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Hate Doesn’t Live Here

Hate Doesn’t Live Here

I was in Massachusetts not long ago, and as I was driving, I noticed these signs along the side of the road in a couple of the nicer suburbs saying: “Hate Doesn’t Live Here,” or some such thing (with the obligatory sub-headings in a bunch of different languages, including Arabic, obviously), and I thought to myself that you couldn’t have a more emblematic symbol of the superficially cheap, flimsy hollowness that is the modern Leftist worldview. I’m reminded of the “well-known anti-fascist” from George Orwell’s Coming Up for Air:

‘Bestial atrocities. . . . Hideous outbursts of sadism. . . . Rubber truncheons. . . . Concentration camps. . . . Iniquitous persecution of the Jews. . . . Back to the Dark Ages. . . . European civilization. . . . Act before it is too late. . . . Indignation of all decent peoples. . . . Alliance of the democratic nations. . . . Firm stand. . . . Defence of democracy. . . . Democracy. . . . Fascism. . . . Democracy. . . . Fascism. . . . Democracy. . . .’ You know the line of talk. These chaps can churn it out by the hour. Just like a gramophone. Turn the handle, press the button, and it starts. Democracy, Fascism, Democracy. But somehow it interested me to watch him. A rather mean little man, with a white face and a bald head, standing on a platform, shooting out slogans. What’s he doing? Quite deliberately, and quite openly, he’s stirring up hatred.[1]

And there it is. Hidden in plain sight amongst all the banalities and sloganeering is the true viciousness of the Left. When the mask slips, there’s real ugliness underneath, less a desire to right the world’s wrongs than to tear down those who have more, or have done more, or are simply better. This is the politics of invidiousness. We’ve seen the game played before, in places like South Africa and Zimbabwe, where under the auspices of “rectifying” the sins of Apartheid, whites are raped, killed, and dispossessed by thugs and squatters who want what they haven’t earned. It should be no surprise, then, that the arable lands seized by these criminals sinks to one-tenth of its productivity within just a few years. South Africa, like Zimbabwe, went from a net food exporter to a net food importer. Jealousy is not sufficient to build policy around, and it inevitably ends up with everyone but the ringleaders and their cronies equally impoverished.

This is not an appeal to return to segregation (though if many “students of color” on college campuses get their way, the last fifty years will have meant nothing), but rather an interrogation of a viewpoint that has the entire West in thrall, a viewpoint that seems intent on dispensing with Western civilization without the faculties to realize that’s what will ultimately happen. Emboldening the worst elements of society, catering to Islamic fundamentalists and open Marxists, is destroying the most peaceful, prosperous societies the world has ever known. There is so little introspection and such ignorance on the Left in the main that they are unwittingly marching the West into oblivion, singing the praises of Venezuela and the like, and learning nothing from the complete breakdown of these countries; in Venezuela, people are shooting dogs in the street because they have nothing to eat, and, improbable as it may seem, Caracas has become even more dangerous than Mexico City or Juarez!

On the most basic, easy-to-digest level, “equality” is a noble aim and makes a certain kind of fourth-grade sense, but “true” equality cannot hold up under even the most rudimentary reasoning or scrutiny. The best we can do is keep justice blind and offer equal protection under the law for all, not allowing for any special protection or privileges regardless of race, sex, religion, et cetera. Merit must be the metric. Biology, circumstance, dumb luck…all of these things factor into a person’s starting point and lot in life, and no amount of wealth re-distribution is going to change that. The Chromosome Deniers can spout off about subjective “truths” until they’re blue in the face, but there are real, immutable truths that their malleable socialization will run headlong into, and they cannot hold up. What’s more, their “truths” always seem to stay in the material—money, status, external characteristics like skin color—and never pass skin depth, unless it’s into the psychiatric “gray areas” of gender expression or the pseudoscience of constructivism, spectral sexuality, and anything else that passes the pleasure smell test. Eliminate all friction and discomfort, enjoy the here-and-now, forget about duty to family and community, shirk responsibility, all that matters is whose dick (male, female, non-binary) will be in your ass after a right swipe on Tinder.

The Left is doing their best to de-legitimize Donald Trump and his administration because they represent the will of the sober, realistic traditionalists who have finally had enough. These are the people who want to be left alone to earn an honest living, start a family, and enjoy the simple pleasures of a Sunday afternoon football game without the Colin Kaepernick-inspired grand-standing (or kneeling as the case may be) or the media’s unending wail of anti-white and anti-Right hate. So yeah, Middle America got pissed off, and for the first time ever, many whites voted as their own identity bloc. I find the elements of identity politics as it is presently constructed by the Left to be thoroughly reprehensible and even repulsive, but to return to my examples in Africa, at what point will conservatives decide they’re not going to continue accepting the premises of the Left, which is to sign your own death warrant? With Generalissimo Obama and his cronies running the ship, we got a glimpse of what the future looks like when White Guilt, instrumental in the maintenance of anti-white identity politics, “necessitates” turning a blind eye to the grossest executive over-reach and corruption the United States has ever seen.  There’s nothing wrong with celebrating who you are and having a strong sense of your people’s accomplishments; this wouldn’t have to be a winner-take-all battle royale, but for the commitment by the Left and Chamber of Commerce cucks to invite the entire planet within our presently-non-existent borders.

As we’ve seen time and time again, if a bi- or multi-racial or ethnic society does not have strong cultural cohesion and economic prosperity (or in lieu of that a brutal dictator holding things together through sheer force of will), it is doomed to eventually be blown apart by tribalism and violence (e.g. Yugoslavia, Rwanda, Nigeria, the USSR, Syria, Iraq, and the list goes on). Even then, economic prosperity and cultural cohesion have their limitations, as a demographic point of no return inevitably always looms. What point that is varies depending on the country. The United States has been unusually effective at enfolding different ethnicities within its cultural milieu, but this is a laborious process that requires firm commitment to the assimilation project on both sides; the US also has the benefit of more assimilatory flexibility for historical and ideological reasons, but again, it is a Western nation that was founded on Western principles. To view it as anything else is to misunderstand what the nation represents. 

The ethos or, I would advance, ideology, of multi-culturalism in the West only seems to work in one direction. As Mark Steyn and Douglas Murray recently pointed out, no one’s complaining about the lack of great French restaurants in Mogadishu. In fact, much of the rest of the world is working overtime to expunge all of its minorities (e.g. Egypt, Syria, Sudan, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Iraq, Somalia, Nigeria, Burundi, the Central African Republic, Burma, Cameroon, Lebanon, Chad, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and once again, tragically, the list goes on). The Left seems perfectly content to neglect these minorities, many of whom, as women, are doubly at risk, and, along with their cuckold allies, focus their energies and resources instead on accepting as “refugees” millions of almost exclusively African and Middle Eastern men of fighting age, often of a certain religious “persuasion.” I do not believe we should be in the business of importing the world’s problems anyway, as the downsides have already proven to be too great, but this policy, if you can call it that, is completely disingenuous and is having terrible consequences for the host societies.

Much of the justification for multi-culturalism and mass Third World immigration is couched in platitudes like “compassion” and “tolerance,” but in reality it excuses ignorance and fuels the globalist super-state and multi-nationals with cheap labor. A secondary “benefit” would seem to be the need for warm bodies to fund the boundless entitlements of the childless West, at least in theory. You can’t have indefinite, exponential growth of the welfare state without concurrent population growth, either through birth or immigration, in order to fund the welfare Ponzi scheme. Since the birthrates in the West are so low, enter mass Third World immigration stage left. Mass Third World immigration is turning out to have the exact opposite effect, however, and the drain on the West’s resources due to these policies could prove to be disastrous. 

One of the gravest threats to the United States, and indeed the West as a whole, is transformative immigration. This kind of immigration brings huge numbers of non-assimilable people, especially from the Muslim world, who would rather change their surroundings to reflect the derelict societies they’ve come from than embrace their new environs and contribute to their flourishing. We don’t help matters by offering huge entitlements and incentives to come here and not contribute, not to mention that we teach children to be ashamed of their cultural inheritance in schools and preach the ahistorical ignorance of multi-culturalism. The American Left, for example, has enabled transformative immigration with numbers vastly in excess of what even the farthest Left proponents of the Immigration Act of 1965 expected. You’ll find equivalents all over the West.

Multi-culturalism and Leftist hate-disguised-as-peace-mongering are threatening our republican institutions and, at least in the United States, our constitutional protections of free speech. The rest of the West doesn’t have a First Amendment equivalent, and many countries are trying to appease the unappeasable by virtue-signaling their rights and freedoms down the drain. At this rate, there’s a very real chance many of these countries will not survive beyond being Third World shells of their former selves. If the Left truly believes that all or at least most people are inherently good and altruistic, then they don’t need all of the government welfare programs and entitlements because virtuous individuals and charitable organizations will take care of those who are most vulnerable. They show their hand, however, with the brute tactics, the naked power grabs, and the ceaseless expansion of government, with unelected bureaucrats having an outsized impact on citizens’ lives. The European Union is trying to bully the Visegard Group into accepting migrants they’ve staunchly refused, actively working to subvert the will of the Polish, Hungarian, Czech, and Slovakian people in their efforts to bend these sovereign nations to the will of the Brussels oligarchs.

While the bulk of Leftists remain in thrall to the One World platitudes that constitute our present cultural default, for many of the so-called elites, they are merely Lenin’s “Useful Idiots,” a shield of just plain-and-simple posturing. The Leftist utopia is about as substantive as that stupid Pepsi commercial with one of the Jenners/Kardashians/whatever hawking Peace-by-Pepsi with a bunch of dancing and somersaulting brown people and cellists and hijab-clad photographers in the background, protesting for…other than “Peace,” I’m not sure, actually. It’s a tale told by idiots, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. For their marionettists, it is something much darker. 



[1] George Orwell, Coming Up for Air, UK: Victor Gollancz, 1939, excerpted from Section III, Part One.

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