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A Modest Proposal: Forty Starting Points to MAGA

A Modest Proposal: Forty Starting Points to MAGA

Some of this list is very broad, but I think these are good starting points for getting the United States back on track, ensuring its continued success and stability, and bringing the nation closer to its philosophical and historical ideals:

1. Sever ties with Saudi Arabia

2. Revoke Turkish NATO membership

3. Give Puerto Rico full independence immediately

4. Revoke all workers’ visas; if we do not decide to impose a full immigration moratorium, we must institute reform where immigration is kept extremely low except for expert, highly specialized immigrants (mostly in STEM) and their spouses and minor children if there are no qualified/satisfactory domestic candidates for a certain position, with priority given to Europeans and natives of other Western allies, such as Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada

5. End U.S. armed forces military occupations, instead prioritize intelligence/espionage and quick-strike, shock-and-awe interventions/neutralization if absolutely necessary

6. Close most international bases and focus on defending the borders of the United States

7. One or two term limit for Senators; four or five for House Representatives, and cannot serve in both chambers

8. Enact Alt-Right fan favorite Ben Shapiro’s idea of having bills’ lengths be no greater than three pages and in plain English

9. Lessen tensions and strengthen diplomatic ties with Russia; secure assurances for all Eastern European nations’ sovereignty

10. Only allow bilateral trade deals (which would necessitate the elimination of NAFTA)

11. Keep protections against pollution but roll back bureaucratic red tape and excessive regulation, particularly as it pertains to “carbon emissions”

12. Two intelligence agencies ONLY: FBI and CIA, and their power must be tightly controlled 

13. Repeal Obamacare 

14. Stop incentivizing single parent homes

15. Eliminate almost all federal departments and agencies, save the national park services and maybe a few others, and abolish the Federal Reserve

16. Every citizen gets an itemized tax receipt for the break-down of public spending

17. If we are going to continue to accept refugees, we should prioritize real refugees (not economic migrants), as well as dissidents and those that put themselves at risk to advance causes of freedom and/or U.S. interests, but we should try to facilitate refugee re-settlement from conflict zones to other regional, culturally-compatible countries/areas not in the United States (encourage other Western nations to adopt a similar policy); asylum/refugee status in the U.S. may be granted, but we must have a hard cap at 10,000 maximum, and only for people who share our values; this category would also double as our discretionary catch-all for dissidents/allies (other nations should set a proportional equivalent if they choose to accept refugees and asylum seekers; they should not be bound by the 1951 and 1967 U.N. resolutions if it is not in their national interest to do so)

18. Eliminate all U.S. federal aid to other countries and ensure private charities are indeed not for-profits masquerading as non-profits, such as the Clinton Foundation and the Southern Poverty Law Center; 501(c)3 status revoked for repeated offenses and/or if the charity is found to be advancing causes that jeopardize national security

19. Legalize all drugs, including steroids, except those proven to cause violence, such as PCP

20. Prosecute terrorist fronts such as CAIR; seize assets of all known international criminal and terrorist organizations operating within the U.S. and use them to build the southern border wall, otherwise to go toward paying off the debt; rigorous deportation of illegal aliens; enforce death penalty for treason (ex: John Walker Lindh, “Chelsea” Manning)

21. Eventually balance the budget

22. No DACA/amnesty deals

23. Curb judicial over-reach and activism

24. Campaign finance and lobby/advocacy group reform

25. End privatization of prisons; allow for prison work groups; stock prisons with weights for stress relief; prosecute rape in prisons

26. Receipt of welfare contingent on completion of twenty hours of community service

27. Cut federal funding to all universities that do not protect free speech

28. Cut federal funding to all sanctuary cities/states/campuses and prosecute all government officials who fail to uphold the law

29. Prevent proliferation of nuclear technology; must curtail Iran and North Korea’s development of their nuclear capabilities; a solution to Pakistan needs to be worked on

30. Leave the United Nations and cut all funding

31. End Affirmative Action

32. End the transfer of wealth from productive members of society to un-productive; this will entail massive re-tooling of the welfare system as we know it, but not an elimination for those in real need

33. Care of the homeless, many of whom are mentally ill

34. Ten-year term limit on Supreme Court; renew commitment to read the Constitution as it was written/intended

35. No refugee re-settlement without a municipality’s express permission

36. End birthright citizenship; only if at least one parent is an American citizen will the child also be considered a citizen

37. Elimination of public sector unions

38. Declare Antifa a domestic terrorist organization

39. End eminent domain

40. Set a specific numerical limit on the number of executive orders that a president may sign



First World Caliphate

First World Caliphate