I am not an open borders libertarian. I want the borders sealed tighter than a nun’s…well, you know. We need elements of the state apparatus to function; for me, it’s simply a question of keeping the government stream-lined with minimal impingement on individual liberty. There will be some, obviously, but we need to decide what might be a step too far. Our current situation is a marathon too far. As Robert Frost wrote in “Mending Wall”: “Good fences make good neighbors,” or, put another way, to quote Benjamin Franklin, “Love thy neighbor, yet don’t pull down your hedge.”

Oh, walls don’t work? Then why, after the completion of their wall, did Hungary witness the number of migrants illegally crossing into the country fall from over six thousand to twenty-nine in one week. Bulgaria’s got themselves a tidy 167-mile wall with Turkey to discourage migrants from entering a country that’s no stranger to Islamic privations within its borders, to say nothing of the centuries-long Ottoman/Turkish occupation. Their concern is not unfounded. As Mattias Karlsson of the Sweden Democrats (not at all analogous to the American Democrats): “We have seen a large increase in serious crimes, we have seen an increase in the rise of fundamental Islam in Sweden, we have had terror attacks in Sweden. Women in Sweden are now a lot more unsafe.” But that’s “just” Sweden, right? In Bulgaria:

Taiba (Taibah), supported by donations from Saudi Arabia, was registered in 1995 as a successor to two NGOs (Dar al-Irshad and Al Waqf al-Islamiyya) which were closed by the GoB in 1994 for supporting Islamic extremism. Bulgarian security services report that the organization’s objective is to radicalize Bulgaria’s Muslim population, in part by encouraging central institutions such as the Muftiship to become financially dependent on its contributions. The founder of Taiba, Abdurahman Takan, was expelled from Bulgaria for illegally preaching against the state.[3]

Bulgaria, mind you, is 15% Muslim. If you don’t think this is significant, you don’t understand the Balkans (or Islam for that matter). France is careening toward massive unrest at only 8-10% Muslim, and Britain, Germany, Austria, and many other countries are grappling with significant impingements on freedom and safety at even less of a percentage. We need to re-think our position on civilizational solvency. Look at the Yugoslavian Civil War: while it is an indisputable good that the slaughter was stopped, the United Nations allowed itself to be used as a pawn to check Serbian nationalism. It is beneficial for the globalists to knee-cap potentially strong Balkan states like Bulgaria and Serbia. Additionally, shifting demographics helped precipitate the Yugoslavian Civil War, and the Wahhabi financiers took particular interest in the chance to re-gain a powerful Islamic foothold in Europe. In 1994, Saudi donations to Islamic NGOs in Bosnia totaled $150 million.

It is, as Samuel P. Huntington posited, a clash of civilizations, one which, in no uncertain terms, will shape the future of humanity. It is entirely possible The Great Filter is still ahead of us, and we’re either going to wind up on Mars or back in caves. The stakes are that high.



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